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Your version of a perfect epic duel

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1/22/2014 0:44:32   

What is your version of a perfect epic duel. Please explain what would need to be done for it to happen and why?
Epic  Post #: 1
1/22/2014 0:46:58   

The entirety of the battle system needs to be scrapped, Titan and Nightwraith need to take a long break to play and learn from Magic the Gathering, some traditional rpgs, and some hardcore pvp games, and then return to rewrite the entire thing.

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AQ DF Epic  Post #: 2
1/22/2014 0:59:10   

@ xendran

Nightwraith works with the art not programming. If anything it would be Titan and rabble who do that since they are the programmers.

As for my version of a perfect epic duel

Like you the entire game would need to be rewritten cause as it is now the little changes they make at best just shuffle's what is on top of the food chain. But on the same not the changes don't make the game so complex and confusing that it would give players who want a simple game a headache either.
Epic  Post #: 3
1/22/2014 1:03:03   

Choose one:

Good turn based PVP game
Simple turn based PVP game

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AQ DF Epic  Post #: 4
1/22/2014 1:04:25   

@ xendran

Why can a good game be simple as well?
Epic  Post #: 5
1/22/2014 1:13:51   

When it comes to pvp, the simpler it gets the closer you get to what we have now: supreme build dominance with lack of build variety and not much to think about in battle.
I should have specified turn based, however. You can have great pvp with simple mechanics in real-time combat games like Demon's Souls

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AQ DF Epic  Post #: 6
1/22/2014 1:16:14   

-build enabling cores
-brocken core removal
-brocken robot removal
-stat progression revamp
-strategy focused
-visable activateable cores to opponents
-categorized skill effects
-more categorized focused counters
-legendary ranking system rather that curret mode
-more balanced focused

And that's about it.
Epic  Post #: 7
1/22/2014 2:16:55   

So you want balance, Xendran? Some other people want content and when Titan and NightWraith go away, there's going to be little content released.

Rewriting the game is something that happened for 2 months and look at what happened. I guess you don't see the game from a developer's perspective, they will have little time to play the game or try other things out because of their time being used for making artwork or coding things. I am also not happy about how the game currently is so anything people say, I'm only going to support the idea, unless it's absolutely stupid.

If the Developers of EpicDuel seem to have some weakness in how games work, then maybe they should try other games out.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
1/22/2014 3:09:10   


. I guess you don't see the game from a developer's perspective

I AM a game developer, and i head more than one department (Head of Mechanical Balancing, Co-Head of Mechanics Design, Head of Marketing, Company Vice President), so i am very aware of a developer's perspective and time/availability constraints.
Note that this thread says a perfect epicduel, not an achievable one. I never said that this is something that would be reasonable to do, only that it is how they would achieve the best results in the end. It doesn't mean it is something they can actually do with the situation they are in.

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AQ DF Epic  Post #: 9
1/22/2014 4:21:36   

All classes can win with many builds
Varium Advantage
No build copying/ class jumping
Faction competition/ prizes
Epicduel Dating
NPC free wins
Artix game crossovers

Post #: 10
1/22/2014 18:24:44   
Dual Thrusters

All skills are usable in most ways.
Energy Gains and Drains not so impacting.
Classes can do what they are actually designed to do.
More players.
No more players with underequipped gear.
More skills and skill tiers.
Class change missions
Game modes that have twists. Juggernaut was a good start. Maybe party modes for fun like strike disabled, or double damage.

MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 11
1/22/2014 22:46:23   

Well here are mine:-

Make each gears offer different stats

Give each class their passive back ... come on these skills were what that made every class UNIQUE and interesting ..... if passives were a must have back then .... then now energy drain/gain skill is

Class change missions

Let robot special scale with focus

give each class a different Ultimate ... (I still havent seen a BM using Super Charge after mid delta)
Epic  Post #: 12
1/23/2014 0:22:56   

Each class should have a debuff and each and every one of them needs to be unique not the same skills

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AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 13
1/27/2014 17:20:08   
s0u1ja b0y

Epicduel was at its best before player input was like it is today. They used to play the game. Alpha was as close to perfect as this game will ever be. It wasn't about losses, it was about lvling up and having fun playing. Build diversity was amazing and there weren't really any people who were extreme about winning.PPeople actually used the chat. Updates were months apart, but each one a always was great. Noe winning is the only thing and weekly updates have lowered the quality of updates.
Epic  Post #: 14
1/27/2014 18:06:33   

As a player budding in the field of game design that works hours upon hours on making balance in his own rpg game I have to say everything needs a rework.

