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Subon's Art Gallery

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5/24/2015 9:28:36   

Hello everyone, welcome to my amazing art gallery!
Alright, enough with the jokes. I definitelly am not the greatest artist ever, but I do think I have some ideas to share.

Feedback is appreciated.

Click the icons if you want to see the whole picture




Nameless Green-haired Esper Loli

Komaeda Nagito (DanganRonpa)

Shinsou Hitoshi (Boku no Hero Academia)

Huntress in casual clothing

Girl with hat in a cool pose! (Elizabeth?)

Huntress in casual clothing! 2.0


A.I - Samur

Huntress and Elizabeth tag team


Elizabeth and Marie (Huntress) on a date!

Elizabeth and Marie with switched outfits!




White-Haired Boy



Marie (Redesign)


Dama Noche

Sad Times

Kwaro Camiel (White haired boy)

Sir Jonah (Original design by LigerBeard)


Sum kinda psycho

Orihime (Bleach)


Creepy Guy



Marie, Liz and Zu in agent suits

Santa (9 doors 9 hours 9 persons)


Kwaro Camiel

Cold-looking woman



Komaru Naegi (DR: Another Episode fanart)


Thelma (Demon Gaze)

Hairu and Kijima (Tokyo Ghoul)

Izuru Kamukura (DanganRonpa)

Phi (Zero Escape)




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5/24/2015 12:12:44   
Constructively Discussional!

I'm just about to go to sleep and thought I'd have a look at one of your artworks...mistakenly I decided to look at 'Screamer'. I'm pretty sure I'll have nightmares all night from that, which I do mean as a great compliment. At close inspection, your artwork looks pretty simple, but the combination of shades and (at least in 'Screamer') emotive body language add up to quite an "absolutely amazing" artwork.

When I have a bit more time I look forward to coming back and adding in my thoughts of your other artworks, but in the meantime...keep doing what you're doing! It looks great

Oh, and if you have any backstories for any of the characters depicted, it'd be great to hear them if you have the time. A brief description for each artwork would be greatly appreciated if possible (not that you have to if you'd rather not! Feel free to ignore me...I certainly won't mind :P).

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AQ DF  Post #: 2
5/24/2015 12:25:58   

Oh, I could never ignore such comment. Thank you for your compliments, I'm really happy I.. gave you nightmares?
Anyway, on the topic of backstory, yeah, I have one, and conicidentally, it's for Screamer. I will maybe, probably, most likely add it later.

#Update 1

Girl with hat in a cool pose! Yeah, I'm awesome with names, aren't I?

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5/25/2015 14:32:11   

#Update 2

Trying out different styles and practicing my current one!
Huntress in casual clothes 2.0, Horror and A.I - Samur (That's his name).

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Post #: 4
5/25/2015 14:54:44   
Shadows Morgenstern

Hey Subon, I really like your art! There is something about how you do each picture...I can't really put my finger on what it is exactly but they have this really unique style and I love it! Keep it up!
DF  Post #: 5
5/25/2015 15:01:59   

Wow, you definitely have a great style! Can't agree more with Shadows Morgenstern, there's really something about how you do each picture that makes your style unique. Thumbs up, and looking forward to see more!
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5/26/2015 13:36:43   


Thanks both of you! I'm really happy someone likes my art, hope to see you on this thread again.

#Update 3

Huntress and Elizabeth (That's girl's with hat in a cool pose's name) TAG TEAM! Yeah, the two sure like eachother, eh? Well, at least I do like them.

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5/28/2015 14:33:56   

#Update 4

I feel like I'm finally getting the hang of female anatomy! For some reason, when I first wanted to draw girls, the proportions were impossible for me to draw, I guess I haven't stuided it enough, so I dropped it for a while, but I tried again after half of a year and they feel MUCH easier.

Anyway, there goes Roach (Who's kinda based on me, he just lacks glasses) + Elizabeth and Huntress (Ok, screw it, she's Marie from now on) on a date!

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5/28/2015 19:53:38   
Chaosweaver Amon

Wow, you certainly are very talented! I love your style, the softer, broader lines really add something more...artsy about it, for lack of a better term. I don't really know why.

