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RE: =AQ= [FGC] Farming Guide Compilation Discussion/Requests

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9/3/2019 3:27:47   

In all honesty I never tried Nerfkitten specifically, but I can suggest a few general things I guess?

The Assassin Class Armor gives a considerable boost to your chance of starting the battle, which can help against the kitten.
Aside from that, the Sizzler 'Splosion spell (sorry, this one has no pedia entry, so I can't link it, but you can find it in the Geocastellum intro quest Okay, I made an entry for it~) automatically hits the enemy, so it should be easier to use it to kill the kitten. Especially if you pair it up with the Geomancer Wizard Robes.

I hope this helps! ^^)/

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AQ  Post #: 226
9/3/2019 7:47:40   

That was a great idea, thanks. The sizzling spell ended up being too weak for me to consistently be able to 1-2 shot the lvl 130 nerf kitten scion; but after a few tests i've found a method that works even being at such a low level (78-80).

Using the Geomancer Armor with the lore-enhanced ability toggled on and the Sinkhole ability off the armor on your first turn will usually bring down the nerfkitten to ~200-300 health. Only able to consistently get that one MP spell off because his next attack almost always takes mana to 0. To finish him off use the armors ability Boulder Blast (costs SP not MP).

There is a little luck involved because he almost always goes first and if he gets a big hit you might not have enough mana to cast. Has been taking me about 3 tries each time to get 1 kill on him at lvl 78; but the rewards are so huge that its definitely worth it. He gives 731,357 exp and 27,425 gold. Just killing him once put me over my exp cap with tons to spare past another level; so as soon as the cap resets it means another instant lvl up.

An alternate strat is using earthquake off the armor because it has a chance to petrify; giving you a free turn. I've found sinkhole much more effective though as it does a lot more damage and can't rely on petrification

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AQ  Post #: 227
9/18/2019 10:36:17   

I've been grinding Queen Hybee from the 10th anniversary quest -> seekrat, to help cap my z-tokens before i move to the mighty shadow gogg house method.

im a FO warrior FYI.
using kindred strike cheese on both queenhybee and the gogg with gathering tranquility at the combat trainer.

Are there better places i should be going to for z-token capping besides queen hybee?

my char
AQ  Post #: 228
9/18/2019 10:56:20   
Lord Markov

It really doesn't matter where you go to cap tokens per se, as no monsters have an advantage over others in terms of dropping them.

With that said, Queen Hybee is popular because you can go on auto-pilot and will (generally) hit your token cap around the same time as you gold cap so you're not losing out on tokens. As long as you can consistently kill her as a warrior then she should be the "best" token farming spot. If you can't, Nerfkitten Scion is considered the next best token spot for warriors.
AQ  Post #: 229
9/27/2019 13:13:47   

Use Ambush Potion and Whispering Raiment

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AQ  Post #: 230
1/14/2020 13:52:47   
Macho Man

Is there any good exp farming spot for a lv 1 character? I'm thinking about making characters that just accumulate ztokens so getting to lv 35 asap would be nice
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 231
2/13/2020 18:17:49   
Gipsy Danger

Farming Place: Twilly > Anniversary Events > Dragon of Time > Seekrat > Queen Hybee (146)
Possible improvement: Drakath Fiend Blade armor (sorry I can't find the info sub link)
Reason: one-shot her consistently with the attack button (FO Warrior)

With the Drakath Fiend Blade armor eleLocked to darkness, a bloodzerker blade, CIT, and up to two Dunamis, it's easy to hit significantly higher than Queen Hybee (146)'s max HP in one shot, no miscs required. Much better than Goggs because you rarely attack 2nd. If you miss, she'll probably hit about 2k, giving you another shot. 444k every ~30 seconds = ~53.28 million gold / hour. If you die just hustle back over there and keep going, losses won't be that big.

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AQ  Post #: 232
3/30/2020 1:13:03   
Primate Murder

Is there a better gold farming spot for a low level (50-70) character than Drakath?

