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Absol-ution IV

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5/17/2013 4:04:38   
Times Silent Keeper

Absol-ution Part IV

Location: Travel Map » Granemor » General Herous' Tower » 15: Absol-ution Saga » 4: War for Absolution!

Lanfiré: Warning. What follows is full of hackneyed puns, melodramatic emotions, overblown dialogue, and more exposition than Antarian Colonist, Jordan Roberts's Circle of Space series.
Lanfiré: You can catch up on the saga by replaying earlier parts, or you can skip right to the action.
  • Play Absol-ution Part I - The D.E.N.N.I.E. Phantom
  • Play Absol-ution Part II - NightMare From Depths of Dreams
  • Play Absol-ution Part III - Absolution
  • War Camp!

    A strange being known as Etherseid has removed Lore from space and time. In the process, the D.E.N.N.I.E. Phantom has crash landed on a seemingly uninhabited planet somewhere in the Kresh Nebula. Now Etherseid's ascended creatures are pouring out of the gap that has been torn between Etherspace and normal space. In order to save Ryuusei and Lore, we must first fix the Phantom. Fortunately, a man named Galian and his wife Lauren - who are manifestations of none other than Lorithia and The'Galin - are here to help... but what they can do is limited. Can we possibly save Lore and Ryuusei in time?
  • To Battle!
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

    Potion Bag - Gives you potions if you have less than 4 on hand (Guardian Only)
    Chest - Replaces No-Drop weapon with Tarnished Caliburn (Guardian Only)
    Ethereal Arakkna (from Explore Camp) - +0.1% Ranged Attack Bonus per hit, maximum of +20%
    Gaiden is prepared for this epic battle. His Father's life hangs in the balance!
    The Huntress' claws glow a fierce crimson in anticipation of the battle ahead!
    Galrick is here to aid you against the vile ascended beasts!
    Hollow hates missing a good fight!

    Twilly: Uh-oh's! See through monsters are everywhere!! You'd better be ready to bury some baddies!!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you
  • Heal me please
  • Let me handle this!
    Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
  • Thank you!

    To Battle!
    Who will you go into battle with?
  • Hollow
  • Galrick
  • Gaiden
  • The Huntress
  • By yourself

    Regardless of choice:

    Full Heal
    Optional Full Heal
    Full Heal

      After 25% of the Ethereal monsters were defeated, the "Lessons Interrupted" cutscene became available.

      «Scene: Absolix and Cartwright are fighting.»

      Cartwright: Son, I only wish the best for you.
      Absolix: It is only because I know that you honestly mean that that you are not dead already, father.
      Cartwright: We have been at this for ages. Do you not grow tired of it? The same thing every day. We fight, then break to have lunch, we argue philosophy until dinner, and then fight some more.
      Cartwright: Day in and day out. It grows most tedious...
      Absolix: Then give in. You have changed as much as I. Stop your attempt to teach me amorality.
      Absolix: I have seen far too much for it ever to work; and I am far too strong for you to kill me so I might be reborn with the lesson in mind as you once intended.
      Cartwright: That I cannot do...
      Absolix: Then our battle continues.

      «They continue to fight a while. Galrick and Celestra enter.»

      Galrick: Nice hit, Absolix.
      Absolix: Who are you?
      Cartwright: Galrick, Huntress?
      Cartwright: You are certainly the last couple I would expect to be hunting me down.
      Celestra: Do not flatter yourself; we are doing it for a friend. Though, as I chased after you for years, Twain, you really shouldn't be surprised.
      Galrick: As much as I hate to interrupt someone cleaning your clock, Cartwrong...
      Galrick: We are here for a reason. We come at the behest of your older son.
      Absolix: Gaiden is here? Why has my brother come?
      Galrick: Your little struggle with your father is having very distressing effects on his analogue.
      Absolix: Ryuusei is not well? This is grave news. But why should my fight with my father affect him?
      Cartwright: We are linked, more even than most analogues that would normally recohere. We share a son.
      Cartwright: When I allowed Lisa to take Gaiden to my analogue, I ensured that I could always watch over him by binding us together.
      Celestra: Well, your binding is killing him.
      Galrick: To say nothing of the battling through Etherspace, being attacked by a NightMare who has stolen Lore itself out of space and time, and the resultant crash landing.
      Celestra: You must come now.
      Galrick: It may be too late for Ryuusei already.
      Cartwright: Absolix, your brother needs me. Our quarrel will have to be put on hold.
      Absolix: Of course; perhaps this is just what you need... to actually care for someone.
      Cartwright: Bah...

