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=AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules

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11/25/2015 17:16:50   

The Rules of the AQ3D Suggestions Forum

All ideas submitted have a possibility to be used as game material and thus become property of Artix Entertainment.

  • All Universal Forum Rules relating to posting behavior apply!
    These should be the first thing you read when you join the forums. They apply everywhere; this means that any behavior prohibited by the Universal Rules is prohibited in this forum. This means no flaming, no trolling, no spamming your signature or emoticons, and no mentioning hacking. Period.

  • Suggestions Only
    This thread is meant only as a place for players to make AdventureQuest 3D related suggestions and to give feedback on the suggestions of others.

  • Only Constructive Criticism and Useful Information
    Please make sure to be detailed and constructive in your response to a suggestion. Remember, it's not always so easy to step out of your comfort zone and put something forth to be critiqued. Also, please include justification in your remarks, this will help give others a better understanding of why you have the opinion that you do. Keep in mind that it is more helpful to try to build rather than tear down.

    If you believe a suggestion requires more work: Why? Does it need more detail? Does it have too much detail? Is it too easy? Too hard? Too similar to something else?

    These are the kind of questions you should try to answer when giving feedback on the suggestions of another member.

  • Armor Suggestions
    If you'd like to suggest certain armors, please use the following templates:
    - Male armors: http://puu.sh/lxmiY/d1cd42222b.jpg
    - Female armors: http://puu.sh/lxmhz/b244da5abb.jpg

  • Signatures
    Please do not use signatures within this thread. We want to keep the focus on suggestions and feedback and because of this, signatures will only become a distraction.

  • Plagiarism
    Do not post anything that you did not create as if it is your own work. Credit must be given, regardless of where it came from - IRC, PM, replies etc. Any instance of plagiarism will result in consequences beyond the norm.

    AdventureQuest 3D Suggestions Official Disclaimer/Copyright Restrictions Information:

    Submitting ideas does not in any way mean your art, ideas, etc. will be used or included in any way. Any ideas submitted to Artix Entertainment, LLC (AE) are free to be used by AE as desired. Any ideas, art, works, or suggestions submitted to Artix Entertainment, LLC (AE), or a member of, become property of Artix Entertainment, LLC (AE). Do not steal the ideas posted here, and give credit if using any material knowingly taken from someone else's ideas. Do not suggest anything taken from an outside source, such as television media, movies, books, or the like. While a parody is acceptable, copyrighted ideas cannot be used word for word as they are in outside sources.

    Generic ideas are not copyrighted and are not considered stolen material whether it has been seen in other suggestion threads or in a media resource. In some cases, an idea is already planned for use by Artix Entertainment, and although you are welcome to post your own example of these ideas, be aware that your post may only be used for inspiration toward an idea already in progress or disregarded in entirety.

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    11/25/2015 17:19:35   

    If an issue arises within AQ3D Suggestions (be it clarification of the rules, an issue with a specific user, or reporting rule violations), any Archknight or Forum Moderator. You can find a list here: AE Staff and Staff Assistants List

    If you have an issue with an ArchKnight, please contact the head moderator of this forum. If your issue is with the moderating staff, please contact Scakk.
    AQ DF  Post #: 2
    11/25/2015 21:17:51   

    What will now happen to the suggestion threads lingering in the void?

    I haven't seen any of these, if so they will be removed and their creators are free to post their suggestion again here. ~ Gjappy

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    DF AQW  Post #: 3
    11/26/2015 10:56:03   

    Very sorry if I become more of a a nuisance!!!

    So I had some suggestions posted else where on FB and they may or may not have been seen but this seems more official so I will repost here... Is that okay? well I guess you guys will delete it if not but here goes :/

    1st: "You know how in blade haven there were spells cast with certain patterns? maybe you could add a button on the keyboard that corresponds with the swipe from edge on mobile devices and bring up something like the spells from blade haven (in video here
    [ https://www.listenonrepeat.com/watch?v=ZANfkH0Pw1Q ])
    You could possibly do a trinket/potion system [trinket for extra battle effects/spells and potions for speed healing] or something because I think this could stop players from complaining about the (too few) skills and slow healing (aside from the glitch where unequipping armors heals you completely during battle), yet still prevent clustering the phone screen. I think trinkets (like from DragonFable) would be great rare drops and expensive items in shops. Also, is ballyhoo coming to AQ3D?

