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RE: Occavatra's Collection of Fiery Masterpieces and Crystals

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1/31/2017 19:21:17   

Monstrous Ruination Claymore of Despondency
A long-lost claymore that was formerly wielded by a crypt wraith that lived inside Castle Valtrith long before the Baron was brought back into the material world. Its corrupted dark magic still lingers inside and there’s no sign of it wearing off anytime soon.

In light of the Friday the 13th Black Winter attack, I colored a sword I collaborated with Seth Juron on with Doom Knight colors and added the jagged spikes usually seen on the shoulder plates to give it a more intimidating appearance. The previous owner of the claymore may have came from the elemental plane of darkness like the other dark spirits that materialize in our Doom Weapons. Because the wraith's presence in the crypt was long ago, it's apparent that those who have seen it once will never see it again. On this variant of the sword are three recolored Shadowscythe emblems that you may recognize from the T-shirts and mouse pads sold at Heromart. (I didn't design these in case you were wondering.) Because these emblems are present on the sword, it is evidence that the Shadowscythe still exists, but it is scattered across the world since Book 1 concluded. If you're lucky enough to find this sword, good luck resisting the darkness within it with your much-needed strength. In addition to Seth Juron collaborating with me, I would like to thank Bido, Deuce, Dracelix, and Charfade for their helpful advice and feedback that helped me get the sword polished, detailed, and ready for DOOM!!!


The name of the claymore symbolizes the struggle we all had to endure to win the war, get our dragons back, and Tomix's best efforts to get the finale of the saga ready for us. January has been an eventful month for all of us and I am glad that we will soon confront the evil that threatens to engulf our world into darkness and if it is not stopped, Falconreach might follow suit.

Deviantart Image
Hallowed Claymore of a Scarred Wraith (P and E) (EpicDuel)

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1/31/2017 19:43:08   

Caitiff's Ceremonial Claymore
An ancient relic from the Reset that fell into darkness. The pattern placed on the runes tells a tale of sadness and defeat, but it was no concern to Caitiff as it perceived it as another chessman to play with against you.

Because it corrupted a beautiful and enriching relic from ancient history and for all it had done, Caitiff is truly a despicable dark spirit that lives by its name. The claymore is now used as another chessman to use against the weakening forces of light in Caitiff's favor over the course of the Black Winter attack it has launched. The claymore was unseen through much of the war, but a rumor went around that a Doomed Guardian had it in its possession who proved to be a terrifying warrior of the shadows. Few people lived to confirm whether the rumor was true or just a tactic to scare others into battle. Luckily, despite the Shadowscythe emblem replacing a rune on top of the blade and the corrupting doom that the claymore succumbed to, a mysterious pattern that the runes display on the top have never left it. The description above sheds some light on the meaning of the runes, but the mystery remains intact. What does that strange pattern represent? Those who live to see it will never know because translating the runes are far from easy.

Deviantart Image
Dimitri's Ceremonial Claymore (MechQuest)

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2/9/2017 19:04:15   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

I love the details you've put into these last two Claymore's, especially the difference highlighted between the shadows on the first played and the highlighted ruins on the second. It also matches the current DoomKnight coloring perfectly!

Maybe our friend Seppy needs a new weapon now that the NBoD is gone?


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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 28
2/12/2017 17:11:49   

That claymore looks cool :D

Although I do wonder how it's used with those chains hanging around.
DF Epic  Post #: 29
2/13/2017 1:36:32   

^I was wondering how you'd use a claymore with spikes jutting out of the handle... perhaps you hold the chain?

The ruination claymore is an odd weapon- there doesn't seem to be any way to actually use it for anything. Spikes jutting from the handle, the blade right next to the chain... the stabby-stabby part at the end being covered by that top section...
Seems like the only creature that could use it would be a spirit.

Just saying, it has charm, but odd looking weapons need to have some way of being used.
Post #: 30
2/24/2017 22:09:18   

@Starflame13 Thank you so much, Starflame. I had so much fun with Seth Juron designing them. ^_^ They're both separate weapons that have been tainted by the same corrupted darkness that our dragons were inflicted with, which might be no surprise.

Maybe our friend Seppy needs a new weapon now that the NBoD is gone?