      «Scene: Back at the crash site»

      Ryuusei: Good... you... found them. I have... something to tell my analogue. It must be quick. I am pretty sure the crash damaged some internal organs.
      Cartwright: You should save your strength. You are clearly severely injured, in addition to the damage our connection has already caused...
      Ryuusei: The connection is the only thing that has kept me alive this long... that and strength of will. I was already dying when I left Terra to search for you.
      Gaiden: What?!
      Ryuusei: An aggressive form of cancer. Inoperable, I am afraid. It was one of the reasons I had to be sure that you would be safe. That your father was not a threat to you...
      Cartwright: But you lived on Lore! You could have been healed by any number of magics!
      Ryuusei: Hindsight is... *gasp* sorry; hindsight is 20/20; to be perfectly honest, in all that happened, I forgot. It may seem unthinkable.
      Ryuusei: Forgetting something like the big C. But trust me when I say that forgetting is the first thing I wanted to do.
      Cartwright: It's not too late. Just hang on. We can have you looked at once we deal with Etherseid.
      Gaiden: Dad! No... Father, please, do something...
      Ryuusei: There is nothing for him to do, son, but care for you and your brothers. Cartwright... listen to me.
      Cartwright: I am listening.
      Ryuusei: We are so alike, you and I.
      «You»: You are nothing alike.
      Ryuusei: That's kind of you to say, «You», because I know why you say it. But it is not true. All that is different between my temporal twin brother here and I are the choices we made.
      Ryuusei: If I had made his choices, I would be him. If he had made mine, he would be me.
      Cartwright: That is a bit simplistic...
      Ryuusei: Maybe. But it is also true. I know you well, Cartwright. There is still something of me inside of you.
      Ryuusei: Now I haven't got much time... so please... everyone shut up and listen.
      Ryuusei: I see you trying to be the father to Absolix you never were to our son.
      Ryuusei: You learned much after The'Galin cut you loose... from your mistakes. But you still have not quite... *cough*
      Ryuusei: ... not quite gotten it right. There is a lesson you have still not learned, and I would have you know before it is too late for you.
      Cartwright: And what, pray tell, is that?
      «You»: Shhhhh!
      Ryuusei: Amorality may seem logically appealing to you, but it is broken. Amorality never works.
      Ryuusei: Amorality is dangerously close to imm... or... ality.

      «Scene zooms in on Ryuusei as he dies.»

      Absolix: He has passed. Father, it was an honor to have met you...
      «You»: What? NO! This is not right! What do we do now?!

      «Scene zooms in on a crying Gaiden.»

      Gaiden: We find Etherseid. And when we do, I am turning him into glue!

      «Scene fades.»
      After 50% of the Ethereal monsters were defeated, the "Etherseid Revealed" cutscene became available.

      «Scene: Near the broken Phantom. Hollow is attempting to fix it. Galian and Abernathy enter.»

      Galian: My love, how goes the battle?

      «Hollow turns around.»

      Lauren: The Chosen is an able leader. These gaudy monstrosities are dropping like flies. How fares our ship?
      Hollow: I just fixed the last propulsor. We're set to fly. Your husband and I should be able to dedicate our full attention to--

      «A strange phenomenon occurs, after which everyone is left staggering. A black portal has opened near the ship.»

      Lauren: Ugh--
      Galian: What is this feeling... nausea, and fear...
      ???: You kneel before me already! This will be an easy conquest, I feel. Prostrate yourselves to Lord Etherseid, NightMare Incarnate and ruler of Etherspace!

      «Etherseid exits the portal, attended by two Ascended Nightmare Rooks.»

      Hollow: Aww, it's a wee little pony and some funny-looking minions...
      Lord Etherseid: My minions are NOT funny-looking! They're menacing and dangerous.
      Hollow: If you say so, Mister Ed. Anyway, I actually meant you. Now prance out of the way so we can see our true enemy.
      Lord Etherseid: How dare you! I am no minion-- I am he who strikes fear into the hearts of the Unascended! I am Lord Etherseid!

      «Everyone stands back up.»

