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RE: =AQ3D= Suggestions Thread and Rules

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9/9/2020 8:18:26   

Please consider. ??
1. Remove quick travel from the game, at least leave the travel crystal for tp with gold costs same with friend tp.
2. Since you're planning to add more trade skills it will be good to add filler locations in between main locations that are filled with mobs and specific resources that we can farm so we're forced to traverse the maps of the game to get to somewhere if were not willing to spend the portal costs. Red zones in high level areas will be nice too to add pk in the game. If you dont want to fully commit to it you can allow only farmed resources to be dropped upon dying from red zones. Teleporting from location to location from my option screen just doesnt feel like its an "adventure" imo. Not only does this add a competitive aspect in the game (since resources will be used for guilds, housing etc.) This also gives long time players something to do while waiting for updates every week.
3. Item enchants - element slots maybe or item upgrades. Almost all high levels has the same stats end game. Cosmetic freedom is nice but statwise the game is lacking.
4. If you dont like item enchants maybe do skill trees, so we can focus on classes or builds that we like to do instead of being a jack of all trades and switching classes just cause we can.
5. Random extreme level dungeons/world rifts (it can be random so the layout can be reusable) or boss spawns (removing free tp can help this idea to work too)
6. It would be nice if updates we get can cater casual players and hardcore ones, the one time I felt that was with the tengu dungeon farming 2 clouds for halo and pet. After that every update only caters to casual play, 30 mins - 1hr and the new content is done. Another week/weeks of wait for an update then repeat. Adds more content for us to do.
7. Factions, cause why not. Lol. With rewards and incentive from reputation. PK and daily quests can reward reputation for factions and maybe highest reputation in the week can enjoy the rewards then rep will reset for the next week.

PK and PVP should be implemented or at least be considered. I agree its not the right time for it. But just saying
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9/9/2020 8:31:09   

Rares should stay rares regardless of how low the drop rate for it is. smh
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9/14/2020 18:31:15   

I've got a suggestion regarding the exp system for ranking classes

We all know that the exp you get for stuff diminishes the higher level your account becomes so at level 30, the class exp you get for killing arcangrove monsters is more or less 11 exp per mob - and 33 for the boss

Same goes for the arena in the Underworld.

So far, I haven't seen any higher level things than those that scale and in those instances, I can't get more than 23 exp per kill

As you may know this may hinder lots of level cap players from ranking their classes up - and it definitely doesn't do us any favors that we have to grind 5x more than a new player when ranking up classes

This disparity in exp gain for class ranks cripples veteran player longevity in your proposed "reward dedicated players" model for the 100 class ranks update.

I personally feel only dread and despair at having to grind literally millions of exp points in 11 or 33 exp drops per kill :((

And I'm an avid fan and long-time player of Warframe, one of the grindiest games in existence.

SO PLEASE do something about class exp gain T_T I really want to enjoy this game for as long as it exists (just like I do Warframe), but the exp progression for me is just extremely slow and seems biased against players who have reached higher account levels in the game.

TL;DR - I'm a vet Warframe player and even I am getting jaded from grinding exp by 11's or 33's per mob/boss kill for ranking up the Ranger class which was released when I was already at account level 30. Progression feels stumped and the devs never seem to pay any heed to any of my posts about it T_T I'm on the verge of quitting and I bet so is a lot of your exp-capped players. I can't even seem to get from lvl 7 to lvl 10 in a week of playing and you guys add another 90? I'm sorry but it is what it is. I love the updates and activeness, but please fix existing issues as enthusiastically.

One Sentence Version: Make class exp gain scale with class rank, not account level.

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Post #: 653
10/21/2020 13:01:25   

The Extreme South Wing of Mystcroft Manor needs to be nerfed and the Bow from the boss needs a much, much higher drop rate. Making there be only 3 before the boss and cutting enemy HP to one fourth of what it is would be a good start.
Post #: 654
10/25/2020 21:33:43   

I'm suggesting to introduce firearms to the game.

Now that I'm thinking about it, it would be fun to snipe xD. Imagine sniping and aiming towards the head of the Bridge Skeleton and seeing his head pop off.

