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RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules

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3/25/2018 9:46:40   

I would like the developers to consider making these consumable forms work in a different way:

Instead of consumable, make them permanent. But make them last only a couple of minutes while having a lengthy cooldown.

This makes them a toy item for occasional fun, rather that a one-time-only laugh.

I'm sure players would love to collect many of these temporary forms that you can use in combat. Otherwise they will just be left unused forever in player's bags. I personally hate to waste and let go of my limited-use mementos forever.
Epic  Post #: 526
3/26/2018 8:35:28   

I would just like to say something about the guardian class, can you guys please make it more powerful. I don't know why, but the ones which are not paid are better than the one we actually paid for. I don't mean make guardian class overpowered just make it more powerful, a class that is worthy to be paid for.
Post #: 527
3/28/2018 3:20:54   
The Meister

a few suggestions from a new AQ3D player

+Music it would be a great for those who wants to be immersed in the game (like me). Ambient music adds to the overall idenitity of an area that makes it memorable like eerie sounds in the underworld or death music or clinking beers mugs and merry making in Yulgars Inn. You could take it a step farther and have specific music per boss to make the fight more memorable or make the music as a hint if the boss is going to make a specific attack or if its going to its next phase, or you could make a certain battlecry(?) or character one-liner when someone heals you or you heal someone.

+Lack of "life" in NPCs this can be seen in Battleon where there are walking NPCs ( not the quest givers) but you CANT talk to them or see them doing some mundane things. Sure it might be a niche thing but it adds "flavor" to the town and gives it life. It would be nice to talk to some NPCs (not the quest givers) to at least have a background as to what the Battleon citizens are up to or what they feel, are they scared? Happy? Sad? What are their personalities? Are the Battleon citizens happy go lucky? Busy bodies? Doing this adds a deeper understanding of the world or the location. I suggest at least 1 or 2 lines of dialogue between the Townspeople and the other citizens per location so as to not make them act like mindless husks whose brains have been controlled by a certain moglin (or are they?)

+Chance to change the color of the armor or cosmetic much like in AQW, you have the chance to alter some of the colors present in your armor and if you do implement this, please make it cost gold NOT DC or make it member exclusive.

In my opinion, the rouge does not fit his theme. He tanks nearly the same damage as the warrior, not bursty, and stays in fights. Rouges are usually assasins, or this unseen knife in the dark. Get in get out type of thing. Right now the rouge is this poison warrior where you stay in fights, stacking poison and waiting for your enemy to die. The rouge should have high evasion, low hp, high upfront damage, a skill to drop agro. The poison stacking could stay but the rogue should have a skill to drop agro (like turn invisible or stun foes) or if not make the rogue a "debuff machine" to compensate for his lack of hp and armor and it fits the underhanded techniques of rogues so that good rogue players can survive even if at odds very much like in other in RPGs; and the rogue also suffers from the lack of "specific" descriptions as you will see below.

+Passive the passive could use a little tweaking. It is described as It increases speed of spells and chance to crit by 5% Based on my play experience, the cast time for the rouge spells are not that long so my suggestion is to make it an increase in evasion or even armor and the increase in crit chance is vague since in the character page in game has a raw number not percentage for crit chance. My crit as a rouge is 338, so how often will i crit? It would be better to have a percentage value of lets say 50% for me to know how often will i crit. Also it would be nice to have the poison damage colored green.
+ Poison It would help a ton if the poison damage has a numerical value in the description which scales based on your attack since right now, i can only guess what the poison damage deals and test it in a fight to see it,
(×) this might be futher improved by having a poisoned enemy also be susceptible to an INCREASE in debuffs like an enemy with 8 poison stacks would be stunned for 10% longer or it you could make so that per stacks makes the enemy have lower chance to hit you or an ally or put the weakened debuff from the Spin kick to the passive or make it so that heavy poison does not only deal higher damage but also applies debuffs like the ones above.

+Poison strike There should be a damage value in the description because whenever i use this skill, i would see a damage that is ~1.5x my auto attack damage and there should be a clear number of stacks added like "using this skill when the enemy has 2 poison stacks makes the enemy recieve +5 poison stacks" since that is what i experience in game, at 0 stacks the enemy recieves +4 stacks, at 1 stack the enemy recieves +5 poison stacks.

