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RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules

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1/23/2019 23:39:32   

AQ3D is beginning to turn into a good game, but I feel it could use some more things to make it better, especially in the multiplayer aspect. I feel this game would be fantastic if it had World Bosses like in World of Warcraft and other popular MMO's.

This would be a good idea to implement one day because this game does a good job is bringing people together and fighting bosses etc. It doesn't have to happen all the time, but once in awhile we should get a World Boss with tons of health and be so strong when it invades Battleon or Lore somewhere that the entire server would have to band together to take it down. You could implement such bosses as events every once in awhile. This game has potential to turn into something great and I think the playerbase would enjoy something like this if it became a thing. You could even tie these World Bosses into storylines. I feel the daily bosses kinda fit this concept, but not everyone likes to do these bosses once they grinded for everything they needed and don't fight these bosses ever again.

With the World Bosses, you could maybe offer players once in lifetime rewards for taking down such bosses, and since these World Boss events wouldn't happen alot, it would give a reason for everyone in that server to want to do these events while having fun.

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DF AQW  Post #: 601
2/8/2019 21:23:41   

My Trades Plea

Howdy, the trades systems have always been my favorite part of any MMO, especially the fishing. I saw that there are plans to include trades systems to the game and I'm very excited. I just was wondering if you have ever seen the way the trades systems work in the 3DS game Fantasy Life. If you haven't I suggest looking it up because it was a very interesting and fun but simple way to make the creation of items somewhat skill-based for rarer quality items while having it be entertaining and easy enough to make it auto craftable as well for just efficiency but producing less rare quality. I'm just hoping that the trades systems aren't getting sort of brushed to the side like a lot of mmo's have done, especially about the fishing. It's so much more fun and rewarding when there's a somewhat skill based game for catching them. And having big rare fish to catch, sort of like boss fish, along with rare variants of any trade skill. Mining could be rare rock formations that are harder to mine. Anyways, just a thought.

Thanks for reading.

This is a video that you can just skip through to see what the crafting mini games are like in Fantasy Life.
Tailor Crafting
The game is also online multiplayer

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2/24/2019 19:50:31   
Prince Alteon

Blinking. If our characters blinked they would feel more like organic living creatures. A very small suggestion but I think it would add a lot.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 603
3/11/2019 8:56:34   

Make Affliction and Swift Kick switch places on Rogue Class.

Affliction makes 0 sense as a Cross Skill since it only works with Rogue Class and is useless for any other classes.

Just got Paladin and why the hell is the shield on a 9s duration when it already has 5 charges?
What's the point of the Charges when it fades before you even go through half of it?

I mean, seriously? The heal already sucks since it only heals 1 person instead of being an AoE heal why did they have to make the shield lame as well?

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3/18/2019 6:36:54   
Cyber Pulse

Ranking adventurers base on their feats and would only allow them to accept quests base on their rank.

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Post #: 605
3/25/2019 19:47:17   

I have some ideas that will make the game better!

So, I want to focus on Stats .

/First/ , Visual Changing of some Stats:

- "Armor"
- "Crit"
- "Evasion"
- "Haste"

I really want you to change their total value numbers into percentages , so it will be easier to know how much damage we negate, how much "cast speed reduction" AKA "Haste" we have etc ...

/Second/ , we need to create new things also, little more rework & balance :

1)**********Creating New Stats************

*Creating "Magic damage" or "Magic attack"

The Magic attack should be a first priority thing to be honest and should be added ASAP.

*Creating "Magic Resist" or "Magic defense"

After creating magic damage stat , obviously we need a "Magic Resist Stat" to reduce the damage taken from spells.

*Creating "Cooldown reduction"

Everyone likes to have less timer on abilities and spells, so we can get the right builds for PvP or PvE.

*Creating "Attack Speed"

Make a Stat called " Atk.Spd" AKA "Attack Speed ", which is really good for balancing some classes' auto attacks, I know it is fixed on each class but I want items to provide us with this stat in the future.

2)******The rework & balance Part******

- Giving each class its original stats should be a first priority this way every percentage of extra stats we get from buffs or items should add up and boost the original basic class stat.(No one likes to have the same overall stats on every class.)