It doesn't have to firearms based on real-life, just look at the Halo games, there's guns that don't exist in real life.
Post #: 655
11/2/2020 20:49:42   

Thoughts on the game, returned after a few years.

1. Making the camera spin towards an entity when you click on it can be very annoying. I would like it if - between right and left click - one was unchanged, and one targets the entity but doesn't cause the camera to spin & track them. It's strange how this feature is implemented on tab target (the camera won't move if you hold down left or right click while tab targeting), but it isn't implemented on mouse click targeting, like for targeting an ally.

2. Movespeed feels too slow, even on mounts.

3. What's happening with the Nightlocke weapons. Are they going to continue receiving upgrades, or are they gone for good.

4. Warrior deals a lot of damage, ontop of having 2 circle AoE and a cone cleave. I've been trying to rank all classes to 10, but I just can't justify using any other class.

5. There's plenty of post-game content (Ranking classes to 100), but the best training method (Berserker Trial of Fury, Tower of Necromancy Floor 5) is just shockingly awful and not fun. And it compounds the problem in 4., where AoE classes are heavily favoured. Level-appropriate challenge bosses (especially Ryujin) are really fun, and I want to be doing them for levelling my XP and Class Points. I don't really understand why they are not the best method, when they are fun & engaging party content. Even if you have to make Ryujin Challenge drop several thousands of XP.. just do it. Although it might be better to make the XP drop from the Chest that spawns at the end, so that people don't miss out when the boss dies.

6. I don't think that cross-skills should be basic DPS rotation abilities. I think they should buff and debuff primarily.

7. I think tank classes should have damage reduction passives, and enemies should deal more damage. They should be shredding classes like Mage and Rogue, because these classes have slows and Sprint. They don't want to be attacked, because thematically, they should die very fast when they are attacked.

8. If Fishing & other professions aren't contributing to player power or BIS lists.. then they're dead content.

9. I think XP from quests should scale to your current level, even if the difficulty of the mobs doesn't scale to your level. Questing is always going to be the most fun thing in the game, but I haven't done Westmere, and I'm not gonna do it for 600xp per quest when I'm level 28.

10. There's not much music in the game. Especially in places like Dragon's Graveyard or Arcangrove (where you spend 2-3 levels). At least, the major buildings and dungeons should have different songs. the Tower of Magic itself could just have the original AQW soundtrack, right?

Also, some disconnected thoughts.

1. Sooner or later, you're gonna have to answer the question of where AQ3D fits into the lore of all the other games. It can't just 'exist' and have no connection to them. I think it would be neat if this world was the original timeline before the three hourglasses (MechQuest, AdventureQuest, DragonFable) combined and became AQW. That would certainly put Shadowguard into some kind of context.

2. The animation on the void portal in the Arcangrove Tower of Magic was soooo good. Instantly recognizable. The aesthetic was on-point. Hoping for more reasons to go to the void, so we can walk on void walkways, like those in /join void in AQW.

3. Is Vane being the Voidking supposed to mean anything? King of the void? Any kind of connection to the Eternal Dragon of Time? & I think knowing the motives (& ulterior motives) of villains is super important, if not the most important thing in a story. Think of Drakath and Sepulchure in the Dragonfable Orb Saga. They have stated and unstated goals, and changing objectives in each storyline. Sometimes they achieve their objectives and win, sometimes they don't. With the way Vane is set up, we don't know what he wants, but he does 'stuff', and we win in all of our interactions.

4. There was a Seeker in the Ashfall Saga that gave the Dragon Amulet to Talyn. Is this dropped? It seems like an unexplained but important plot point, considering that the greater plot revolves around visiting all the Guardian Towers.

5. Rayst's set is really good catchup gear for people who didn't play for a long time, or aren't going for the huge farm gears. Please keep putting similar catchup gear locked behind reputations every 6-10 levels or so.

6. When I first walked into the Tower of Magic, I could only think of 1 thing.. I want to PvE this tower, as if it were a dungeon. Maybe put Kathool in the game, and make the Tower of Magic and the Guardian Tower into 5-man dungeons, presented as visions of madness given to us by Kathool. I just think it would be so cool.