Keep up the good work, I can't wait to see more from you! (Especially more colored pieces, the few you have are fantastic!)
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 9
6/1/2015 10:18:10   


Thank you very much! I hope you stop by some other time too.

#Update 5

You know, I should probably take a break from drawing these two, but.. ARGH! Whenever I start PS and try to draw something, it ends up being them! It's almost as if I'm addicted!
Anyway, Marie and Liz changed clothes.. because.. eh, they had nothing better to do?

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6/1/2015 15:17:20   

#Update 6

Holy crap, this is like the first update in a while that doesn't have Liz or Marie!



I miss them already

This is Zu! He has the abillity to manipulate wind to his will, however, he can't use it to harm others.. well, he can, but in a different way. Basically, he can only use it to boost his own speed by making the wind blow in the direction he's going. He has one special move, with which he uses the wind to twist his own finger with such power, that when he lets go of it, the pressure is so hard that it makes a straight line of win that can pierce trough his enemy! It hurts him real bad tho...

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6/2/2015 9:18:01   

#Update 7

You know, I just realized most of my girls, if not all, are frikkin tomboys.. is it because I still can't draw a proper girl? Ugh, I wonder.

Well, this is Skadi. Guess what she can do? She can make ice-cream in an instant! Basically, control snow. Snow, not ice.
I also desinged her on the spot... and colored. Should I do more of these, that show the overall design of the character, or do you prefer the ones I made thus far?

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6/2/2015 20:32:01   


a straight line of win

This is the best thing ever,
With Zu, I like how his powers don't give him anything super deadly, and his most powerful move also injures him.
I also think that you should color your drawings, it just feels like they have more personality.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 13
6/3/2015 9:01:01   



I decided to color the drawings in which I focus more on the design of the characters than the picture itself.. If you know what I mean.
Post #: 14
6/12/2015 13:13:17   

#Update 8

I've been.. experimenting.

First is really more of a sketch, Bomber-Boy and Bomber-Girl (Yeah, I'm bad with names!) and honestly, is there even someone who prefers the design of Bomber-Boy? He looks awful.
Moving on, (this is where I was "experimenting") Zu, putting his jacket on, in a, well, different style.. do you guys like it?
Another guy in that style, dunno about his name but I like his design so I think I'll draw him some more.
And the last one is Woman, that's her name, Woman.

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Post #: 15
6/13/2015 2:35:03   

I actually do. Bomber-Girl just looks too "my body is ready" for me.

And is Zu putting his jacket on?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 16
6/18/2015 12:12:27   


That's exactly what he's doing

#Update 9

Hey Liz, long time no see.

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6/19/2015 18:44:40   

Is she sitting on air?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 18
6/20/2015 6:38:05   


Post #: 19
6/20/2015 15:20:52   

With that out of the way, I like this design. Her pose and facial expression makes her seem like she's bored or doesn't want to be here. Was that your intention?

Also, is that a cloud or a wind storm or what?
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 20
6/20/2015 15:47:16   


Indeed, that was my intention. That's basically her normal expression whenever nothing extremely interesting is going on.

It's nothing in particular, really, it's just something fill the empty space.
Post #: 21
6/20/2015 16:06:48   

#Update 10

So, a colored drawing. Can you guess who it is? It's Marie. I decided to redesign her for two reasons. One being the fact that I wasn't super-satisfied with her original look, it seemed tad unoriginal. The second reason is that I want her to look more like Zu.. Why? Because.

As a side note, I added some text into the drawing. I personaly don't think it's appealing, but should I continue adding it into the drawings where design of the character is the main focus,

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6/21/2015 3:25:04   
Constructively Discussional!

Wow! You've been busy! I'd love to comment on every piece, but I fear it'd take up a whole page, so I'll restrain myself /

Anyway, comments!

...what's wrong with tomboys (and why are they even called that? O.o)? I honestly really like and appreciate that your female characters tend to be modestly dressed or at least strong-looking. We need more of that IRL and in games. DF also does a good job of keeping their females respectable and are improving those who weren't as modest in the past (eg. the new pirate armour that Tomix is working on and Book 3 Valencia). So yeah...it's good to see that you're keeping them real

Something that you could try, though, is drawing dresses. I can't draw for the life of me, but I do enjoy drawing dresses occasionally. The benefit of that is that you don't have to bother drawing legs Edit: I just saw that in your picture of Woman, she's wearing a dress...so nice work I got ahead of myself. Now SHE seems like one coooool chick. I feel sorry for whoever she's looking at like that!