    2nd: If you have Multiple Inns there could be some universal games to play with other characters to gain a small currency for [AQ3D version of AC's or maybe points towards an in-game pay-for item/action] like darts, Chess, Checkers, [Poker, maybe?]. And then pay for a night to eat and sleep at the Inn to gain 1 hour of faster health regain (only use once every 2 days or sumthin like that). I'm guessing you already had plans for something like this, but to know players want it may make it more of a priority after beta... maybe?
    Also, for Inns, I know you guys wanted to add some minigames so here are my ideas: Barfight (special map), Arm wrestling, Darts, Chess, Checkers, and Rock-Paper-Scissors.

    3rd: Day and Night cycle [i feel like this can be done many ways]
    -Day and night cycle moves by server, so depending on what server you are on it is a different time of day
    -[Like Dragonfable] you can sleep til night or for the night (so you get sent to a different map like in dragonfable. Then if there are different NPC's and glowing thingies at night like there were in dragonfable, the game will feel much more real and will make a wonderful experience.

    4rth: I feel like we shouldn't use /join 's until we've gone to an area by foot before. That would make the art much more appreciated! (same for map if u add one). And it wouldn't be bad to use quest-chain along a path of unlock-able areas or branching paths or whatever :P but i feel like that'd be just great along with level-locked areas that you already had in your other games

    5th: Maybe another element to PvP... [Edit: With the update right below this would be considered a team deathmatch] What if you had a map or zone where there were 2 sided wars (a normal war except PvP) against other players or guilds or something. This would make for a great attraction, how ever it could work... kinda like a MOBA with in an MMO. No intent to be messy or anything but that would beat out other MMO's and completely destroy MOBA games like League of Legends and Dota as it would be more immersive and have more of a personal value as your skills weapons and other equipment are reminiscent of your journeys and battles from other in-game experiences. Update II: I think you have an opportunity add EVEN MORE to the game using pvp. Now that it's in 3d, you can add things like Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatches (where team w/ most kills and least deaths wins), Domination (Claim the most flags for your team until the timer runs out) and Maybe last man standing (or every-man-for-himself deathmatch?). You could possibly bring back the "Aeris Battlespire" but use it as a hub where players get to choose if they wanna join a CTF, Deathmatch, Domination, or 2 Team Deathmatch map or you could do one hub where players opt in to a random match and get a random type of PvP. This would make the game sooo fun...

    6th: one of my most memorable moments was when the undead took over swordhaven and there was that tiny cutscene with artix crushing the giant skeleton in aqw... ahh and then just about everything dragonfable was so beautiful.... The hero is born cycle should be recycled because that was so clean. then you fight your first battle like in just about every ae game... you want to make that starting cutscene upon character creation short, but memorable... I also feel dragonfable did well with just about everything so AQ3D becomes a 3D MMO version of DF it would be the bomb! though i gotta give almost the same credit to all the other a games besides the fact that the dragonfable proportions seem more mature to me. So long story short, the opening cutscene in DF blew me away (in ch1 and ch 3) so an opening one for AQ3D would be nice, and then with certain quests having those moments where defeating someone or getting close or getting defeated by someone triggers a cutscene... that stuff is jus' lovely.
    You see this was honestly the most fun part of DF for me: https://listenonrepeat.com/watch?v=5Btdzmr5HX8 because of the wonderful tone set here and Same here, https://listenonrepeat.com/watch?v=t2HOcRxqz-4 , but the dynamic contrast in the setting brings me back to the past yet shows a true evolution in the art and wholly displays the development of the story. These here make a great model for intro, to me. Best out of all AE games! Then all parts of the tomix saga in df were phenomenal including the cutscenes and where they were placed. And in AQW the first few sagas really stuck with me, for some reason... especially in swordhaven and with sepulchure's death. [this was a response to a question so parts may sound weird, but the idea here is an opening cutscene to aq3d similar to their other games (esp DF)]. BTW about the intros: It'd also be really cool if we could start somewhere like (or similar to) Oaklore and travel to battleon fighting everything solo until then.

