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RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules

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8/5/2017 2:57:31   

Please bring the Wolf and Vampire System here from the classic AdventureQuest
I Love that Wolf and Vampire Clan along with Vampire Slayers
Post #: 476
8/5/2017 8:55:23   
Paulus Xiphos

Add Rings and Necklaces in slots- these items give abilities or stats rather than cosmetics.

i.e. Ring of Water Resist
AQW  Post #: 477
8/18/2017 14:21:55   


scaling the hud/gui. the resolution i play in 1366x768 and a common default resolution for laptops, still has the gui too big on my screen, and i believe a scaling hud option would be really useful especially if you want to reduce the amount of space the inventory menu and buttons takes up on the screen. as well as a scaling feature for chat so you can see all the messages but the messages just being smaller rather than seeing one message when you select the small chat.

i say this also because inventories have really big text and names for each item and i have to scroll really far down and up to find each item, it'd be nice if there can't be a scaling feature to simply make inventory names and text and buttons smaller like similar to in the past ae games

raising fps cap from 30 and not dividing in half it by the monitor's refresh rate. i know i think you made it intentional for gpu issues overheating or overworking or something or maybe not, although it'd be nice if you could select your own fps cap. i can't run graphics quality 5 in every location on this game so i can't get 60fps everywhere although i'd be very sure i'd get 60fps on the lower graphical settings but since there's an fps lock i can't.

gender changing for characters possibly. i know you want to make use of the feature to create new characters but like in aqw where you could change your gender would be pretty nice. i changed my gender in aqw and the armor looks so much nicer, if it was a feature in the aq3d barbor shop or yulgarsinn rather than solely only being able to when create a new character to have a different gender would be nice.

a more indepth graphical setting changer rather than simply a slider from 1-5. i know i can imagine how many requests you've had to add more details into the game but potentially if you ever do add significantly more details in then adding something more than a slider to change our graphical settings would prove pretty useful.

on obs changing any graphical setting in the game excluding changing the resolution freezes the display on obs and you need to restart aq3d for it to appear again on obs.

adding more friends than 30. in aqw i think you were able to add up to 40. it'd be pretty nice if the aq3d friend limit could be increased from 30 as well.

changing the camera style to binding your mouse ingame rather than dragging your mouse to move the camera
Post #: 478
9/20/2017 22:22:08   

They should allow us to move items in our inventory so that i can organize my inventory the way i want it this would make my OCD feel so much better
Post #: 479
9/26/2017 16:54:41   

I have a suggestion for game

I think it would be cool to have weapons/armor in the game that can level up and grow alongside the character. not like how it was in AQW but a weapon that take a part of the experience that you are suppose to get to help it level up, then after it level up, you can pick a few stats and customize the weapon however you like, but it will be balance cause it take away from you level making you level slower then other. there could also be other limiter on it to prevent it from getting too op but it will be nice to have weapon that can level up and regular weapons so you can still change the look of your weapon. If it's added to the game, it might also help attract other people to the game, well at least I'll be more interested in the game.
Post #: 480
9/27/2017 20:07:57   

I have no idea if this has been suggested at all, but I was hoping that there could possibly be a fishing mechanic/feature in the game. I've always enjoyed fishing in MMOs and with this style of game it could be vastly entertaining. Maybe fishing up crazy fishes for quests, and very rarely weapons or even a class when you get to the max fishing level. Maybe add a cooking feature with the fish you can catch to make potions and food as well for various healing and buffs. Something that has to take time to get through so you have to be determined to actually level up fishing. Maybe also make a mini-game out of it, like pressing various buttons in time or keeping a cursor inside of moving lines.
Post #: 481
10/4/2017 12:52:49   

I wanted to suggest a rework of all Character Page Badges. It was done by me in photoshop and it has a same size as the old badges, so it might be easy to replace. Feel free to use them.

They can be found here:
or here:

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AQW Epic  Post #: 482
10/5/2017 6:57:42   

I would like to hide my helmet, cape, shoulders and belt like in AQW it would be better than having a mess of armor because you dont have all the parts for a set.

also i would like to use Dual Swords (or at least unarmed) for more fighting styles, the swift smooth animations would look cool.

and finally i would like to customize the character's face more with expressions and certain features of the face as well, like have a scar on the face, or change the size of lips, etc, i would like to see these in the future!
AQW  Post #: 483
10/14/2017 0:25:48   

Hmm... let's see here...