Now...I'll try to comment on a few things, starting with #Update 10. I found it really funny that you gave Marie a sort of similarity to another hunter - cats. I'm sure it wasn't intentional, but I can't get over the fact that Marie could introduce herself, "Hi, I'm Marie. I have 9 knives and 9 lives. Come at me!" ...I d'know, I just found that hilarious :P I do like that you labelled her design and I agree that it's a good idea where the character design is the focus. Her new outfit certainly does look more suited to combat. What sorts of things would she hunt, out of curiosity? Oh, and is she Zu's sister???? Is that why you were trying to make them look more similar? Or is it really just "Because"?

I do sort of agree with flashbang that #Update 9 use, at least just around Liz, some more solid background. I like that you make the focus of your artworks very obvious, either leaving out background, making it blurred, or keeping it simple. But I think that, with Liz using her hand to support herself as she leans, the hand could use some support too. If the character is interacting with the surroundings, maybe just adding whatever they're interacting with could help? Like how Marie when she's on a date with Liz and she's sitting on a rock, you can see the rock. It's not a big deal, but I that adding in just one more detail would change the whole perspective of the image (ie. if she was sitting on a bench, or a tree branch or a grassy slope. Then the viewer can add their own story to the image...although leaving the 'seat' blank did make me consider everything she could be sitting on and why, so perhaps that was your intention? I do really like Liz's pose and facial expressions in that picture though. And something I've been curious about...what's with her fancy hat and where can I get one? Is she a court jester or is it just an unique fashion accessory that she likes?

As for the different style you tried out for Zu and Unnamed...I have to admit that I didn't like it much initially. It's grown on me a bit, but I still much prefer your usual style. That said, it could be interesting to see some form of integration of your styles. Eg. You could have the main characters of a picture in your usual style, but everything in the background (trees, random people, background-y stuff) could be in the new style, since it's not quite as bold. It's great that you're trying out new styles though, and perhaps you'll change my mind in the future, but for now I prefer your more commonly used style.

Wow, I'm writing way too much. Sorry. I'll try to be more succinct

Zu - love him. Cool design, cool expression and cool wind-tunnel effect. Plus your idea for his powers is great! I agree with flashbang that it's interesting to have a character who obviously possesses a great gift and power, but who would be hesitant to use it as a weapon without good reason. It makes me feel bad about how the DF hero has been bashing up innocent forest creatures for years. Maybe if they had an old arm-wound that hurt when they fought, they'd be more careful with their power.

Ok, last comment (I think). Skadi! I love her hair and jacket, and it's great that you did a back-view to show more of those off. It's also literally 'cool' that she can control snow, but not ice. I recently went to the snow for the first time and the difference between snow and ice is really a lot bigger than I had thought, so it makes a lot of sense that she can manipulate one but not the other. One thing: why is she just wearing a band across her chest under that jacket? If she's around cold things often, surely she'd get cold Unless that's her casual wear and she's trying to keep colder when she's not around snow...that'd make sense. Anyway...I'm pretty sure you asked if you should do front and back views on a character design. While I think labelling is a good idea, the double view sorta made it feel less like I was meeting a person for the first time and more like I was studying a picture of them. Though I did like seeing Skadi's jacket and hair. So I'd make the suggestion to avoid doing the double view unless showing the back (or front, depending on which is more important) shows an important or interesting feature of the character (like if Zu had a tail, for example).

Just as a potential anatomical note/criticism, you did mention that many of your female drawings look tomboy'ish, and while this isn't in any way a bad thing, it could help a bit if you draw the female figure a bit...curvier? Typically over the age of ~15/16, girls develop more curvy physiques. I'm not sure what age Liz and Marie are supposed to be, but I daresay that could probably do with a few more curves, or at least a bit more flesh around the thighs (only olympic athletes look THAT fit, and even then they have thicker legs due to muscle). This is more apparent in your picture of Skadi since we have both a front and back view to go from. Overly busty women are overrated imo (not that there's anything wrong with it if it's natural, but so often these days it's not. Plus athletic women tend not to have much of a bust due to the burning off of fat and increase in hormones), but hips are one of the big distinguishing factors between male and female physiques. Eg. Giving Skadi slightly wider hips and slightly more curved thighs (both on the inside and outside of the leg) would help increase her femininity. I'm certainly no expert though, so don't blame me if it doesn't work :P (please?...actually no, you're more than welcome to. I don't mind being wrong. I can't even draw, haha). And one other thing, Woman's outfit is great, but it seems as though her bust is overly shiny. Again, I can't art so I don't know how shading works, but I'd probably leave off the brighter patches at the top of her bust and try to make it less pronounced. UNLESS she's wearing a shiny breastplate and it really IS shiny. Then I take it back :P