    Also it seems like they already are, but I really suggest bringing back modified versions of the older AQ3D maps like ravenspire (pretty sure that's coming back), Northpointe (same?), and the Fivelorn Forest (to beautiful for me to let go of shown here https://listenonrepeat.com/watch?v=eOQskqtP_Qw ). And with the fivelorn forest i know it would not be possible to make one lone zone like this, but if you remove or shrink some of the trees and split the area into smaller zones, it seems possible to resurrect. I feel the same about the other maps from 2013's AQ3D legend of lore especially https://listenonrepeat.com/watch?v=UIlnezqUqCY. [dude that ice world was just amazin]

    *btw another thing that made 5lorn forest beautiful was that the sky was blue but the "distance fog" was yellow... using those other colors make the game so much more beautiful and special! Maybe you could use a dark green rather than blue in that greenguard cave (this could also be seen in that flythrough trailer from the old one)...


    not mine but the comments section here was amazing! http://www.aq3d.com/news/inn-provements/

    This was posted somewhere else, but in an effort to keep it all together:
    As far a quests goes, I feel like they get a bit too grindy sometimes (mostly referring to robina right now and I understand it's cuz it's alpha but it might stay that way) and could add a bit of the RPG feel that DF had... That way that dragonfable defined saga... (esp. Tomix and Ch1 Orb Sagas) where you felt yourself moving through the story... [maybe that's an issue of AE figuring out how to use cutscenes in unity as these play a BIG TIME role (as mentioned in point 6 {but point 6 was only about intro})]... many small cutscenes makes for a big story (along with a large, interactive one, too). This would be an opportunity to make use of the parkour and add even more elements such as timing... like a lot of the good FPS like FarCry3, and BattleField 3 & 4, and even 3rd person games like Assassin's Creed use the cutscenes as a time to show what they've got! Obviously Assassin's Creed would have this along with the deep story because it's a parkour game; but Far Cry 3 uses it in a deadly way to make the players fall in love, which is what you have an opportunity to do here! Here is the intro for FC3 (note these cutscenes happen throughout the game and get even more intimate!) http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=rdSekw8doiI#Far_Cry_3_-_Opening_Gameplay_1200p Look at how climbing was involved and merged with the cutscene! I know this was part of the game's mechanics but implementing this stuff in a cutscene, you could do things like jumping from moving rock to rock evading a pattern of fiery breaths a dragon hurls at you! Jumping of a dragon's back to have to use your 'wasd' skills to evade arrows from an evil archer.... This was definitly used in DF once or twice along with other minigame like elements in cutscenes, which is what made it special for me. Using your cutscenes as an opportunity to add elements to the game that are not normally part of the game's mechanics like leaning your torso to dodge a punch or something would lessen some players general distaste to having too few skills with variety elsewhere... I also saw this in BladeHaven 3d: Dragonsbane, by the way! -before it was cancelled --> http://listenonrepeat.com/watch/?v=a3e-oRIWccw#BladeHaven_Boss_Comp_Video . good stuff... makes for a great game. The whole combat system for the bladehaven 3d game shown in the previous vid would be the perfect combat system for cutscenes in AQ3D. Also incorporating other mini game-ish things (take ideas from ebil games, for example, and makem 3d!) and plopping them in a bigger game helps to add on; like a moglin run parody of temple run [except not infinite]... kinda like how aqw did moglin punter except you'd make it part of the story: "deliver the note to Johnny without getting caught by the shadow-zards: *player runs through maze*. This is the kinda stuff that makes an MMORPG better than a normal MMORPG... keep all the elements of MMO but add a little emphasis to "RPG" and generate unique pieces to put into the story line. That's all as far as story goes! I had to get that out because this is seeming like it's gonna turn out to be another aqw but in 3d. If you merge it with DF and add even more unique elements, it could do even better than it may already be! quite a challenge nonetheless.

    On Combat

    So the current system may lack a bit of originality. It follows aqw's 4 skill set, which isn't horrible, but can make the game a bit boring, at times. Combos and patterns made out of the skills would add more skills in general and give players more options.. i know this would make class releases take a longer, and would drive Korin, the animator crazy, so i completely understand why you don't. Also if you could through in some way to at least boost your accuracy, with timing of the skills (like a window of time where your attack is strongest and/ or sure to hit), perhaps, and dodge (i guess stepping backwards or to the side at a certain time could boost chances of dodging) as this would make the game and players skill much more important and makes the game more immersive. (This is addressed in another suggestion below made by someone else and a couple of replies)

    In sum, this feedback discusses the too few skills and combat system still being a bit... embryonic. Quests will probably get cutscenes soon enough and won't be too grindy so yeah!


