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RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules

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9/23/2019 17:08:31   

PC version:
  • Room panel that lists room name, room number, and user list.
  • Key to revive, like "Enter."
  • New screen sizes like 960 x 1080 (half of a full HD 16:9 monitor) would be nice for multitasking. My laptop doesn't have dual monitors :(

Both versions:
  • Make it so dungeon chests drop loot for ALL players. I was in the Screaming Woods dungeon and opened a gate leading to a rare chest, but this other dude just spawned in and killed the chest before I could make it back. How frustrating. The same problem happens with weaker bosses.
  • Character page for Dragonslayers should display the Dragonslayer helm icon instead of the Mage book icon.
  • Character page for Pirates should display the usual skull and crossbones icon instead of a low resolution Pirate hat.
  • Character page for Moglomancers should display the Moglin icon instead of nothing.
  • Rename Chiropteran Greaves to Chiropteran Gauntlets or something.
  • Fix the typos. There are a lot...
  • Extra button in "News" section that leads to AQ3D news on the web, like the Design Notes button from AQW.
  • Make travel forms faster. Horse forms are awkwardly slow despite their strong gallop animation. If possible, make maps like Arcangrove a little smaller.
  • Add a mute hotkey.
  • Add an audio cue for when timed bosses spawn.
  • Allow me to craft Arcane Sentinel Visage into a version without the wings.
  • Colorblind friendly UI, especially for party member HP. I'd like green on black bars with a white outline.
  • Add a teleport to Vampire Castle.

Updated 12/4/19

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 626
9/28/2019 3:33:56   

So my idea is pretty simple for AQ3D, I was thinking a sign up sheet for online players that anyone online at the time can sign up for to help other players. Show basic information like level and name to all players and a button to whisper to the said person on the list for players looking for help. It would make it much easier to want to help and be able to help other players. Thanks for reading!!!

Side note though I would really love a kitsune morph and a tail with this up coming yokai area if not this year next year thanks again!!
Post #: 627
12/17/2019 10:21:13   

-an in-built character page that you can view ingame
-badges on the character page could be displayed differently because characters have a lot of badges and to scroll really far down is annoying to find a particular badge. if the grid pattern for displaying badges in aqw worked why not do the same thing in aq3d?
-a search bar to finding particular badges would help us find badges on a character's page who has a lot of badges
-if these were implemented there would be more reason for players to use the character page feature especially

-in large groups the names and titles can get annoying and the toggle is an ok solution to this, but it is an all or nothing setting, players have to sacrifice the ability to see the names of all players/monsters/npcs for the sake of being able to see their screen properly in a crowded area filled with lots of player
-and a solution i suggest is the option to being able to change the transparency of names, whether it be a slider or a dropdown with only options between opaque(default)/translucent etc
-also sometimes I'd like to have player names turned off but the option that is currently ingame turns off the name for all NPCs, monsters as well, so a feature implemented to only turning off player names rather than ALL names gives better motivation for players who WANT to turn off the names for other players but can't because even the names of the monsters/bosses and quest NPCs would be turned off too

-the category sorting and search bar for the inventory is a perfect feature <- why aren't these essential features applied to when buying/selling items in the shop as well?
-regarding the treasure chest items that give you treasure shards after disposing them, there is obviously a trend to delete most of the items recieved from the treasure chest for the shards to buy a different item in the chest shop, therefore it seems like a tab in the inventory only for treasure chest items makes sense because we have to go through our whole inventory to find and manually click on the items to check whether they have been recieved from the treasure ches

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1/7/2020 11:38:19   

Druid / Fungalmancer / Mushmancey
Whatever fits best.
Auto Cast
Attack Power: 25
Cooldown: 1.25 Seconds
Type: Ranged
Description: Repeatedly fire magical energy towards an enemy.
Rank 1
Unlock the Inoculate skill

Attack Power: 65
Cost: 120 Mana
Cast Time: 0.75 Seconds
Cooldown: 12 Seconds
Type: Spell

Description: Infect an enemy with Spores, dealing damage over time.

Spores: Deals damage to enemies or heal allies over time.
Effect Power: 30
Heal Power: 55
Effect Duration: 8 Seconds

Spore Explosion: Deals damage or heal all targets in a large radius.
Effect Power: 125
Heal Power: 65

Enemies or allies effected by Spore Explosion become Inoculated with Spores.
If already infected, hasten the growth of Spores on the target by 1 second.
Rank 2
Unlock the Innervate skill

Cost: 125 Mana per attack
Cooldown: 1.25 Seconds
Type: Spell

Description: Infuse your body with mana spores to empower your attacks, at the cost of mana.