In summary...you're (still) doing great! Thanks for drawing so much. I might not comment often, but I check up on your (and everyone else's) artworks regularly and enjoy seeing what creative new things you've come up with and get jealous of your talent. Keep experimenting with new techniques and trying new things, as that's the best way to find out what you prefer. And if you enjoy what you do, I'm sure everyone else will appreciate it too.

And to finish off: a challenge. I love seeing your characters and certainly hope to see more of them in the future, but my challenge is for you to draw a dragon. You don't have to post it, because...well I tried to draw one once and it turned out looking like a truck, which is cool because I can't draw trucks...but anyway...I found it really challenging and it could be something to try if you want to try something new. Something I WOULD like to see, however, is something Dragonfable'ish. Not in the same style, but...just your take on your character or an NPC. It'd be really cool to see a character, place, object or creature I actually know done in your unique style. That's my actual challenge. You don't have to accept it, but it's there if you want to try something a bit different/perhaps out of your comfort zone.

Again, sorry for writing so much. I do get carried away sometimes, and especially by things I admire. Thanks for reading (if you don't give up half way through :P) and I look forward to seeing what you have in store for us next!

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6/21/2015 8:06:27   



To start it off, don't worry about writing super long stuff, I like reading so it centrainly doesn't cause any problems, and more than that, I really appreciate it.

There's nothing really wrong in tomboys overall, but my problem is that, well, they look too much like boys xD The reason why I started drawing so many women lately is because I need to learn how to do it properly. If I keep drawing only tomboys, I'll never be able to draw girly looking.. girl. You get what I mean. So more dresses is a good idea, which I even tried numerous times but failed miserably.

N- nice catch o.o It wasn't intentional, but I could totally use that! And yeah, she looks similar to Zu just because... she's his twin sister. I was saving it for when I draw Zu again, but you got me.

I understand and I would normally do that, but in this particular drawing I thought that adding something other than Liz would ruin the overall feel of the image I was going for.

She wears that fancy hat because it's the fanciest piece of clothing she has! Even tho she's kind of an introvert and a bit shy, for some reason she really wants to stand out. That's why I always draw her in weird positions and gave her the ability to send lightning bolts from the sky - It's really shiny and it stands out! Wait, ugh spoilers!

Zu and White haired boy were basically an experiment. The style I used was heavily inspired by Sui Ishida's art style, you should check him out.

I'm glad you like Zu, I like him too. If I ever decided to draw a comic, he would totally be the main character!

About Skadi, ok, I will keep that in mind. Plus that was also what I decided to do a while ago xD No point in drawing a back view if there's nothing interesting there, right?

And she's wearing a band over her chest because.. uh, well, even tho she can stand alot of cold places and gets easly hot, which is also the reason she wears her jacket the way she does, she's a girl! She needs something to cover up her chest! xD

Again about females, you're right, as I said, I lately tend to draw alot of females to learn and get used to their anatomy, so I'm happy to recieve feedback like yours. I will keep everything you said in mind and try draw to more meat on their bones!

As for your challange, I accept. I don't think I'm gonna do it any time soon, but once I properly learn how to draw females - which is my current goal, I'll get to it!

Again, thank you very much for your feedback, it makes me increadibly happy!

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6/21/2015 14:28:02   

@Update 11

I decided to draw Zu, aka Zuzu - That's a nickname given to him by his twin sister Marie!

Again with the colored drawing, his design is quite simple, just like Zu. He's the type of person who takes the first thing he sees in his closet and goes adventuring... Is what everyone thinks, his character is much more complex tho.

Also, I updated the banner!

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