If Sepulchure ever came to Castle Valtrith inconspicuously, he could be in luck. The Monstrous Ruination Claymore of Despondency is not a Doom Weapon, but it sure would be an ideal sword for DoomKnights rising in power. I hope none of them are around currently besides Occavatra's nemesis, starting on The Final 13th and onwards. He's the only one you'd have to worry about. *shudder.*

@HwarangxDxArcher Wow, thank you. I'm glad you like it. :) You'll need to firmly grasp the sword by the center brick on the handle. If you have a gauntlet on, you'd be safe from getting pricked by the spikes if one of your hands get too close to the columns. If you don't own a gauntlet, I wouldn't recommend equipping it.

@Shiny_Underpants Nobody who owned either The Monstrous Ruination Claymore of Despondency or the ceremonial claymore ever thought of grasping the chains. Maybe it would be handy if the pointy blade/crystal on the bottom is a preferred choice?

The ruination claymore is an odd weapon- there doesn't seem to be any way to actually use it for anything. Spikes jutting from the handle, the blade right next to the chain... the stabby-stabby part at the end being covered by that top section...
Seems like the only creature that could use it would be a spirit.

Its previous owner was a wraith, which would mean your hypothesis would be accurate there. The ceremonial blade wasn't intended to be used for combat since the purpose of it is exactly what it's named for. Both the vampire lord Dimitri or in this timeline, Caitiff, would use that blade to knight high-ranking followers or a possibility that sends a chill down my spine. I read that thread a little bit in the DFGD the other day and that got me thinking if Caitiff would also be capable of converting parted or living souls to Doom Spirits should it raise beyond its prime. If it had the power to do so, the ceremonial blade would be capable of following that command. Now that Caitiff has been destroyed, however, the claymore is now left without an owner, but the darkness inside of it still lingers much like its physical counterpart. What actually warped both weapons into tools used for combat would be the darkness that corrupted them, hence the spikes at the top of both blades. Otherwise, they might be used in a similar fashion as scythes such as the wraith who previously owned The Monstrous Ruination Claymore of Despondency. It can also reap smaller souls if the wraith was ever in the mood for soul-harvesting.

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 31
2/26/2017 3:08:53   

Lol, I personally just realized about the spikes when Shiny mentioned it.

I was actually more concerned about 'which side of this claymore is used for offense', as one-side got chains and another side got those pointy-end thingy which reduce the area of the sharp edge to be used when swinging those weapon.

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DF Epic  Post #: 32
2/27/2017 19:12:37   

@HwarangxDxArcher Both sides of the claymore can be used for offense. The sharp crystal or smaller crystallike shape of the blade is used for temporary immobilization or finishing blows while what would be the part of the blade where the chains are located is used to damage surrounding foes, but the blows deal less damage compared to the bottom portion. That's why the front side of the blade is used for soul harvesting much like how Death uses his scythe, but where or if you possess the blade is up to you should find either one somehow. I wish you luck. You will need it to hold onto your dignity.
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2/27/2017 19:54:35   

Hero's Heart Day Storybook Collector's Edition

When love is in the air, so is resistance when the Rose continues to reign terror across the continent. Big Daddy was more than happy to print a few hundred dozen copies of the storybook as long as he cna charge extra for them. That is why each copy with around four barrels of Snuggle-Grams for free. Neither Occavatra, Irene, nor Europa wanted to wear the Snugglebear costumes while they handled the distribution process, which led to an argument that lasted for a few hours until Big Daddy caved in when Irene reason that wearing the costumes would draw negative attention to themselves especially from the Rose. Still, they were forced to stay inconspicuous anyway. There are fewer copies of the collector's editions than a majority of the other seasonal storybooks because Hero's Heart Day is commonly celebrated in the Maguswood Region and in secret inside Doomwood Forest, which would cause them to be harder to find. This particular edition is in a secluded portion of the Forest of Infinite Terror where four moglins frolic around it and read old poetry to each other. How are they able to read the books is that they would either stand on the pile of Snuggle-Grams crates and barrels or climb up the pedestal with some avail. Up above the pedestal is a magical throbbing heart that helps keep the soothing magic in the Forest of Infinite Terror alive and helps illuminate the area at night to protect against creatures of the night. The relic is among the very few that miraculously survived the Reset. Still, this time of year is Irene's favorite because not only is it in a late phase of the winter season, but it's also a time to celebrate friendships, joy, and well, everything pink. :P As for Occavatra, he hopes that the distribution of the HHD storybooks would allow readers to keep an open mind and be kind to their loved ones especially when magic brings them together.

