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RE: =AQ3D= Question & Answer Thread

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9/23/2016 1:49:56   

@oishii, Yeah, I have reported that person after that incident. However I still see him in game in the following day. Perhaps a mute I guess? Oh well, regardless of what happens, it's fine for me because I don't really mind, after all this is the Internet.

@Vypie, I guess you are right regarding the visual delay. I tried the dungeon again just now and I am sure the delay is certainly more than 3 seconds.

I tried soloing the dungeon after reading your post and surprisingly, I managed to solo the Spider! It took quite awhile as I cleared out the room first and lured the spider to the front, where the space is bigger so I can dodge better. The boss isn't very tough and there was an occasion where I defeated it with 100% health remaining.

After that, I attempted the dungeons a few more times but it is just find a way to exit and defeat all enemies. Sadly, I didn't get any drop from the boss, which is pretty demotivating and frustrating. I guess I will stop farming the dungeons for now due to this(and some other reasons) Hopefully they can increase the drop rates of the crafting materials and fix the bugs, which is a lot I would say in the games current state.
Post #: 51
9/23/2016 10:02:46   

Contrats in soloing it! :)

I think the Drop rates are so low because its an endgame item. Maybe it would be a good idea to increase them a bit when new higher level content arrives, otherwise it makes progression frustrating.
New players will have a very hard time if they have to do the same insane grinding of an endgame content as PART of their progression.
Weapons are not easily available at that level, so maybe they could instead add an extra crafted/dropped/bought weapon option to fill in that gap.

In any case, even for end game content, the low drop chance is demotivating.

Its with no surprise that many games have a 'Raiding' content, where you can only go a certain dungeon/raid once per week.
Loot has a bigger chance to drop, as well as multiple drops, making it feel worth it every time you DO go there.

I still think that weekly limitations would not be good thing in this game anyways. But having the bosses drop nothing at all doesn't feel good either.

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Epic  Post #: 52
9/23/2016 10:37:28   


I agree with what you said regarding the drop rates.

It would probably be better (in my opinion)if the dungeons are made more challenging or maybe longer(if it is already challenging for, as you said level 12 or 13 players) BUT with a much higher drop rate or even guaranteed drop rate. Longer as in more rooms and more challenging as in certain criterion such as completing the dungeon under a certain amount of time or players have only a limited number of respawns. I think this makes players feel more satisfied as it is obtained through circumstances like these rather than just RNGs. If based on RNGs(like now)one may obtain it in the first try or wouldn't even get a drop after a dozen of tries.

If the current system is to stay(with 3 rooms), making the rooms in the dungeon having more variety(right now it is just kill all enemies, find a way to exit and solve the mystery of the gate)would be better as it less repetitive and might be more fun to experience some variety. I might post more regarding this in the suggestion thread when I have time.


Regarding the drop rate, yes, the fragments drop rarely. You might use all 20 keys and find no fragment, or find 2 or 3. I would say that after farming all 3 weapons and a total of 9 fragments, it felt like a 10% drop chance, but it could be less.

Just curious, approximately how many runs did it take you to get 9 fragments? I have already did about 18(might be a bit lesser) runs in the dungeon and only get ONE fragment so far. If this continues, it might take me around 200 runs to get 9 fragments. Hopefully the drop rates will be higher after open beta or have some changes make to the dungeon, with the bugs fixed.
Post #: 53
9/23/2016 11:29:24   
Nightmare AQW

Will they be resetting all character progress again?
DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 54
9/23/2016 11:45:01   
Dr Disrespect

Refer to this post.
Post #: 55
9/23/2016 13:58:58   

I remember that the first fragment took me 4 tries. Then, the second one took me almost 30 keys (it was horrible!). But then I got the third one probably after 8 tries, crafting the first weapon. Got the the fourth on the next day, so it was in the 8 keys frame. Then, I got extra 4 fragments in a single day of 20 runs and 20 keys. I don't remember well, but it took me probably 15 runs to get the final one.

With such low drop rate, its VERY inconsistent. At least, after I got the Nightlocke scythe, running the dungeons became even faster.


It would probably be better (in my opinion)if the dungeons are made more challenging or maybe longer(if it is already challenging for, as you said level 12 or 13 players) BUT with a much higher drop rate or even guaranteed drop rate. Longer as in more rooms and more challenging as in certain criterion such as completing the dungeon under a certain amount of time or players have only a limited number of respawns. I think this makes players feel more satisfied as it is obtained through circumstances like these rather than just RNGs. If based on RNGs(like now)one may obtain it in the first try or wouldn't even get a drop after a dozen of tries.

I'm all for that! Unfortunately, there's some time limitations. If the dungeons are too long, It deviates from the idea of being able to do quick dungeons runs on your phone at any time.
But I really like the idea of obtaining certain items by completing concrete actions or fulfilling a specific chain of objectives, rather than RNG for everything It would give players a sense of progression, in a way that they feel they actions actually count to get the items, but we could then have bonus RNG stuff along the way as to give extra flavour and surprise.

