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RE: Quests - Read the first post!

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12/6/2019 17:12:36   
Bu Kek Siansu

01.) Sequel: Corundum Corruption!

September 25, 2015: The quest was released.

3/31/2016 19:04:24
Write Up link: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22122508

11/28/2019 11:19:46
Added to Pedia: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22371706

02.) Frostgale: Northern Expedition

October 17, 2019: The quest was released.

11/26/2019 17:48:40
Write Up link: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22371646

12/8/2019 11:09:03
Added to Pedia: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22372044

03.) Frostgale: Secret of the Lost Tower

November 17, 2019: The quest was released.

12/5/2019 23:00:55
Write Up link: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22371926

12/6/2019 16:17:21
Added to Pedia: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22371959

04.) Loremaster's Tome

August 8, 2019: The quest was released.

8/11/2019 20:17:26
Write Up link: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22366505

12/10/2019 13:47:31
Added to Pedia: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22372134

05.) Candy Caverns

October 26, 2018: The quest was released.

11/20/2018 0:08:34
Write Up link: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22347358

12/11/2019 16:59:42
Added to Pedia: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22372202

06.) Blarney War 2019: Reef Financing

March 21(?), 2019: The quest was released.

4/6/2019 19:50:21
Write Up link: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22358992

12/12/2019 19:53:00
Added to Pedia: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22372250

07.) Grenwog Festival 2019: Trouble A-Poaches!

April 15(?), 2019: The quest was released.

5/2/2019 17:05:57
Write Up link: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22360693

12/13/2019 15:10:18
Added to Pedia: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22372269

08.) Harvest Festival 2019: The Waning of Famine

November 29, 2019: The quest was released.

12/13/2019 17:40:16
Write Up link: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22372273

12/14/2019 15:48:11
Added to Pedia: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22372349

09.) 19. Going Kukoo

July 27, 2018: The quest was released.

8/19/2018 23:32:25
Write Up link: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22337933

12/14/2019 15:48:11
Added to Pedia: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22372421

10.) Play Intro Quest

November 29, 2018: The quest was released.

11/23/2018 21:28:20
Write Up link: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22347809

12/17/2019 17:08:42
Added to Pedia: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22372599

11.) Void Takeover Part 16 - WoolZard

January 11, 2020: The quest was released.

1/12/2020 20:14:04
Write Up link: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22374139

1/13/2020 2:17:05
Added to Pedia: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22374156

12.) Frostval '19

1/12/2020 20:14:04
Decorate the Battleon Tree!
Write Up link: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22372639

12/28/2019 0:27:04
Chosen-ismal - Ballad of the Chosen
Write Up link: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22373336

12/30/2019 1:16:08
Chosen-ismal - The Test of Thunder
Write Up link: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22373416

1/4/2020 21:55:49
Gift Delivery!
Write Up link: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22373646

1/24/2020 15:14:00
Added to Pedia: http://forums2.battleon.com/f/fb.asp?m=22374496

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12/6/2019 19:31:41   


It has been a busy period, but I'll get back on the ball with providing the quest write-ups once that clears up. In the mean time, a minor correction to the Frostgale part 2 entry:


<<You>>: No, I said Rlders

This is a deliberate spelling and should not be corrected to RIders. The Chosen is emphasizing the syllable as a correction to the misheard 'Raiders'. Edit: The writeup also says 'get her' while the line detects the player character's face to determine the adequate pronoun. The tendrils at the end also come out of the cave itself rather than a creature being explicitly shown.

As a side note, thank you for your hard work in the 'pedia.

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12/13/2019 17:40:16   
Legendary Ash

The Waning of Famine

Today's Event or Harvest Portal Painting > BURP War The Waning of Famine

<<Inside the Guardian Tower Nimrod stands on the left of the table with five other UltraGuardians on the right>>
Nimrod: Raids have stopped altogether to the southwest, but I'm not comfortable pulling reinforcements from those forts.
Angela: I don't blame you. The alliance is taking it slow and thoroughly rebuilding one fort at a time, but we need all of ours back up and running as soon as possible. How's the west?
Grif: The main mill's situation is solved, which frees up a contingent, but that place is too important to pull actual defenders from. Even with Galanoth reinforcing it on the way to alliance posts.
Grif: I'm getting enough requisition orders from the other posts that I'm giving that smithing corps idea a go as soon as this is over, so even if they hadn't been busy, they'd still be waiting for new gear.
Nimrod: And the northwest corps aren't going to fully recover from the coming of War any time soon. We can't afford to neglect anything.
Angela: Between the bandits and these BURP attacks, I don't think we have a choice but to adopt a passive stance.
Nimrod: No, we don't. I'll be putting all expeditions and missions on hold for the time being. Get everyone back home and guarding the cities - It'll let our healers keep focusing on the wounded.
Nimrod: Angela, you've been doing a good job coordinating patrols. You'll know best how to manage escorts for caravans
Angela: Emergency protocols, then. I'll make sure the taverns and halls tell everyone to move with the caravans so we can escort more people at once.
Grif: Still, none of this is a solution to the problem. I know it's a vulnerable time, but are we seriously going to let rats and bandits put us up against a wall?
Nimrod: ...I know. I've had my head buried on my desk and the map for just about a month, trying to figure out how we can reorganize and still be able to go out and HELP people.
Angela: And we'll get to do that. But while we recover, we have to learn to admit when WE need help too.
Angela: Come on in!

