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RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules

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6/3/2017 11:19:04   

The Armor item really should be split between Chest pieces and Pants.
And give them stats too.

Armor that's just made to look good is bad game design.
Post #: 451
6/4/2017 16:35:16   

Alright , there is a lot of pages in this thread and i did not read them all however i would like to recommend a changes to the Class customization idea. (caution, quick mind dump)
Don't have it, instead just give us dual classing. A hot keyed button that lets us switch to a different class (that we selected before the battle started) mid battle. Doing this will keep classes more simple and will allow unique and somewhat dynamic battle options for both single and party play.
Hopefully AE will fix the hp/mp reset when changing classes.
At the very least, if this is going to be a classic AQ re-imagined as 3D it should try to keep SOME of its game-play. So if shields become a thing we should be able to switch them mid battle. Only if shields effect resistances.

Edit* Quick follow up on the last part. When i recommend switching shields during battle i'm also recommending that there be some bosses or strong monsters that switch the type of damage they deal mid battle to keep us engaged and make us want to change shields or else take increased damage from its attacks.
And if some people don't like shields "ruining their look" invisible shield option should be a thing along with invisible helm/cape/gloves/boots/armor?

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 452
6/5/2017 0:54:25   


At the very least, if this is going to be a classic AQ re-imagined as 3D it should try to keep SOME of its game-play. So if shields become a thing we should be able to switch them mid battle. Only if shields effect resistances.

Now this is what AQ3D should inherit from the classic AQ. I just hope that the new combat updates would include more interactive stuff such as this.
AQW  Post #: 453
6/5/2017 4:37:21   

I'm hoping for shields as well or at least a secondary weapon.
Oishii said in one of the threads in Steam that there's going to be a combat revamp along with classes revamp.

Hopefully we can have more equipment slots like secondary/offhand weapons like the original AQ.
AQ3D should be AQ in 3D and not AQW in 3D. AQ had more depth in combat compared to AQW and I think we all want something new and not a copy of AQW in terms of combat.

I know this had been said before but we really need a healer class to go along with the combat/classes revamp.
At the current phase of the game, there's not much cooperation between the players and not much strategy involved in fighting. It's just a race on who can bring the boss faster.
That's why the "Holy Trinity" of RPGs; Tank, DPS and Healer, are vital to RPGs because they synergies well with each other and inherently allows the players to cooperate with each other.
That's the point of an MMO, right? Cooperating with other players.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 454
6/5/2017 16:50:11   

Please....somehow...someway...give us Doom Knights......please......Dooooooooooooooooooom.....

Merged into Suggestions thread. ~Karika

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Post #: 455
6/9/2017 6:24:20   

Combat is a little bit, wayyy too dry but since there is an overhaul coming, I don't think making a suggestion right now is too productive.

What I will say though is that having 15 dungeons is super unproductive when literally all of them are just party exclusive maps where you kill more things with the same combat system you use for everything else. It's not new content, it's the same stuff in a different package.

I'm not trying to advertise when I say that looking to another free MMO game like Runescape for some guidance is a good idea. Because in Runescape, a group task like 'dungeons', or 'raids', are currently limited to a single kind of 'dungeon' - but it is done very well. It involves puzzles and collaborative exercises in getting past objectives, not the mere objective of beating up an enemy that doesn't even have varied mechanics.

I'd rather have 3 AQ3D dungeons done very well with multiple puzzles and mechanics involved than 15, 25, even 100 that are just reskinned same old same old.
Post #: 456
6/9/2017 8:46:45   

A flat representation of areas could be nice... with details and such. Mapping areas by filling out blank maps is recommended.
Post #: 457
6/12/2017 9:18:44   

Hello! I think I ve got some very nice suggestions who will raise the fun and popularity of the game, do not misunderstand the game allready is awesome and got very high potential but could be more catchy and interesting with these ideas. lots of them working very good in other populary games

1. Speech Bubbles
If anybody is using the chat it would be lots better if there will be a "speech bubble" above the character for some seconds so that the people realize that anybody wrote something and who wrote it, lot faster. And for example if somebody is whispering, so that only the other one can see this bubble.

