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6/15/2016 21:19:38   

Maybe a Let's Party thread.

Good idea! I just added one ~Battle Elf

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AQW  Post #: 26
7/28/2016 22:58:37   

A beginner's guide to AQ3D thread prehaps?
DF  Post #: 27
8/11/2016 14:19:50   
okta setiardi

voicecast, like our character yelling when casting a skill. ex: hyaaaa, yeaha, take this!, FIREBALL!!, bla bla "name of skill"

and chatballoon
AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 28
12/8/2016 15:01:36   

- This is all Constructive Criticism in no way am I hating on the game In FACT I love it to pieces and have been awaiting its arrival.

NOTE: This is slightly rushed but the idea's are not. They've been brewing for weeks; If the color scheme is too much please highlight it.

I've been waiting to get my hands on this Forum section. Persistently I have been awaiting it's arrival and it's finally here! (Bit Late)

I will not bombard the developers with high requests this early into a games development but I will suggest a few thing's that at this time could bring in some popularity with the game.


First of all I think Dragon Guardian isn't worth it; This is from someone who currently own's it. Alpha Knight's have received armor that of which is uncannily better in level and stats.
With that being said this basically means because I wasn't someone who had the money at the time due to me studying and such just beginning to become a working citizen of the United Kingdom I am not eligible to participate in a game that I have actively awaited since 2002. I also am a X-Gaurdian of Battle-On's infamous "Adventure Quest"; and am a high level in pretty much every browser game except for AQW (Which I participated in the beta for and have Beta Berserker class and am grateful) But since I didn't play a particular successful Artix Entertainment game I am not considered "Loyal Enough" to participate in the Alpha and for that am punished to watch streamers participate.

Now enough of my Butt-Heartness and onto the suggestions.

-- Early Suggestions (Suggestions that are for alpha)

Please implement a way to enter a integer for the amount of an item you'd like to buy.
At-least a - and + sign will suffice which is easy enough to do.

Fix the bug where you teleport and appear out of the map and fall forever, it's easily fixed by travelling again but it is a pain.

I'd highly advise that you make Battle-On more of a important area, such as receiving Higher Level Quests there such as something like "Boss Hunter" a board in Battle-On that give's quests to kill certain bosses repeatably.

Guild's and Party system as well as maybe a system like World of Warcraft's Dungeon Finder to get into the action quicker, If I'm standing outside a Dungeon I don't want to stand around for ten minutes repeating "Does anyone want to do Crypt 1", I'd rather just stand outside Crypt 1 click it once and be placed in a que because Phone and Tablet player's can find it difficult to communicate a problem which I also have on my Android Tablet.

Channels to join and talk in? Where is this..


On the subject of making thing's slightly easier on your Player's please add maybe a system that keeps all of your Player's that like to Spin2Win and farm in big groups together since there aren't enough Quests to get your Players to the maximum level which I'm actually okay with I enjoy the grind personally yet other players don't.

If there was a dynamic event system where every player receives "Objectives", not Quests the Objectives should be the "FARM EVENT"
If In each area, every once in a while Sneevil's for example started revolting the Objective would then be "Stopping the Sneevil Kingdom" or as such;

It would then create a space just above your Quest box example below:

Stopping the Sneevil Kingdom

Sneevil's are gathering on the Bridge for an attack on Battleon, stop them and kill the king.

Player's will then follow the arrow to King Sneevil who has gathered his mass army and began approaching the bridge where he will patrol the path up to the Trolluk Cavern entrance.

These mob's shouldn't be overpowered and over-leveld they should be zone-according and creating an atmosphere that the area is actually alive and something is generally taking place.
Rather than just, Hi you're here and Sneevil's are too and eyeballs their attack able so kill them and get there l00ts.

Dungeon Difficulty Divisions

Normal Dungeons:

The Dungeon's you see today, ready to accept all manor of Player's and familiarize player's with the Dungeons mobs this must be completed before you can attempt the other variations.