- Add a fair Mana/Energy consumption : As we know some classes have a great Max Mana also their skills takes almost no Mana to cast.

- Buff "Haste" Stat. (you will know why after you read the next step.)

- You should make the player unable to move while casting spells. This method will make players focus on building "Haste". ( no one likes a ranged class running while spamming all their spells and auto attacks.)

- Make some "High damage Spells/abilities" like " Meteor Volley" an AoE Skill" "Area of effect skill" instead of being a "On target Ability" so we make players able to negate some damage at least.

- Nerf the overall player movement speed.

Well have a good day everyone !

Merged with suggestions thread. ~WhiteTiger

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4/7/2019 7:56:41   

Gamepad support for pc and mobile.

Post #: 607
4/11/2019 13:45:34   

Since you have put a button for pick up items how about a button to pick up the item on the menu. It would be much faster and easier if there's a button to do that rather than dragging the mouse cursor on the items you only want to pick.

Like for example if you press F then the menu pops up, then F again to get the item at the first like of the menu or use another button for that or a button to pick up all in the menu.

Anyway it's just a simple suggestion, I don't insist though and very thankful for the F button for item pick-up menu. It's very useful. Thanks AE!
Post #: 608
4/22/2019 14:05:06   

Implement stances for the classes or to choose a stance for your character.

Warrior holding a sword like its a stick? Make the sword rest on his shoulder or two handed to a side when idle/running. Showing brute strength.
Make the thief/rogue crouch and dual-wield daggers. Deadly, sneaky.
Mage hold the staff upright and straightened back. Mighty, proud.

A stretch would be to have also more animations for the different classes like Dragonfable. Whenever the character dodges, the normal attacks, the walking animation.

The main problem i see with the game is that it doesn't look like something new. It may have unique features from AE (like able to switch between classes and quick updates), but it still wont feel unique if it plays and looks like the typical mmorpg.
Its not good to just have fetch quests and gear that looks the same(in this case, it is used the same. Just put it in the right hand and swing it around).

Unique Examples:
-Metin2 gets rid of the lock system and allows players to have a more hack and slashy game. Each class has two or three variants of animation attacks. Yet it has fetch quests and no direction. Chinese setting, but aged badly.
-Cabal has battle-styles for the characters and is very colorful(animations) plus an addition of a combo system that speeds up animations to improve upon the typical lock-on enemies. Has unique dungeons that are not the typical caves(castles, train raids, islands) and unique music for each(tasty electric guitar riffs, good piano to chill). Fetch quests, but a kind hand-holding while doing them(good gear). + Each area looks and feels unique: From a rainforest to a snowy city to a desert to a steampunk wasteland, and so on. Also, each character holds its weapon differently such as the warrior resting the sword on the shoulder (from here came the idea), the duelist holding two swords on each hand pointing to different directions. And being so colorful, each character feels really different.
-Dark souls is not an mmo, but it has each weapon looking special and is used differently. Plus it has the use of WEIGHT on the weapons, you can see how the character STRUGGLES TO SWING heavy swords (e.g: Black knight Greatsword attack animations)
WoW -Unique huge story, but fetch quests, lock on system, bulkful of abilities. Plays the same. -wind up abilities.
Guild wars 2 -Progression quests that still feel like fetch quests, lock on system. Is played the same. -wind up abilties
ArcheAge -Plays the same. Each area is not refreshing enough, looks the same. -wind up abilities
Another suggestion is to get rid of the timer at the bottom, I know my character is charging its ability. Just lock me in place and don't allow me to do anything else while I am winding it up. Looks unfashionable.
Post #: 609
4/27/2019 17:37:46   

Hey there.
My first post here...was going to open a new thread,but didnt find any,,player made''threads here,so i assumed it might not be allowed or something...
Anyway,i got a question,but since this is a thread for suggestions,let me turn it into a suggestion:

I was reading that warriors/rogues will be able to dual wield later,so i suggest that you add a option to keep fighting with just 1 weapon,even if its just for the visual aspect.
The rogue is my favorite class(so far),but i prefer to fight with ONE sword,not 2.

