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=AK= All Classes Discussion Thread IX

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12/12/2015 18:14:08   
Wolf Rider


Please discuss all class-related topics here. A few ideas:

Which classes do you like? Why?

Which classes don't you like? Why not?

Where are the best places to use a particular class?

What new classes and related armors would you like to see in the future?

Of course, you are welcome to make up your own discussions about classes, as long as it stays here.

You may discuss and compare classes, but please refrain from arguing or complaining. If you are making a point, be sure to give evidence and reasons for your opinion. Respect the opinions of other members. Thanks!


The Class Tiers if people aren't sure about them. As more classes are added this list will be updated.

0 - All joke classes.
Angler, ChickenCow Armor, Ninja Monkey, Pirate Monkey, Snugglebear Armor

1 - Base classes.
Warrior, Mage, Rogue, Shadow Warrior, Shadow Mage, Shadow Rogue

2 - Storyline classes or the like.
DragonMage Armor, DragonRogue Armor, DragonSlayer Armor, DragonWarrior Armor, Dread Pirate Armor, Evolved ChickenCow Armor, Frost Moglin Armor, Guardian Armor, Necromancer Armor, Ninja Armor, Paladin Armor, Pirate Armor, PumpkinLord Armor, Ranger Armor, Shadow Hunter Armor, SoulWeaver Armor, Technomancer Armor, Togslayer Armor, Zardbie Armor

3 - Special offer/DC classes, High Powered Stand-alones (very rare to have happen) or any that take 1 or more lower classes trained.
Ancient Exosuit, Ascendant, Ascended ChickenCow Armor, Avatar of Time, Chronocorrupter, Chronomancer Armor, ChronoZ, Cryptic, DeathKnight Armor, DragonLord Armor, enTropy, Evolved PumpkinLord Armor, Gnomish Personal Steamtank, Icebound Revenant, Kathool Adept Armor, Master SoulWeaver Armor, Pyromancer, Riftwalker, SnugglePanda, TimeKiller

4 - Doom Knight



On suggestions: If you post a suggestion of any item in this thread, you must also be sure to also join into the other discussions within the post. This does not mean that you are allowed to hijack this thread into a suggestions thread. If too many suggestions are made, all suggestions will be stopped completely.
Otherwise the DragonFable staff offer specialized suggestion threads from time to time and you may post your suggestions when those events occur. Thanks!

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 1
12/12/2015 19:46:27   

DoomKnight Revamped

When I'll use Corruption then Lingering Doom, it has 3 turns (2 turns left). When I'll use Lingering Doom without Corruption, its turn is 5 (4 turns left).
Post #: 2
12/12/2015 19:55:24   
Legendary Nightshade

Yes. That's intentional. The DoT is already crazy strong, this just makes it more bursty.
DF  Post #: 3
12/12/2015 19:59:28   

Okay. :)
Post #: 4
12/13/2015 1:04:04   


daily ballyhoo provides you 1000g, in one year that's 365000g, with that amount of money you can buy the mightiest 100k weapon and still have 65000g just from ballyhoo, i can't understand how gold can be a problem for anyone that has played DF for more than 1 month

I'm just coming back to the game after many years. There are many money-making features I do not know of.


ckdragon not knowing that different weapons should be used with different stats is probably the root of his/her problems

I just use a scythe. I've been using it since I came back. Does using a scythe mitigate total possible damage?

And it's her - I'm still waiting for my name change to go through; my new name would make my gender more obvious. x.x;


the concept of "best classes" is one that leads only to limiting your own choices and, ultimately, disappointment with the classes offered. Especially since classes have been rebalanced and tiers have been established.

I agree. Which makes it harder for me, since pre-Ash DK was the class that fit my playstyle perfectly and now I'm scrambling to find a class that fits that playstyle after the changes.
DF AQW  Post #: 5
12/13/2015 8:15:12   
Project Persona

Scythes do NOT mitigate your damage. They're just weapons that work for all classes and take their damage type from your STR/DEX/INT (highest one takes priority, your class doesn't matter.)
DF AQW  Post #: 6
12/13/2015 8:31:21   

Necromancer can be really usefull and fun to use I've been missing out not using it for that much.Pirate can also be really usefull.So anyway if DK is not good for you anymore then Necromancer may appeal.(Can't believe you created that account in 2006 and you're still lvl 41)

< Message edited by Wolfofdoom3 -- 12/13/2015 8:42:29 >
Post #: 7
12/13/2015 9:07:16   
Sakurai the Cursed


I just use a scythe. I've been using it since I came back. Does using a scythe mitigate total possible damage?