Hard-Core Mode:

Requirements [5 Players]

Monsters have gained some extra health (25% or so forcing you to 1v5 upto 3v5 mobs which should be DIFFICULT AF to 4v5 giving a sense of danger) as-well as the prefix (thing before their actual name) "Hardened" and a permanent death system has been activated if a Player dies, they will not be given the option to re spawn until everyone else is out of combat.
Bags of item's should stay on the ground longer here so no-one misses out if you have died during the fight this should impact your rewards.

WILL YOU BATTLEON MODE? [Name in Progress]

Requirements [5 Players]
Rules are the same as hard-core mode a wipe is inevitable here.
Monster's are the same as Hard-Core mode, except one or two monster's in a group should have 50% hp boost

Bosses should have awesome AOE effects such as poison forcing you to position yourself differently.

Here is my Example of a Boss in this area:

The Spider Boss in the Crypt's

Spit's Poison onto different positions of the floor.

at 40% health she will begin a new phase; The Spider begins to daze characters and attempt to drag them away if she receives a daze during this time she will drop your ally but if she is not stopped she will turn your friend into a Spider mob with a quarter of her own health named "Prince Spooderman".

-- Later Suggestions (I refer to these in such a way because they're things that should come at a later date)

Transmogrification from World of Warcraft should be a thing! Player's should be able to customize their look with other items.

Transmogrification Suggestions:

For a Gold fee, you enter an item for your current level most likely with the statistics that you would benefit from on said item. We'll refer to this as Item "A"

You then enter Item "B", the item you love the cosmetic look off such as that dear Vorah Dagger that you farmed for 3 month's ago but now the level cap has raised and it has become redundant how ether you'd still like to show off your dedication to earning this weapon and you can now create a Vorah Dagger of your own! With the statistics of the items you want.

This should have Craft time dependent on the rarity of Item A.

The Terrain made in Unity could be rectified certain entrance's and exit's allow you to see too much into the mystery that developers are supposed to create to immerse there players!

Examples: Trolluk Cave area, the exit you can literally walk directly into the end of the mesh provided to be the exit and almost touch the closing, please bring it closer to the actual door.

Battle-On behind the Forge a door is technically like half underground, I have heard jokes referring this to be a "Midget Door" from Adventure Quest? I haven't seen it but I'll accept it if it's actually designed that way..

Even invisible walls are placed to far in sometimes and too far out sometimes in Bonecliffe the gate's have high invisible walls leading for you not being able to jump over and get stuck.

I'd happily rectify these mistakes myself I used to dabble in unity; But who trusts their games code and terrain directories in a fan of their games?

Elaborated Setting's:

What do I mean by Elaborated setting's you may ask?

A HUD Re designer the ability to move your hud freely on PC.
More settings in the setting menu for both, I'd like to see a lower graphical mode than what currently exists for smooth movement on terrible devices. But hey that is a personal.

AND OFCOURSE PLAYER VS PLAYER! But please don't take a direction of player vs player where you just throw us into a battlefield please give it an objective.

I'd like to see the First Battle-On Game where you fight player's and take over there castle and win. Or a competitive 2v2, 3v3 system.

I apologize for posting in the wrong section, I didn't realize that the other one existed.
I'd also like to see an Achievements Page! If possible it would be an awesome feature.

I think I've ranted enough but If I get anymore I'll be sure to possibly update thank you -Smurfis AQ3D.

Removed unreadable color coding.
For more information, please read the
=AE= Comprehensive Forum Rules > Posting Behavior > Do Not Spam. ~Hollow Knight

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 29
12/13/2016 1:30:28   

Hello, I wish to discuss an idea that will greatly expand the game. Not only expand the game but do it in a much faster pace than expected!

Here is what I propose, level resets. WOAH, hold on now I don't mean just resetting to start over! what if we made it interesting? Once you-

reset from level 15 you become a level 1 "Hero" player. Hero players will have access to new gear and new dungeons. This gives the old zones -

much replay ability and gives the veterans bragging rights! You would only need to implement one new dungeon in each zone and a few more-

items (cause we LOVE new gear!) Then BOOM, the game has a lot more to do, hero levels to earn, new gear, more bragging rights!

