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All you need to know about Riftwalking

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8/25/2013 17:08:13   

A complete guide to being a Riftwalker

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • How to Become a Riftwalker
  • Skills
  • Stat Builds
  • How to Battle
  • FAQ
  • Update Log
  • Credits

    You can use the scroll in the right part of the screen to scroll up or down,or press Ctrl+F and type one of the sections to jump to it.


    This is my guide about the Riftwalker class.Riftwalker is one of the three Atealan classes,the other two being Cryptic and Ascendant.Each one has a unique innate passive.These armors are an upgraded version of the Base classes.Riftwalker corresponds to Warrior,Cryptic to Rogue and Ascendant to Mage.They are available only to players possessing Dragon Amulet.Riftwalker is an offensive class with low defence.It relies on killing its enemies before they have the chance to strike back.I am gonna show you how to use it to its full potential.Let's begin!

  • How to become a Riftwalker

    First of all,you have to be a Warrior in order to unlock the power of the Riftwalker class.But don't worry if you are not! You can change your class from the B.M. Moglin for only 500 DC.That price is nothing for the mighty Riftwalker armor! If you are lucky enough to be a Warrior,follow these instructions:

    • Go to Atrea>1 screen left>1 screen up
    • Go close to Sentinel and click "The Spire"
    • From there go 2 screen left and enter the rift
    • Go next to the woman and click "Fight!". A quest will start with a few monsters
    • After finishing the quest,talk with the same woman again and click "Become a Riftwalker"
    • Congratulations,you obtained the power of the Riftwalker!


    Riftwalker has a unique innate ability - Realm Cutter. When you enter a fight you get 25% boost.It decreases by 5%(stacks additive,not multiplicative) every time you attack or use an ability,to a minimum cap of 0%.Realm cutter resets on each fight.


    Mana Cost: 35
    Cooldown: 4 turns
    Effect: 4 hits of 110% damage for a total of 440% damage
    This is the highest damage ability from the Riftwalker arsenal.Use it to 1 shot enemies with low hp.


    Mana Cost: 15
    Cooldown: 4 turns
    Effect: 4 hits of 30% damage for a total of 120% damage and +30 bonus to hit for 5 turns
    This skill is useless.It does minor damage and you will almost never miss against enemies with 0 defences.


    Mana Cost: 15
    Cooldown: 4 turns
    Effect: 1 hit of 140% damage, -100 Flee to enemy for 20 turns
    Riftwalker is a class that kills enemies with brutal damage,they are either high hp or dead,never low enough to flee.Combined with the fact that this skill does little damage,it becomes useless.

    Reality Breaker

    Mana Cost: 15
    Cooldown: 2 turns
    Effect: 1 hit of 150% Pierce damage
    If you are using Riftwalker armor your base class is Warrior,so you should have 0 points in DEX,which means that this skill is not gonna do a lot of damage.Don't use it.

    Rift Cross

    Mana Cost: 27
    Cooldown: 14 turns
    Effect: 2 hits of 65% damage for a total of 130% damage and stuns the enemy for 3 turns if either hit hits
    This is your stun skill.It has a long cooldown so you will be able to use it only once per fight.If you scroll down you can see a table with %chance to stun an enemy with X immobility.Do not use if enemy has 71 or more immobility

    Stun Table - Enemy X immobility -% chance to stun (from both hits combined):
    0 - 100% l 10- 99% l 20 - 96% l 30 - 91% l 40 - 84% l 50 - 75% l 60 - 64% l 70 - 51% l 80 - 36% l 90 - 19% l 100 - 0%

    Realm Change

    Mana Cost: 20
    Cooldown: 4 turns
    Effect: You gain +180 Block/Dodge/Parry and +50% boost,both buffs last for 2 turns
    This is one of the two defensive skills that Riftwalker has.It gives ~ 64% chance to Dodge,Block or Parry an attack and also it boosts your damage even more.Use this skill after using Rift Power,it will save some of your HP while also boosting your attacks.

    Rift Power

    Mana Cost: 17
    Cooldown: 4 turns
    Effect: 1 hit of 150% damage and you gain 20% boost for 5 turns
    As if you didn't have enough boosts yet,this skill also gives you a boost.The damage isn't a lot,but for a boosting skill it's good.


    Mana Cost: N/A
    Cooldown: N/A
    Effect: Attacks 4 times for 25% damage each for a total of 100% damage
    The only time when you should use this skill is when you have no mana.

    Melee Combo

    Mana Cost: 15
    Cooldown: 2 turns
    Effect: Requires your last attack to hit; deals 5 hits of 40% damage for a total of 200% damage
    This is one of Riftwalker's main skills.You will be using this a lot.It does a nice amount of damage and unlocks Rift Effect.