    Just for the record I feel that the functionality was best in AQ Classic, map, story-lines and story development best in DF, and aqw is best for the general feel, i guess. Also can we have shields? Dey look so boss w/ some armors on the cosmetic levels (possible as gauntlets or part of a class) but they would be more awesome if you could add some sort of function to them too! (though I know that is not likely) Also, could there be options for models with different eye colors, eye brows, eye shapes, and expressions [mouth]? Ik this might not be the easiest, but it seems very possible. And if possible an option for some "buffer" models, too? I know the latter may not be as realistic but the face does seem so. Thx, AE

    Finally could we some day see a return in the "Grow your dragon" process from DF? (Possibly a return of Sunbreeze grove) Titan battles seem like they could be possible (for 1v1 single player/party matches or something) and titan battles would make the game much more attractive. Then reintroduction of dragonlords is possible and it could stay simple. so al you'd need is: 1. Grow Dragon Process 2. Titan Battles 3. Dragonlord idea (possible suggestion 4. sunbreeze grove)

    ____________Update on 12/15/2015: Quest-Style suggestion______________________________________________________

    Remember how in DragonFable there were those random-room dungeons? Why not bring these to AQ3D? They would have to be limited to single player and/ or party to work and ideally the monsters would disappear instead of respawning. Here are some good examples of these from DF that you could possibly bring back to AQ3D

    Bounty Hunting - That good ole' gold farming dungeon the could go from 20 seconds to 20 minutes

    [can't remember name] - probably some of captain rhubarb's quests where you had to get lost in the jungle (basically) and pick your way through a randomized jungle dungeon(Perfect)

    100 Room Challenge Dungeon - This would be a classic return... Imagine you and 3 friends in a party barreling through these rooms!

    (can't remember the exact names of the others... so these are not random dungeons but would make good ones or at least make a nice reappearance in aq3d)

    Environment around Warlic's Tent in DF - These would make for great dungeons and represent the potential AQ3D has with the environment (it's also less work in the long run)

    Sir Valance's quests (from Oaklore next to Rolith) - A bunch of sneevil quests... the environments here would also make for great dungeons though bringing these quests back would be good enough

    Now here would be some good additions (I think at least) -

    Haunted house dungeons - Just through in a set of twisty stairs every four rooms or so and it's logical

    small 5 room environmental dungeons - Imagine a sign from a town to battleon (through woods on a map) and on that sign text reads "twisty woods: shortcut to battleon" then there is a random-room dungeon (forest setting of course) with a random amount of rooms (3-15?) and let's say you can't turn around and you just keep choosing paths (choose out of 2 to 4 branches?) to the next room after all the monsters in that room are defeated (so no respawn).
    Now Apply that to the Sand sea (journey through the dunes), doomwood, winter wonderland, haunted castle, Minotaur Maze... ANYTHING! And it works.

    Then Zhoom would only have to make the code once (and maybe tweak for more specific thing like haunted houses vs forest), you guys would only have to design a room (forest back-ground fake 2d trees, a couple rooms in a haunted house), and then you get to recycle items and categorize them as floor items (trees, table/ witch chairs or vase), wall items (tree branch or painting), and ceiling (bird that flies around?, or chandelier) and boom! You can recycle these items. Then in the long run you recycle the code and you just have to spend a week or 2 making items to replace the old one in another dungeon! You could even slip these into quests and have cutscenes at the end of them to add to the interactive experience ;D haha.
    _______________ANOTHER UPDATE!!! ikr im sorry__________________________________________________12/17/2015__________________________

    So for Titan Battles and Dungeons, I realized that making a multiplayer game have a single player aspects would kind of... not be the best for everyone. So I have a solution to this. Instead of single player or party there could be something better, though I say keep the party, because that would work. Let's say the cap for players in a part is 10. Instead of single player, you could do something like up to 10 players spawn in a room this would be the hub where you wait till you are satisfied with the amount of players spawned to begin the adventure.

    So for dungeons: You go to wherever you're going, for example, 100 rooms dungeon. You get to a room before the first room where the max number of players that can spawn is 10. Then when all are ready they run to a door and go to the first room in a dungeon. Then after this you have a bunch of randomly generated room types with random monsters in random places: possibly a chance to get 1 of 5, maybe, pre-built rooms with random monsters that go in monster slots. It'd be nicer if wall and floor items could also go in random places in their respective bastion (floor/wall/ceiling) but that might be too much. Idea is everybody moves once all monsters are defeated and whoever runs through the door first gets everyone else teleported to the next randomly generated room.

    Titan Battles: Same idea... party leader or a random person clicks titan battle and parties go in together or the max of 10. Then all who are ready click Fight or something and it's like 1-10 dragon vs giant creature. Basically a normal battle, but characters are replaced with characters on dragons and everything is shrunken Imagine people having titan giant transformations, or being able to control another creature... titan battles have so much potential...