This would be a lot less time consuming than making a bunch of new zones! (not that I wouldn't want to see any new zones, we'd love-

more zones I'm sure)
. This is food for thought. It is a much faster and still very entertaining way to expand the game for players.


*Not only could you have a hero rank, but you could also do progression ranks such as adventurer- hero- champion - legendary.
Each time they reset they have to re-level back up to 15 but there is special gear only a hero or legendary player can use.

*This allows you to release content at your leisure! Players will be preoccupied with the many ranks to achieve and new gear to-
obtain that you may release new zones on your time and they will still have lots of things to do.

*No unbalanced pvp. Since the max level will remain 15, there will not be stat boosts or big level gaps that newer players have to over come.
I don't know about you, but I hate it when I'm a level 10 and I can't hit a level 90 just because his level is soo high that it allows me not to hit him!

*It will Build a helpful and healthy community! By doing progressive ranks like this, veteran players will sometimes have to come back to-
the earlier zones so they can level up. This means all those newer players asking questions will have plenty of veterans who will respond to them-
and they will not become discourage or confused and end up quitting.


* At first it may seem grindy, but at least it gives players things to do and goals to reach for. Besides, once new content is released it-
wont seemed grindy since we can hop between multiple zones!

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Post #: 30
12/13/2016 6:58:33   

^^ It's something extra, like AE does with events; after mild story, short but sweet dialogue, extra is some HEAVYHEAVY grinds for veterans.

I worry many releases are to come as almost pure grind festivals as-is compared to story/character interactions/environment interactions for survival, drama and tensions rise from quick-wits and tactical use of environment changes in your face/relationships building good and bad/FEELING.

(Skulltower: dungeon farm rares)

(Acevorah: story cutscene's light and interesting, and quest dialogue's humorous, integrated with farming quests from stock-still npc(the norm of interactions/help ), veteran's HEAVY farm for rares(10minute intervals, 1% drop rate). good ratio of story/characters' growth I think without rare-item farming as it was a mini release; many think too grind-heavy.)

(Frost Labyrinth: cutscene with Blizzy looks interesting, dungeon farm for rares)

Level resets sound alright so long as we still equip level 15 gear when we have Hero status and above, and rewards would be to die-for. Trouble is it's hard to come up with. other than status, gear and dungeons that everybody takes eventually when they've the mind for it little by little... since aq3d is very grindy many may've reached every possible reset level if it were a feature... each reset needs more excitement. Normally I'd say more characters growth in new dangerous situations/environments/maps-like-mazes-where-death-could-be-at-any-corner, everybody would experience THAT very differently emotionally, but currently everybody needs as much of that as they can take. New players take to the bridge pretty quick. Level resets would make our very focused grinds more rewarding, sure, and rewards at current, both in material things/individual human emotional experiences and responses from players are few and far between, so when better rewards come I am all for it!

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 31
12/14/2016 1:22:53   

First of all I would like to say thank you for your input! yes, I see how grinding isn't fun, but it is basically part of every MMO. That being said though-

if we're able to use our high ranking gear once we're a hero rank level 1 that would defeat the purpose of this idea. That's also why I wanted it to be-

optional, so players could move on when they were ready. The idea of hero gear is not to make a new op set.

Hero gear would be like 8% better than the regular gear for that level. not a big gap, but enough to make hard core players want it. So as you-

progress through the ranks the gear would improve slightly each time. Like hero being 8% better than standard, champion being 16% better than-

standard, so on and so on. This would be an optional choice for hardcore players, not something that would automatically happen if you hit 15. Also if-

you were allowed to wear your 15 gear, nobody would go back to progress in the earlier zones. That would defeat the purpose to be more beneficial to the-

newer players. Everybody would move on to the better zones to grind and not back track to where newer players would be.

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Post #: 32
12/14/2016 3:05:55   

^^Much good input

I'm imagining new experiences for lvl resets, where though you may return to places you've seen before, you get faced with whole new situations. It'd be like a breath of relief being back in familiar surroundings and this time with an edge, with abilities, finesse and gadgets you didn't have before. Remembering all the people and creatures and nightmares of the past in this exact place *points*. and there. and there. And all the errands and misfortunes that led you to where you are now and what you have become.