My perfect EpicDuel is where everything if not almost everything is balanced to a point where build copying is not rampant on a mass scale in order to gain wins. I've played games where even if you had the most OP gear and build, you can still be defeated by someone who didn't have all that because the game was close to overall balanced in its gameplay elements to where the win ratio is always 50/50 because it creates challenge that players love when going against what people call the impossible odds.

Xendrans right. This whole system needs to be ripped and started from scratch instead of building upon it making issues worse and worse as it goes along.

I'm in the process of making an old school rpg in a Diablo style setting so yes I know what the developers are gonna have to go through if they try to do a complete restart and it's frustrating because I've done at least 5 restarts during my game development completely from scratch to create balance instead of building upon a broken system. Tweaking only works in the scenarios where you know you have the right system in place, but not this for EpicDuel.

Flash I know is not an ideal game... what do you call it... foothold in a sense? EpicDuel I know can be better, but with its current state I say a huge rehaul is needed on the terms of balancing in the battle system.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 15
1/27/2014 19:17:32   
s0u1ja b0y

How can they start from scratch? Delete and redo all classes? Change gameplay? Build diversity will never really happen because people always COMPLAIN and say things like " I can't win against bhs with high static grenade" even though they have skills like supercharged maxed out. Every nerf lessens build diversity. Tms are perfect example of complaining even though there really balanced. They're the only class you can build around more than one skill. That's the only way to get build diversity is being able to use multiple skills and win
Epic  Post #: 16
1/27/2014 19:34:05   


balanced in its gameplay elements to where the win ratio is always 50/50

There are some who would argue that perfect balance doesn't mean a 50/50 chance to win.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 17
1/27/2014 20:37:39   
s0u1ja b0y

50/50 is actually perfect balance, when you're talking about classes not builds.
Epic  Post #: 18
1/27/2014 20:45:52   
  Exploding Penguin

games are cool I guess


There are some who would argue that perfect balance doesn't mean a 50/50 chance to win.

IMO perfect balance is where someone who plays against an exact replica of their intelligence always has a 50/50 chance of winning no matter the class (build actually doesn't have to do with balance in this scenario since some builds obviously don't work and should never work). But is perfect balance really fun, or is it boring?

I just want an ED that's fun, always stays fun, maintains good routine releases, and has a good community.
Epic  Post #: 19
1/27/2014 20:49:14   

Never said that was my viewpoint. Just a view I've gathered quite a number of players to have.
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
1/27/2014 20:49:29   
s0u1ja b0y

BH vs ch vs bm vs tm vs tlm vs merc all having 50% win ratio against each other is true balance. Perfect balance is boring though,since you really couldn't be much better or worse than anyone
Epic  Post #: 21
1/27/2014 21:04:32   
  Exploding Penguin

games are cool I guess

^Your description of perfect balance is very vague. So if I'm mindlessly pressing random skills and buttons I'll have the same chance of winning as someone who considers all the crit, block, and deflection chances and chooses the actions with the best odds each turn?

I wouldn't know if perfect balance is boring or not since we've never had it in the history of ED as far as I'm aware of.
Epic  Post #: 22
1/27/2014 21:09:48   
s0u1ja b0y

I'm talking about in terms of class at lvl 1. Perfect balance would operate on some sort of rock papers scissors kind of thing where both players have same lvl. There are of course builds that are naturally bbetter, but a Dex tm vs another dex tm is example of how it would be somewhat
Epic  Post #: 23
1/27/2014 21:15:25   
  Exploding Penguin

games are cool I guess

Well, I really don't want to go too off-topic on our opinions of perfect balance. You could always make a new thread if you want to continue this conversation. But as a note I wouldn't say that rock-paper-scissors is perfect balance, although it is more fun that the system we have now.

Yes, there are builds that are better, but that slightly better advantage granted by an unavoidable rock-paper-scissors environment should be so slight that if someone actually has more skill they would have a much increased win percentage that overrides the advantage given by the rock-paper-scissors engagement.

And to add another point to what I think a perfect ED would be, I would like to say that a perfect ED would have infinite different builds that were on par with each other, that are all equal and viable in general random PvP. That's probably impossible though, but one can always wish.
Epic  Post #: 24
1/27/2014 21:19:03   
s0u1ja b0y

To achieve infinite amount of builds, every class would need every skill buffed so that you wouldn't be forced to only use about 3 skills
Epic  Post #: 25
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