Auto Cast's Cooldown becomes 0.75 Seconds, applied before haste.
Each attack hastens the growth of Spores on the target by 1 second.

Fades when the caster is out of mana.
Rank 3
Unlock the Germinate skill

Cost: 25 Mana
Cooldown: 8 Seconds
Type: Spell

Description: Immediately detonate Spores in a large radius around the caster, cleansing the battlefield.
Rank 4
Unlock the Peaceful Presence passive ability

Description: Unempowered attacks return 12 mana to the caster.
Rank 5
Unlock the Fungal Frenzy Ultimate skill

Cost: 200 Mana
Cast Time: 1.75 Seconds
Type: Spell
Heal Power: 165
Effect Duration: 12 Seconds
Ultimate Meter: Unlocks at 2,000 Damage

Description: Create a ring of mushrooms around the caster.

Enemies within the ring are Slowed and continuously Inoculated with Spores, if not already.
Allies within the ring are healed every 2 seconds over the duration and continuously Inoculated with Spores, if not already.
Rank 6 Inoculate - Randomly increase the radius of each Spore Explosion, up to 50%.

Rank 7 Innervate - Empowered attacks hasten the growth of Spores on the target by 2 seconds.

Rank 8 Germinate - Reduced the cooldown to 6 seconds.

Rank 9 Fungal Frenzy - Increase the radius by 100%.
Rank 10 Unlock the Mana Spores Cross Skill.

Cooldown: 30 Seconds
Type: Spell
Heal Power: 220
Effect Duration: 12 Seconds

Description: Summons a mushroom near the caster, every 2 seconds heal an ally with the lowest health.
I really enjoy the whole Mushmen theme and thought a druid-ish type class would be a fun addition.
The goal was to make a class that focused on AOE support.
I imagine a Fungalmancer would have below-average damage compared to other spell casters, yet it would offer the ability the create chain reactions with the spore skill.
Assuming this kind of class would be considered a 3-star difficulty, its heavy buff/debuff management and possible mana-starvation would require patience to take advantage of the skills offerd by Fungalmancey.
Overall, id enjoy any class that used nature-themed magic!

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AQ AQW  Post #: 629
1/13/2020 22:23:31   

Platforming is extremely difficult on mobile. I started playing on my phone originally, now I also play on my laptop. Salire Draco was almost impossible on my phone, this being because of "miss jumping" due to using a touch screen. You risk alienating purely mobile players with too many of these types of maps. On my laptop it's no problem
Post #: 630
1/20/2020 0:58:10   

I just feel like the Lightning Cloud pet should be added to the Tengu merge shop, even if it's for a few hundred or even 1,000+ feathers.

And speaking of Tengu, in his Challenge zone, I think his regular form should no longer have the Spear Throw (or at least remove its Bleed effect) and his regular Shadows should no longer have the lightning stun.

Neither of their Super counterparts use any of those skills and it's kind of weird to make their regular forms more likely to actually kill you than his final Super phase <.<

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3/14/2020 14:18:58   

As someone who recently returned I've noticed there is a lot of cosmetic options. Which great for offering people choice. But it makes the inventory very hard to manage and gets it clogged very quickly in my opinion.

My suggestion would be adapting Diablo IIIs and more recently World of Warcrafts handling of cosmetics. Once you've acquired a look of an item you no longer need to keep to be able to use it cosmetically(they call in transmogrification). This way we can sell stuff without worry and free up inventory and bank space which as the game ages will be more than welcome I imagine.

Edit: And I'm sure it's been suggested already but Guilds/Clans would be awesome especially if we get a housing element to go with it. As a possible stop gap perhaps global chat channels?

Edit 2: Since no one has replied after me. I would also like to see fast travel to the different districts of Battle On. I find it weird we can fast travel to some buildings but not the different districts especially for ones that require multiple loading screens like trade and cemetery.

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Post #: 632
3/21/2020 18:15:22   

I'd really love to have the Fiery Dravir as a head morph, and even a travel form.
We currently just have a normal Dravir head for 100 DC in the Barber Shop, and it does not color customize very well.
maybe there could also be an Earth, Ice, water, and Electric Dravir head.

would be cool if these could be animated as well.