Stat training costs past 200 are prohibitive (over 100k gold per 5 points when the level's gold cap is only 30k), and training Dex to max may well cost over a million.
AQ DF  Post #: 233
4/8/2020 21:39:21   

Do people just restart the game when they beat Drakath? There's alot of dialogue during Zhilo vs Galanoth before another fight and then you can flee.
AQ DF  Post #: 234
4/9/2020 0:42:57   

Farming Place: lvl 150 Zardnado
Build: 150 FO Mage
Gear: Currently using Pyromancer Bloodmage with Celtic Shield (Int Boost) and cozy fire orb (another int boost and spell boost) with Arcane Cutlass of Combustion (Fire Spell Boost) with Double Poelala
Notes: I think this might be the best gold farming spot if you consider the fact that you get a full heal after battle and there is a play again button immediately after so no extra clicks to get back.

Just use the bloodmage skill and it would take at most 2 moves to kill Zardnado. An alternative to the rare bloodmage would be good mage robes (Sorry I have no idea which ones are good, probably Taladosian but I'll defer to someone else for that) and Destruction Burst spell. Might need 2-3 moves to kill with this setup though and if that's the case then you might die before killing so I'm not sure if this would work without at least 100 END (My current END is 50 and leaves me with at least half HP)

Zardnado Gives 1,293,000 Gold per battle so 57 battles is all it takes to cap. It takes roughly around 30s per battle so with max efficiency, we can cap in around 30 mins. Since we're looking at a 142mil/hour gold rate

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AQ DF  Post #: 235
1/3/2021 3:12:55   

I'm currently level 120, hoping to get to level 135. Which farming spot would be best for me?

I'm transitioning to FD Beastranger, so any farming equipment relevant to the build would also be appreciated. Thanks!
Post #: 236
1/4/2021 4:44:48   
Primate Murder

At your level, Shadow Roc house guard is the best place to farm. House ID# 35950899

FD builds are not generally well-suited for farming, so you may have to use some other gear:

- Weapon. The Roc has very high defences, so you'll have to use an autohit weapon. Lord of Thunder's Spear would work well, as would the Kindred weapons (with Kindred pet to gather charges).

- Armor. Roc's weakest to earth, so Terra Bloodzerker would be the best choice. If you're unwilling to spend a UR on farming purposes, Torontosaurus Rex from LTS would be your next best bet.

- Shield. Luminous Shield has resistances to both light and dark.
AQ DF  Post #: 237
1/21/2021 20:12:51   

Any good gold farming guide for FD Beastrangers?

EDIT: Right now I'm doing Zardnado. I use Jolly BoW (for the skill), Pies (for more damage), Foam Finger (pet+guest option), Earth guest & Geocastellum Pet (can Choke Zardnado to do only 26% damage), EO to replenish SP, and Grakma warhorn for more damage. It's a bit slow so if anyone has better suggestions, it'd be great

EDIT 2: I changed strats a bit. Still doing Zardnado. I'm using Neko Armor Burn and Bleed toggle, Fireheart Warbow (for Burn), and Umazen Aspis (Paralyze Potence). I have Gourdon Ramshead guest and Keyote pet both set to paralysis mode. I just attack and keep Zardnado stun-locked with Burn doing most of the damage. Battle lasts around 40 seconds

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Post #: 238
4/7/2021 20:07:48   

Some ideas for some new farming spots and strats not mentioned in other places/guides:

Alpha Weredragon: (2,415,000 gold/run)

You will need a backlash setup for this, which means you'll need to run 250 MAINSTAT/END/CHA. The best method is to use the doomlight FSB, alongside Angra Linnorm and Dread Fiend of Nulgath in Backlash mode. The setup:

Armor: Doomlight Shadowspark armor (I have the energy version, but the dark version will work here too)
Weapon: Doomlight Shadowspark Armaments
Shield: Doomlight Shadowspark Shield
Guest: Dread Fiend of Nulgath (Void Reflection) / Essence of Courage (Rampant)
Pet: Angra Linnorm

You can do this as a Warrior and Essence of Courage, but having INT with dread fiend will be better in this case since INT refills every battle while SP needs to be earned through battles/items. CHA and END are however absolutely essential for this due to the high HP that weredragon has. The only thing you'll have to do is occasionally attack when Weredragon doesn't paralyze you or when you occasionally go first. Otherwise you can pretty much sit back and watch the battle play itself out as it chain stuns you. This will usually end the battle within 1-3 turns depending on the backlash effect saves.