First off, we ought to have more classes. Take some classes from other AE games, such as DF and incorporate them in this game! AE is very creative with classes. I would also suggest more skill slots for increased variety and improved gameplay, like in DragonFable. After all, you can only do so much with 5 skills, and frankly, it makes it monotonous.

And, *Warning: Unpopular opinion* REMOVE COSMETIC ITEMS. Make all items have a function, instead of just having people buy things just for things to look pretty. Making a 'Show' button for weapons or gear would help as well, like in DragonFable. Not weapons that ARE the show button.

What else... New speech bubbles. I like the visual novel method of storytelling, but you should make text boxes more stylized, like SMT IV's: http://www.cubed3.com/media/2013/July/image2013_0516_1755_0.jpg
You should also change the font choice. It feels a little boring.

What if weapons had more characteristics besides adding stats? Such as adding a poison effect, a chance at paralysis, certain status effects, or things like that. Possibly amplify the effects of a certain skill of a certain class. Maybe increase your evasion? Increase damage against certain monster species? etc.

How about the ability to fullscreen with the X button or minimize button at the top right? That would help a LOT, I tell you.

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Post #: 484
10/15/2017 2:34:40   

Part of the reason why I still play AE games(intermittently) is because of nostalgia, which is why I am able to overlook some of the flaws AE games have when compared to modern games. The other reason why I overlook these flaws is because I understand that some AE games have game engine limitations and are thus not able to implement concepts from modern games. But not this time. Access to a different game engine essentially means that AE can now implement ideas from modern games, and I think that it is about time for AE to innovate and not blindly stick to archaic gameplay concepts.

First, the good.
1)Environment is immersive and beautiful.

The bad. For comparison purposes,I'll limit comparisons to the mobile platform, as this game fares very poorly compared to games on the pc platform.

1) Fares very poorly against pay once and play games. For example, a game like titanquest provides more skill customization,"slightly" better item customization, better graphics than aq3d. In titanquest, I can choose 2 out of 8 masteries and have a huge skill tree to choose from, which ties in very neatly with my role-playing experience. At the very least, my build is unique to me because I had a part in customizing my character's abilities. In aq3d, the only customizable features are the choice of class and aesthetic equipment.

Levelling does not increase the number of skills, choice of skills(from a skill tree), complexity of gameplay which greatly hinders the role-playing aspect of this game.

Combat consists of mashing 5 buttons repeatedly, and that is a nice way of putting it. Take the warrior class for example. Excluding auto attack and buff, you only have 3 attack skills to choose from. Monsters have no discernible attack pattern, resulting in a mindless, monotonous, repetitive, bland, button-mashing experience. Now compare this to another pay-once-and-play game like catquest. Despite having little to no skill/item customization, its combat system is "slightly" better than AQ3D's. Bosses and creeps have discernible attack patterns which must be observed if you want to survive, which is at the very least not as brain-dead as standing still and spamming three skills repeatedly.

2) Fares poorly against other free mmo. Dragonquest, another popular mmo, has more skill customization than aq3d. Compared to other mmos, aq3d offers the player little choice in character development.

3) Itemization is bland because of the lack of special effects on equipment. Consider adding status effects,special abilities that can be invoked by having a full/partial themed set, special abilities that allow you to attack differently or move differently.For Example, 15% chance of summoning a guardian on a critical hit that attacks enemies in a 400 radius, or 5% chance of calling a lightning bolt to strike enemies on a normal hit, or full set bonuses that allow you to move and attack the same way as dota2's timbersaw.

4)Add side jobs like brewing, crafting, mining, fishing to allow players to take a break from the monotony of grinding.

5)Add guild vs guild pvp where guilds can customize dungeons with monsters and traps against invaders to increase the interaction between players.