Fiery Dravir Head = maybe some embers floating around, and the fiery veins look like they are glowing
Ice Dravir = has some frost effects, maybe coming off the horns and such, or even some snow falling off the head.
Earth Dravir = The head gives off a small "leaf" effect, like a tree
Electric Dravir = Gives off Lightning sparks

Maybe their could also be some Dravir "Fist" weapons based off these elements too.

Fiery Dravir Head Morph would be based off this monster:
MQ AQW  Post #: 633
3/22/2020 20:26:48   

Weapon Skills

One way to freshen up the game's combat, and item/weapon progression, would be to give each weapon a 'weapon skill' that could be used in combat.

There wouldn't need to be a unique skill for every weapon - that would be practically impossible to implement, of course. But even a small set of skills could add so much to the game. Don't believe me? Let e tell you some of the possibilities:

One idea that's occurred to me as I'm writing this is to have an 'Axe Throw' skill on some axe-type weapons. This would throw the axe at the enemy, and then arc back to the player, dealing damage to any enemies in its path. This would allow skilled players to master the skill, using positioning and movement to maximise the damage that they do. There's plenty of other possibilities, that could suit different tactics in battle. For those who like to act as a tank, you could have a 'Draining Blow' skill that does unremarkable damage, but heals the player for damage fone. For those who prefer to kite their enemies, you could have a 'Dazzling Light' skill that blinds the enemy, reducing their chance to hit.

The game's combat gameplay could benefit a lot from this. Creative new combinations would be opened up, as players learn how to combine their weapon skills with the class skills to good effect. Players would have a more varied experience of combat, being able to try out new weapon skills to add variety to their usual skill rotations. And this would give players some more freedom in creating their builds - as it stands, two players of the same class will play very similarly, but the addition of weapon skills would really allow players to express themselves more.

When it comes to the item/weapon progression, this would add so much. As it stands, weapons of the same level are pretty much identical - sure, there's some stat differences, but these are fairly minor and aren't particularly noticeable in combat. The addition of weapon skills would make the choice of which level-appropriate weapon to use much more interesting, as you have to consider which weapon skill would be the most fun, or would synergise best with your build and your friends' builds. This would also allow for the really special weapons - such as the Doom Weapons - to stand out, as they could have unique and powerful weapon skills.

An alternative would be to add trinkets to the game, that have their own equip slot, and give the player access to a 'trinket skill'.

Armour Stat Variance

Armours of the same level tend to be very similar in terms of performance. This means it's simply a matter of grabbing the highest level of armour available to you, and running with that until you level up. But this doesn't have to be the case.

With armour, you could have armours focus on different stats. One armour set could focus on getting the Armor stat as high as possible, allowing you to tank lots of damage. Another set might focus on Evasion, letting you avoid some damage entirely. Another armour set could do less to protect you, but give more of a bonus to your Attack, Crit, and Haste stats. This would create trade-offs when choosing which armour set to use, and allowing players to express themselves. One of the game's greatest strengths is the fantastic visual customisation available to players - so why no go a step further, and allow characters to have individuality in how they fight, allowing my loincloth barbarian to really be a berserker, while my friend's heavily-armoured paladin can be a true tank?

Players, of course, tend to use a lot of cosmetic armours, rather than showing what they're really using. But this would still be a cool change that would give players more freedom and choice, while giving us more incentive to explore the full range of armour content that is in the game.
MQ  Post #: 634
3/27/2020 4:14:27   

The ability to delete items without deleting the entire stack, like in AQW. I can't turn in my daily quest for 50 Heavy Metal Medallions because I can only hold 47 more. This kind of thing has happened on multiple occasions.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 635
3/27/2020 17:34:41   

Tier 2 Class
Requires Rank 10 Necromancer to unlock.
Slice (Auto Attack)
Attack Power: 100%
Cooldown: 2 Seconds
Type: Melee
Description: Repeatedly strike the enemy for heavy damage.
Rank 1
Unlock the Carve skill.

Attack Power: 250%
Cost: 15 Mana
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Description: Attack the enemy with a powerful slash, restoring 10% your own maximum health in the process.
Rank 2
Unlock the Void Barrier skill.

Cost: 100 Mana
Cooldown: 20 seconds

Description: Infuse yourself with power, reducing all incoming damage by 30%. Lasts for 12 seconds.
Rank 3
Unlock the Corruption skill.

Attack Power: 50%
Cost: 30 Mana
Cooldown: 15 seconds

Description: Blast the enemy with dark magic, inflicting Corrupted!, dealing heavy damage overtime.