EDIT more thoughts

I noticed a strange design decision, which is that XP & Class Points don't have a bonus if you're underlevelled. I suppose it makes a bit of sense, because any low level could go to Arcangrove and join the Mote farmers there. But in my head, i'm just imagining that there should be different metas for XP/Class Points (metas, as in, ways of playing the game) to suit the different kinds of people playing.

Solo play: playing by yourself. This is basically just running the MQ, which is enjoyable enough.

Group open-world casual play: Live band events, battleon defender events, arena of souls, killing fang mobs in darkhurst, killing arcangrove mobs for motes. just straight chillin' with the fellas, killing mobs at your own pace and taking on occasional bosses that spawn in. When these were newly released, they were great xp and class point methods. This is honestly the most fun i've had while playing the game, and it enforces the idea that the open-world is full of people. but small game design decisions can make these zones obsolete. e.g.

Darkhurst fang grinding; why it's obsolete for Lv17:
Levels are still really fast at such a low level, so it's easy to skip over farming fangs
There's a lot of other fun content around Lv15-17 (Shadowskull Tower, Spectral South Wing, anything scaled, Ashfall at 15-16, Underworld at 16, Lolosia at 16+)
There's no restriction on the Fang daily quest, anyone can do it from Rank 1 in the rep

Arcangrove mote grinding, why it's not obsolete for Lv24
Since it's later in the game, XP required for levelling is a lot more
Many players get stopped by the Lv24 requirement for Rayst's quests, so they group up
There's not much other content to do at this level
Arcangrove rep is the perfect solution to hitting Lv24
exvidius dailies give 2 mage scrap & 1 grove essence. everyone needs more grove essence from crescent wolf
The mote daily is restricted behind a rep level that requires you to farm 210 motes first
The rep ensures that completionist players who need 210 will always be farming in the zone
Arcangrove rep unlocks great cosmetics, and mote unlocks great consumables
It's Arcangrove.

Group open-world hardcore play: Shatterskull Bridge, Tower of Necromancy Floor 5, repeatedly running Berserker Trial of Fury. If you play these casually, you'll be out of position for respawns, mobs will die before you tag them, or you'll die from red carpet attacks.

dungeon speeding: Getting good-geared players for level-appropriate or scaled dungeons, & just blasting it. I guess people are doing this in Mystcroft Manor right now, and it's decent xp. Pretty fun. Helps complete some decent cosmetic sets. But in Mystcroft, it is a bit of a feelsbadman when you get the "smash the right pumpkin" or "click the right chest" floor, because there's no reward for that floor (due to skipping the mobs). But the floor is designed in a way that enables us to skip the mobs, so you could say that skipping the mobs is the reward, but then it necessarily follows that not getting any XP/Class Points/craft items is a penalty. & that's what I mean by it being a feelsbadman, cause you get a feeling of penalty (& wasted time) from the floor, but no feeling of reward. Unless you need the boss drops, the craft items are the entire reason you're there. More people would be grinding other dungeons, but the problem is that the bosses don't give XP/Class Points equal to the time it takes to kill them (in comparison to the dungeon's mobs). So it feels like a waste of time running the dungeon altogether. So instead, people just run Barrow Drop & Barrow Pass. I really don't think Dungeons should ever be scaled? Like, is there a reason for a greenguard dungeon to be scaled? If the dungeon is in a low level zone, just let it be a low level dungeon. And then if the dungeon is in a scaled zone, it can be a scaled dungeon. I feel like this dungeon is only scaled because all the end-game players were running it for Traveler's Pack. Or is this dungeon just an exception, because AQ3D staff have some vague fantasy that low-level players & max level cosmetic chasers are becoming friends after running a Frogzard dungeon together.

imposed-challenge dungeon running: What I mean by "imposed-challenge" is grouping up with other people and doing dungeons above your level, for extra XP/Class Points. This doesn't exist in AQ3D, cause you don't get extra XP/Class Points for killing mobs that are even 1 level above your own level. It could exist and be incentivised in the Dungeon Finder update (e.g. a sliding scale of: +40% XP bonus if the party's total level for Shadowskull Tower is under 70. +20% XP Bonus if the party's total level is under 72). (Figuring out good numbers for this would require access to data that I don't have, such as knowing the typical levels players arrive at certain dungeons, and how many times they run them)

challenge bosses: Ryujin Challenge, Tengu Challenge, Ashfall Boss Challenges, etc. They don't give enough XP/Class Points, so nobody is running them for that purpose.