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Post #: 610
5/6/2019 10:49:38   

Story guides.
Needed, especially for people who play sporadically and power through chapters in short bursts because life is a thing and we can't follow weekly updates as closely as we'd like.
Example - recently started playing again; Vane's destroyed BattleOn and I have no idea where I'm meant to pick up after the GreenGuard questline that serves as a tutorial.
So that'd be nice.

Just noticed that Dungeons have been given 'public' and 'private' modes.

Why not add a solo mode? Removes the need for people to find a party if they're struggling that day, and stops people from being 'that guy' stood outside the entrance to the map zone spamming the chat with "boss plz help" for an hour straight. Just scale the monsters to a certain level cap.

For example:
1. Select 'solo'.
2. Monsters are then scaled to +- 5 levels of yours - not too tough, not too easy. Alternatively, they could move in 5-level jumps depending on where you fit in - level 1-5 face monsters of level 1-5, with the boss being level 5. Level 6-10 face monsters of level 5-10, with the boss being level 10. Levels 11-15 face monsters level 10-15, with the boss being level 15.
Obviously, health would be scaled here to be something that's achievable if you have the right items; items of your level and potentially enough HP. I don't want to make things too easy.
This would be a counterpart to the party instance of *boss monster* with 19,000 health compared to your 1,000 health.

This would make it easier and more accessible for people playing in solo instances of the dungeon to get on with the game and enjoy it, instead of being limited by the "you can't beat this story until you've got a party with you to help, sucks to be you" factor that often comes of playing sporadically.

3. Once you leave the dungeon's solo mode, you're back in the public lobby and the game continues.

If they can create infinite instances of the same experience in AQW, and create private and public instances of a dungeon, I don't see this as being too much of an ask.

Add a take all button for loot; this is more needed on the mobile version. Potentially a setting to auto-collect loot like Defender tokens?

DISCLAIMER - I'm not sure if these or a variation of these already exist in the game; if it does, then feel free to correct me.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 611
5/7/2019 6:33:25   
Galactic Assassin X

1. World-changing events should take into consideration new players. For example, the current event has a character death. Right now players are asking "Where is _?" but soon enough it'll be "Who is _?" because new players won't know the NPC being talked about. Having it so that the old NPC remains until an instance of the war is seen/played by players and then the NPC is replaced would make more sense.

2. The class skill system leaves much to be desired. Rogues aren't only poison users, yet in this game poison is the only thing they have; 3 of their skills just provide poison stacks. Speaking of which...

Most cross skills are worthless. And those that aren't don't compliment other classes well. An excellent example of both is the Rogue cross skill - which is designed to give more damage when poison is up even though Rogue is the only class with poison.

Class skills need to take into consideration versatility within the class itself, and cross skills should be made based on whether or not they'll actually help / be helped by other classes' skills.

3. Especially frustrating as a mobile user is the loot drop system. In all previous AE games, loot automatically went into the inventory. In AQ3D, for some reason all loot has to be picked up quickly or else vanishes. This is a major issue when fighting off multiple enemies at once, especially considering that trying to touch-pickup the loot requires multiple attempts. Returning to the system where loot is automatically gained once an enemy is defeated makes much more sense and fits with the standard of the other games.

4. There are too many equips, mainly because there are so many of the same level and even then levels are surpassed very quickly. Having it so that there's armor, helm, and maybe accessories like back, etc, worked in the other games. Dividing armor into upper, lower, gloves, and boots creates way too many equips to farm and upgrade, especially considering that by the time you're able to upgrade them you've already surpassed them and are on other equips.

5. Crafting is frustrating. Not just because of #5, but because crafting time also makes equips worthless once it's time to get them from the crafting menu. You also have entire areas where there are these upgrade currencies that are treated as items instead of as currencies, and these are needed for crafting. And once again, by the time you get all of these needed for upgrades, the upgrades are worthless because they don't scale level and you're at a higher level.