This project didn't include a lot of my original assets, however, I did have some fun updating the throbbing heart that I designed last year as part of a MechQuest-related project as well as redesigning the handle on the Bleeding Heart axe, which is what one of the moglins is holding onto to play with. I would like to thank Dracelix for his feedback on the revamped handle and for the additional assets needed to recreate parts of the axe that I couldn't handle replicating on my own. Happy Hero's Heart Day.

Deviantart Animation
Throbbing Heart Altar (MechQuest)

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AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 34
2/27/2017 20:04:15   

Compared to last year, the current design of the throbbing heart is darker, causing the first version of the design to appear flat because the distinct colors are too obscure and they don't contrast enough. I'm glad I made them stood out in the revamp. :)

AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 35
3/3/2017 23:23:47   

Bleeding Heart

Not much has changed in the Bleeding Heart axe other than the fact I modified the handle as I mentioned earlier, but I just thought that I should show you all a better version of it since the arm of one of the moglins holding it in the HHD Storybook Collector's Edition has obscured the handle and I enjoy red, sparkly crystals. Fortunately, Hero's Heart Day is not over for another few days, which is why this was a good time to post it. ^_^

Alternate Image
Zoomed in Image of Handle

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3/15/2017 19:16:52   

Nicodemus's Doom Amulet

A unique Dragon Amulet that belonged to the vampiric DoomKnight Nicodemus since he had forged it using tainted obsidian found in the remains of Sepulchure's Fortress in the Deadlands and the remains of Doom Weapons that were broken during the course of history. Thousands of dark spirits thrive in harmony within this cursed orb, causing it to be capable of unleashing harmful bolts of lightning alongside hallucinations of the victim's regrets and wishes, allowing that Doom Amulet's owner to retrieve the upper hand in combat. This is why Nicodemus favors this custom amulet as his most prized possession, but little does he know that his humanity is being sacrificed twice as usual as long as it is in his possession. This is due to the overwhelming amount of dark energy that the spirits share with one another, causing the amulet's power to be too much for humans to possess. Even if Nicodemus did uncover that truth, he wouldn't care because vampires can resist the temptations the dark spirits have to offer far more than a mortal could. This is most likely because they are obviously already dead and their souls are already corrupted, however, this benefit still does not go without a cost, which Nicodemus understood well even before he was turned a century ago.

Recreating the infamous Doom Amulet was a really tough process because at first, I was unsure how I would top the original version when Assassin Order recommended that I give it a twist of my own in addition to feedback when I was almost finished. That was was why creation process of the orb and the head took some trial and error, but my head turned out to be my favorite part about the amulet and I was happy with how it turned out because of its subtle, yet gloomy appearance. Although this version of the Doom Amulet is not as horrifying as other objects tainted by dark spirits, appearances can be extremely deceptive, and of course, it is what Nicodemus does best besides lead a fraction of an army of skeletons and dark-based monsters to war.

Animation on Deviantart

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3/15/2017 19:29:15   

A Duo of Doom Amulets on Pedestals

A side by side comparison of the original Doom Amulet that was created by Caitiff and the Doom Amulet forged by Nicodemus. They greatly contrast in appearance and the massive shadow magic within Nicodemus's amulet causes it to be much more dangerous for mortals to use safely, their purpose remains the same. They are both floating above pedestals that are next to each other because Nicodemus made a replica of the original of his own shortly after it was obliterated, however, the shadow magic inside of it is too weak and is easily fragile. It does help Nicodemus read better in the dark when candlelight fails. :P Luckily, the replica is locked deep within a room in Castle Valtrith that is inaccessible by adventurers because of a variety of rickety bridges and wide pits that contain pointy stalagmites at the very bottom.

The pedestals that the Doom Amulets are floating above are recreated from the singular pedestal in a Guardian Tower seen in The Green Mist quest where the Darkness Orb was previously located. Thankfully, there's no connection between both strongholds of darkness and that the appearances are coincidental.

UPDATE: I designed new columns for the amulets to float above over the last May weekend to better reflect the darkness that these cursed objects bring out.