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AQ  Post #: 485
10/16/2017 21:34:09   

Alright, so I just thought of an idea for the crafting system.
As of now, the crafting system is as boring as dirt. All you do is just sit around and wait.
So! I've come up with an idea. There is now a minigame when you want to craft. For example, strike the metal a certain amount of times, or sew pelt together, or something. ANYTHING to make it more boring. And the better job that you do at the minigame, the better quality item it will be. There is a minimum amount of stats it will give (if you didn't do so well) and a maximum amount of stats it can give (If you did well).
The difficulty of this minigame depends on the rarity, and the level.
Post #: 486
10/17/2017 5:49:41   

If this game is going the way of a grindy collectathon, then there should be a way to customize your player profile page to show off your individuality. Like Titles, armor sets weapons character poses ext. Pretty much like in monster hunter, your Hero Business card.
Classic AQ had something similar, but this game should advance upon that.
This may seam like an optional feature, but its more necessary than you would like to believe.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 487
10/19/2017 15:19:45   
Iron Volvametal

Even with the 250 Keys that we were given, I could not get the Traveler's Pack to drop from a Rare Greenguard Chest.

I strongly feel the rare dungeon items have their drop rates increased, because this is ridiculous. They don't even offer any useful bonuses or stats, they're mainly just for looks. Or make it so that a chest will always spawn in the dungeon but the type of it changes on chance. Also have every dungeon room spawn a chest, it's no fun whem you get 2 rooms that spawn no chest, effectively wasting your key if you were trying to get one of the chest items).

Why are these items so difficult/tedious to get? There's only 3 dungeon rare items right now, how many of these near-impossible items do you guys plan on putting in the game when it gets out of Beta? This also goes for the other low percent drop items, too(ex. Red Dragon Plate, A Frozard on Your Head). I'm fine with like 1% drops like in AQW, but anything lower than that is pushing it.
AQW  Post #: 488
10/19/2017 15:46:02   

They are supposed to be items that you get by accidentally bumping into them, instead of farming. So only a few players will get them. This is their intention, even if from my completionist point of view... it sucks xD
Epic  Post #: 489
10/19/2017 16:26:18   
Iron Volvametal

If they wanted them to be little surprises, they could easily keep the percentages, but change where the item drops, like Frogzard on Your Head should drop from any Frogzard instead of the mini-boss from the mini-dungeon. They could also change the chest items(Soulborne Axe, etc) to drop from any chest, with the rarity of the chest increasing the chances of the item dropping.

Really though, I'd rather have the dungeon rare items drop from the bosses instead of chests at 1%, switch which monsters drop the low percent items to monsters that are easily available(ex. Red Dragon Plate should drop from Firezards, Soulborne Axe drop from Necromancer, Traveler's Pack from Blightcrystal Bandit, etc). Keep the chest items(Oroku set, Golden Set, etc), just change the other stuff; a 1% drop from a (guessing)5% spawn inside a dungeon that requires keys that requires either waiting IRL/real money does not rub me the right way.

AQW  Post #: 490
10/22/2017 20:20:19   
Fallen Crest

AE's thought process behind the grind items is ridiculous. Zard helm and Midas Curse from drooster are the most ridiculous.

"Uhhh let's add these 0.02% item in-game; and say it's for random '1 in 5000' level 5's who go into the Zard challenge"
AQW  Post #: 491
10/23/2017 19:50:29   
Bad Wolf

The bank grinding is kind of ridiculous, for the number of security badges you get for a run vs how many are needed. Either give us more quests like the Master Vault to earn them, increase the yield as you level up, or make the levels take fewer badges. It's waaaay too much grinding right now.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 492
10/29/2017 9:09:26   

As I have outlined in the feedback thread, the combat has not changed significantly enough to warrant it seeming like... a whole new game as each skill only modifies damage, either dealt or received.

There are currently two strategies in combat, and both involve two or more players:
Cracking, whereby you split groups of enemies up so that they're matched with the players who can deal with them.
Packing, wherein you all gang up on one opponent at a time.
While these strategies are great if you want to gerrymander an election, they are fairly simplistic for a game; additionally, packing will always produce the fastest and most effective results. The packing strategy resembles a soccer game played by six year olds.
A simple test for strategic functionality is to consider how with equal numbers and attack efficacy to your opponent, you might defend, say, a fort.