Scaling dungeons coming up so new players join in on large communities of 15s. helps everyone get together.

AE wrote something about epic crafting sets being one of the strongest for your level and low-percentage-chance rares from hard-core grinding balance out with epic craft sets one way or another. Some of the rarest of items in AQ3D, strong as they are, one being vorah dagger(especially vorah), make it easy to *almost* die in dungeons from mobs for low survive-ability(no def, almost no healthy benefits), freaky every time. ae has big emphasis on rewarding the highest-grade clothing/armor/painful objects for epic crafts. and the stay-up-midway-through-the-night-or-familiar-style-grinding-for-1%s outfits and painful objects all balance out to them, high-in-the-sky stats in one place, but dangerously low in others. Slow percentage increase of all stat finesse could get future pvp into a metroplex antizzy.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 33
12/14/2016 17:16:07   
Hollow Knight

Just a reminder on this thread. This a new topic suggestions for official threads you would like to see be made in the forums.

If you like to offer feedback on the Game please do share your constructive criticism on the following thread: =AQ3D= Feedback Thread

Any further off topic posts will be deleted.

Hollow Knight
Archknight of Forum Support
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 34
4/28/2017 14:51:31   

how about a guides section(leveling, quests, boss strategy, crafting mats(mobs/location), item locations), anything but Wiki stuff.

maybe a character build section(when more skills and items are added ofc)

like and dislike button for posts(i know that's not on point but still)

and what ever else i guess.
Post #: 35
5/5/2017 0:33:43   
Fallen Crest

Combat/Class Mechanics Discussion

This way all discussion about combat in general, including how classes (Large part of combat) act together or by itself, and stats of items, by how they relate to combat (whether by power/dps, survival/tank, or support), can be discussed in this thread.

Added a Class Discussion Thread. ~Zyrain

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AQW  Post #: 36
5/16/2017 7:32:59   

Why not creating a "Comprehensive Discussion on AQ3D's Development and Progress -Player's PoV-"

Didn't noticed my post was edited by an AK...

Please can you explain this further? Otherwise I feel the current Feedback Thread should suffice. ~Zyrain

The term "Feedback" is too VAGUE in a discussion. The topic for the feedback could vary depending on the situation such as story development and event discussion. I want to have a comprehensive discussion regarding the overall status of AQ3D's Development and Progress in player's point of view without discoursing and interruptions throughout the whole discussion. It's like a dedicated thread?

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Post #: 37
9/24/2017 8:27:46   
How We Roll Winner

How about an AQ-3D Art Gallery? Well I've been wanting to share some AQ-3D related fan arts and I believe this is the best place to share it :). It feels discouraging to post in the legends of lore section nowadays since the community has been reduced to almost non existent.Thank you.

The Art Gallery forum is now live. ~Zyrain

< Message edited by Zyrain -- 10/4/2017 17:56:35 >
AQW Epic  Post #: 38
3/28/2018 0:57:02   
The Meister

First things first, Sorry to practice necromancy as my first act in this forum and all these are based on my opinions as a new AQ3D player
It would be nice to have:
+ "AQ3D classes" topic for the new players to know the pros and cons, build path discussions, tips and tricks to each class without going to the "Reference to official threads & links" since new forum users may miss it (I personally almost did)
+ "Suggestions" topic that is specific (I.E. class suggestions under the classes topic, armor suggestions under the armor topic etc) so that the new and old players can post their various thoughts on how to make the game better and makes the specific suggestions easier to find for the devs (at least in my opinion after seeing the suggestions thread linked in the class discussion thread)
+ "Locations"topic with its own 'sub topic' that is specific per location and the corresponding dungeons contained within the location. Since there is not world map yet, this would limit the times where a player asks "Where is the x dungeon or where is the X monster located" and this also provides the opportunity for the old players to teach new players the tips and tricks for that location/dungeon

I know that making and maintaining the game is hard and tiring but it would be nice to see improvements upon the (usualy overlooked) forums. More power to you guys and may your swords stay sharp ( bonus points if you can guess where that came from )
Post #: 39
5/12/2018 22:18:13   

a "items suggestion topic" would be nice
Post #: 40
6/5/2018 17:11:37   

1) I would like to see some more character customisation as right now we have the same blank stare all the time, i would like be able to customise what expression i have on instead of the same smug smile 24/7,
i have seen some cut-scenes change our expression at times so it would be cool to have more options (also i would like it if there was choices for female characters not to have big lips as a choice)

2) I would also like to see more attack animations like with 2 handed weapons or 2 single handed weapons or fists or something.