Animations on Deviantart
Old Image

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3/27/2017 22:02:17   

Sterling Spike
A family heirloom passed on from the matriarch/patriarch of the Syliers family to the eldest living child. This beautiful dagger was treasured by this family of Swordhaven nobles for sixteen generations until a clan of sneevils got ahold of it and began to make more of their own. So much for future inheritance.

Sterling Rose Spike
A family heirloom passed on from the matriarch/patriarch of the Syliers family to the eldest living child. This beautiful dagger was treasured by this family of Swordhaven nobles for sixteen generations until a clan of sneevils got ahold of it and began to make more of their own. That is, until the Rose modified it when that clan got shackled, harboring a leechlike energy that absorbs mana faster than it is consumed on average.

Sterling Green Dagger
A family heirloom passed on from the matriarch/patriarch of the Syliers family to the eldest living child. This beautiful dagger was treasured by this family of Swordhaven nobles for sixteen generations until a clan of sneevilichauns got ahold of it and began to sprinkle it with some gold dust, polished glass clovers, and a coating of emerald paint. So much for future inheritance.

For the making of these daggers, I borrowed a portion of Cronix's style to draw out the handle and cross-guard while I used references for stylizing the dagger and providing the proper gradients on the blade to have it properly show where light has landed. I would like to thank Pyropuppy for providing some insights into balancing detail on the handle and for his feedback on correcting the direction of where the light must hit. A special thank you goes out to Starflame for her suggestion to add an object to the regular dagger's center after adding the signature cyan rose to its Roseified counterpart. What motivated me to make that dagger was that I wanted to give the sneevils something new to poke around with especially when it is something so shiny and elegant. :P

Sapphire on the original Sterling Spike
Deviantart Image

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4/14/2017 10:26:21   

To the left are the gems that I drew last year as accessories for Occavatra's and Irene's Book 3 appearances and to the right are the gems that I made this year. The comparisons were astonishing because my knowledge of value and learning how to apply gradient shading alongside studying from references caused significant improvements in my design of gemstones over the course of the year. The diamond shapes became my favorite Flash design so far since I was reminded of a childhood memory when I first became fascinated with crystals and I'd like to thank Ergotth for a pointer on the diamond shape before I finished it with results that satisfied me. When I get back to correcting my older designs in the near future, you'll be seeing more of these gemstones, some of which might have different colors. ^_^

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4/14/2017 10:33:14   

Emerald Key (Weapon)
A key carved out of solid emerald! This is surely a lucky one for the knife component hidden within will unlock your door to victory!

This was one of the first skeleton keys I've created in Flash and it was one that I came to be inspired by nature and my fondness of crystals. This was why the actual emerald that is coated by the branches that comprise the bow has become a favorite of mine because of my significant improvement over the last time I crafted gems in the shape of a diamond. Even with some references and some sketches I drew prior to vectoring, the lighting and attempting to get the texture on the branches to accommodate the circular and curved shapes took some trial and error along with a few readjustments. Because I had some trouble with sketching out the key at first, I would like to thank Assassin Order, Charfade, and Seth Juron for their feedback and help in getting inspired by studying skeleton keys in general, but also ones with a similar theme. Since the Emerald Key in DragonFable has no physical appearance, this design was my interpretation of what it might look like. This skeleton key also contains a retractable stake attached to it just in case you're at risk of an attack by a vampire or want to break through stone obstacles more effectively.

Interactive animation on Deviantart
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4/14/2017 10:44:27   

Lucky Day Storybook Collector's Edition

Why are there so many gold coins and bars hanging around the pedestal where the storybook rests? Have the sneevilichauns robbed a large bank while Occavatra and co. took a trip to Swordhaven in disguise? Does this copy come at an extravagant price? You'd think, but it is not exactly the case. The storybook just so happens to be a copy that sneevilichauns have taken ownership of and have kept it in their own bank vault, but some tomfoolery did take place on their part during the visit to Swordhaven, but for the time being, that is best left to a short story that can be summarized in five paragraphs. I hope you enjoy it. :)