Fruitcakezard: (1,803,000 gold/run)

This setup works with either Pure Builds (250 MAIN/DEX/LUK) or other types.

Armor: Paladin (FD lean)
Weapon: Divine Kusanagi Sword (Doomlight Shadowspark Armament if you have it. A passively regening weapon or a weapon that can heal you in general is also nice to have if you don't have either)
Shield: Morningstar Builwark (Doomlight Shadowspark Shield if you have it)
Guest: Essence of Courage (Rampant)
Pet: Angra Linnorm
Potion: Ambush

Mighty Shadow Gogg:

This setup is slightly risky. You need to not get celerity'd and you need the special to go off. Thusly you need 250 LUK for this along with Ambush to minimize this chance from occuring, although you can still lose initiative (and perhaps even die). But what really matters is that you get the -50 END off.

Armor: Decimator/Shinyaro (Decimator is best here because it's a 5 hit skill which means more sustain from DL)
Weapon: Haunted Dragonlord's Might
Shield: Chieftain's Ironthorn/Valiant Hero
Guest: Essence of Courage (Dunamis is better here)
Pet: Angra Linnorm (Dunamis is better here)
Misc: Something that boosts your chances of getting the -50 END off, though it's not necessary (but better for consistency). And an SP refill item in case you run out of SP.
Potion: Ambush

When you have the chance to attack, ideally going first, use the decimate skill for a 1HKO. Again risky but if you go first and the special goes off, then you'll have done an instant kill. The combo with DL and Decimator will completely refund your skill so you don't have to go back to town to heal.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 239
4/10/2021 2:01:50   

I am a returning player with 113 pure mage. Any good farming spot where i can train to level faster ,gather more gold/token.
Post #: 240
4/12/2021 23:56:51   

If you have a house you can go fight Mighty Shadow Roc. House -> Visit Neighbor -> House ID# 35950899

Stats: 250 INT/250 LUK/the rest in DEX

Weapon: Earth Magestaff (Warlic's Shop -> Mage Quest -> Shop)
Armor: Geomancer's Robe (Warlic's Shop -> Wizard Quest -> Shop, should be at least level 5 for Tectonic Lore)
Shield: Any light or darkness shield or both
Spell: Sizzler 'Splosion (Warlic's Shop -> Mastercraft Sets -> Geocastellum Intro Quest)
Misc: Liquid Courgae (Travel Map -> Sail East -> Travel South -> Haven -> Mind if I explore the town a bit? -> Click on the Town Circle -> Click on the Neko Hospital (building with the red cross) -> Advanced Medicine)

Just equip everything, Imbue with Lore, cast Sizzler 'Splosion. You may die at times. Return to town to heal up
Post #: 241
4/23/2021 20:58:39   

Okay, so a small update on the build that I suggested from earlier:

Armor: Paladin (FO lean)
Weapon: Haunted Dragonlord's Mighty Blade
Shield: Doomlight Shadowspark (not needed, but this is the most optimal choice for this slot. You can use any shield here)
Guest: Essence of Courage (Rampant)
Pet: Angra Linnorm
Potion: Dead Eye Straight

The Haunted DL sword is essential here as even though you'll do very little damage, the SP heal is based on hits, so you'll still revive a pretty good amount regardless. The potion here is to ensure you can land hits to regenerate. Since we're doing backlash farming it's not essential to go first. Doomlight is a backlash in a shield so it's the best for this setup, but it's not essential. But if you have it increases your consistency drastically, though the overall outcome will still be pretty much the same.

For Paladin, toggle Build Defiance and Heroic Burst. This combination allows you to sustain the upkeep of BOTH skills and EoC. Speed and convenience are everything for farming, so this will speed up your battles. You'll build enough Defiance every battle to avoid dying if you reach 1 HP. However if you end the battle on 1 HP, the next battle you'll start the revive skill. However this can work to your advantage because with Heroic Burst, you can damage the enemy upon revival, shortening the battle and saving you if you're in a pinch. Sometimes the Heroic Burst will damage half of the Zard's maximum HP which can save you quite a bit of time. Occasionally you'll kill the zard through the revive animation, though because of how the game's coded the Zard doesn't die even though he reaches 0 HP. However this is still good for you because you only need to finish your turn to trigger his death.