One example of this would be adding random special rare drops to every single monster, be it in the world or dungeons. These would not be farmable in specific monsters, but instead , every creature would share this 'pool' of items. Bosses could have their own 'pool' of items they could drop.
This would give some extra excitement when running dungeons, never knowing if or when you are going to get something special. Running previously completed dungeons could still be worth doing, even while helping friends with content you don't need anymore.
Who knows what you could get? Getting all those items could be very difficult, but you would be playing the game anywhere you want, rather than the SAME dungeon again and again and again.
(Maybe this would be hard to do because of the amount of items they would need to create, but it would be super cool.)
Epic  Post #: 56
9/26/2016 6:54:31   

Am I still able to participate in the KickStarter campaign? I checked the website and I can't find a link to back it up. Is it now over? :( [/color
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 57
9/26/2016 7:01:27   

Unfortunatly it is over. But you can still get Guardian and it's current bonuses and support the game with the coin as well. (:
DF  Post #: 58
9/27/2016 11:24:28   

Hopefully you'll be excited to know that I've been tweaking the crafting recipes and drops! They should feel much better now - you'll most likely be getting a sneak peek in Greenguard if there is ever a server restart. Other upcoming changes should include monsters in dungeons being easier to defeat as well (though bosses remain the same strength).
Post #: 59
9/27/2016 19:57:39   
orc orc orc

@oishii Thank you for updating us on rebalancing the game. My question is, will there be at least another patch before Open Beta launches, assuming there isn't any changes to the date? We need more closed player testing before opening the game to the world. Closed Beta has been rather barren and a lot of time in it could have been used for more player testing through new patches. We don't know whether these tweaks will benefit the game, so feedback is important.

As for the items, will there be gold shops that offer up-to-level gear? It's important for players to gear up first before they take on mobs so there should be an instant source of items. Players should be able to update their gear once they level up. Crafting should be largely for stronger gear and not be the crux of the entire game. The over-reliance on crafting is among the main issues in Closed Beta right now, the game is a major grindfest. Not only that, the dungeons required for some crafting items are often too difficult for players of the levels they are designed for...they need gear to stand a chance against the mobs, but to get gear they need to craft, but to craft they need to defeat mobs. It's a paradox. Crafting should not be compulsory to get proper equipment.

The main issue with crafting is that it relies too much on RNG drops, many of which are from difficult/tedious monsters and dungeons. RNG should not be mixed with difficulty and tedium. It's already monotonous as it is. They make items like the Nightlocke and Bridge Keeper Axe unrewarding because they reward for luck rather than skill and dedication. The bridge keeper axe in particular requires beating one of the toughest bosses so far multiple times and its main resource isn't even guaranteed. I hope the RNG is toned down, if not removed from crafting.

I'm happy to see the monsters are getting rebalanced. Some of them (especially the dungeon ones) can be too strong for players of the same level. They're not impossible to beat, but they can be tedious to do so. On the other hand, I'm quite unsure about bosses staying the same. I admit I didn't have too much trouble against most bosses except ones like Ghost Dog and Gathmor. Then again, it may be because of the lack of proper gear. I had trouble with Gathmor mainly because of the dense map design. Maybe other fixes such as maps and aggro systems would be beneficial. Monsters should be manageable and fair.

Lastly, will the combat system ever be developed? It's very primitive right now and is among the main reasons why the game is unfun. The game is already a grindfest in the first place; it wouldn't be as bad if the actual gameplay was fun and engaging. Right now, the combat lacks depth. Isn't it supposed to be worked on at some point in Beta? To be honest, all of this could've been done in Alpha. The combat right now is among why the game may likely suffer if Open Beta comes this early. After two failed games, I'm not sure whether the lesson has been learnt.

I'm sorry if I came off as aggressive, but I have hopes in this game. I want it to succeed.

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Post #: 60
9/28/2016 11:57:58   

orc orc orc, I am not sure if there will be any major patches going in before the Open Beta release. Zhoom has been away for the past few weeks so we have been unable to push anything to the live servers. We do have a great team of testers who test with me on the Development server where we try to work out a lot of the issues.

As for crafting, the last thing I was told was that crafting should be the main way that players acquire gear- so that's why I made those changes. I have touched on this issue in some previous posts as well; I'm not opposed to adding some gear back to vendors; but they would likely be fairly weak (and I still need time to add stats back to every item).

Mobs should drop crafting materials on practically every kill now; so you won't need to worry about praying to RNGesus anymore. Same thing with dungeons; the mobs are easier and drop materials on almost every kill. Outdoor bosses are balanced a bit differently since there is a different player cap on outdoor maps vs dungeon ones.

I can't give you an answer on the combat system since I don't work on those systems. While I can design skills; I'm limited by what combat mechanics that are currently available and I have to work around that. When Zhoom is able to program more functionality and mechanics then we will have to see.
Post #: 61
9/28/2016 12:59:20   

I think a solution could be found on Crafting recipes that require a weaker, but usable equipment as an ingredient.