To go more in-depth with what Project Persona said, Scythes will use one stat (whichever is highest) between STR, DEX and INT. So it's exactly the same as the other weapon types in terms of damage, it just allows you to change your stats without having to farm for a whole new suite of weapons to match. And LUK applies to any and all weapon types equally.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
12/13/2015 17:13:19   

The revamped DmK's Malefic Binding after when you corrupted your enemy is stronger than I thought. When I used it on Wargoth, despite that he has 200% immobility resistance and I corrupted him, the malefic binding actually stunned him. It's just like Valtrith's Paralyze attack: you are not immune to it and the only way to avoid it is to have the luck that he misses with each attack.
Post #: 9
12/14/2015 12:23:01   

In terms of dealing raw damage, which one does the most - Riftwalker, Ascendant (with Ageisk boost) or Cryptic?
Post #: 10
12/14/2015 12:52:51   
Alpha Centipede

From my experience, I'd say Riftwalker for burst damage (since the boost decreases from 25 to 0, allowing for high damage in the first 5 turns), and Ascendant for sustained damage (since the boost increases from 0 to 25, allowing for constant 25 boost until Ascension). I feel that Cryptic is too reliant on crits for damage. Just my two cents.
DF  Post #: 11
12/14/2015 13:38:54   

Why is the revamped Doomknight class a lot weaker than the older version of it, its soo weak when I used it against the Doom Crawler in battle compared to the previous Doomknight armor.
I don't like the revamped Doomknight class because half of its skills are useless, and it doesn't even have a critical strike skill other than the Inner Darkness, which you'll have to unlock by boosting the enemy's damage, which is why I don't like using it against tough Bosses.
I don't like the skills of the Chronocorrupter class either, because its so weak and it doesn't have good blind, nerf,and boosting skills, and also doesn't good healing for Mana and for Health.
Chronomancer Armor is one of my favorite classes, but too bad I don't have it thou because I missed the calendar that's for it!
Chronomancer is one of the most awesome classes, because of the awesome nerfs, stuns, buff, blind, and crit skills that it has!
AQ DF MQ Epic  Post #: 12
12/14/2015 13:46:20   

The revamped Doomknight actually isn't weak at all,and its skills are nowhere near useless. And it's still better than every other class in terms of...well,everything? Unlike the original Doomknight (which was an OP broken class),the new DmK isn't "press 2 or 3 skills to win",it's much more balanced and you have to make good use of ALL your skills in order to achieve it's full power. Maybe you're just using the wrong skills at the wrong time? Try taking a good look on the skills and their effects then try again.

Revamped Doomknight skills:

Scaled Damage Boost = (Round(2*(CharacterLevel)/100));
What this means is where you see 100% damage it's 100 + this scaled damage. For easy looking, at level 80 it's +160% or 260% damage. If you're at other level ranges remember that this rounds so you may be off a percent or two.

Scaled Mana = (0.2*(CharacterLevel + 5) + 1);

Attack - 100% Damage

1. Shape Darkness
100% damage
If enemy is suffering from Corruption - will deal 140% damage instead.
Weakness seeks.
+500 BtH on this attack.
CoolDownAmount = 2
Mana = 1.5 * scaled mana

2. Life Carve
100% damage
Heals you for 15% of your total health.
If enemy is suffering from Corruption will heal for 30% of your total health.
CoolDownAmount = 4
Mana = 1.2 * Scaled Mana

3. Doom Spikes
100% damage to all foes.
Attempts to stun all foes for 3 turns.
CoolDownAmount = 14
Mana = 3.5 * scaled mana

