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RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules

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1/23/2019 23:39:32   

AQ3D is beginning to turn into a good game, but I feel it could use some more things to make it better, especially in the multiplayer aspect. I feel this game would be fantastic if it had World Bosses like in World of Warcraft and other popular MMO's.

This would be a good idea to implement one day because this game does a good job is bringing people together and fighting bosses etc. It doesn't have to happen all the time, but once in awhile we should get a World Boss with tons of health and be so strong when it invades Battleon or Lore somewhere that the entire server would have to band together to take it down. You could implement such bosses as events every once in awhile. This game has potential to turn into something great and I think the playerbase would enjoy something like this if it became a thing. You could even tie these World Bosses into storylines. I feel the daily bosses kinda fit this concept, but not everyone likes to do these bosses once they grinded for everything they needed and don't fight these bosses ever again.

With the World Bosses, you could maybe offer players once in lifetime rewards for taking down such bosses, and since these World Boss events wouldn't happen alot, it would give a reason for everyone in that server to want to do these events while having fun.

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DF AQW  Post #: 601
2/8/2019 21:23:41   

My Trades Plea

Howdy, the trades systems have always been my favorite part of any MMO, especially the fishing. I saw that there are plans to include trades systems to the game and I'm very excited. I just was wondering if you have ever seen the way the trades systems work in the 3DS game Fantasy Life. If you haven't I suggest looking it up because it was a very interesting and fun but simple way to make the creation of items somewhat skill-based for rarer quality items while having it be entertaining and easy enough to make it auto craftable as well for just efficiency but producing less rare quality. I'm just hoping that the trades systems aren't getting sort of brushed to the side like a lot of mmo's have done, especially about the fishing. It's so much more fun and rewarding when there's a somewhat skill based game for catching them. And having big rare fish to catch, sort of like boss fish, along with rare variants of any trade skill. Mining could be rare rock formations that are harder to mine. Anyways, just a thought.

Thanks for reading.

This is a video that you can just skip through to see what the crafting mini games are like in Fantasy Life.
Tailor Crafting
The game is also online multiplayer

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2/24/2019 19:50:31   
Prince Alteon

Blinking. If our characters blinked they would feel more like organic living creatures. A very small suggestion but I think it would add a lot.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 603
3/11/2019 8:56:34   

Make Affliction and Swift Kick switch places on Rogue Class.

Affliction makes 0 sense as a Cross Skill since it only works with Rogue Class and is useless for any other classes.

Just got Paladin and why the hell is the shield on a 9s duration when it already has 5 charges?
What's the point of the Charges when it fades before you even go through half of it?

I mean, seriously? The heal already sucks since it only heals 1 person instead of being an AoE heal why did they have to make the shield lame as well?

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3/18/2019 6:36:54   
Cyber Pulse

Ranking adventurers base on their feats and would only allow them to accept quests base on their rank.

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3/25/2019 19:47:17   

I have some ideas that will make the game better!

So, I want to focus on Stats .

/First/ , Visual Changing of some Stats:

- "Armor"
- "Crit"
- "Evasion"
- "Haste"

I really want you to change their total value numbers into percentages , so it will be easier to know how much damage we negate, how much "cast speed reduction" AKA "Haste" we have etc ...

/Second/ , we need to create new things also, little more rework & balance :

1)**********Creating New Stats************

*Creating "Magic damage" or "Magic attack"

The Magic attack should be a first priority thing to be honest and should be added ASAP.

*Creating "Magic Resist" or "Magic defense"

After creating magic damage stat , obviously we need a "Magic Resist Stat" to reduce the damage taken from spells.

*Creating "Cooldown reduction"

Everyone likes to have less timer on abilities and spells, so we can get the right builds for PvP or PvE.

*Creating "Attack Speed"

Make a Stat called " Atk.Spd" AKA "Attack Speed ", which is really good for balancing some classes' auto attacks, I know it is fixed on each class but I want items to provide us with this stat in the future.

2)******The rework & balance Part******

- Giving each class its original stats should be a first priority this way every percentage of extra stats we get from buffs or items should add up and boost the original basic class stat.(No one likes to have the same overall stats on every class.)

- Add a fair Mana/Energy consumption : As we know some classes have a great Max Mana also their skills takes almost no Mana to cast.

- Buff "Haste" Stat. (you will know why after you read the next step.)

- You should make the player unable to move while casting spells. This method will make players focus on building "Haste". ( no one likes a ranged class running while spamming all their spells and auto attacks.)

- Make some "High damage Spells/abilities" like " Meteor Volley" an AoE Skill" "Area of effect skill" instead of being a "On target Ability" so we make players able to negate some damage at least.

- Nerf the overall player movement speed.

Well have a good day everyone !

Merged with suggestions thread. ~WhiteTiger

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4/7/2019 7:56:41   

Gamepad support for pc and mobile.

Post #: 607
4/11/2019 13:45:34   

Since you have put a button for pick up items how about a button to pick up the item on the menu. It would be much faster and easier if there's a button to do that rather than dragging the mouse cursor on the items you only want to pick.

Like for example if you press F then the menu pops up, then F again to get the item at the first like of the menu or use another button for that or a button to pick up all in the menu.

Anyway it's just a simple suggestion, I don't insist though and very thankful for the F button for item pick-up menu. It's very useful. Thanks AE!
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