3) finaly i hope to see more classes like berzerker or shaman at some point.

Those are the things i would like to see most but good job on it so far! thank you for reading if you did.
AQW  Post #: 41
6/9/2018 13:25:55   

I would like to suggest a idea to make the morphs/travel forms in the game a bit more useful. My idea is for different morphs to come with different perks that become useful when in use. Like for example being immune to aggro from certain species or immune to certain types of damage. I was using the Dark Mushroom morph running a dungeon in Dragons Graveyard when I was suddenly attacked and poisoned by mushrooms and I thought wouldn't it be cool if this morph actually made me immune to all poison damage. Or what if dragon morphs were immune to burn damage and didn't aggro dragon type enemies from Ashfall. It would be nice to see the travel forms have a little bit more use other than just 20-30% increase movement speed and might even convince others to start spending DC's on forms
Post #: 42
6/9/2018 13:37:07   


Maybe a Let's Party thread.

Good idea! I just added one ~Battle Elf

Am I blind or does this not exist?
AQ MQ AQW  Post #: 43
6/9/2018 16:45:37   

Majestic Feline of AQ3D & ED

It's here, it might not be shown in the topics list depending on what time frame you've selected but there's links to all official threads here.
AQW Epic  Post #: 44
6/18/2019 7:02:28   

Does anybody want to help grind for frostlorn rimes.
They give you some of the strongest level 25 items I have seen so far.. and speaking of weapons.. a weapons compare system wouldnt be so bad.. it would make it easier to clean out my inventory ..


Post #: 45
9/24/2019 13:30:03   

Stat trainers like there are in some other games.

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MQ  Post #: 46
10/10/2019 23:44:48   

No New Messages

So my idea is pretty simple for AQ3D, I was thinking a sign up sheet for online players that anyone online at the time can sign up for to help other players. Show basic information like level and name to all players and a button to whisper to the said person on the list for players looking for help. It would make it much easier to want to help and be able to help other players. Thanks for reading!!!

Side note though I would really love a kitsune morph and a tail with this up coming yokai area if not this year next year thanks again!!
Post #: 47
4/4/2020 1:10:21   

Arctaos, do you mean something like an in-game mentoring program? I've seen similar things in some games I've played in the past. If it's just a list and those players and they are not given any higher status in the game for it, sounds plausible. Though I only started playing AQ3D about a week ago, so I don't know what's been implemented since your post. I didn't see a mentor list so far though. Then on the other hand, Mentor-players might get tired of people contacting them for help. It might be harder for them to enjoy the game and work on their own character.

My suggestion, please make a new Q&A thread?

I'm having issues with a quest that I wanted to ask about. I submitted a bug report for the (story) Quest, Fight with Vlad. I can't get Vlad to fight me after the cutscene in the Darkovia Catacombs. I submitted a bug report a couple/few days ago. Another player in-game suggested I abandon the quest and try again, I just wondered if it is possible to do that, or if the quest will be gone if I abandon it. It's worth about 13,000 exp, and I wouldn't want to lose out on that! ;)

EDIT: Was finally able to progress and finish the Darkovia Storyline. Thanks to the mods and GMs for fixing the issue I was having! :D

< Message edited by Brian012 -- 4/7/2020 2:11:15 >
AQ DF  Post #: 48
5/12/2020 16:05:00   

I want to know if u guys want to add a way for players to make a guild or group for others to join if they need help and not have to have many people as friends to do it because it is hard to scroll through all that also I can't figure out how to post correctly
Post #: 49
5/28/2020 7:21:20   

-Report A bug section

-Q&A Section

-Suggestion section
Post #: 50
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