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 4
    11/26/2015 16:22:34   
    Frost Moglin

    Having the ability to change the abilities of the class you use a bit would be amazing. By this I mean that maybe you could buy or find abilities somewhere, and then choose a class to give it to. Then, you could swap around the skills. There should probably be limitations on what classes can get what abilities, and that you can only change the abilities on a certain place.
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 5
    11/26/2015 17:50:57   


    can't really do much with only 4 skills.
    can't really make 4 skills from different classes do different things and harmonize either.

    destroys class system, people will only buy classes with op skills related to their current class and switch some skills.

    imo it'd be better if each class was not rushed like AQW and actually spent time on.

    we don't need more power creeps or; i got bored of the look of this class gimme buffed more shoulder pads and flashier.

    how about every class has 4 skills that each can be used for multipurpose or harmonize with your other skills (like Cryomancer does, plus the risk of Necromancer).

    and you can choose how your skills affect.
    I.E if you have a heal skill you can make it H.O.T or AoE Heal.

    This gives the class system some originality and complexity even with four skills.
    Post #: 6
    11/26/2015 21:23:20   

    @Frost Moglin and @LyRein

    I think this brings up skill trees. Maybe a compromise to was both of you above were saying (which probably won't happen) would be skill trees that allow the skills to work together and create effects that are focused on 1) Attack (example player guaranteed Crit when these 3 skills used in this pattern), 2) Defense (increased dodge or parry for player), 3) Increase accuracy (so player can cancel out opponent with high dodge), 4) Maybe health (take less damage, or lose less mana) and the base form would be like none of these. So this kind of thing will make a player much more unique without giving too much of an advantage [so class system not destroyed and not stuck to same 4 skills]. And maybe with skill combos (which would be using skills in different orders and patters to essentially perform another skill or effect) you wouldn't need extra skills, but you unlock 1 at a time as you rank up the class or something. For even more of a challenge only allow the player to use 1 or 2 at a time :P These could be used in many ways and allow for more strategy when fighting in a game like this as the player would have to think on multiple levels. I feel like this is where LyRein was getting at (was it not?).

    Also I think to make the effects more special, rather than only adding text they could, as you already may have figured, add art, similar to that of the jump smash for warrior or lighting strike for mage.... then you won't even need extra animations just a small gif or whatever that is. They should aim for the kind of thing.

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CLwS4cjUEAQF9-W.jpg this kinda stuff
    sorry for the huge image idk how to shrink... maybe i should just put link? also mods, should this extra stuff go under my post or keep it in the reply?

    Image tags removed. ~Jorath

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    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 7
    11/27/2015 8:29:59   
    Frost Moglin


    and you can choose how your skills affect.
    I.E if you have a heal skill you can make it H.O.T or AoE Heal.

    I like the idea of each class having a set of skills, and then being able to modify them in some ways. They would have to be balanced, so people don't just pick the most OP skill builds for a class and run with it. Instead, it should encourage people to customize their classes skillsets for their playstyle.
    AQ DF MQ  Post #: 8
    11/29/2015 17:11:49   

    What was the point in making a new thread and deleting the old one?

    Anyways, my old suggestions:

    Regarding the Inn

    Make the Inn's barstand bigger, like seriously it looks like it was copy and pasted from AQW then made into a 3D model.
    Make NPCs sit on the chairs in the Inn, maybe have some minigames at certain tables.
    Also make the secret entrance more secret...?

    On topic about travelling..

    Instead of letting you /join everywhere (seriously don't expect a new player to know what /join is, why you guys prefer a /join feature, how it works etc) just add a fast-travel system like the griffon from DF.

    Difference is, you can only teleport to major cities or hubs and you have to have been there before.
    You also need to pay a small gold fee (that gets higher depending on the city' level difficulty).

    This would still allow for fast-travel but also make use of gold and encourage exploring the world beyond the city gates.
    It also makes mounts useful than they would be if you keep a /join feature.
    Post #: 9
    11/29/2015 17:27:11   

    ^ very strong
    AQ DF AQW  Post #: 10
    11/30/2015 0:36:21   

    @lyrein ae has already said that the /join feature is only in alpha it will not be in beta
    AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 11
    12/1/2015 6:39:05   

    I have a suggestion for the foundership thing. I know it has been said that kickstart only accepts credit cards (and even prepaid ones) which prevents some of AE's target audience to contribute.

    I suggest that another method outside kickstarter be used (err.. The portal) as a means for those who don't have access to credit cards. Since the goal will most probably be reached mid December, maybe AE can open up a payment option using their portal site for those who would want to still have that founder status but cannot due to the reason stated above. Once the goal is reached and the money is bagged, there is no need to limit the payment option to kickstarter anymore. That is all. Thank you.