      All: *smirk*
      Galian: YOU? You're the one who trotted off with Lore?
      Lord Etherseid: I AM POWERFUL AND DEADLY!
      Lauren: Your voice just cracked a bit there... are you sure you're a NightMare and not a NightGelding...?
      Lord Etherseid: !!!!
      Hollow: Barncat got your tongue?
      Galian: I think his bit is still in, Hollow... did someone get a nice romp through the fields today? Did your nice rider brush your coat until it shined with lustrous brilliance?
      Galian: I bet she gave you a biiiig carrot, didn't she? Yes she did.
      Ascended NM Guard: *whispers* Should we do something? They're really tearing him apart...
      Ascended NM Guard: *whispers* Pssst, hey, I'm talking to you.
      Ascended NM Rook: *Whispers* Hmm, oh-- Sorry, I can't get the theme to My Little Pony vs. Pony out of my head. It's pretty hilarious.
      Ascended NM Rook: Yes! Trample 'em, boss!
      Lord Etherseid: You ascended... trash cans! I am literally standing right here!
      Lord Etherseid: I can't believe... I'm just so FURIOUS... YOU HAVE PROVOKED MY WRATH! PREPARE TO DIE!
      Hollow: Bring it on, pony-boy! I'm going to make you into fillet of filly!
      After 75% of the Ethereal monsters were defeated, the "Ethereal Plans" cutscene became available.

      «Scene: Lord Etherseid is alone, attended by his two Rooks.»

      Lord Etherseid: It took some doing and scouring far and wide, but Lore is my bauble now. And I have found their downfall. Time to substitute a stick for a carrot.
      Lord Etherseid: Enter «You»!

      «"You" enter.»

      Lord Etherseid: «You» here is the perfect foil. An analogue of their Chosen.
      Lord Etherseid: We will replace their leader. They want their planet back? Well, I say NEIGH! They shall regret mocking Lord Etherseid.
      "«You»": And soon I will ascend, too. That was the deal, right?
      Lord Eetherseid: So it was promised, and so it shall be. By the time they realize I am a god in my own right, it will be too late.
      ???: So you think you can replace the Chosen with an impostor and get away with it? Time to put you out to pasture.

      «The screen turns red as an enormous *SLASH* runs across where "You" were standing.»

      «You»: You cannot just replace me, Etherseid. I am one of a kind.

      «Lauren, Galian, and Gaiden enter.»

      «You»: It seems Etherseid is a god. What sort of god are you, Etherseid? A "Semi"-Power, I suppose, because you certainly are half-hoofed, it seems.
      Lord Etherseid: «You», shut your mouth!
      «You»: What? I am just talking about Etherseid. Are you sure you aren't a donkey? You certainly play the part well.
      Lauren: WORD.
      Lord Etherseid: You will suffer for your insolence. But I see now you are just trying to bait me. Unfortunately for YOU, you lack sugar cubes. And I think your apple a bit tart...
      Lord Etherseid: See, I too can create inane puns.
      Lord Etherseid: You think I am a one trick pony, no? Or that unlike the draft animal I am that I am the one being led?
      Lord Etherseid: The saying is true... you can lead a horse to water. You cannot make him drink. We are done here. When next we meet, you die.

      «He and his Rooks exit.»

      «You»: What a dog and pony show. did he really think he could replace me and have it not be noticed?
      Lauren: Not very bright of him...
      Galian: Indeed, but the fact that he is a god is shocking. It could be a real problem.
      Lauren: Or a real opportunity. Chosen, you and the others stay strong for a while. It is time for my husband and I to gather the Lorian pantheon. A lift, dear?
      Galian: Naturally.

      «Galian transforms into his "Void Moon-Ojos" form and carries Lauren away.»

      Galian: Keep the mule in line, Chosen. We will return shortly.
      Lauren: But be careful. We do not want him to "ASSassinate" you before we return... hehehe.
    After 100% of the Ethereal monsters were defeated...
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
      2 BATTLES
      Optional Full Heal
    «Scene: Inside the Phantom, Hollow is dispatching the last of the Ethereal monsters.»

    Hollow: I think that's the last of them.
    «You»: Good-- and just in time!

    «Lord Etherseid enters from the right. On the other side enter Cartwright, Lauren, The'Galin, Lkeas, and Abernathy.»