The copy of the Lucky Day Storybook Collector's Edition is a blend of my own artistic style mixed in with that of DragonFable's and AQW's. I recolored the Pot O' Gold monster in the latter's Shamrock Fair to a mostly black and white color scheme, which allows the pot to be colored in charcoal. The Gold Sack, which can be obtained in a seasonal merge shop on the Luck Dragon map, is the object that Lukkhi is holding onto to give to a fellow sneevilichaun who is wielding a Clovus Blade. When he finally handed it to him, the sack knocked him out because it was heavy and gold coins are metallic objects too. :P That might also explain why another is struggling to get out of the pot after diving into it. The animations were a ton of fun to me to design and watch. I'm usually not the comedy type, but a shake of humor to lighten the mood of a story never hurts. The three Emerald Keys used to unlock the chest containing the Helm of Everluck are placed in the bank vault as well so the sneevilichauns will always have access to it and probably to tease other adventurers who'd be interested in the helm themselves. In conclusion, I'd like to thank Ergotth for a suggestion to lower the opacity on the clovers placed on the pedestal a little bit so they'd look like they were painted on and truthfully, they actually were drawn by a sneevil who is a crafty artist in the sneevilichaun domain.

Animation on Deviantart

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4/14/2017 10:49:43   

Basically, this is a weapon equip experiment that Vivi and I had worked on together while I'm learning how to code with Flash in which a sneevil picks out his weapon of choice be it a pair of his signature wooden curved daggers or the classy Sterling Spike that was stolen from the Syliers family. In recent years, some sneevils in the barricaded box fort in Surewould Forest had resorted to weapon theft to prevent themselves from getting shackled by the Rose like the rest of their kind. Although many have chosen to stay out of the rising conflict, some sneevils are getting involved for either their own protection or to fight for their box forts. Although it was a small experiment, it gave me the hope to work with Vivi some more on the technical aspects of Flash in the near future. This definitely won't be my last. ^_^

Interactive animation on Deviantart
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4/21/2017 11:21:28   

Elemental Dragon Egg Pile
A pile of eight elemental dragon eggs that have hailed from the southern main continent where Occavatra adopted Fortitudo, his dragon. During the Grenwog holiday, he and his group decided to travel around the Maguswood Region to not only distribute the copies of the storybooks, but also to give the elemental dragon eggs to the civilian population who long for companionship and to become dragonlords, but cannot have it for a variety of agonizing reasons. Because of his own lonely childhood, Occavatra sympathized with them and not wanting them to suffer that loneliness, he decided that Grenwog is the perfect time of year to pass out the eggs, which Irene, Europa, and Teralith agreed to. Together with DragonUltraMaster and San Robin, many young children, teens, and young adults each had one egg in their possession by the time the mission was accomplished, including half of Lore's heroes that would later become a small anti-Rose movement at around the time the Hero traveled into the Void with Tomix to vanquish Envy. To keep the mission discreet, when confronted by a soldier in the Rose, one of the members of the group would quickly lie and say the elemental dragon eggs are ceramic stone sculptures. Fortunately, the lie managed to save the group from unnecessary confrontation.

It was my first time that I have drawn dragon eggs using Flash and because I didn't want to take a generic approach, I decided to cover the eggs with a scaly texture to give them a hard surface that protects the dragons from harm until they hatch. Although the shapes came out weird, the textures and light colors came out beautifully, which is my favorite part of the design process. I'd thank my fellow BoH clanmates for some minor suggestions such as lighting and shadow placement especially Starflame13. Needless to say, much like the story behind the elemental dragon eggs, some people who follow me on Twitter were eager to adopt at least one dragon except for Christophisis who insisted on taking all eight of them, which goes to show dragon lovers can never raise and own too many dragons as long as they know what they're getting themselves into. ;) In order to identify the elemental alignment of each dragon based on the color associated with each egg, I wrote a small list below. The behaviors vary depending on the element, which is why that knowledge is essential when looking for a dragon to take with you as a companion. To help viewers identify which element is associated with which dragon, I have included a visual guide as well as a description of each dragon's personality, which is located on my Deviantart page through respective links located below the image.

Deviantart Image
Guide to Recognizing the Dragon Eggs' Elements
Pile of Elemental Dragon Eggs Preview

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5/1/2017 21:09:22   

Woodland Rabbit
A wide-eyed young mammal with a bite that's meaner than its kick when picked up, but if treated well, maybe it can teach you a thing or two about the metric system or recommend a book based on your literary tastes.