+Swift kick there should be a clear description of what "weakens their attacks" mean. Does that reduce their damage by x% ? Does this affect all their damage or does it not apply to their poison or burn damage ?
(×)since it "suprises" enemies the skill needs to crit or reduce its cooldown based on how many stacks of poison the target has to build upon the squishy rogue theme.

+Scorpion sting There should be a clear definition of Heavy poison what damage does it deal?, like it deals 98 damage at 8 heavy poison stacks compared to 56 damage at 8 poison stacks.
(×) would be nice if heavy poison also deals further debuffs like what i have stated in the poison section and have its cooldown reduced by a percentage based on how many stacks of poison was converted to heavy poison but applying this makes the current last skill kind of useless but in my opinion the current last skill of the rogue should be changed or at least make the heavy poison stack to 16 to utilize the Scorp sting -> Venom dance -> Scorp sting

+Venom dance There should be a damage value present in the description since it deals damage, but this skill is kind of meh for me. My rogue combo is Auto->Swift kick -> auto -> Poison strike -> auto -> Scorpion sting -> Venom dance -> Scorpion sting. But if i dont have my ult im just auto-ing with a few Swift Kicks and Poison strikes (wasting the poison stacks) the enemy cuz im waiting for my Scorpion sting to go off cooldown. It would be nice to...
(×) Have the cooldown refreshment of Scorpion sting removed and instead make its cooldown lowered by how many poision stacks were converted to heavy poison and change the rogue "ult". My suggestions are:
1) Reduce the targets attack speed (debuff machine)
2) Turn invisible then the next auto attack will crit (bursty rogue)
3) Stun the enemy the stun duration is based on how many poison and heavy poison stacks it has (poison warrior)

I know its a bit presumptuous of me to provide these suggestions but i just want to make my points across and im not saying that the rogue is bad or underpowered (lets be real he kind of is, not by a large margin but he is) its just that having played so many RPGs made me have this mindset or theme of a rogue as a class with clear pros and cons not just a rogue in skills, cuz in my opinion RPGs are supposed to be role-played, although sometimes not heavily, but still there should be a reason to pick rogues and even role-play as a rogue and a certain and unique role for rogues during fights and raids. I dont have anything against the devs or the guys and gals who put their hearts and souls to this game but the rogue as a class has the potential to be better. Again, these are merely suggestions and not a task for the devs. I might have rambled and my points and arguements may not have been the best (not to mention my grammar and spelling) but i hope these things did not offend anyone.
To the devs and the unsung guys and gals of the game, thank you for this wonderful game and may your swords stay sharp.

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Post #: 528
3/30/2018 8:51:46   

Suggestion: Reset all Quests Option

- Pay X Dragon Crystals
- Removes all Quest Complete Flags/Checks
- Allows Player to redo all Quests
- This would allow players that have lost various quest rewards to re-attain them
Post #: 529
3/31/2018 12:27:13   

That seems more complicated than just adding one NPC who has a shop with all the quest-only items. Each item would only unlock when doing the respective quest. This NPC could be in the bank, taking care of handling "Lost and Found" stuff.
Epic  Post #: 530
4/1/2018 6:11:54   


I would just like to say something about the guardian class, can you guys please make it more powerful. I don't know why, but the ones which are not paid are better than the one we actually paid for. I don't mean make guardian class overpowered just make it more powerful, a class that is worthy to be paid for.

The reason Guardians feel so inferior, especially after the major class changes, is it remains the only class that doesn't really have an answer to its large mana issues. They also have high cooldowns (and a pretty mediocre heal imo but at least it heals your allies), due to it you can sometimes die before all of your mana is even used up.

On the other hand, Warriors, Mages, and Rogues all have better resources: 1) Warriors don't even have RE. Just spam away, they'll always be useful... ("Should I use this skill next? Who cares!") 2) Mages increase their mana regeneration when it's near zero. 3) Rogues have lesser RE capacity but have quicker regen overall. They may need to wait a second or two sometimes for a skill but it is far faster than Guardians. All of this plays a even bigger factor once you've died and respawned, without reequipping your armor to exploit and heal yourself to max, the Guardian serves as a major hindrance to his allies.