Attack Power: 250%
Effect Duration: 10 seconds
Rank 4
Unlock the Juggernaut skill.

Description: For every 10% health missing, the Doomknight takes 2% less damage from all sources.
Rank 5
Unlock the Blood for Blood Ultimate skill.

Attack Power: 600%
Cost: 7% of player's maximum health.
Ultimate Meter: Unlocks at 3,000 damage.

Description: Sacrifice some of your health to utterly decimate your enemy with a massive attack!
Rank 6 Carve - Increases the health restored by Carve by 5% (10% to 15%).

Rank 7 Void Barrier - Increases the damage reduction by 10% (30% to 40%).

Rank 8 Corruption - Increases the damage overtime of Corruption by 50% (250% to 300%).

Rank 9 Blood for Blood - Increases the damage of Blood for Blood by 100 (600% to 700%).
Rank 10 Unlock the Drain Essence Cross skill.

Cooldown: 30 seconds
Attack Power: 150
Effect Duration: 6 seconds

Description: Drain the enemy of life to increase all incoming healing received by 25% for a short duration.
I really like the DoomKnight and Sepulchure from Dragonfable and I hope to see them both in AQ3D somewhere down the road. I don't know what ideas or designs the team has for DoomKnight in AQ3D at the moment, if any, but I figured I'd write up my idea anyways. I pretty much just took the DF DmK and converted it to something workable for AQ3D.
Nevertheless, I've always envisioned the design for DoomKnight to be a slow but really powerful juggernaut that gets even more difficult to kill as they get closer to death (Hence the Juggernaut passive). As such, all of the attacks ought to deal heavy damage (Even the auto attack), but in exchange, they have longer cooldowns, with the Ultimate also taking longer to charge up than other classes. Numbers can always be adjusted accordingly to maintain game balance, but hopefully this is a decent rough idea. In a way, it's kind of a contrast to Berserker and attacking a lot of times. DmK would not attack as often, but when it does, it hurts. A lot.
DoomKnight's weaknesses compared to the AQ3D classes in this case, would be a lack of AoE damage and basically no useful group utility (Like Dragonslayer's ability to Silence targets) or skills. It's a rather selfish class, but then, it is a DoomKnight after all, a wielder of darkness and extreme power. For the Cross skill, I chose Drain Essence and what it does ought to be useful to the DoomKnight (When combined with Carve) but also for other classes (Especially when more healing classes get added and if there's actual tanking and healing needed for dungeons and such).

Overall, I want DoomKnight to appear down the road in AQ3D someday, but at the same time, I want it done right and I can wait however long it takes for that to be done.

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3/30/2020 17:16:52   

I have a suggestion that primarily pertains to PC players. I couldn't help but notice that there's no sprint function, but instead consumables that somewhat replace that. I believe it would make gameplay more fluid if the charge animation for morphs was removed, and a morph slot was added to the shift key.
Post #: 637
4/2/2020 7:56:47   

For events, I would really like to have a feature to grind down the dozens of "useless" repetitive drops
you get after you have spent a certain amount of time on it.
Having obtained a certain amount of bits & pieces this way, you could craft that one piece you are missing/looking for.

This way, you at least have a sense of progress instead of that growing feeling of frustration.

Probably has been proposed before, but Shrade with its gazillion incarnations right now really got on my nerve ... One guy right now
hasnt even seen the one version he is looking for 43! times.
AQ  Post #: 638
4/5/2020 14:56:15   

Please make a very big squared hammer, with long handle, golden with white and red details, named Hammer of Hope, costing some of all the level tokens, that would be awesome considering the rapier of hope is very small and thinn.
Post #: 639
4/10/2020 9:28:53   


Put a whole setup of cosmetic items in it so you can change outfits with a single click.
Maybe located in the bank for convenience, but usable from everywhere.
Can be increased to hold more outfits.
If you want to use the same item in more than one outfit, you'd have to get another copy of it.