    Rift Effect

    Mana Cost: 20
    Cooldown: N/A
    Effect: Requires the last hit of Melee Combo to hit,only usable after Melee Combo; deals 5 hits of 60% damage for a total of 300% damage
    This skill is awesome! It does a lot of damage while also being able to be used after Melee Combo,which has only a 2 turns cooldown.

    Mana Strike

    Mana Cost: 10
    Cooldown: N/A
    Effect: 1 hit of 135% damage to the opponent's mana
    This is Riftwalker's most useless skill.There is no point in attacking the enemy's mana,unless that enemy is Minx Fairy

    Multi Strike

    Mana Cost: 25
    Cooldown: 2 turns
    Effect: Hits all enemies for 130% damage
    This is Riftwalker's multi skill.If fighting 2 or 3 enemies and one of them is low enough to be killed by this ability,use it.

    Strength Strike

    Mana Cost: 25
    Cooldown: 10 turns
    Effect: Deals 4 hits of 25% damage for a total of 100% damage; enemy's damage is halved for 5 turns
    This is Riftwalker's 2nd and last defensive skill.Good against hard-hitting enemies,otherwise not.


    Mana Cost: 15
    Cooldown: 5 turns
    Effect: Deals 110% damage to the enemy and applies a DoT,which deals 30% damage each turn for a total of 150% damage over 5 turns
    This ability is not good at all.Its base damage is low and enemies never last enough turns for the DoT to do serious damage.

    Final Blow

    Mana Cost: 20
    Cooldown: 14 turns
    Effect: Deals 8 hits of 20% damage; your critical chance is increased to 100% for those hits; Realm Cutter passive resets to 25%,but it still decreases by 5% for each attack or ability used
    This ability is best at lower levels due to the critical chance buff.Only use this skill when your Realm Cutter boost is 0% so you can make the most out of it.

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    8/25/2013 17:09:49   

    Stat Builds

    In dragonfable,stats are... well stats,characteristics of your hero.They provide different bonuses.You get 5 stat points each time you level up,excluding level 1.Stats can be trained at 3 places - Clyde the Stats Moglin, Sir Render and Captain Rolith.

    STR - Increases the melee damage you deal.You can inflict melee damage by equipping a sword,an axe or a mace.Warriors should train STR.
    INT - Increases the magic damage you deal.You can inflict magic damage by equipping a staff or a wand.Mages should train INT.
    DEX - Increases the pierce damage you deal.You can inflict pierce damage by equipping a dagger or a knife.Rogues should train DEX.
    CHA - Increases the damage dealt by your pet and guests and also increases the chance of higher number of stat rolls.
    LUK - Each 50 points increases your crit and dodge by 1.Also increases the chance of getting a higher number of some stat rolls.
    END - Each point increases your HP by 5.
    WIS - Each point increases your Mana by 10.

    Riftwalker relies on killing its opponents before they can deal significant damage.That's why STR should be maxed for maximum damage.Riftwalkers deal melee damage,so DEX and INT should not be trained.It's not worth putting points into CHA or LUK,it would be more benefical to put them into END and WIS.The Riftwalker has only 2 defensive skills - an unreliable shield with 2 turns downtime if activated whenever possible,and a debuff that halves the opponent's damage,however it is single-target.Also Riftwalker has no healing or mana regeneration abilities,so END and WIS should be your 2nd and 3rd priority after STR.I recommend getting Soul Purifier trinket for the heal and defences.