To top it off, Guardians must tank in order to peak off their damage potential. This causes enemy to target you (obviously) which causes your HP to go down rapidly, and you are forced to counteract this with your heal. And suddenly, you're combating against two of your resources (HP, Mana). Once when either one is depleted, you're pretty much dead.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 531
4/1/2018 12:17:31   

It might be a good idea to find a way to preview morphs/travel forms/mounts.

Maybe, next to the seller, we could have one NPC of each of the forms? Or at least show them in the design notes. I will not buy a travel form if I don't know how it looks. :(
Epic  Post #: 532
4/1/2018 16:51:20   

PC version:
  • New screen sizes like 960 x 1080 (half of a full HD 16:9 monitor).
  • Holding your mouse over a skill shows it's range in the world.
  • Hotkey to revive (enter?).
Both versions:
  • Rename Chiropteran Greaves to Chiropteran Gauntlets or something.
  • Character page for Dragonslayers should display the Dragonslayer helm icon instead of the Mage book icon.
  • Fix the typo in "The Secret Form (Repeatable)" quest: If you can forces it to take this form, you will be a legend!
  • Room numbers and user lists, like in AQW. It's very hard to tell if you're in the main room, and if you get stuck in a higher number room you might be forced to solo everything.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 533
4/2/2018 17:36:36   


That seems more complicated than just adding one NPC who has a shop with all the quest-only items. Each item would only unlock when doing the respective quest. This NPC could be in the bank, taking care of handling "Lost and Found" stuff.

Sounds good
Post #: 534
4/3/2018 7:49:04   

Yeah that's really been bugging ever since its release.
Greaves are supposed to be Leg Armor not Arm Armor.

I'm pretty sure a lot of people already submitted bug reports about it but nothing has been done still.
Post #: 535
4/4/2018 15:41:14   

So I was goofing off a few minutes ago and decided to map the game's basic controls to my xbox controller. After some adjustments I created a profile for aq3d that I'm moderately OK with using when I don't want to use the keyboard. The only things the profile needs are the jump button, camera zoom and a way to access potions easily. Other than those issues it was a solid experience and the standard Akriloth challenge became a fun fight. It got me thinking though, controller mapping is moderately simple to do in unity if memory serves. Why not work that into the game for those players who dont want to rely on a mouse and keyboard? I haven't seen this suggested earlier in the thread, and as far as I know it's not on the game plan, so I figured someone should bring it up.

-Edited grammar-

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DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 536
4/5/2018 4:48:09   

@mountaindew705 I can't imagine this game playing better on a controller, so it's not worth implementing IMO. 99% of PC players already have the superior keyboard+mouse on hand.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 537
4/7/2018 0:55:22   

Would be nice to have in-game bug reporting to make it much easier to submit bugs rather than going to the website and filling up the form everytime.
An in-game bug reporting system can also automatically grab character, map and server details.
Runescape implements this relatively well, having an easier system to submit bugs can encourage players to submit more bugs.
Post #: 538
4/7/2018 19:13:56   

Here are some ways to improve the Akriloth fight IMO, i don't know if all of them have been mention but here goes:

1) The hitbox: Yes, it is mentioned but it's a huge problem. The fight is amazing yet the terrible hitbox ruins it at some points.
For ex: If you dodge the straight firethrower attack then run back to your original position before the attack finishes, you still die (yet the fire isn't there at all). It could be made like the zig zagging firethrower attack's pattern. Instead of zig zagging, it'll still be in a straight line but you won't die if you go back to your original position after dodging.

2) The spawns: In the extreme challenge, the minions are non-manageable. They're mostly ignored but they were clearly intended to be taken out during the fight. Due to that, extreme lag happens when they begin to amass. So, to fix this, buffing their normal attacks (slightly) but lowering their hp to 1250 or 1500 should make them a priority when they spawn.

3) The fighting area: Showing the borders in the fighting area would help out a lot when players are dodging his attacks. I personally die a lot because i can't memorize the borders of the fight.

4) Blocking every other path except the one leading to the dragon. This way, you'd be able to stop the players from using exploiting tactics.
For ex: People are cheesing this by going to the sides then climbing up the chains to reach the rock at his right side then attack him from there while being undisturbed, it's just unfair and unhealthy for a boss fight such as this. You can technically solo both fights using this cheesey exploit.