Area overview maps

Nothing fancy, just an overview from very high above. Maps in general are not very large, I know.
But getting to an area for the first time, things can be very confusing, especially if you are navigationally challenged :)
AQ  Post #: 640
4/15/2020 23:42:37   


1 Show the player list of the map the player is in
2 Show the subnumber of the map, for example Battleon-2 or so
3 Show the number of players in each server
4 A setting to show the health bar of players (With a keyboard shortcut or command shortcut)
5 Add missing maps for teleport to location command
6 Add organization to quest by adding them respectively to their maps, so the display of the quest tab will be the region quest folders, and the player open that folder to see the subfolder of the quest of that region
Open quest tab:
Tap on battleon quest folder
All quests from battleon opens
Special locations and seasonal locations will have their own folders
7 Allow rings and necklaces for other kind of bonus, for example bonus for movement speed, for pvp HP, for Luck, for resistance to a debuff, etc
8 Add speed potion, add more speed to the player in battle (Not outside battle, only active while on battle, or only active while on gian bosses maybe, like "Give 20% movement speed when fighting a titan boss) (Or increase in general movement speed, that would be much cooler)
9 Add a minimap, should be able to display 3D space simulation in 2D, it would display boss symbol, it would display monster that you attack or are attacking you, it would display shop areas, it would display quest NPC, it would display secondary quest NPC, it would display discovered dungeons, it would display portal location and possibly quest task location
Otherwise a compass similar to dauntless, that allow to player to orientate whitin a map without/disabled minimap
Allow in that minimap/compass the player to trigger location advice, similar to summon world feature (Like the firework in dauntless to call to location other players displaying an aler inside the compass/minimap)
10 Allow to switch position of objects in the bag, also in the bank
11 Add a way to upgrade traveling form speed, by crafting (Materials found in daily quests)
12 Allow to hide pets
13 Make the game have less sharp edges in terrain
14 Allow more quality settings and better for PC
15 Display in the world map the position of the locations (Like in AQW)
16 Add a quest completion badge for each location after you finished the main quests of it
17 Make the requiriments to unlock a class more meaningful and even harder since now they are very easy, not challenging
18 Add a Lore Book like in AQW (Was very helpful to know what to play next)
19 Add bank pets
20 Change the location of the traveling form slot to an extra one since that is one of the most important features of the game and does not belong to the potion bar
21 Allow joystick compatability
22 Add swimming and water in dungeons, water texture can be variated to make the game more immersive
23 Add slots to items similar to diablo game franchise or path of exile
24 More not-human armors skins
25 Later on add more quests in the already in-game locations, that would be cool, like for example in arcangrove castle or darkovia castle add more doors in the same map that bring to additional quests
26 Make the beggining of the adventure after creating the character more meaningful and personal, by allowing the player to take decisions
27 Allow the player to take decisions in certain dialogs, similar to AQW but having more important impact in the story later on
28 Add factions to the game, like chaos, good, evil, that allow to player to unlock a passive buff depending of the faction and the rank on it (10 ranks)
29 Add ranks to each region, for example arcangrove ranks to lvl 10, if you want to unlock the class tokens you first need to finish the story line of the map (And possibly also the need to reach rank 10 in that region for some classes)
30 Add scrolls, such as cast stun, summon ally (demon, undead, human, dragon or other for few seconds or until they die, with a max amount of summoned ally of 1 per time), (Potions provide buffs, scrolls would provide debuff for enemy or summoning ally)
31 Add a warning to players when joining a location would imply that the current party will be disbanded or removed
32 Allow the player to drop only certain amount of the collected item that want to be discarded and also allow the player to only add to the bank a certain amount of the collected item or to take a certain amount from the bank
33 More skin/lip/eye colors
34 Add PVP arena like in aqw with reward tokens
35 Add a list of tasks to do in-quest so members in the party know what tasks has ben completed and what tasks remain to do
36 I have seen moving objects in the game, make use of it to make dungeons more engaging and also make use of it to make more interesting parkour maps/sectors, moving objects could be used to simulate floating objects, and moving platforms, also used for boss battles as boss attack skills, also can be used as hazards with movement, that would be able to kill the player if getting to close of it or if the hazard moving reach the player, also bring life to the backgrounds and objects inside the map, for example the runes of the portal of battleon could move sightly up and down, simulating that they are floating, many things can be done with moving objects, please give use of it
37 Add pet a slot that allow to equip for it a bonus, like healing 5% the player when player health under 30%, Gives 5% attack speed when under 30% health, gives 5% more damage when full health, or buffs like so, also debuff to the enemy like 5% less damage, 5% less crit chance or things like so
The graphic for it could be a rune that is placed on a slot of a pet, or you have to merge in a crafting zone the pet with the rune, so it get the bonus added (Similar of what the upgrade scrolls of AQW for armors and weapons)
38 Add secret parkour spots in maps, with false walls, and puzzles, like easter eggs or so, that bring the player to secret chests that reward them with an special token for specific parkour crafting shop, the player need to collect the chest collectibles to craft unique secret items
I think the best thing about AQ3D currently is doing parkour, so add more for it, gives the game good vibes
39 Fake platforms in parkour maps are so UNFAIR, there should be better ways to detect fake platforms if there is any, because currently they are really just annoying rather than related to anything but parkour, parkour should be parkour, so there should be a better indication of which ones are the fake platforms, for example by clicking/tapping on them, giving them a graphic effect time to time, or something like that, please