    Level 10
    STR: 15
    END: 15
    WIS: 15

    Level 20
    STR: 40
    END: 20
    WIS: 35

    Level 30
    STR: 60
    END: 40
    WIS: 45

    Level 40
    STR: 110
    END: 40
    WIS: 45

    Level 50
    STR: 130
    END: 70
    WIS: 45

    Level 60
    STR: 160
    END: 90
    WIS: 45

    Level 70
    STR: 180
    END: 105
    WIS: 60

    Level 80
    STR: 200
    END: 130
    WIS: 65

    How to Battle

    Rift Cross/Strength Strike is used 1st to weaken the enemy.Follow with Rift Power and Realm Change to stack boosts.You lose 10% Realm Cutter boost by using those boost abilities,but the boost that you will gain is far more than 10% loss,so it's worth it.Each boost stacks multiplicative with other boosts.For example Rift Power(20%) + Realm Change(50%) is not 70%.By using Rift Power you get 20% boost,so your attacks deal 120% damage of its normal value(not counting other boosts).Then by using Realm Change your attacks will do 120% + 50% of 120% = total 180%.Now comes Power,Melee Combo and Rift Effect to make use of the boosts before they time out.Power and Melee Combo are affected by Realm Change,while Rift Effect is not,due to the ending of the Realm Change boost.Why not use Melee Combo+Rift Effect before Power? Well Power+Melee Combo does more damage than Melee Combo+Rift Effect,especially when boosted by Realm Change.Finally use Final Blow to reset the Realm Cutter because at this time it is 0%.Now Rift Power is off cooldown,so we repeat the combo.If you are low use Purify(from the trinket that I mentioned above) to heal and boost your defences a little.Strategy versus 1 enemy:

    1)Rift Cross(Stun) or,if the target has 71 or more immobility,Strength Strike
    2)Rift Power
    3)Realm Change
    5)Melee Combo
    6)Rift Effect
    7)Final Blow
    Repeat steps until enemy is dead.

    Versus 2 enemies:
    1)Rift Cross the enemy with the highest hp,enemy#1
    2)Rift Power enemy#2
    3)Realm Change
    4)Use Power on enemy#2
    5)Use Melee Combo on enemy#2 if he is not dead,or Melee Combo on enemy#1 if enemy#2 is dead
    6)Use Rift Effect
    Repeat steps until all enemies are dead.
    Note: If anytime an enemy is low enough to be killed by Multi Strike,use it ignoring the above instructions.

    Versus 3 enemies:
    1)Rift Cross the enemy with the highest hp,enemy#1
    2)Rift Power the enemy with the lowest hp,enemy#2
    3)Realm Change
    4)Power on enemy#2
    5)If enemy#2 is alive,use Melee Combo on him,if he is dead use Melee Combo on enemy#3
    6)Rift Effect
    7)Final Blow
    Repeat steps until all enemies are dead.Always kill the enemy with the lowest hp first,the one with medium health second,and the one with the highest hp last.If an enemy is low enough to be killed by Multi Strike,use it ignoring the above instructions.

    Versus boss:
    1)Strength Strike
    2)Rift Power
    3)Realm Change
    5)Melee Combo
    6)Rift Effect
    7)Final Blow
    Repeat steps until enemy is dead.

    And now,for the curious ones,I will show you Riftwalker's most possible damage in 5 turns.
    1st turn using Rift Power,deals 150% base damage + 25%(Realm Cutter passive) of 150% = total 188% damage and apllies 20% boost for 5 turns.[Realm Cutter passive 20%] Now as the 2nd move we activate Final Blow - does 160% base damage (we will factor the crit at the end for all abilities),boosted by 2 20% boosts - 160X1.2 = 192%X1.2 = 230 %.[Realm Cutter boost reset to 25%] On the 3rd trn activating Realm Change gives 50% boost for 2 turns.[Realm Cutter passive 20%] On the 4th turn using Power deals 4 hits of 110% base damage each for 440% damage - 3 boosts,440%X1.25 = 550%X1.2 = 660%X1.5 = 990%.[Realm Cutter boost 15%].On the last 5th turn we use Melee Combo - 200% base damage,3 boosts - 200%X1.2 = 240%X1.15 = 276%X1.5 = 414%. So to sum it 180% + 230% + 990% + 414% = 1814%,and if all crit equals to 3628%. If we remove Final Blow from the 2nd turn and put Rift Effect as 5th turn move,the total damage with crits will be 3830%,but the math is too long.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I save the Riftwalker Class?
    - Riftwalker class is currently unsaveable from the Armor Closet. If you want to save it, you have to buy an Orb of Saving from the house merchant next to your house.It costs 20,000 gold and more than 7,000 to save it,but it's worth it - everyone will see how cool you are! Or instead you can equip it from Anomaly every time you login,and if you do,better start doing this quest. Tips - Equip a good energy weapon and use Rift Cross,Rift power,Realm Change and Power to kill the metal driller.For the box use Realm Change and Power

    Any equipment that looks good with this awesome armor?
    - Capes and wings do not appear when equipped to you while wearing the riftwalker armor. The Doom Hammers and the Doom Helms look well with red-colored Riftwalker armor

    Update Log

    August,2013 - Started the guide
    December,2013 - Finished it - Approved by HopefulGuy


    Thanks to:
    Dracojan and hers stats' guide
    Niki and Faerdin for some clarifications
    Troy Darksword for his suggestions
    Alder Peacemaker and mahasamatman for corrections
    All the owners of the pedia posts that I took information from and its contributors
    The staff for making this awesome game
    You,for reading this

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