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DF AQW  Post #: 539
4/11/2018 17:54:22   

I'm assuming this is already known, but you can run around the left-side mountain, run up an invisible wall behind Akriloth until you're ontop of his head, and mage him down VERY slowly.

Still, what an amazing fight. Only just came back to aq3d after many months, and i'm blown away.

various suggestions

A clock visible somewhere in the menus or settings that runs on server time (if this already exists somewhere, whoops), for 2 important reasons:
1) So we can always see when daily quests reset
2) to make meetings more easy (e.g. "discord server meeting at 3pm server time". 100 people from 20 different timezones can read that and understand without confusion).

Morgul's book. it's simple. it's lore. it's an unlockable. it's fun. basically, miscellaneous "read me" things are good.

An equip slot for an equip that has no 3d-model and isn't visible. Like an equip slot for Ring, Necklace, etc.

increasing the player count on a map, but allowing us to toggle how many players display on our screen at once. (e.g. only the closest 4 or 8 people will load, but 50 are in the room. Completely togglable, so I can display all 50, only my party, or 0 if I want to).

Experiment a bit with maps and depth perception. I forgot the name of it, but basically, in 3d game maps, the furthest background layer is usually a sphere which holds the entire map inside. It's like Rainbow Road for the Wii, where you're racing in the middle of this sphere, but when you look below the area you can move on, there's so much space and detail. Perfect for a boss fight room where the floor is an invisible flat plane with nothing but the background graphics extremely far away.


timed events

A large-scale weekly event, 1 entry per week, limited amount of deaths per each individual player before they are kicked out. As an example.. 10 floors, a few bosses, incredibly rare loot, and use the dungeon/enemies/bosses to tell a story. Some dialogue inside, but not cutscene dialogue; just have the NPC characters move around & talk in the chat in scripted sequences. When the sequence ends, the fight begins. Tell more of the story (another perspective, or including additional information) in a book outside the event, in which players unlock the chapters in order by earning rare page drops from the event itself. Pages should be very rare, so if there are 10, the expectation is getting 0-2 each try. And if more floors are added to continue the story or tell a different story, having all the previous pages will be required to start at the new floors (11-20. Players only get to play 0-10, 11-20, 21-30 at a time, etc).

Rarely, a super boss fight on it's own map where 100 people can fight at a time. No drops, just XP and Gold, but some kind of condition where the boss can win, and end the instance (gotta make it interesting). Good chance for lower levels to catch up.


Gear needs more "alternative-stats". e.g.
1) If enemies stun, gear can have stun-time down.
2) Gear can weaken the effectiveness of status ailments like bleed or poison, or reduce the chance of these ailments to apply
3) Gear can have "red-carpet attack -x%".

Ideally, useful alternative would be balanced by the gear having bad stats or a bad alternative stat. The idea is to create interesting items that are not used generally, but are used by very specific builds/classes that can take advantage of the upside while mitigating or not being affected by the downside. e.g.
1) auto-attack deals 1.5x, but your ultimate is disabled (some classes would have bad ultimates)
2) critical rate down, critical damage up (some classes will have skills that guarantee a crit)
3) high stats, attack speed halved (great for party healers and supports who don't need to fight, and maybe a class will have a set attack speed that doesn't change from any effect or stat).
4) normal stats. If Evasion <300, +400 Evasion (Tank up, but you can't rely on dodging).

Or you could force specialisation, by giving normal stats to gear, but extra stats/effect if you're a Paladin, etc.


Occasional upgrades for old gear to keep them relevant? I like how the Guardian Blade was updated, and you can do that with other gear too (e.g. Furnace Hammer -> Furnace Hammer II). The problem is one or two weapons will always be "the best", so there should be more variables and stats to an equip that make it different (elemental resistance/damage? is this planned?)

Two points here: not everything has to be a set, and too many of the non-set equips (individual unique equips like Lion King's Sword that aren't related to any other equip) are swords. I blame this on a serious design issue, which is that you can theorise and 3d-model millions of truly-unique swords, but how many truly-unique gloves can you design before they start looking similar?? How many belts? The design space is just so limited there, so I would recommend one of two things.