The woodland rabbits mostly inhabit in deciduous forests and are distantly related to their aggressive, magical cousins, which are referred to as cabits. Like their real-world counterparts, woodland rabbits populate quickly and are able to withstand harsh weather conditions whether they're supernatural or not. Wild rabbits are fast and elusive and usually run at the first sight of people, but when tamed, they are excellent, loyal companions to their owners, which explains why they are a popular pet in some villages in the Maguswood Region.

Drawing this little guy was more challenging than what I usually design with Flash, but I decided to expand my comfort zone to push myself through the design process. While vectoring the rabbit a first time, the head wasn't turning out like I wanted it to so I decided to sketch it again after receiving some advice from Nightwraith and Assassin Order, which I came to greatly appreciated after I looked at a few more references to see what I did wrong. That was when I decided to sketch the rabbit again and the head came out much better and I was happier with the end result so I proceeded to draw the rest of the body from here on out. Animating its brief leap in the air was especially fun for me because I enjoy watching rabbits hop to move around their environments, but I still had to study the postures rabbits get into when they leap in order to make the animation realistic. Fortunately, that part of the design process wasn't hard and after watching the animation, I was thrilled with the way it turned out. I hope you all like it. :)

Animation on Deviantart
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5/6/2017 21:30:44   

Carrot Garden
A quaint set of carrots planted over some doom dirt on a warm spring day. The fact that this specific dirt is used to grow the carrots might just be nothing....right?

I did some gardening over the weekend and planted carrots. Unfortunately, now I'm hoping the woodland rabbit doesn't show up to have a mid-afternoon snack. That's why there's a fence placed right in front of where the carrots are growing. ^_^

Deviantart Image
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5/8/2017 11:03:17   

Grenwog Storybook Collector's Edition

What I like about spring is the weather getting slightly warmer, the absence of snow in most biomes, the sound of bird calls, and plants such as flowers blossoming once again. Flowers like roses bloom, but not all pretty flowers are what we think they are at first sight because looks can be deceptive. The weather may have improved into the April and May months, but the majority of youth in the Kingdom of Greenguard with lenient magic in their veins are feeling the effects of the Rose’s influence even in the comfort of their homes. To add insult to injury, the growing number of supporters left them feeling lonely especially those who are fond of dragonkind. That was why Occavatra, Irene, Fortitudo, and Europa spent the Grenwog holiday with Teralith, DragonUltraMaster, and San Robin delivering the collector’s edition of the season’s storybook along with elemental dragon eggs that hailed from south of the main continent to the oppressed in order to comfort them with the message; “You’re not alone.”

I designed the Grenwog Seasonal Storybook with a combination of art from DragonFable, AdventureQuest, and my own Flash art. I laid out the objects around the pedestal to resemble a farmer’s market and I’ve scattered eggs from both games on the ground and placed them on the crates to create a colorful, festive atmosphere. Ewolyn’s Visage and Edge are both seen to the left of the pedestal for they bring back whimsical and hilarious memories of the Grenwog 2012 event. Speaking of which, the holiday itself is named after the very egg-thieving creatures that took egg hunting from a simple childish, yet traditional activity to a challenging sport that people of all ages enjoy. That’s why a rescued Baby Grenwog is present at the site of the storybook where it is seen filling a green vine-covered barrel with a pile of eggs that soon collapsed after the rascal threw the seventh egg. The commotion startled a rabbit resting inside of the barrel, but it thankfully hopped to safety before the egg struck it. The Baby Grenwog was a little bummed out that the pile fell over, but it didn’t stop it from starting over again and again just to have some fun and unintentionally give any rabbits resting inside the barrel a quick reflex exercise. Happy Grenwog!

Animation on Deviantart
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5/29/2017 20:40:11   

Front View Skull

This skull is my third one that I had drawn from scratch using Flash, however, this time I drew a sketch on paper before I vectored it, which came out much better than my previous two attempts. From practicing over time and from advice by experienced masters in my life recently, I came to understand that sketching opens a door to improvement, allowing my skills in both types of art mediums to grow from here on out. In order to showcase how far I came since I drew my first skull, I put each attempt side by side and I look at the lineup a second time, it amazes me that my dedication has gotten me to a better, beautiful place.