    Lord Etherseid: You may have defeated my pawns... and rooks and bishops and knights... but you are still menaced by a far greater opponent. Or should I say opPONYnt...
    «You»: Let's leave the puns to those of us with thumbs, Black Beauty. So you're a god. So what? I've beaten up gods before.
    «You»: Let's see... War, Falerin, Limkragg, Eldron, to name a few. And two of those are quite a bit more powerful than you are.
    Lord Etherseid: But you are not on your home turf now, hero.
    «You»: Really? You don't see the flaws in that argument? I guess it's because your eyes are on the sides of your head. Or maybe you're wearing blinders...
    Lord Etherseid: For the love of hay, just spit it out already!
    «You»: You're not on your home turf either, Etherseid. I don't know if you've noticed, but the distinct lack of... well, nothing...
    «You»: Around us indicates that we are in what you so incorrectly dub the Drab Realms. Secondly, although it's flattering that you think I'm a deity, I'm not. My power comes with me no matter where I go.
    Galian: And the Chosen has help. You really should not have revealed your divine hand, Etherseid. It is hard to tell with non-similar deities. Since you are a nonhuman, I might never have realized.
    Lord Etherseid: Upset, are we? Would you like your planet back?
    Lauren: As a matter of fact, yes. I would like MY planet back. And I am just asking once.
    Galian: You have upset my wife... better you than me.
    Galian: Lady, Lord-- you're clear to manifest.

    «The Elemental Lords manifest.»

    Lady of Light: You know what really gets on my deific nerves?
    Lord of Darkness: What is that, m'lady?
    Lady of Light: When pesky little intruders think they can take our planet and get away with it.
    Lord Etherseid: Think? Think again, lady. I already have gotten away with it. I'm afraid you're closing the barn door after the horse has already--
    Lord of Darkness: I would advise against speaking directly to her. We are here with the Consent of all six of our brothers and sisters.
    Lady of Light: Although we are not on our homeworld, this planet is made of our elements. We have gained the permission of the local Elemental Lords to be here.
    Lord of Darkness: And this planet is more of our realm than yours, Etherseid.
    Lady of Light: Not to mention we stand behind our Chosen. One so self-centered as you would not have bothered investing in a Chosen, I suppose.
    Lord of Darkness: And if the odds weren't already stacked against you... Falerin, Serenia, Adel-- the elemental signatures here have stabilized. Manifest at will.

    «Falerin, Famine, and Serenia enter.»

    Falerin: You, my petite Peruvian Paso, have overstepped your fence.
    Falerin: My lady Arkhivist, how wonderful to see you again.
    Lkeas: Tal li vago, oh great God of Evil!
    Falerin: Ci li vago indeed.
    Serenia: You're pretty well outnumbered, dear.
    Adel: And... I'm starving for some action.
    Falerin: You dare to declare godwar? Then it is godwar you'll have.
    Galian: Chosen-- appropriately enough, you now have a choice. We can lend you our powers for a brief period so that you can take care of him yourself.
    Lauren: Or you can stay uninvolved and allow us to do the work. Just as Lorians cannot always have the gods fight their battles for them, the opposite also holds.

    «The air sparks with power.»

  • Challenge Battle!
  • Let the gods do it!
      «The gods unleash an enormous blast of power at Etherseid, who falls.»
    Galian: Now for the checkmate.

    «Galian, his face sparkling, nods at Etherseid, whose eyes go dim. Scene briefly shows Lore reappearing and then returns to the interior of the Phantom.»

    «You»: What just happened? Galian, did you just Uncreate his godhood?
    Galian: Perceptive indeed. Falerin was right, you have come a long way. But you're not quite right. I've Uncreated his portfolio.
    Galian: He is no longer a god, and anyone I have not designated as immune to the aftereffects of this particular Uncreation will have no memory of him as such.
    Lkeas: He can be extremely precise with his Uncreation. Unlike the Network, who generally makes a mess of things. ... No offense, Cartwright.
    Cartwright: Given our mutual history, my Lady, offense was the furthest thing from my mind. What I did to you was... is... unforgivable...
    «You»: Uh... but isn't Uncreating his portfolio a grave risk? It is why we came here, after all...
    Galian: On the contrary, you came here looking for Cartwright; that remains unchanged. I also specifically did not Uncreate his effects upon our group as part of maintaining your memory of his incursion.
    Galian: It is a risk to Etherspace, perhaps, but Uncreating a portfolio is different from Uncreating a being. A new portfolio won't rise to take itse place. Portfolios are not necessary aspects of creation.
    Falerin: In some pantheons, deities change portfolios like humans change undergarments, in fact.
    Galian: The fact that until recently he refused to deign to grace us with his equine presence did us a favor. His Uncreation has precisely zero ripples in the physical world. I will personally patch up any damage to Etherspace.
    Lord Etherseid: I feel... so weak...
    «You»: And I, so strong. The presence of gods in one's body does wonders for self-esteem. We've beaten you, Etherseid. Fair and square. Give up the goat-- or should I say, the horse...
    «You»: Speaking of the horse, isn't his visual change a bit... off? His race and basic nature are not changed; only his godhood.