4. Lingering Doom
120% damage
Inflicts a 45% damage of a scaled normal hit, Evil, DoT effect for 4 turns.
If enemy is suffering from Corruption - will deal 90% damage of a scaled normal hit, Evil, DoT effect for 2 turns.
CoolDownAmount = 5
Mana = 1.5 * scaled mana

5. Malefic Binding
90% damage
-55 Bonus for 5 turns.
If enemy is suffering from Corruption - 40% chance to stun each turn for 5 turns.
CoolDownAmount = 11
Mana = 2.1 * scaled mana

6. Weakening Blow
80% damage
-50 Boost for 5 turns.
CoolDownAmount = 10
Mana = 2 * scaled mana

7. Void Barrier
Reduces damage taken by 50% and reflects 40% of all damage taken back at foe for 5 turns.
(Damage reflect calculated before reduction)
CoolDownAmount = 15
Mana = 4.5 * scaled mana

8. Dark Favor
Increases Damage by 70%, removes cooldowns on all skills but this and Dark Ritual / Inner Darkness, but will kill in 3 turns.
CoolDownAmount = 25 (Carries between battles)
Mana = 2.2 * scaled mana

9. Corruption
130% scaled damage

If enemy is an Undead
- Removes all resistance to Darkness and then adds -100. Lasts till end of battle.

If enemy is Reptilian or Dragon
- -150 M/P/M and -25 Boost for 5 turns.

If enemy is a Human, Moglin, Elf, Dward, Goblinkind, Giantkind, or Gnome
- -50 to your equipped weapon element for 5 turns.

If enemy is Elemental, Fairy, Infernal, Ateala, or Celestial
- -200 B/P/D and -30 BtH for 5 turns

If enemy is Beast, Avian, Bug, Plant, or Fungus
- Boost Nerf over Time. Starts at -50 and will decrease every turn by -10 for 5 turns.
(-50 -> -40 -> -30 -> -20 -> -10 -> expires)

If enemy is Clockwork, Golem, or Food.
- WDPT, Curse element, DoT effect for 5 turns.

- -30 BtH and -30 to your equipped weapon element for 5 turns.

CoolDownAmount = 10
Mana = 3.5 * scaled mana

10. Drain Will
110% damage
Removes up to 50 immobility from your foe and grants you the amount removed for 3 turns.
If your foe is suffering from Corruption will drain up to 100 instead.
CoolDownAmount = 10
Mana = 3.2 * scaled mana

11. Drain Essence
85% damage
-25 Health to you and +35 Health to foe for 6 turns. (Increases your healing and limits foes)
CoolDownAmount = 12
Mana = 2.7 * scaled mana

12. Blood Rite
100% damage, 100% chance to Crit.
Costs 7% total health.
CoolDownAmount = 0
Mana = 0

13. Necrotic Strike
Deals one hit of 60% scaled damage to Enemy HP and one hit of the following based on enemy current MP to MP.
Enemy Mana > 10000 - 500% scaled damage
Enemy Mana > 6000 - 300% scaled damage
Enemy Mana > 3000 - 250% scaled damage
Enemy Mana > 2000 - 200% scaled damage
Enemy Mana > 1500 - 160% scaled damage
Enemy Mana > 1000 - 130% scaled damage
Enemy Mana > 500 - 100% scaled damage
Anything else - 60% scaled damage
CoolDownAmount = 4
Mana = 1.3 * scaled mana

14. Dark Ritual / Inner Darkness
On first use
- Increases the damage the enemy does by 150% for 2 turns and unlocks Inner Darkness.
- Does not carry over between battles anymore, must use it every battle you want to use Inner Darkness on.
- CoolDownAmount = 2
- Mana = 0
On second use
- 500% damage
- CoolDownAmount = 99
- Mana = 1.5 * scaled mana

< Message edited by hidan_orochimaru -- 12/14/2015 13:48:55 >
DF AQW  Post #: 13
12/14/2015 13:49:51   

I like the revamped DmK very much, it's nice to see new skills of a DmK considering that an armor's skill bar isn't nearly ALL the powers of the armor. It's just what the Hero has learned but had he learned more, even if it says fully trained, he might have become far more powerful. Still, I wish that, even though the revamped DmK is as good as the DF team can do, it was more like Sepulchure's version and taking a little bit more damage. Yes, we DO HAVE some of his animations but I'd like to have all of them. xD
But seriously, I do admit that it IS powerful but since it uses a lot of mana it's difficult to use it's skills in the right order to defeat certain enemies like Ricterild or Hard Mode Impossible Crawler because of their massive HP and damage. Yes, I remember that Ash suggested that you maximize the WIS since the DmK is already powerful but it can never be wrong becoming EVEN MORE powerful! That's what training is all about! LOL!