How about this system: Instead of getting items as drops, or getting drops at all, there's an advanced currency system. Anything that is needed for quests etc is treated as currency in a single line of currency in a category based on area, and beating an enemy just grants that currency automatically rather than getting it as a drop. So a hypothetical "golden leaf" currency would exist to craft any "golden leaf" items rather than upgrading those items gained as drops. Crafting does not cost anything and does not take any time; however, shops sell items for gold/DC without the need to craft them. It's a choice to craft or pay, though some items must be either bought or crafted. All equips in a set (helm/armor/capes/bets) are just treated as armor and there's a show/hide helm option. There's plenty of sets that work as just sets.

If the above causes problems due to everyone having separate armor parts, add in a tailoring system that allows armor to be disassembled into "parts" and those "parts" can be used to make new armor with stats based on the parts. It's like what we have now, but the tailored armor becomes a single item and armors are initially gained as items; everything that is a part of armor now becomes a part in tailoring inventory. This system also works for cosmetics, except that creating cosmetic armor will not consume the part - once you've gained a purely cosmetic part or a part in general, it's instead in a cosmetic parts list that can be infinitely chosen from; you simply need a non-cosmetic part to make non-cosmetic armor. Then the only outlier equips will be accessories (necklaces/rings) that, like in DF, aren't visible.

As for things that are meant to give equips as drops automatically, put them in shops instead that are accessed by achieving the required task; a shop for floating book encounters could be in Battleon, for example, and would know whether or not you've beaten an encounter. This also means you only have to beat the encounter once and it can be removed from sight so as to not be in the way, as once you've beaten it once you can access the item from the shop whenever. However, there may need to be consideration regarding limit of same equip in inventory/bank.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 612
5/10/2019 13:06:47   

I'd like to see some minigames to have fun with while the story is being updated or when the main content starts to get stale. My suggestion is Frogzard/Tog Racing, a minigame where you can hop on the back of a Frogzard or Tog and race laps through several courses based on Lore's different areas like Greenguard and Doomwood. The music for the tracks doesn't have to be too serious sounding either and can be lighthearted and of any genre, even chiptune could work which would probably be right up Jongaar's alley.
DF MQ AQW  Post #: 613
5/23/2019 15:48:40   

I think minigames are indeed a very nice idea,maybe even minigames that players can play together.

Id like to write down some suggestions,that i already posted somewhere else before.


I think all AOE attacks should complete ignore your characters dodge stat.
The point of a AOE skill,is to move out of its radius to avoid damage,and the game gives you plenty of time to do that,in most situations.
This would help to make the game more challenging,instead of randomly,,rewarding''standing inside a AOE with a dodge....im also not sure how exactly youre going to,,dodge''a dragon breathing fire at you,and the nearby area,while standing still,its just weird.

Would even take it a step further,and make all AOE attacks from mobs do more damage,so that people actually try to move away from them.
The game is very easy to play,you dont have to worry about complicated combos or managing a lot of skill cooldowns at the same time or anything like that.....moving away from AOE,s is one of the few things here that require some skill,so if you get hit by one,it should really hurt and ignore your dodge stat.


First,im glad that you removed evasion from pvp.
Makes it less luck based,and it can be very frustrating if a important skill that decides about winning or losing,gets dodged.
Its also nice that you have to face your opponent,to actually fight him.
Now,what i dont like,is the scaling,and the fact that gear is completely useless in pvp,and i will also tell you why:

I dont know if this was just done for the sake of testing pvp out,or if its going to stay like this,but you really shouldnt keep it.
Getting better equipment is a core aspect of a mmorpg,always has been.
Youre supposed to watch your character become stronger over time,thats part of the fun.
If youre fighting a boss with bad equipment and a low lvl,you may lose....but if you come back later,with a higher lvl and better equipment,and you win,it feels very satisfying,you feel rewarded for your,,work'',its awesome.

But in pvp?
There your character progression doesnt matter at all,and this is especially frustrating for people who are more into pvp than pve.
They have no reason to get better equipment or lvl up their character,its simply pointless and not fun,there is no motivation because it will be useless for their favorite part of the game.
Pvp isnt just about seeing who is the better player,its also about seeing who is the,,stronger''player,aka,who hits harder,and who worked harder for his gear.
In wow,you could get oneshotted easily by high lvls with much better equipment than yours,but for me this was always a strong motivation to be just like them,one day.
And once you manage to do that,you really feel like you did something important,that all your hard work finally paid off,and youre proud of it,that youre finally being one of,,those guys'',the people with max lvl and the best equipment.
Basically,from a noob to a onehitter.