2. Intro tune
Would be nice to invent a catchy intro tune

3. Easy trade system
I recommend a lot to put in an easy trade system as soon as possible, best way would be that only players on the same lvl can interact with eachother, and sell and buy their equip but without quest items

4. Ranking system
If the game is ready i would like to have a offical ranking system (maybe a public one on the homepage), perhaps one for all the players, one for pvp and one for guilds

5. Loose EXP when dying
It would be more interesting to take care of that your character not dies very often, if everyone would loose a small amount of EXP at each dead

6. Map
Please develop an easy world and minimap for an better overview and a easier communication with friends

7. Travel harder
I think it would be more gripping if its not that easy to travel all the world with just one click and without costs. maybe it would be better to do a allways same small quest or to pay a little bit each travel. and of course and would be better if you can only travel to places that you visited once before. As well it would be better if you are logging in that you will spawn the same place you logged out.

8. PVP - loosing equipment if defeated
If you are building the pvp system i am sure it would be very exciting and emotional if you will win a fight your enemy loose, perhaps just some randomly, or all his clothes/weapons what he is actually wearing. so that it will be a very big and special thing and a risk to do pvp fight

9. No clas changes
I am pretty sure that it is not a good idea that we can change our classes at the moment when ever we want with just one click. this is taking away the attraction of choosing and leveling a clas

10. More languages
My last suggestion for now is to translate the game in more languages, i think there would be as well lots of volunteers to help with that

11. Level up harder
It would be better if a Player can not attack a monster, while yet an other Player is attacking. So that you can only attack the same monster if you are in a party. Finally there would be a sence for the party and lots more sence and difficulty of leveling, because at the moment its too easy for everyone, no matter how weak you are, you just need one hit and you are earning the items, gold and exp of the attacked monster. As well would be very good to raise the lvl maybe up to 30. At the beginning perhaps without quests just leveling by killing monster and in general to increase the XP upper limits of all the levels by 25% to have more time gaming (I finished the game with lvl 17 and the best equip possible in just 2 weeks).

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Post #: 458
6/12/2017 10:29:03   

As us players want, we wish for AQ3D to be as customizable as possible. My ideas for this is for this game having far more trinkets as it has, that affect the way we look.
Such as wings, let there be a slot for a player to have a cape equip along with wings, auras, and etc.
This way, the game may be as great as it can be, even so better than AQWorlds in my opinion. But as long as we are working along this topic being my ideas? Does anyone else want the staff to create a long katana? Kinda Sephiroth-esque from King Hearts. I'd also love to see this within game.
AQW  Post #: 459
6/16/2017 23:21:02   


9. No clas changes
I am pretty sure that it is not a good idea that we can change our classes at the moment when ever we want with just one click. this is taking away the attraction of choosing and leveling a clas

rogues will have trouble getting experience and gold because they can't aoe, almost no one uses rogue now and i hope rogue can be a generously used class
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 460
6/21/2017 2:34:23   

I would like to see Necroknight's armor as a set in game. I would like to have his armor xD
Post #: 461
6/23/2017 4:45:41   

AQ3D doesn't have particularly efficient methods of generating revenue atm..

A very interesting idea for AE to consider is adding a 2000-5000 DragonCrystal aesthetic reskin of damage artwork.

The reason why a reskin should cost DCs is because the current skin IS bearable - but, very plain and not great.

Perhaps add one skin that costs a ton of gold (grind incentives) and add another skin or two or three that costs DragonCrystals?

Since the only reskin needed is for 10 different numbers... times DoT skins, heal skins, damage skin and self sustained damage skin... 50 reskinned numbers. Which aren't too complex to make, perhaps less than half a day of artwork for each and less than half a day of coding for each, then baboom? Kachings?