dailies: only playing 1hr a day to do high XP dailies. This is personally what I've been doing, since i've been hard-struck at Lv29. Guardian Tower daily, Class daily, underworld 2 dailies, darkhurst fang daily, pet shop daily, lolosia daily, arcangrove exvidius daily + mote daily (+ crescent wolf & derpicorn repeatable quest from Vesta), and akriloth 2 daily. Unfortunately, playing like this gives very little class points, but it's good if you got your rank 10s already. If bosses gave comparable class points to the time it takes to kill them (compared to just grinding mobs), then this would be really good for class points too.

from reading and talking to different people, it seems like the playerbase is constantly looking for some underground method of group open-world hardcore play, especially looking for small areas with lots of mobs that have reduced HP, but not reduced XP, and then doing that until it gets nerfed. And because Tower of Necromancy Floor 5 is scaled to your level, It's gonna be the fastest method until it is nerfed. And then at level 34, some other small area with garbage mobs is going to be the fastest method.

Idk man, but I don't think there should be garbage mobs giving full XP, ever. There's nothing wrong with this training method, and it can be fun and rewarding to many people, but it shouldn't exist in an exploitable manner. If the XP was trimmed down a bit, and the XP for a few other methods raised a little bit, then there'd be something for every kind of player to do.

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DF AQW  Post #: 656
11/22/2020 9:05:13   

I had a idea for a new character class : alchemist.
I imagined the spells, the class outfit.
The idea came when i was wondering what we do with the empty bottles from wich you have just drunk a potion. Do we just drop it ? Do we keep it in a multi-dimensional pocket in the bag ? Why not use it as a missile and throw it at the ennemies ?

So the alchemist would throw potion at the ennemies.
His basic attack is, well, throwing empty potion bottles.
His first spell is throwing a fire potion that will creates an AOE at the feet of the monster, but it's ankered to the ground.
The second spell throw an AOE at the feet of the caster, ankered to the ground. (an upgrade of the spell (with ranks)would be to possibly cast the healing potion at an another player)
The third spell throw a negatif effect potion, that will, for exemple, reduce the damage of the monster, or his armor, or whatever, but this time, only on the monster
The ultimate spell throw three potion on the monster, and create a little storm AOE that will this time follow the monster.
The cross skill is a poisonous gaz thrown at the caster's feet (and, of course, will not hurt the player ;) )

I drew the spells and an idea for the class outfit, so i can send the drawings to an email adress if you're interested.
Thanks for everything !
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1/17/2021 20:12:25   

  • Show me what server I'm on in the menu somewhere, so I don't have to log out to see it.
  • Free camera function for taking the best pictures.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 658
8/10/2021 1:39:40   

We should be allowed to Delete or Sell Pets, Travel Forms and Tokens. I know those does not count toward Inventory Spaces but it is annoying to see it full of random stuff, I mean we can Sell and Delete Fish, why not allow us to remove Pets, Travel Forms and Tokens as well. I know I'm not the only one who is bothered by this, also not being able to remove tokens almost soft locked players in progressing with the questline Drak has in Heartwood. Thank you for reading this I hope it gets considered, since I have mild OCD when it comes to having a clean inventory in game. This is like my third attempt of trying to progress playing the game while also avoiding accepting undeletable items(not sure if that's a word but you get the point) and I failed again, my friend once said, "Games are supposed to be fun, not to give you more stress."

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Post #: 659
11/25/2021 11:21:58   

Hello everyone. So, the other day I kind of forced an almost 1st person view, and it was very interesting for roleplaying purposes. Would it be possible to implement something like that? Like an on/off switch to place the camera on a fixed point in front of the characters face. It probably wouldn't be very useful for fighting and adventuring though , but fab for RPing .

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Post #: 660
11/26/2021 18:39:48   

Bat travel form please? :)
NOTE: there is already a bat pet named "Giant Bat" that would make a great travel form if it was one. It would be a really cool addition for vampire themed characters.

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