Now,i know that AQ3D,s target audience,isnt exactly the hardcore gamer,more the casual player.
But really,getting your character,or a class,to max lvl,isnt very hard to do.
Equipment isnt so hard to get aswell,and it doesnt make such a huge difference.
If you really have to,keep the lvl scaling for pvp,but let us use the stats of our equipment there aswell,so that we actually feel rewarded for getting it in the first place.
Its also part of customizing your character,because there isnt simply,,the best''gear,but equipment that can boost different stats,and you can decide what you want to use.
Pvp feels more like a moba/fighting game/shooter now(NOT because of the gameplay),but definatly not like a mmorpg,since character progression doesnt matter at all.
Only your class rank matters,but you can max it in 1 day,and after that,theres nothing left to do.
There isnt so much room for outplaying someone aswell,because you can only use a few skills.

3:Pirate animations

Please change the animations for the,,upgraded''reload and flak shot skills.
Moving your guns around while using reload or flak shot,looked amazing,but after you reach rank 8 and unlock the upgraded reload skill that removes the cast time for reload and flak shot....its gone.
The fancy reload animation was one of the reasons why i loved to play as a pirate,but now the animation looks just....odd,too rushed,not smooth.
And the flak shot looks less powerful now,without the gun twirling.

4:Scabbards and weapon sheathing

Would be nice to have scabbards for greatswords on your back(instead of just scabbards for twin swords)that you can use to sheath your weapons when out of combat.
I know that weapon sheathing is already planned,but it would be even cooler if you could store them in a scabbard,instead of simply showing the sword on your back/waist.


You are death,s champion.
I get that.
But there should still be some penalty for dying,something worse than just waiting for a few seconds,like a debuff.
Right now,its so easy to just join the fight again right after getting killed,that there is no real risk of,,losing''or fear of death.
Yesterday,someone actually told me to stop dodging mega don,s attacks,because its faster to kill him that way,and that letting yourself get killed,was to be considered,,teamplay''.
This is definatly the wrong way,you should try to stay alive,not get rewarded for dying.

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Post #: 614
5/23/2019 16:16:00   
Galactic Assassin X

We really, really need a way to report people for vulgarity in chat. The amount of cussing and NSFW is ridiculous.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 615
5/25/2019 12:30:52   
Vongola the Wise

i think it would be great to see the same amount of scale and complexity of WoW raids on this game. Not saying we should blatantly completely rip off WoW, but its one thing to keep a dedicated player base. Everyone loves guilds, and who wouldnt want to see 30+ players stategize in AQ?

Update: To expand on what i want, Perhaps they should put more emphasis on class teamwork or something. DragonFable and AQ were notable because you had to make use of each party member: You would have the healer, the tank who would stun the monster, the buffer, and the pet that finishes off monsters with 2-7 damage attacks. Perhaps this would encourage ppl to form parties again..more consideration on their type of equipment...planning...TEAMwork etc. Massive battles like with Akriloth extreme will give guilds a sense of purpose. Essentially, we need bigger and badder dungeons and bosses with worthwhile rewards

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 616
5/26/2019 22:39:03   

If it isnt implemented already, then can we please have a story guide within the game? Not like the sequence of travel maps that we can access... Just a general story guide.

I was playing this game when it came out on Mobile, and I gave it up for a bit.
Tried going back and I'm in the middle of Doomwood. All well and good.
But the instant I go back to Battleon, I'm finding out that I'm Death's champion? Where did that even happen? How do I go back to check on that?

Things like this.

Otherwise loving it :D
But it feels a little like the AQW approach to the story.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 617
6/1/2019 13:59:33   
Camoflague MerC


Probably been suggested already, but having to click everything you want to loot individually is arduous, an option in settings to automatically have all loot automatically enter your backpack would be great. Some sub settings on this feature like "Loot all items upon clicking lootbag only", "Loot X amount of items Automatically" (useful for mobs that drop multiple items and your near a full backpack) "Loot X quality of items only" would be nice too.