Anyway, AT least a gold only one is important too, for keeping playerbase healthy with grind incentives other than armor.

Also, bank slots for gold. Get more expensive every slot and are independent of DC bought ones.

1000 for first gold bank slot.
4000 for second.
10000 for third.
50000 for fourth.
100000 for fifth.
250000 for sixth etc

ANOTHER GRIND INCENTIVE. AND SURELY this can't take more than a few hours of code for the pretty hefty impact it would have on incentives to play.
Post #: 462
6/24/2017 20:53:03   

Hey, I have really been enjoying the game as of the latest stat update!

Just some things I know can make the game flow better:

* Open up a loot bag by having a custom keybindable key.

Example: Presses F near bag Bag opens showing you items then you can click the items individually to loot single items, or click F again and loot all.

* Custom keybindable keys for healing and mana potions. In the potions menu you could add the ability to set default healing and mana potions. These potions could then be accesible with 2 separate quick keys.

Example: H for healing and G for Mana. This reduces time spent in UI during dungeons and bosses. And is way more intuitive than going through the menu everytime or clicking U and then using the mouse to click on the potions individually.

* To compliment the potions you could add 2 icons in the ui showing the cooldown time on the poitions.

Just my two cents! Looking forward to Ashfall Part III

Post #: 463
6/26/2017 6:59:52   

I'd like to see a 5 or 10 man weekly dungeon. Another MMO I played had a fantastic weekly 40-man dungeon in which everyone would just stop what they were doing, and play this dungeon when it was starting.

But it wasn't a typical dungeon. It was a tower with many floors, with more being added as the game progressed in development; and each floor was a spiral staircase leading to an open area. As soon as someone entered the area, immaterial projections of NPCs would appear in that area, speaking and acting out their actions from the past, which would tell a story that would continue on the next floor. And the Floor Boss was always one of the characters or monsters from this story. Each player could die 10 times before they were ejected completely.

I think this method of story-telling is great, and could definitely be done with various stories from other AE games, like the 13 Heroes who fought the Queen of Monsters, running through each Chaos Lord, or Valen's life (retelling elements of his life with Alteon/Lynaria, and Book 1 of DragonFable), or maybe an original story for whatever plot is planned for AQ3D.

But the point is that it can, but doesn't have to tie into the main story of AQ3D. It can just exist as this great little side-quest that tells visions of another time or universe.

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DF AQW  Post #: 464
6/30/2017 11:18:38   

Ummm can you guys add a weapon and cape to the alpha pirate set.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 465
7/1/2017 15:54:06   

I think it would be great if the Guardian class's ability Guardian's Oath, as well as any other agro abilities (or perhaps any aoe) show a circle on the ground when you hover over the skill, showing the area of effect, especially useful for an agro ability so you know what you are going to agro and can back up to avoid taking more mobs than you want.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 466
7/2/2017 17:36:23   
Nightmare AQW

Its a little anoyying to have a box pop up every time asking if I'm sure I want to leave the map, if I type it in obviously thats what I was trying to do. Maybe there should be an option to turn off that message?


DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 467
7/3/2017 4:48:44   
Constructive & Helpful!

I don't find it to be a big issue, i don't really see in which situations it would bother you too much, it only happens inside dungeons, and dungeons will still use up your key if you leave, so it's just a safety net in case you accidentally were to leave a dungeon that uses up a key (don't ask me how, but it could happen). If you can't bother to walk to the other side of the boss room to finish the dungeon, then you really need to slow down a little bit.
I am well aware it also happens in non key dungeons, but it's probably just the standard procedure for any dungeon like areas.