    «Falerin transforms into his Lanfiré form.»

    Lanfiré: Don't look a gift horse in the mouth, «You».
    Lanfiré: But yes, his reaction is patent melodrama. Perhaps, rather than a horse, he is a pig; he certainly likes hamming it up.

    «He transforms back.»

    «You»: Don't worry, Etherseid. You are still a NightFoal; maybe someday you can grow up to be a real NightStallion...
    Lord Etherseid: ...
    Absol-ution Part IV

  • Ethereal Shield [L. 10]
  • CoZmic Ethereal Shield [L. 22 Z]
  • Ethereal Shield [L. 30]
  • Ethereal Shield [L. 50]
  • Ethereal Shield [L. 70]

  • Cosmic Ethereal Shield [L. 87 G]
  • Ethereal Shield [L. 90]
  • Ethereal Shield [L. 110]
  • CoZmic Ethereal Shield [L. 120 Z]
  • Ethereal Shield [L. 130]
  • Cosmic Ethereal Shield [L. 150 G]

    House Items
  • Ethereal Arakkna [L. 7 Z]
  • Ethereal Arakkna [L. 27 Z]
  • Ethereal Arakkna [L. 47 Z]
  • Ethereal Arakkna [L. 67 Z]
  • Ethereal Arakkna [L. 87 Z]

  • Ethereal Arakkna [L. 107 Z]
  • Ethereal Arakkna [L. 127 Z]
  • Ethereal Arakkna [L. 147 Z]

  • Epilogue!

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Entry thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf. Location thanks to In Media Res.
    Monster ListMonster lists thanks to In Media Res.

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    Times Silent Keeper

    Absol-ution: Epilogue

    «Scene: In the Phantom. Gaiden, Celestra, Terul'sith, and Galrick enter.»

    Gaiden: You fought him, «You»? Didn't I say I wanted to take care of this oat-- I mean, oaf?
    «You»: Sorry, Gaiden. I had a bit of extra help.
    Falerin: And that's our cue. Being away from home-- or in my case, homes-- for so long is draining. Ladies, Lords-- let us away.
    Lauren: I will leave you, my dear. Lore needs me.

    «All of the gods but for Galian leave.»

    Gaiden: Well then. Now that he's beaten, I think it's my right to strike the killing blow.

    «He raises his sword.»

    Lord Etherseid: Please-- no!
    Gaiden: Grovel, will you? Let's see more. Crawl, scum.
    «You»: Gaiden, what are you doing?
    Lkeas: This isn't you, Gaiden. I know you. Please... do not stoop to his level!

    «Absolix enters.»

    Cartwright: «You» is right. What would your dad think, my son?
    Absolix: You were always the better of us. Be strong, Gaiden.
    Gaiden: He killed Dad. How can I let this shell of a weak demigod live?
    Lord Etherseid: Please-- I'll give you--
    Gaiden: BE. QUIET. You are not worthy of last words, and there is nothing you can offer me anyway.
    «You»: This is not what Ryuusei would have wanted. Honor his memory.
    Lkeas: You know what he would want you to do. You know what he taught you.
    Gaiden: ...

    «He kneels.»

    Gaiden: Dad...

    «Etherseid rises, his eyes red.»

    Lord Etherseid: Foolish mortal! I am indeed still a NightMare. Prepare to follow your father!

    «He strikes Gaiden. As he prepares to hit him again, everyone moves forward.»

    Galian: Oh, no you don't...

    «He backs off.»

    Galian: Lady Lkeas, you may wish to look away.
    Lkeas: No, I don't think so.
    Galian: Omega, you know what to do. It is authorized. Keep it partial; we do not need another simply taking his place.

    «Cartwright enters Omega-possession mode.»

    Omega: I really am glad that you attacked my son. Given my change of character, it's been forever since I have been able to Uncreate anything other than Absolix...
    Omega: and Uncreating the non-existence of something, while a powerful means of Creation in itself, is just... not the same.

    «Omega Uncreates Etherseid.»

    Omega: It is done, Lord.
    Galian: Thank you, Cartwright. You have done well.

    «A "!" appears over Celestra's head.»

    Celestra: I understand now! Galian, you are The'Galin!

    «Gaiden stands; Galrick advances.»