    P.S. I already donated via kickstarter. I'm suggesting this for those kids who want to be a founder but cannot.
    AQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
    12/1/2015 22:10:36   
    Crystal Lion

    After Cysero personally pointed out that there may be references to their non-Lorian games in 3D, I'd like to put out my idea for a HeroSmash-inspired location and follower.
    Came up with this with the help of a friend.

    Location: A rotten, decrepit old battlefield with robot parts scattered everywhere. This place looks like a big war happened, but not just any war, this one appears to be from the future. You find machine pieces, and you don't know if there's someone who can fix the machine, it looks like a clockwork doll.

    After a quest chain where you find the head, arms, legs, torso, and power source, you put them together to make a Divabot. This bot follower resembles the Demo Divas from the game, but looks slightly worn down.

    She can be fixed up further to look good as new.

    This part is under the assumption pet customization is a thing.
    There are three types of divabots, the Divabots themselves, sprites, and Florencebots. After you discover the other types, you can create them with the appropriate artifact.
    Divabots: The default divabot discovered in the robot battlefield. They are very strong fighters. They require basic/durable body parts and a power source.
    Sprites: Lightweight divabots who are fast attackers, but not very durable. They require a speed core and can only be made out of basic body parts.
    Florencebots: Divabots that are focused on healing. They do not fight unless forced to by an enemy. They require a "medical programming" item and can use any body part.

    Just for fun, you can dress them up. Look our for any fashionable artifacts to put them in. This might be a compromise to the constant barrage of fashion weeks in AQW. Divabots don't get tired of dressing up.

    (daVinci killbot inspired follower to be added later.)

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    Post #: 13
    12/2/2015 11:08:48   


    We don't know if this will be anything like AQW at all though, we don't know if there will be constant fashion barrages or not.

    I do like your idea, but the dress-up part seems a bit too much hard work on an already small AE team (even smaller for AQ3D because small minus small doesn't equal big).

    They'd have to make lots of costumes for several pet types to satisfy the majority of the playerbase (guaranteed to be AQW veterans).

    I wouldn't mind having a killer DaVinci with his nanobots on his side though.
    Like the things from FusionFall how I picture them haha.