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5/27/2020 13:08:36   

Hi, my suggestion are base off my concern/feedback regarding lack of things to do, item scaling crafting and dungeon/mob scaling to player, so I want to explain myself first. With the scaling to player level (heartwood), area mob, to dungeon and gears, it make the player lose all sense of progressions, or at the very least, that how I feel.

mob scale to level aren't bad if done right, like an event, daily boss, pvp where there a need for balance as those will be access by player of all level. But in a dungeon, where a lvl 30 would take the same time as a level 7 killing a mob in a dungeon REALLY make you feel lost in player progression.
And gear scaling suffer a similar issue.

My suggestion are for long term fix for: lack of thing to do in the game, scaling issues, variety in equipment (stats, not cosmetic)/build.

Armor/equipment set bonus + random bonus stat:

Set bonus- many game have this system, wear 3/3 armor part from this set give bonus stats "+ 100 attack", and maybe wear 8/8 even give skill bonus E.g "increase X skill damage by X%" or "reduce cast time for Y skill by 20%" or relevant power E.g Vampire set at 8/8 "leech 5%hp from attack damage"

random bonus stat- rarer gear have bonus stat slot. E.g common/uncommon have 0 random stats, awesome have 1 random stat slot, epic have 2, legendary have 3. Random stats can be like "50 attack" or "1% attack" where flat stats is more beneficial for low level player and percent stats are more appealing for higher level player.

With this, even with the same set, a player can farm a spot for the perfect armor set that work with their class. And combine with smithing (see below), this allow you to make set with more focus on certain stats to fit certain classes better without worrying about the last set that suitable for X class was 10 levels ago.

edit: concept in image form
Blue item with random stat and set bonus
Purple item with random stat and set bonus

Profession system: This is something I feel like you have a lot of resource ready for it already, but not really going anywhere with it, like fishing. Also, I think it better if we make it more of a passive class rather than ranking up with quest. Where you gain exp from successfully doing appropriate task.

Gatherer/hunter: gathering material for other profession, higher level yield more materials. Collect herbs/hunting certain animals/fishing for alchemist/cook. Mining ore/gem or cutting wood for blacksmith/enchanter.

Herbs can be get from field or dungeon, click on bush/plant.
Wood can be found in field, click on tree/attack tree like heartwood, need axe equipped.
Hunting need to be done with traps in order not to damage the meat. Killing the animal will yield lower resources. Similar to what we have in Heartwood, but less frustrating.
Fishing need bait to get better fish.
ore, gem and elemental shard can be found in dungeon, similar behavior like tree, need pickaxe.

This would encourage player to revisit lower level area. or buy thing from low level player if trade is implemented.

Smithing: This is where you would make item scale to player without making it feel like there no progression. And give some lower level gear with set bonus mention above worth keeping. Smithing level would always scale to game max level, (e.g lvl 1 can't make lvl 30 gear).
The material would reflect the gear level where it obtain from. E.g copper from greenwood would allow you to upgrade your gear level 1-10, iron from doomwood for level 11-15, ect.

Basic smithing, each time you successfully upgrade the gear, it would have it level increase by 1 and cap at your max level(level scaling), a fail upgrade would degrade the gear.

Advance smithing, unlock when your gear have same level as you (in most rpgmmo, this is the normal blacksmithing, Where you upgrade the weapon/armor and give it additional stats).
E.g a sword with +1 give 10% more damage, a sword with +10 give 100% extra damage.

advance smithing use gem, and +10 is max (x2 stats). the higher the bonus, the higher the chance of failure, which is offset by blacksmith level.
If a gear is upgrade via basic smithing, it will lost 1 advance smithing upon success/failure (prevent someone making a lvl 1 gear with +10 and keep it the whole game).