I still believe a dodge mechanic would be a solution to some of the problems. Currently, the game inexplicably has a dodge feature tied to RNG... despite being 3 dimensional. If the option to dodge rested with the player, it would incorporate some level of player skill, as well as numerous strategies dependent on the landscape topology. For example:
Trapping an opponent in an alcove, with no room on either side. This way, they cannot dodge attacks, while the player may.
If mobs would not dodge into a river, and two rivers angled to converge, a group of players could potentially drive a group of foes into the point where the two converge (note that this assumes knockback, which is not implemented).
The strategy of creating only a narrow path across which an enemy may pass would also have relevance.

If dodging created displacement, and required a region on the side to dodge, even players who still rely on dodge RNG may utilise these strategies (for example, if this were implemented with the option of enabling the RNG feature to simplify gameplay/load for mobile devices).
Tilt functionality may also be utilised in the mobile version to accomodate the dodge.

In addition to this, trap setting features on classes may be useful. Again, this is an issue that may create an excessive level of load for mobile devices.
However, placing a trap (such as fire, or a beartrap, or something else that's actually kid friendly) on either side of an opponent forces them to dodge through it, which is another viable strategy. Or knocking them into it, provided knockback effects are in play.

The aiming feature still feels problematic. Attacks do the same damage from any range, at any angle. There are many ways to fix this, doubtless many of which developers will be aware of. However due to the incredibly low load of the current system involving a single dimension, all options would necessarily increase the load.

The combat update did not actually change the combat itself, but rather, some of the numbers involved; cooldown times, skill damage effects. It feels marginally faster to play, but not actually any different.
Post #: 493
10/30/2017 16:06:05   
Void Walker

Hey! Is it possible to add Dragon Stalker Boots, Pauldrons, Gauntlets AND Belt on the Dragon Stalker Craft shop? I know they're rewards from quests, but these quests can only be completed once. Thanks!
DF  Post #: 494
10/31/2017 13:40:26   

I feel like theyre balancing the content still, if they would open up another wave of playtesters from live that could give short and sweet feedback on the current state of the game it would be the best. I doubt AE will ever look at suggestions for huge changes like shiny_underpants but would be more open for testers that are capable of giving concise feedback on how it FEELS to play the game currently.
Post #: 495
10/31/2017 17:44:45   
Legendary Ash

I have a similar ideology about removing a certain disliked type of item rarity inherited from AQW, the Quest reward items should unlock a "Zone name" Reward shop from the NPC that hosts the quests after the player received it from that quest, to remove the need to occupy a slot space until they desire to use it for aesthetics, primarily due to its one-time-per-character rarity and secondarily for unpredictable future reasons, this price variant item can be repurchased and sold for 0 gold.

Equipment items with the same name and stats should be able to stack instead of occupying additional slots, this facilitates the future auction house or trade system in the future as it eases inventory issues encouraging more players to participate in it to grant others unable to acquire the item a deal to satisfy them.

Area of Effect skills, only one currently after the update being Whirlwind should allow multi target selection to limit which monsters in range to include in the skill prior to using the AoE, however walking up to monsters and using AoEs without click-targeting beforehand will instead perform the option of application to all monsters in range.
This is to address monsters that stand nearby each other, being able to choose to strike at a certain named monster or ones with level and power differences to exclude potential differences in drops between level variants of monsters or an extraneous inclusion of a boss next to its minions because the progression in quest line isn't at the boss yet.

Hover-over Skill descriptions with stacks should display the power and status percentages increases per stack like for Guardian and Rogue for complete transparency helpful to newer players trying to learn combat and remove the need to visit the AQ3d wiki class entries, in which there will be a need for scarce voluntary testers to find at best an approximation of the value in certain cases.
Do include class only effects like Warrior's every 5th attack Warcry damage increase which is unknown as it does not display anywhere, but Strengthen is a 5% pop up on the Character stats and Mage's Slow whose movement decrease is vague, it is unknown if it affects Haste because no monster has a Haste value above 0 nor does the effect state a percentage or speed of movement relative to ground. Damage and Heal over Times like Rogue's (Heavy) Poison and Mage's Frost should state the seconds it takes for one tick to occur.