    Post #: 14
    12/2/2015 20:14:58   
    Fayne Dragonheart

    I have a suggestion for an NPC. But not just any NPC, it's a class trainer with a story/quest line. If you like the idea and decide to use it, i will not use the name anymore and you will ofcourse get all the right, i would just be glad to help in anyway possible. But the NPC Name is (Fayne Dragonheart) he has his little companion, one of the last dragons that exist named (Kilarth) Fayne Dragonheart looks a bit like the knight on the picture i linked too, that is ofcourse how i imagined him, if you would like it any other way, be my guest as some say. Ofcourse, Fayne has a plate armor like any other knight. it would look a bit like the other link. http://pre11.deviantart.net/8e1a/th/pre/i/2012/038/3/4/knight_in_gleaming_armor_by_coolboypai-d4p07fp.jpg http://www.coloring-kids.net/10124-kings-were-war-games/
    In my vision of Fayne, he is supposed to be a class trainer with a quest line, the class is (Dragon Warrior) And as creative and awesome as you guys are, it should be no problem for you to find a quest line for him, if you are interested, and if you decide to give him one anyway.
    His Background story - (Many years ago, back when Dragons ruled the lands, people were terrified by the thought that dragons could attack their village any time. That's when a group of brave knights formed an order called (The Dragon Slayers) a rank that only the bravest of knights could join. The risk was ofcourse death, but to save the lands they were slaughtering dragons everywhere they went. Faynes grand grand father, was a normal farmer who joined the Dragon Slayers to protect his land and family by claiming he was a knight, wearing leather armor and a fragile sword. The order gave him new equipment, armor and sword. By that time, alot of dragons were already slain. One day, a giant dragon was attacking his village, and ofcourse he went out to slay it together with a small group of dragon slayers. The battle took the lives of many, including some of the dragon slayers and most of the town were burned down, but in the end they managed to kill it. Fayne's grand grand father was the last dragon slayer standing when the fight was over. He stood infront of the giant dragon corpse and looked at it, it's eyes were wide open and had a green shining light in them, when he went closer to examine it a strange burst of magick struck him, like an arrow penetrating his armor and straight through him. The corpse of the dead dragon dissapeared, and a strange amulet was left over from the dragon. He picked up the amulet, which later on was to be called, a dragon amulet. It let's one controle the dragons and understand them. The green light that struck him earlier was the soul of the dragon that he inherited. He was the first of all the later to be called "Dragon Riders" after that night, he left the Dragon Slayers, without further notice. both sword and armor, left on the floor, and he was not to be seen again. He forged himself a new weapon, and armor, signalising the mark of a dragon. He understood that dragons could be tamed insted of being killed, and they could have them for their own advantage, he knew that the Dragon Slayers wouldn't agree with him, and that's why he left.
    Faynes grand grand father was the first to ever tame and ride a dragon. (Dragon Amulets) were forged from the soul of a dragon, and Faynes grand grand father was able to do that, and so, he gather a new order called (The Dragon Warriors) and the ones who were chosen to have an amulet were called (Dragon Lords) able to controle the dragons, they were flying out to fight the evil that was purging the land, including uncontollable evil dragons. The dragons were not only their mounts they used to ride, they were bound with them, they were their friends for life. (Many years passed) and Dragons were almoast an eradicated species. A rare sight indeed. The power that Fayne's grand grand father inherited, was passed through the family through generations, and finally came to the time when Fayne was born. His father used to tell him the story of how the Dragon Warriors were created and Dragon Lords were riding through the skies on their mighty dragons. and he also believed that dragons were an eradicated species, never to be seen again. But when Fayne grew up, he managed to find a dragon egg. The day the egg hatched both Fayne and the dragon was soul bound to each other. Fayne had inherited a unique dragon amulet that had passed though his family for ages. and that's what made him and the dragon bind to each other. But ofcourse Fayne was special, since he had inherited the power of the dragon which started from his grand grand father many years ago. It made him able to see the souls and auras of dragons and other unique magic. Fayne once lived in the town called (Falconreach) But became a traveler searching for a place where he was needed. That is when he found the city called (BattleOn) and settled down near the town searching for new people to recruit and make (Dragon Warriors) by his side he has his little companion, one of the last dragons named Kilarth.
    (I believe it would be great if the player would get a special skill or something, if they chose to train in that class. It's all up to you, i hope you can use this for something. If you ever need more info, you know how to contact me i suppose. Also. at the moment, my characters name is Fayne Dragonheart, but i will change that immediately if you chose to make this character as an NPC. Now i can only hope. Also feel free to edit the story if you think it needs something or is a bit off the topic or something like that.

    < Message edited by Fayne Dragonheart -- 12/2/2015 20:30:21 >
    AQ DF  Post #: 15
    12/3/2015 10:43:24   


    and this helps the game... how?
    Post #: 16
    12/3/2015 13:28:54   

    @LyRein @Fayne Dragonhart

    Well, this is a suggestion thread, not feedback thread. This a suggestion for an addition to the game, not necessarily an improvement. You can call that an "NPC/Quest-Chain" suggestion. Personally, I kinda like this guy's creativity anyways. It is very specific with a definite story-line, but hey, if they were to like part of it, they could at least use some of it if they wanted to.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 17
    12/3/2015 18:23:35   

    yes but this is alpha stage.

    that sounded like a request more than a suggestion

    request - can you please do this for me

    suggestion - i think you could do this instead

    alpha needs suggestions and improvements.
    requests can come later (especially class ones. we don't want AQW 2.0 with too many classes at once).
    Post #: 18
    12/3/2015 22:31:17   
    Swordsman of Worlds

    I remember making a few suggestions back during the Legend of Lore project. But it's rather exciting that we're starting fresh with this reboot. Here goes.

    1) Mounts, or other fast travel method. Actually journeying around maps is often a relaxing and immersive experience. Seems like mounts will be a thing, if the Shadow Wolf transformation is any indication. Will there be other transformations, I wonder? In any case we still ought to have ride-able mounts. Zards, horses, you name it. I'm sure flying mounts would take a little more thought. Maybe there could be an area that can only be traveled to via flying mount, or an area with flying monsters that require a flying mount to combat (assuming we could fight while mounted).

    If you know me, you know I'm almost always wearing The Illuminated One armor in AQW, which has a sheathe with the Shining Fury blade in it. This is what inspires my next idea which is mostly aesthetic and hopes to add more flavor to the 3D player characters.