Alternative Image
Skull Evolution Update

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6/2/2017 18:35:47   

Forbidden Room in a Castle Valtrith Tower (Friday the 13th Seasonal Storybook Collector's Edition)


Within one of Castle Valtrith’s tall towers is a room where a vampiric DoomKnight named Nicodemus has sought refuge in after Caitiff’s destruction at the hands of Falconreach’s hero. Castle Valtrith is empty and Nicodemus was more than happy to call it home until either the return of the notorious Lord of the Shadowscythe or when he hears word that the middle child of the Darkspyre family will return to Doomwood to collect the storybook that is written about every Friday the 13th event that had transpired starting from the very beginning. There’s only two problems for those who risk seeking out the book in the current state of things. For one thing, the room is forbidden, which is the very reason why Nicodemus had it padlocked tight by dark magic and the narrow hallway leading to the room booby trapped. Another would occur should one successfully evade the booby traps laid out and somehow enter the room. If that adventurer has a heavy heart, their eyes will begin to glisten with the ghosts of their pasts, forcing them to overcome the most heartbreaking memories of their lives in order to successfully retrieve the book and escape before Nicodemus notices the intrusion. Of course, the described scenario is hypothetical because no one besides the middle Darkspyre child and his dearest friends are aware that the Friday the 13th Storybook exists. For the time being, since the Valtrith Clan has been silenced forever, things at Castle Valtrith have been quiet, much to Nicodemus’s satisfaction.

My thanks for those who have helped me in any way with the making of the animation go out to Seth Juron, Bido, Deuce, Charfade, Dracelix, Assassin Order, G00NY, Death Clock, Starflame13, Jorath, @DesofLight, draketh99, and everyone who is a member of the BoH clan. It was truly appreciated and kind of you to be supportive and helpful to me all the way through the design and animation process. In addition, a huge shout-out especially goes out to @DesofLight and
Alatheus Eberwolf for their fanart were featured as framed illustrations hung on the left and ride sides of the room respectively. Do check out the original sketches in the following links enclosed below when you get a chance. The sketch drawn by @DesofLight is definitely one of my favorites that I’ve seen online that contains significant symbolism and Eberwolf's places emphasis on the importance of perseverance. Once again, thank you all so much and I couldn’t have asked for a better community. :)

Old Image
Animation on Deviantart
The Forbidden Room in Full View
For Tomix by DaughterofWolves
To the greatest SoulWeaver of all Time by Alatheus Eberwolf

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A powerful, strong-willed fire dragon who is a member of a nomadic species that lives in the southern part of the main continent on Lore. Unlike most common dragon species, this breed is more social around each other and are willing to befriend other species who don't show aggression when first seen. Because of their social and cooperative behavior, they live in packs. Each are led by either an alpha male, female, or both if they're husband and wife and they can be aligned to either element they were born with. Fortitudo is the son of both alphas of his pack and his bloodline was blessed by Fiamme, the Avatar of Fire, many millennia ago. This blessing granted the bloodline intensive power over fire, which causes them to spew out the hottest and excruciating fire in existence when each member attack their foes. Because of these frightening powers, no one would adopt an offspring of an alpha until Occavatra took Fortitudo in while he, Irene, and Europa visited the land during the Elemental Dissonance. The young dragon bonded with his master for their magic is one and the same and they understand each other. His parents permitted him to join the trio under the condition to return to them and take charge of the pack should his master depart from the world. The young dragon has aided the group since then with their humanitarian activities and missions to hinder the Rose in any way they can. Despite the obstacles his master faces both in the eyes of the enemy and within himself, Fortitudo remains a loyal companion to the very end.

Fortitudo, whose name is a Latin word for “courage or fortitude,” was the first dragon I designed with Flash and it unfortunately took me ages to work on and finish with a lot going on in between my other projects and focusing on my studies at school, but since the summer began, I was finally able to use what I've learned through my other projects, feedback, and studying alligators to sketch out the dragon's body and features such as his wings and tail spikes, which are two of Fortitudo's characteristics that are my favorites in the overall design. I would like to thank Deuce, Charfade, Nightwraith, and my fellow BoH clanmates for their feedback and advice that has led me to the finish line and have Fortitudo soaring through the air. Enjoy. ^_^

Animation on Deviantart
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