An environment that interacts with class skills to unlock further map exploration can be incorporated into quests or as additional hidden side content. For example Guardian and Mage's Fire may burn undergrowth or melt ice obstructing a path, Ice to make liquid freeze to provide temporary walkable paths, Ice followed by Fire to create Water to hydrate organisms, put out flames, wash away ash or contaminants, Lightning to provide electricity to power machines, Warrior's Earthbreaker to break large boulders, Mage's Meteor to lay destruction to a large area more efficiently than using other skills and as a source of light in dark places by resting on the ground, helpful in improving visibility for screenshots to AQ3d wiki (doable mid-air currently through a graphics bug) and Rogue's Venom dance to punch holes with Scorpion tail.

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AQ  Post #: 496
10/31/2017 21:42:57   
Sen Bon Zakura

I was wondering if we might be able to implement a feature into the game that allows an individual to change the gender of their character - possibly for a fee of gold or dragon crystals, or maybe through some other method.

When I created my character, I selected for it the gender that I identified with at the time. Now, I identify with the opposite gender, and am finding it difficult to enjoy the game as I play it.
I can't spend a second playing without regretting choosing the gender that I originally did, and nor can I feel a sense of satisfaction when looking at my character - as I feel disconnected from it.
I also seem to experience an intense sense of hopelessness and envy when I walk past other players whose characters are of the gender I now wish my character to be.
At present, the only known way to change the gender of one's character is to delete their current one, and start anew.
Unfortunately, I've poured many hours and much effort into the character I have, and I do not wish to irrevocably undo all of that work and progression.

I've tried asking some of the Artix Entertainment staff through Twitter as to whether there are plans to introduce an option to allow for a character's gender change, but I've yet to hear back from them. Understandably, they're likely to be busy.
I don't think I'll have the capacity to truly enjoy this game until I'll be able to change the gender of my character. It's barely my place to ask, but please, do consider adding that option to this great game.
Post #: 497
10/31/2017 22:22:13   

Majestic Feline of AQ3D & ED

@Sen Bon Zakura
AFAIK, even if gender change was something that was planned, it would probably be really low priority, so it could take a long time for it to be implemented. Since you have a unique situation, you can try explaining that to the help team and see if they can help you out with a gender change, but it would have to be technically feasible first, which I'm not sure about.
AQW Epic  Post #: 498
11/1/2017 11:35:44   

@Needed Class changes
Fireball needs its Burn DoT debuff back.(can this also be given an effect where if there is Slow debuff already present it removes the debuff and does increased damage instead of applying Burn?)
Ice lance needs to lose its DoT and Increase its firepower by a bit. Also lengthen the duration of the slow effect.(can this also be given an effect where if there is Durn debuff already present it removes the debuff and does increased damage instead of applying Slow?)
Lightning needs longer stun duration but also longer cooldown to balance it.
Meteor needs to hit the ground instead of the mob and do Splash(AoE) damage. (It's a freakin meteor storm where the heck is the collateral damage?!).

Sever needs to have its shockwave animation narrowed a bit. Also given penetrating damage where it can damage enemies in a straight line.(It reminds me a bit of Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou from Bleach).
Overhead Strike needs to give a daze or stun debuff on the enemy.
Whirlwind is perfect.
Earthbreaker needs to be AoE.

Poison Strike needs to be the skill that converts poison to heavy poison instead of giving stacks of normal poison.
Swift Kick needs longer duration on the debuff.
Scorpion Sting should make stacks of Heavy Poison explode like the old Rogue class did. It was the main source of damage old Rouge class had to begin with.
Venom Dance remains the same except it resets ALL(except Venom Dance itself) ability cooldowns instead of just one.

I don't have Guardian so I can't comment on it.

It gives people a headache when global cooldown is so fast now.

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Post #: 499
11/1/2017 13:36:00   

I'm sure that this has been suggested but I believe having guilds would be a fantastic element for AdQ3D . Also not only having guilds but having a separate guild hall where the players can earn reputation in something like guild wars or guild jobs . So everytime a player in that guild takes a job they earn money and reputation for their said guild and with that they can upgrade the guild house to gain harder jobs on higher levels and face guilds of the same caliber. Also in the higher levels guild specific armor and weapons , spells things of that nature can be used. Maybe dungeons could be created for guilds to have a 10 ,20 or even 50 player dungeon specifically for guilds only . I think that would only add to the overall enjoyment of the AdventureQuest experience.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 500
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