The thing I love about this setup is that you don't need to change your build and you only really need to press the attack button. I personally run it as a pure warrior (250 STR/DEX/LUK). It will work with 0 END. Even though its main component is backlash, thanks to the revive mechanic you can safely execute this build no matter the amount of END you have. Though that being said there's still the occasional chance (maybe 1-2 times a day) that you'll end up in a scenario where you actually die twice because you might not get enough successful rolls to kill him before he can kill you.

In my test runs I usually cap with this build in about 18-22 minutes.

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AQ MQ  Post #: 242
5/30/2021 4:36:33   

The War Between Shadows quest (part 1) provide relatively large amount of experiences and relatively small amount of golds. This quest does scale to player level. This quest contain one very tough final boss.
AQ  Post #: 243
7/27/2021 17:39:16   
child of satan

Farming advice for a level 50 pure warrior build? My stats are str 150 and dex 100. Thanks in advance!
AQ  Post #: 244
1/14/2022 17:22:39   

Level: 52
Place Drakath the Undead Dragon ( But I can't beat him anymore.)
Build: Going for Pure warrior. Strength is at 200.
Desire: Place to consistently farm XP besides the dragon. I've tried every strategy to beat him at this level (D Burst, Pyromancer Robes) but I can't.
AQ  Post #: 245
1/14/2022 23:31:21   
Primate Murder

Iirc, you can start farming Nerfkitten Scion at lvl 50. Power Leveling Guide shows how to do it as a mage, and you can probably do it as a warrior with Taladosian / H-Series.

If the Scion is too difficult, you can start with regular Nerfkitten (52073788).
AQ DF  Post #: 246
1/15/2022 0:25:07   

Thank you very much. I appreciate it.
AQ  Post #: 247
4/17/2022 14:30:12   

Did Nerfkitten Scion get nerfed? I'm only getting 17193 XP and 5371 gold from the 130 version :(

The level 90 one gives 17193 XP and 1197 gold
AQ AQW  Post #: 248
9/3/2023 19:16:35   

Since I was asked for a farming build for the upcoming Winter Contest, I thought it would just be better if I posted these publicly.

Overview: Several void monsters can be quickly farmed via backlashing with the Nemesis Set. The candidates you can use for this for this are FruitcakeZard, Starslayer, Nulgath (Hard Mode), Keyote, and Alpha Weredragon in that order for consistency and speed. The build is as follows:

Armor: True Nemesis Testament (Punisher Mode + Avenger)
Weapon: Depending on the enemy:
  • Gauntlet of the Galin (FruitcakeZard, Nulgath)
  • Lost Talon Breaker / Haunted Dragonlord's Might (Alpha Weredragon)
  • True Nemesis Condemnation (Starslayer, Nulgath, Keyote)
    Shield: Depending on the enemy:
  • Doomlight Shield (Most consistent, but premium)
  • True Nemesis Bastion (Nulgath, FruitcakeZard)
  • Any shield that protects against energy (Starslayer)
  • Any shield that protects against fire (Keyote)
    Pet: Angra Linnorm
  • Ice Dreadfiend (Keyote, If you have it)
  • Essence of Carnage (All others, F2P option)
    Stats: 250 STR/CHA/END
    Potion: Dead-Eye Straight

    Worth noting that Keyote and Alpha Weredragon have far less consistency.

    Another F2P build for farming FruitcakeZard (can be enhanced with premium options):

    Armor: Tempest Power Armor
    Weapon: Burden of Insight (autohit mode)
    Shield: Sole Shield
    Pet: Angra Linnorm
    Guest: Essence of Carnage
    Stats: 250 STR/CHA/LUK
    Potion: Ambush

    Note: There are possible block/dodgelash builds that can possibly work against Keyote (his regular attack is 4 hits, many possible outcomes for this), although several of these options are premium only so I cannot recommend them in good conscious.

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