This would help players get small upgrades as they enter new zones, but then using extra crafting materials to craft the strong stuff from that zone.
These equipments/weapons would work as some sort of 'soft' upgrade. Not powerful enough to carry you all the way to the next zone, but to help ease the upgrade curve while working on gathering other ingredients.
It would also help fill in and prevent equipment gaps (when your stuff is too low level compared to you for a loooong time).

The items should probably be under green quality. Similar to the Acidworn blade that turns into the Exoblade, but at least slightly useful for the content you are running.
Maybe these 'weaker' items could also be some of THE items found in vendors, so that it does not all turn to RNG.

Of course, not every crafting recipe would be like this. It would probably work best for normal quest zones and core dungeon gear.
Maybe even completing a story-quest could grant you an equipment for you to upgrade later, giving the incentive to keep going and extra goals to reach.

This keeps crafting as a prominent feature, what do you think?

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Epic  Post #: 62
9/29/2016 3:04:23   
orc orc orc

@oishii Thank you so much for the reply. Overall, the changes stated look beneficial on paper. They do address a number of issues in the game. Tweaks to crafting and monsters are notable ones in particular. I'm looking forward to them as a result.

Regarding items, I feel that basic vendor items for different levels would be useful, even if most items are obtained from crafting. Of course, they should be weaker than craft items while providing sufficient stats for their respective levels. They would offer us something to start with as we progress and upgrade our equipment to crafted ones. As we need to defeat monsters to craft, shop items help us do so.
I am aware crafting and monsters may become more manageable, but vendor items may still help with the difficulty curve.

Lastly, thank you for updating us on the progress of the game. It's good to know a number of the game's issues are being worked on. I'm also glad to see why there hasn't been much news regarding the game for the past few weeks. As Zhoom returns, I hope more developments will be made to the gameplay, particularly combat.

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Post #: 63
10/4/2016 6:43:32   

I think making shop items weaker is not a good idea. They should be an alternative, so make then as good as non-dungeon craft items. We do not need a lot of shop items, we can have them for specific level ranges like 5, 10, 15. Just make their prices fair, so a player cannot buy a full set once he hits a certain level but may buy 1 or 2 items instead of crafting.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 64
10/17/2016 18:29:06   

So I got the horse rider thing from the guardian guy and I was wondering, will I lose it when Beta is over or will I keep it?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 65
10/17/2016 18:38:26   
Undead Lunatic


So I got the horse rider thing from the guardian guy and I was wondering, will I lose it when Beta is over or will I keep it?


You'll keep it. There's no plans for a character wipe when Open Beta launches, but even if there was your paid content would be kept.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 66
10/17/2016 22:07:14   
DarkER ZenD

So back in 2012, I believe, I had registered the account name Hunter on AQ3D. It was some sort of user name reservation so that the AQWORLDS member players could have first picks on the unique user names. I have my AE account that is linked to AQWORLDS but for AQ3D says nothing is linked. I even went to AQ3D and went to forgot password but it says there is no account under my email. So did I lose my account and my founder, alpha-knight, and pre-beta badges? Or were all the accounts deleted somewhere in between then and now?
Post #: 67
10/17/2016 22:29:19   

Sounds like you had signed up for AQ3D: Legends of Lore, which was their first attempt at a 3D MMO. Due to technical limitations that came out of nowhere, that project was shut down in favor of making a multi-platform solution, which also became known as AQ3D (very inspired, I know).

If you were indeed signed up with the original, then yes, your account was indeed deleted. We were all offered the chance to recreate our accounts on the new game, so if you have not done that, there isn't really much you can do at this point.

< Message edited by Ninjaty -- 10/17/2016 22:33:08 >
Post #: 68
10/17/2016 23:39:39   
DarkER ZenD

Damn that's a bummer. I really wanted those badges, and my unique name Hunter. Oh well guess ill wait till open beta to see if it's a great game. Thanks mate.
Post #: 69
10/19/2016 17:53:33   

I don't know if this is just me or not but I keep getting this error when I try to login after the new patch. Is anyone else experiencing this as well? How can I fix it?
Post #: 70
10/19/2016 18:10:58   
I am Moglin!


I got that error aswell, but the solution is: Just before you login, go to the options in the corner to the left. Click on it and clear your cache. Now your game should be working just fine.

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 71
10/19/2016 20:08:55   

I've waited till open beta hoping this would be addressed...

When left clicking or right clicking shouldn't the mouse hide and not move out of the window when looking around? It feels really bad when playing on steam and moving the camera just to see my mouse on the other screen
Is it a bug? or is this how the game suppose to work?

I'm asking because i'm curious if this is a work in progress or maybe its just me having a bugged game D;

< Message edited by Draxx -- 10/19/2016 21:29:05 >
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 72
10/20/2016 1:25:34   

The game gonna have a wipe? you know when the open beta ends, maybe can reset all progress, right?
Post #: 73
10/20/2016 5:31:00   

@DragonUltraMaster, Thanks for the info.
Post #: 74
10/20/2016 6:52:31   

AQ3D has been crashing when I'm playing in my laptop. Where should I send the error logs that's been compiled?
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 75
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