Upgrade success/failure:
-2 epic failure
-1 failure
0 no changes
+1 success
+2 epic success

Other uses: crafting consumable weapon like throwing knife, traps (like tengu forest), special ammo for pirate gun or the upcoming ranger that is consumed when auto attack or use skill. Dissemble gear and learn to make better version of it (e.g break uncommon gear and able to make rare version of it after making X amount of the item, repeat to epic gear).

enchanting: not much to say here, just basic elemental bonus effects, E.g Earth = short stun, Wind = lower enemy defends, Fire = Damage over time, Water = slow down enemy, Light = minor heal, Darkness = mana leech. Use elemental shard, higher the upgrade, higher the chance it activate. Similar to advance smithing, +10 max and can fail.

cooking/alchemist: we sort of have this in the game already with farming material for making potions. But I think we can expand on it. We have interacting with the environment system in the game already, we already have mob dropping material. With this I think we can allow the player to make better consumable. with cooking, i'm thinking flat healing

(with cool down lower than potion) or/with bonus effect. And potion is just % heal with long cool down like we have now.
lvl 1 food X heal 100hp, CD 6 second, lvl 1 potion heal 15% and cooldown 15 second.
lvl 5 food Y heal 700hp, boost haste by 10% for 10 seconds, CD 6 second, lvl 5 potion heal 30% and cooldown 45 second.
lvl 10 food Z heal 2000hp, boost damage by 10% for 10 seconds, CD 6 second, lvl 10 rare potion heal 100% and cooldown 3 mins second.

cooking/crafting: instead of having a list of things to craft from, have a menu where you choose which ingredient to choose from. So it possible to make something like "X food heal 100hp with boost haste by 10%" or "Y food heal 700hp, boost haste by 1%". So it have a base ingredient and and special effect ingrident. Higher level give higher chance to successfully cook/craft something. E.g lvl 1 cooker have 1% of cooking lvl 10 food or lvl 10 cooker have 95% cooking lvl 10 food. Failure would make "Food?", eating it will give random effect, most likely bad.

Hard mode dungeon: this is where I feel mob scale to level are appropriate, when entering a dungeon in hard mode, mob are scale to your level. But it also give more exp and increase material drop chance for profession materials or to make whatever gear that you're making.

processing profession maybe have puzzle/mini game that "emulate the profession", higher rank have higher difficulty. doing well in mini game would give bonus to success chances. So this would make the profession not as boring and clicking craft with RNG.
Smithing: rapid clicking (emulate hammering temper blade). more hit in = better, but the weapon will cool down and need reheat (swipe left or right), hitting the weapon with the hammer when it cool down will crack it (give negative bonus to success chance).
Alchemist: connect the pipes type of game with multiple stage, where each stage would need and exclude certain ingredient.
enchanting: Simon says memory type of game, mini game flash a bunches of runes in an order. Either that or it flash a rune and you have to redraw it (like dragonfable if I remember correctly, it been too long).
Cooking: can't think of any relevant puzzle/mini game atm.

suggestion image to describe the mini game will come soon when I have the time.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 642
5/28/2020 7:25:14   

Hello my fellow warriors! I have a suggestion that may benefit us all. A Dungeon Hub, basically a room or a screen where we can access and party up/ search for any dungeons that we may want to do. I find it kind of convenient having to go to a certain map just to do a dungeon.
Post #: 643
6/8/2020 12:21:35   

What we really need is a Trading hub so we can sell all our unwanted stuff and do trades with each other.
And also it can help someone out if they are having a hard time finding an item / weapons / armor etc.
And we can make a lot of money doing it too which would help with expensive weapons & armors in certain areas.
Post #: 644
6/28/2020 18:55:31   

I had an idea for the game, it would be to introduce a Nordic class into the game.
Where he would use the ice element and its powers.

I arrived at this point of collusion after I got the frostlorn set, and I saw that the whole environment was very well set with this theme.
I believe it would be very interesting to see this in the game, as it would add some more themes and even new functions, besides, that a part of society likes these subjects.
Now, based on the Frostlorn set, you can see how well it was assembled and its references are are sharp, and we can also talk about the frostlorn monster, which was also strongly based on existing in the Nordic culture.

To start with, in my mind, it could be called "Barbarian Class".

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7/2/2020 2:08:15   

Increase the drop rate for Nature's Wisp. Let it be actually reasonable, and put the exact same pet in the craft shop for 500 Nature Fragments; no purple name (or some other arbitrary distinction) rip-off that only looks identical at a first glance.