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AQW  Post #: 468
7/3/2017 7:32:43   

I really think the Soulborne axe should at least be slightly easier to get. I know I'm just salty but I've already spent ~350 keys grinding skulltower. Making more rooms able to spawn chests would go a long way while still keeping it difficult as only 2 out of the 7 possible rooms can spawn chests. AE plsss ;-;
Post #: 469
7/9/2017 11:09:26   

Here's a quick and easy suggestion:
Please add Mango Froot to the Froot Shop.
Mango Froot adds Haste instead of Attack or Defense.

Just to mix things up a little.
Post #: 470
7/13/2017 6:54:12   

Book Wyrm's Library

Should just a ton of clickable books containing lore
Perhaps some compendiums on the info of particular monsters and their history etcetera
Maybe allow some community members to contribute :)

Boss fight mechanics ideas

Makes choosing classes more strategic than just (which class has highest DPS when spamming all skills at once?)

Passive Regeneration, meaning that high single target DPS classes are strongest

Pure Damage Resistance, in that DoTs are much stronger. Armored enemies should have something like this.

Infrequent 1 HP attack skills (almost OHKO skills) making both healing and dodging classes invaluable.

AOE Abilities which make team fights significantly more difficult.

Stuns, which favour tank classes who can outlast stun durations over glass cannons

Life Steal, which also favour tank classes (as in, tanks who damage reduce) as it reduces health stolen.

Berserk Mechanic like Wolfwing from AQW, who has doubled attack speed at low health.

Add these mechanics to boss fights and the tides of criticism received from players who acknowledge the lack of engrossing diverse combat (be it bosses OR regular monsters) will fade significantly.
And challenge is also added which for the current state of AQ3D, is definitely a great thing.

But more unique mechanics should be added, that give individual bosses flavour.

Actually, pretty much every single Chaos Lord did this extremely well, so huge props to AE for that. I'll go through them again for newbies to AE but we're all huge fans here so here's to me rambling :)

My personal favourite is Vath, where you must make a choice on how you approach the fight (bursting down Vath and taking huge damage from Stalagbite, or killing Stalagbite and prolonging the Vath fight) which at low levels was pretty awesome. AOE was good too here since you drew aggro anyway. Super well designed fight.

Escherion had an invincibility mechanic, where you first had to kill his weapon before attacking him, over and over, which wasn't particularly flavourful but still much more fun than a regular fight and uniquely unforgettable.

Wolfwing had a strong 3rd skill with lifesteal but way more known for his (initially unique) Berserk ability. Super fun too, meant that high DPS was needed to take him down but a tank which could taunt him to absorb his lifesteal was also very useful.

Kimberly was able to heal passively IIRC, not that good but still better than nothing.

Ledgermayne was a very nicely designed fight because while the skill floor was very low and so was the skill ceiling, it introduced a combat mechanic that pretty much no other boss had due to Flash limitations - positioning was actually important. No other boss required you to move (in fact, it is a waste of effort) but Ledgermayne's avoidable damage through movement was awesome.

Tibicenas. Not as uniquely gimmicky as the rest so much as having pretty much everything, which isn't a bad thing (in fact, probably the best boss to go off for a hard, enjoyable fight: I simply like Vath's combat mechanics more thematically) - it's still an amazingly enjoyable fight comparatively at least, particularly Ultra Tibicenas which was well known as the strongest fight in the game up to that point (until OPness started becoming defined as 'highest damage + highest HP' which is a stupid way to go about things - looking at you AQ3D)
- A strong regular skill
- 100k HP. By todays standards, its not alot by today's standards but back then, at lower levels, no power creep, trying to stay alive while juggling DPS, it was 5 minute fight solo.
- 1 HP attack skill, made healing super important/dodging
- Life steal, made tanking important
- Petrification (i.e. Stun)
- Berserk
Pretty much AE slapped every possible OP buff onto the dude and out turned the best boss fight in AE to date IMO.

Khasaanda. Another awesome unique boss fight. The first 'magelike' boss with significant debuffs. Had decent damage but more importantly, a damage reducer (100% damage reduced), damage reflector, and skill lock (prevented debuffs from casting). Cool to fight and nice new mechanics.