    Celestra: No, Galrick, it's all right. I think... I think I'm ready to begin to move past my hatred.
    The'Galin: I'm... *cough*.
    Celestra: I'm sorry I misunderstood you. Fighting the Network for so many years... It clouded my vision of who they supposedly followed. I can clearly see that both you and Cartwright are good men.
    Omega: While The`Galin is indeed a good man, I am not... Now, I must ask you all to leave. I need to speak with my master.
    The'Galin: First, Cartwright, stop your own melodrama. Chatting with you hunched over and looking dark and foreboding like that is just awkward.
    «You»: Seriously awkward...
    The'Galin: We all know you are Omega. The sign of Omega is not required to be Omega.

    «He stands.»

    Cartwright: Uh, quite right, Lord.
    The'Galin: Permission is granted for all of it. Assuming you get acquiescence for your aid.
    Cartwright: Thank you...

    «He raises his cane. It glows, and Ryuusei returns.»

    Ryuusei: I... what happened?
    Cartwright: Many things. Including an epiphany. I have come to the realization that the lesson I learned here today was too late for me. I have spent my life in evil and corruption.
    Cartwright: Even when I try to do good, it feels... wrong. But you... although you died, it is not too late for you to live. You always were a better me than I was.
    Cartwright: Accept my offer of help and you will live to raise your sons as the heroes they are destined to become.
    Ryuusei: ... Yes. Very well. I accept.
    Ryuusei: You can uncreate my cancer, I imagine, and...
    Cartwright: No. I am afraid not. Your cancer is what brought this about. What brought you and Gaiden to Lore; what led to Lore's contact with the Flecks.
    Cartwright: You see, Chosen, don't you. You were not totally off. This is a case where uncreation would be catastrophic.
    «You»: I am afraid that I do, and I think I know what you intend. Surely there is another way...
    Cartwright: There is not. I have thought long and hard about it.
    Ryuusei: What do you mean?
    Cartwright: Your cancer, for all intents and purposes, must remain a fixed point in time. It is a watershed moment-- a ripplepoint. Changing it would change too much important history.
    Ryuusei: Then... what?
    Cartwright: We are analogs, friend. The process is fairly simple. I will switch our positions in spacetime. Effectively swapping minds, though you will maintain your own appearance more or less.
    Cartwright: This allows you to remain strong-- and then...
    Cartwright: And then, I will allow myself to recohere with you.

    «Ryuusei stands.»

    Ryuusei: But... then you die instead.
    Ryuusei: No. I do not want that.
    Cartwright: Ah... but you already accepted my aid, and I always did have trouble listening to others.

    «He begins the recoherence.»

    The'Galin: Cartwright, my communicant. I will not stop what you have begun, but there is something you need to hear before it finishes.
    Cartwright: Yes, lord?
    The'Galin: In the end, it was you and not Celestra who was wrong. You ARE a good man, even if it took a long road to get there. I knew I was not completely wrong about you...
    Cartwright: Ha, what do you know about that...
    Lkeas: My lord knows what I have now seen with my own eyes. And just as I grew to trust and serve The`Galin, so now my sentiments have changed towards you, Cartwright...
    Lkeas: As much as you may not want to accept it, you may die knowing that I forgive you.
    Cartwright: How strange... this feeling... I... thank you my lady... just thank you.

    «The process finishes. Ryuusei is now blond in a white suit and standing.»

    Ryuusei: ... Thank you. Well that was certainly difficult. Thank you for your help. All of you.
    «You»: Now... there is the small matter of returning all of us, including Lore, to its proper place in spacetime.
    The'Galin: Not a problem. While engaging in the repairs I took the liberty of making some... enhancements... to the D.E.N.N.I.E. Phantom and her tractor beam.
    The'Galin: You can tow Lore back where it belongs...
    «You»: Tow a planet thousands of light years through space? That's some tractor beam!
    The'Galin: We will be seeing each other again, «You», I feel certain...
    «You»: You know what? I honestly am looking forward to it. Let's go, folks.

    «Scene fades.»

    A few hours later....

    «Scene: Battleon.»

    «You»: Does nothing of Cartwright remain?
    Ryuusei Cartwright: Something of my analogue remains. But his mind... is gone. It feels so odd. For years I feared what that mind might do. Now, I think the universe is less without it...
    «You»: Well, get some rest. I imagine you and your sons have much to discuss.
    Ryuusei Cartwright: Thank you. I would not be here without you.
    «You»: Don't mention it. Now to go explain to everyone here why they suddenly had several unexpected changes of constellation in their night sky...

    «Omega appears as you leave.»

    Ryuusei Cartwright: Of course I accept, Lord. But this will take some getting used to.

    «The Absol-ution Part IV shop opens (as above).»

    Entry thanks to ArchMagus Orodalf.
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