< Message edited by UltimateDoomKnight -- 12/14/2015 13:52:37 >
Post #: 14
12/14/2015 14:06:55   

I didn't find any problems with Ricterild using DmK back when it was open for DA-testing. But maybe it was because I had already put much stat points in WIS? Seriously,if I ever had the money I will totally purchase that class. (Besides,I really want that DC package)

< Message edited by hidan_orochimaru -- 12/14/2015 14:07:23 >
DF AQW  Post #: 15
12/14/2015 14:10:24   

@hidan_orochimaru Fight Ricterild on Extreme mode or Normal Hard Mode with the revamped DmK and you'll see what I mean. That DOOM ENERGY attack from Ricterild is far too powerful on extreme mode. His DOOM ENERGY dot is taking like 650-896 damage each turn and you would have been near to defeat him but have exhausted each skill needed to defeat him.
Post #: 16
12/14/2015 14:15:15   

I just tried out the Ninja class. Was it even changed at all?
DF AQW  Post #: 17
12/14/2015 14:15:38   

@UDoomKnight:Extreme mode or Hard mode? No thank you,I suck at those!

@ckdragonck: It was revamped,yes.

< Message edited by hidan_orochimaru -- 12/14/2015 14:16:34 >
DF AQW  Post #: 18
12/14/2015 14:22:09   

@hidan_orochimaru Both. Well, I'm sure you'll improve with time if you intend to and you don't have to challenge Ricterild on such modes if you don't want to. I agree with your thoughts, even if you haven't spoken about it but is reflected from your present words on your post, that I play the game to enjoy! But, sometimes I give myself challenges when I'm bored. xD

Well, the revamped DmK is great although when it comes to the Corruption skill I wish that it could instead have equal number of hits just like Sepulchure's. It would feel more real and doomy! The revamped DmK works excellent against foes that don't have high BTH like Ricterild or having such an OP dot.

< Message edited by UltimateDoomKnight -- 12/14/2015 14:28:10 >
Post #: 19
12/14/2015 15:22:15   

So it was revamped but not re-styled? I'm kind of disappointed that Pirate's look was upgraded but Ninja's wasn't.
DF AQW  Post #: 20
12/14/2015 16:30:46   

It'll be re-styled when Ragsrun gets the time. She's very busy with school however.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 21
12/15/2015 6:55:21   
Sakurai the Cursed


In terms of dealing raw damage, which one does the most - Riftwalker, Ascendant (with Ageisk boost) or Cryptic?

I'll just leave this here.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 22
12/16/2015 9:13:19   

Can I still get AoT i I buy the 2015 poster now?

Also, is Time now a canon element?

< Message edited by ckdragonck -- 12/16/2015 9:15:56 >
DF AQW  Post #: 23
12/16/2015 9:22:59   
David the Wanderer
Legendary AK!

@ckdragonck: Yes. As long as the 2015 calendar is available, so is Avatar of Time.
And no, Time is not a canon element.
DF AQW  Post #: 24
12/16/2015 12:19:04   

I don't know if you guys know about this, though I'm sure many do, but did you know that when you use revamped DmK, corrupting your foe with no darkness resistance, using Stan the ScanOrb's ability to reduce your foes all resistance by 15%, and then using the skill "Lingering Doom" you can actually take up to 482-570 damage in two turns?
That's a lot of damage.

You know what would be nice with the revamped DmK? If it, like in AQW, had a chance to perform a doom strike that dealt massive damage! This is no suggestion, just something that I thought of.

< Message edited by UltimateDoomKnight -- 12/16/2015 15:17:58 >
Post #: 25
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