    2) Optional equipment category: Sheathes/Holsters. Sure, AQW had backblades and sheathes, but most of which were filed as capes whilst some were part of an armor. For the 3D scene, I think sheathes and the like ought to be a separate, stat-less piece of equipment so one could still wear a sheathe and a cape. It could be show/hide toggle-able like with helms and capes in AQW, so you could toggle it off if you don't like it. If toggled on, your weapon would be in its sheathe when unequipped, and you'd flourish it when you equip it. Most weapon's sheathes would be on your back, but for sword/dagger sheathes and crossbow/gun holsters, you could choose to put it at your hip (and on either side. Same with the back. Though I don't know how much harder ambidextrous 3D models are to make compared to 2D sprites). If this is too much, we could just have a few buy-able varieties of sheathes and holsters in the armory showing a basic 'sheathed' form when your weapon is unequipped.
    AQW  Post #: 19
    12/3/2015 23:53:26   


    True true. Ha AQW 2.0 :P Yes. I see you have 2 points here.

    1. Too specific to be alpha stage material
    2. More of a request for "this story line done the way i've made it" (if you will)

    This is just something on the shelf in alpha that they could look at later. Kinda like my big suggestion up there (although I know what you mean by request, in this case) my suggestion was a couple of alpha but potentially a bunch of post alpha, maybe even post beta ideas. And the classes part true but armors are small and easily added. now classed 4real i guess i see why you say "not now." So yeah, your point is very valid, but the 'alpha' stage part isn't as important. There aren't even many posts like it for it to really clutter out the feedback so as of right now, I'd say that stuff is okay. Too much of anything is bad and I say it's okay. Similar to Crystal Lion's even; just a little more extreme. I can only relate to the "too specific" derivative of the request part. SOoooo yeah
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
    12/4/2015 0:13:12   
    Crystal Lion

    I'm actually cool with the basic part of my suggestion being implemented, if at all. Thus my italicized disclaimer earlier.
    Post #: 21
    12/4/2015 0:17:32   

    Oh no! I wasn't saying yours was too specific. I was just saying that with a post like that you would have to basically have the attitude you have. Same with mine as I've said; I just dumped the suggestions out and they may or may not consider all or part of them :) We're all in the same boat. Just Lyrein is targeting things that could be implemented now, rather than in the future, and is going for more general things.
    AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 22
    12/4/2015 3:08:29   
    Fayne Dragonheart

    Well i am certainly sorry if you found it offending in anyway or something. I never ment to, it is supposed to just be an idea and not look like a desperate try to make progress. It's an idea, and if they dont like it, i am totally fine with it. And if they do, even better. I was directed here by some people who told me to submit it here insted of PM or on facebook. So yea, i kinda just did what i was told. (I started out messaging because i was in doubt, and this is the message i got from Adam *Thank you for your kind words and offer of creativity. We very much appreciate it!

    Please stay in touch with our game dev team on Facebook and Twitter, and participate when we ask for brainstorming and creative help. It would be the best way for you to get noticed by more of the team and show off your talent. I post brainstorming questions pretty regularly!

    Battle on!
    Adam (Artix)*) (Then i went to the facebook page to type it in, because i knew they might be able to use it later, either in Beta or full release, i dont know. but it was worth a shot. then i got this message *Chances are, they aren't curious as there are many, many people like yourself. But all the backer thing means is that you WILL get your story in. Doesn't mean that they can't hear it... and who knows, if you are really good and they like it, they just may use it (and they will give credz, don't worry) http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=22067199 is an official suggestion page (you can give all the details). Hope this helps!
    ) And as you can see, he directed me to this page. and that's why i put it up here

    < Message edited by Fayne Dragonheart -- 12/4/2015 3:27:03 >
    AQ DF  Post #: 23
    12/4/2015 15:23:57   

    You know what would make this game stand out?Elemental Damage. I don't know any games that did that in real-time combat.Anyway this feature might be imposible to add at this point but still leaving this out in case you guys could add it and want to.

    Other suggestion I have is:
    Dragons flying (spawning) to random places in the world, you can talk to them and they are peacefull unless attacked (or just aggresive be it anyway)

    EDIT:Below-HEY! What about me!

    < Message edited by Wolfofdoom3 -- 12/4/2015 16:18:59 >
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    12/4/2015 16:12:23   


    I had a cool idea for elemental damage.

    Say for example, you have a fire boost (%) attribute to your weapon (achieved through Spellsmith specialization (which is alchemy + enchanting in one specialization).

    if you use that on a fire resistant (%) armour, it could heal the enemy a small amount, that gets higher/lower depending on numbers. however if your fire attack (%) overpowers their resistance (%) you'll deal damage, but not as much as you would without his/her resistance.

    same with other elements.

    if this gets looked at or considered credit to Lyrein :P

    < Message edited by LyRein -- 12/4/2015 16:17:03 >
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