It's simply not fair, fun, or good game design for most people to waste away days, weeks, or even months or longer for just one single item, with literally absolutely nothing to show for it, while some other small group gets it in a an hour or two.

And also add a drop rate mercy sytem for every quest, dungeon, and boss item drop that isn't already guaranteed: If you do something that has a chance of dropping any item, but you don't get it, the chance increases by 1%. If you try again and don't get it again, it increases by another 1%. It keeps increasing until you get it.
for examples, a 5% base drop rate will become 6%, then 7%, then 8%, and so on
and a 0.001% would become 1.001%, then 2.001%, then 3.001%.
Then the drop rate resets back to its base chance once you finally manage to obtain the item.

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7/19/2020 5:02:04   

Hey just checking if i can actually post, wanting to give suggestions and feedback has been a massive hastle and pain in the neck, you really dont make it easy for someone who likes the game to simply give you some feedback, not too sure how i feel about that...
Post #: 647
7/19/2020 5:38:49   

Hello, so the first time i tried to post i left a big detailed post of reasons to why my suggestion, but now im just gonna try to make it short and sweet since i dunno if ill still have permissions to post this time...

Anyways, im a long time mmorpg gamer, been around since the dawn of mmorpgs and tried pretty much anything out there, reason im going the extra distance for this one is because AQ has a special place in my heart and the move to modern 3D makes me want to see the game succeed.

Iv also played trough the full content of the game got to lvl30, maxed all the classes that i had and got all the challange gear and even had a few shots at the hunt of the best gear but its kinda pointless and boring..

Heres my suggestions...

1st - This is just a simple suggestion and direction. dont try to ram the game full of features and event and instead try working on the simple basic quality of life improvements that make games enjoyable to play and in return make it flurish, like UI improvements, simplicity, functionality like how your inventory is laid out and being able to sell items easier (right now its a pain)

2nd - This is the main feedback and the thing i feel is holding back this game... Navigation and fluent progression.

- This game has no Mini Map or big Map for navigation, its super hard to track where to go or find places after you been there, following a quest arrow helps alot but then trying to make your way back to certain places can be a massive struggle and frustrating affair. please for the love of god implement some sort of navigation tool besides the quest arrow-
It dosent have to be some intrusive UI element, it can just be a hotkey press away that puts a map on the middle of your screen, allowing to get your position and places of interest and then turning it off again.

I really cant stress enough how important this feature would be, specially in certain dungeons and areas that are way too dark and hard to find your way around like The Underworld. its a cool place but i mostly navigate by following monsters around... would be nice to just know the layout of places.

3rd - Another thing hindering the game is the level experience after lvl8 or 10, monsters just seem like they take forever to kill and seem to do too much damage, making the simplest quest a grinding hault in fun...

When questing in groups things go smoothly even with just 2 players things get waaay more fun, but since some areas or at hours the game is void of players doing your content, stuff just gets dull and frustrating. even when using the best gear you can get for your level...

My solution to this is just simple nerf quest and dungeon mosters by 50% health and damage, this would accound for having an extra player with you at all times and make everything way more fun, this wouldnt apply to challanges keeping the hard content hard and the casual exploration of the game fun.

4th - Another quick suggestion, make telegraphs easier to avoid, honestly most of them and i mean like 90% of them are way too hard to avoid and im playing on pc and i cant imagine the horrors ppl go trough on mobile.

----- In Short... Map, put in a MAP please... a Map the is simple enough to read that shows your location and layout, something simple that you can read at a quick glance and that will help you navigate.
Post #: 648
8/25/2020 3:46:25   

I didn't know where I was supposed to go to give feedback so I'm just going to post here. It is a suggestion so should be alright... I hope people actually read this.

I think the new posing of the female base is really unnecessary and takes away agency as a player to customise their character. Imagine my surprise when I logged in one day to find my proud warrior standing in a slouched/mildly sexy pose. There are enough problems with the female base without thrusting the hips off to one side and making the torso look all stretched. It ruins the effect of any kind of rigid or plate armour. On a personal level, the image I want to project with my character has been completely undermined. I don't want to be a model, I want to kick monster butt.

My actual suggestion: give players options for idle poses, so they can choose for themselves how they want to present to the world.
Post #: 649
9/1/2020 9:10:13   


My suggestion is to add this head slot item to the barbershop as facial hair when you craft it. Really would be nice to wear a pirate hat with his beard, it also could do with a few upper lip tentacles for a mousetache since right now its a neckbeard and looks a little odd.

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