Iadoa introduced a new mechanic which personally I feel is a good step to making more diverse questlines. Basically he had a 2k damage nuke with an OP debuff, which when holding an Hourglass in inv, would not happen.
This is cool if done infrequently and for thematic purposes e.g. Vampire storylines where perhaps using a Wooden Stake to fight would increase your damage and make it possible to defeat the boss.

But his personal mechanics were awesome and pretty unique too. The damage nuke also nerfed your cooldown speed which is a really OP ability. But he also had a huge stun which stunned you for ages.

Lionfang was awesome. He had a DoT ability which is tank/dodge class destroying, a temporary stun as well as an ability that increased the damage taken by the player. Cool fight.

Ultra Lionfang - eh. Just had significantly higher damage. Challenging? I guess.

Alteon was pretty cool. He had a charge up ability which you could see on screen (sort of like King Slime's ability in AQ3D) but could be countered not by movement like Ledgermayne, but by not attacking him for the duration. Otherwise insta kill. However, he did introduce an AOE attack too which is a good step forward.

Ultra Alteon is a one trick pony. 3k damage boss fight which to me is just stupid, it's not something that can be played around and you just have to abuse the strongest classes and attack in a party. A misstep for hard mode (in reality its not hard mode, since it doesn't take 'more skill' to fight, just more people)

Okay, so while unkillable Drakath TECHNICALLY ISN'T A LEGIT BOSS FIGHT, it is still the owner of a cool new combat mechanic - decay or something? Stopped player heals. A good counter to people who abuse high heal classes which atm DOMINATE the AQW meta.

Unfortunately, I don't remember the last time AQ3D added a boss fight with anything even close to as good as these Chaos Lords fights, but with enough peppering (sorry AE but it needs to be done) hopefully they can hear our voices and hold the new AQ3D bosses to these standards.

I believe in you AE :D

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Post #: 471
7/17/2017 18:08:59   

I think the title of repeatable quests should be color-coded. So instead of the title appearing orange like all of the other quests with "(Repeatable)" next to the quest name, maybe the title of repeatable quests should appear purple instead without the "(Repeatable)" text next to the quest name. As of version 1.5.1, the word "(Repeatable)" was added to the title of every quest and I felt like it made quest logs look too "spammy".

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AQW  Post #: 472
7/18/2017 10:35:52   

haha @Snowy; if I had the ability to do that I would have done that. However we don't have support for anything like that; perhaps in the future we could find a different solution.
Post #: 473
7/23/2017 1:36:14   
AQW Psychiatrist

Quick 10 suggestion good chap for AQ3D
If some of these suggestions are made please disregard and sorry

1. Title > beside the name or below the name
2. PK system > wherein u can engage a player at a specified area of the map
3. Faction Emblem > have an emblem beside ur name (good, evil, chaos, legion, etc.)
4. PVP Rankings > PVP is recorded according to wins,loss, or abandon
5. Guild Name > Bellow the title or anywhere the staff wants it :Guild Uniform?
6. World Boss > Million life or more monster wherein a lot of players can join more like 20-40 players
7. Run/Walk Toggle - Wherein u can walk or run depending on the situation ; good for luring mobs
8. Open World - I know this is too much but I know AE will achieve this someday (no more loading screens)
9. Trade System - Like a marketplace and you will stand with a speech balloon up your head if someone clicks it they will have access to your public shop. (am I too much?)
10. Suggested Gestures
- sit
- sit2 (another position)
- lean (on the side of the wall)
- conceal
- hide
Post #: 474
7/24/2017 1:59:55   

Monster style reckless random pendulum location teleportation.... in which you'll be randomly affected by a prolonged negative status effect as you're the pendulum being dropped into the random location being swung around by monsters that have negative status effects and once in a rare while they'll be stacked if you're doing the 20 people raids to the 100 type room battle.

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