Sometimes i lose track of the default windows mouse cursor in-game, it really is quite small, a custom cursor in game which is a little bigger and aesthetically appealing would be nice.

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Epic  Post #: 618
6/11/2019 3:57:25   
Vongola the Wise

With how tedious the ShadowSlayer quests are, i think they should just make a class for it imo

New idea: Sorry If im starting to derail this thread but I think they should put more inter connectivity between levels, make use of maps, and less emphasis on fast travel. Should make the game more immersive

New Idea #2: This game needs the og classes from Aq, MechQuest, and DragonFable. I recently just got amulet and really want 3d dragonlord seen in action

New Idea #3: What I'd really want is attacking pets for all classes. I don't want to have items devalued to uselessness because cosmetics are valued more. It's been an issue I had since AQW

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 619
6/20/2019 3:02:45   

My suggestion is to let the Crimson Staff of the Abyss have you gain access again to the Void Waiting Hall, which is especially fair to us players, who would have no other choice than to re-craft the Staff of Infernal Teleportation to get the badge/title, "Infernal Tourist", ONLY because the feature for exploration scrolls never existed in the time period in which we did have access & were farming for all the hours in the Void Waiting Hall!!

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Post #: 620
6/21/2019 10:45:03   

We want castle wars! like 20v20 pvp defenders and attackers!
Post #: 621
7/4/2019 8:37:49   

Please add Support for Android Tv. AQ3D can be sideloaded onto an Android Tv box currently and run and it looks awesome! But it has no controller support and is difficult to control on screen with a keyboard and mouse. Since it runs and already is intuitive from 10 feet away you just need to add some dependencies and controller support. You could attract a whole new crowd of players with Android Tv support.
Post #: 622
7/6/2019 23:13:06   


I see that every week the game is improving with new updates , I hope it stays that way.

would like to see:

- PvP Wars , GvG ( 20x20 or more)
- Coliseum PvP
- Houses and Houses Guild
- More Challenges for maps
- Difficult Bosses for maps
- More skills Equipables and Unlockables or Purchased for classes
- Battlepet
- Pet in houses
- Abilities in Alchemy , Blacksmith , Fishing and others
- Interactivity with objects
- More Classes
- Icons for items (swords , axe , staff , potions , pistols and others)
- More Quest rich in story ( Side quest , Errand quest , Kill quest , Defend quest , Exploration quest , Others)
- Sounds Ambients for maps and dugeons
- Sounds in cutscene
- I'd like to see some iconic characters ( Darkon , Dage , Drakath , Faith , Alina , Others) (in quests...)
- More detailed statuses in charpage
- Reputation in ( Arcangrove , Evil , Good , Chaos , Others)
- Level limiter in maps
- More Sagas
- Skill Tree
- Mount , Mount Battle
- More items buy with tokens ( Sets , Skills , Potions , Others)
- Purchases and sales of items from players to players (auction)
- Factions
- Book Of Lore
- World Map And Regions in World Map
- Exclusive expansion ( exclusive chapters , regions , npc , boss , monsters , items, class, music and others )
- Prohibited places for pvp 1x1
- Different animations and effects in ( pistols , sword and others )

I think it's this , Thank you for the attention.

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AQW  Post #: 623
7/19/2019 0:45:55   

Is it just me or has moglomancer pretty much made paladin useless with better support and faster killing when alone?
Post #: 624
7/30/2019 9:01:50   

Add a button to teleport back to the entrance.
Add easier ways to navigate Arcangrove such as travel commands for the Tower, etc.
Allow users to cancel something being crafted and get their resources back.
Allow users to swap their cross skill during cool down.
Add a sitting emote.
Make a Huntsman/Huntswoman class that has an ability that allows you to throw a spear and deal bleeding damage, fire a bow three times in a row for a damage ability, set bear traps down, place bait and lure the enemy somewhere as a cross ability, and summon a giant beast temporarily such as a Giant Frogzard or Pebblar as the Ultimate.
Add a video mode where you can record gameplay footage but the HUD is removed in the video.
Add a trash can where when you delete an item, it goes there and you can recover the last item you deleted from the trash can, similar to Terraria.
Add the ability to duel multiple players at once, allowing for team battles.
Post #: 625
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