1) Commit to the bit. Instead of throwing 2 sets and 4 miscellaneous Weapons into a release, put 2 sets and some miscellaneous belts, boots, shoulders, etc. Then when you have these individual items like "Boots of the Valley", offer upgrades for them as the game goes on, so they stay relevant.

2) Don't include boots/gloves/belts in a set SOMETIMES. Not every set needs a pair of boots/gloves, and every set certainly doesn't need a belt.

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DF AQW  Post #: 540
4/13/2018 4:11:48   

i think there should be a dodge button and a dash button to make the gameplay feel more hands-on and responsive. the evasion stat can be used to speed up the dash and dodge, slow down the draining of some dash meter, and increase the window of time for dodging.

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AQW Epic  Post #: 541
4/15/2018 15:44:36   
  Digital X

Beep Beep! ArchKnight AQ / ED

Similar to Dark Souls with the roll mechanic for dodging? A quick dash to the side to avoid attacks?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 542
4/29/2018 1:23:23   

Hello, I have two suggestions for the game AQ3D that I think would become very useful. I think a quest bar or something along the lines of that would be handy to be applied to items, so it will show how much of that item you have without going into your inventory. This would be cery useful for farming as you would not need to constantly look in your inventory to count how many items you have for what you’re trying to craft.

Secondly on the mobile version a toggle switch for auto sprint in the settings menu would be very nice as doing parkour is annoying when you run off of something because you accidentally double tapped the joystick. You would still have the option to have auto sprint enabled by double tapping the joystick however, you would be able to disable it if you wanted to.
Post #: 543
5/3/2018 21:11:36   

I suggest an in-game button that leads to the AQ3D news, like the Design Notes button from AQW.

I think it would be funny if all the Kickstarter NPC's end up dying like Slifsgaard.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 544
5/4/2018 9:54:04   

Hmmm, don't know why there isn't a Necromancer discussion thread. Guess I'll just have to post this here.


Honestly, if I may suggest a small alteration to the skills, I would like to propose something that I feel would greatly improve the feel and playability of this class.

The skill, summon undead, is lacking in performing it's purpose. Instead of summoning 1 undead at a set time limit, perhaps this could instead be approached by giving the summoned skeletons a small healthbar, and allowing you to stack summons (3-5, nothing crazy). This would allow a Necromancer to sponge dammage in boss fights, even though by himself he's a glass cannon. It would also remove the feeling that Grand Summon is just a copy of summon undead, and summoning ahead of time would let you walk around with a mini undead army, which would be an awesome experience for any players!

An interesting mechanic to add to that, providing for varying play-styles, would be to replace Soul-Syphon with an ability that destroys one minion in exchange for health (and maybe a small buff, to you or your minions. Heh, they can get a "Motivated" buff from watching their comrade be punished!)

Not pushing this or suggesting this for kicks, just figured I'd put my two-cents in to help in a small part for the re-balancing. Other than that tweak, excellent class, looking forward to having it!

In addition, I've read the discussions in the design notes and it seems just about everyone feels health-based, stackable summons or something very similar are the way to go.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 545
5/4/2018 11:40:57   

You should also send that as a bug report to make sure the devs at least notice your suggestions.

Adding to that multiple summons trick they could add a bar or something that fills up the more minions you get. Once it's full you wont be able to summon any new monsters.
Kinda like in ROSE Online.
Post #: 546
5/4/2018 16:20:28   

^That would be a fraudulent misuse of the Bug Reporting system, and would only serve to distract the testing team from actual issues and annoy Nythera, who isn't even on the creative team, thereby accomplishing less than nothing.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 547
5/5/2018 8:34:36   

Not really though since this IS about the PTR server and all tests from the PTR needs to be sent using the Bug Report system as well.
It's been noted in the News section of the AQ3D website.
Post #: 548
5/5/2018 9:29:02   
One Winged Angel1357

If they plan on continuing with the PTR testing they really should create a discussion board for it. Using the tools provided would give ideas without any form of discussion to polish
AQ DF AQW Epic  Post #: 549
5/5/2018 16:48:02   
king julian

Would/have you guys considered porting the game to xbox/ps4 consols and making them cross platform compatible? I think this would be an excellent way to bring a wide demographic of older players back to the game if they interested. While also introducing it to the younger demographic that didnt play your games a decade ago.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 550
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