<<You walk in from the left and the Guardians emit an !>>
Guardians: <<You>>!
Guardians: But didn't he (male)/ she (female)...
Guardians: Heck yeah! We've got <<You>> back!
Nimrod: You're alive! We thought... Everyone who ran from that dragon said the cave collapsed before you got out!
Nimrod: Dear Gods, you're a sight for sore eyes...
<<You>>: It's been a ride, Nimrod, but I'm alright now. You don't look like you're doing so hot, though.
Nimrod: We're going to be doing a lot better with you around, that's for sure.
Angela: I knew that entrance would be good for morale.
<<You>>: These are tough times, but we'll get through this. Angela filled me in on how there's been oddly precise BURP raids.
<<You>>: I haven't seen any of their leaders, so they might be starting small and wearing you down for a war.
<<You>>: And from the look of your face, they're succeeding. You need to get some rest. Starting YESTERDAY.
Nimrod: Rest?! We're-
<<You>>: People. Not wagon carts. Let the other Guardians organize the defense in advance. I'll rally the adventurers.
<<You>>: But I need you to be at your best when I head out to get to the bottom of this and you're left in charge of the defense.
Nimrod: <<You>>… You haven't been around for a single moon and you're already...
<<You>>: It'll be alright. I'm back for good.
<<You>>: Now, Guardians, let's mount a defense these rats will regret crashing into!

War Camp

The Waning of Famine

BURPs are drawing beasts into the
farmlands after executing surgical
strikes against caravans and trade
ships, wearing down the Guardians
and endangering the supply lines
for this year's crops! They're out to
cause damage even if the harvest
survives - You must stop them!


<<Angela, another female Guardian and a farmer stand in front of a wagon loaded with five barrels, the brown fields lay in the distance>>
Angela: Alright, we're all set. Let's hope this gambit pays off.
<<You>>: Are you sure this is going to work?
Undercover Guardian: This is the most convincing we can make a supply run look.
Undercover Guardian: When bandit activity started increasing, this is one of the few roads that BURPs didn't start hitting.
<<You>>: So they'll expect us to be using this for any rushed supply runs, at least while their siege is still forming up.
Angela: Exactly.
<<You>>: I'm still on board with the idea, but now I have two concerns.
<<You>>: Firstly, do you think the BURPs might have been coordinating with the bandits?
Angela: They've both gotten much more organized and hit a lot of the same targets, but they never raided together. If anything, they're practically competing.
<<You>>: That makes it look like the BURPs have been copying the outlaws.
Angela: Very good guess. Bandits have reorganized into smaller, scattered groups that focus on supply lines.
Angela: I imagine the master of these rodents noticed how damaging that has been and decided to imitate the ambushes.
Angela: Now, what's your second concern?
<<You>>: Am I wearing an actual dead Am-Bush as a disguise?
Angela: Yes.
<<You>>: ...why?
Angela: Grif bet a lot of gold that I couldn't make you do it.
<<You>>: ...You're paying for my victory meal.
Guardian: Quiet, here they come!

<<Two BURP? and two BURPs surround the Guardians and wagon>>
BURP?: I told you Blackwhisker was wrong! They DID try to sneak reinforcements around us. WE should be in charge.
BURP?: Alright, Guardians, here's how this is gonna go. I'm going to deck you, then you, then you, and especially you.
BURP?: Then I'm going to eat whatever's edible in that cart, most likely a lot of things that aren't, and I'm going to doodle on your horse.
BURP?: Dude, Adel told us not to show off like that.
Guardian: ...Why are you just up and telling us your plan?
BURP?: Because you're about to have so many memory bruises that I didn't want you to forget the surprise. So yeah, surprise.

<<The dead Am-Bush leaves the scene and You walk in from the left>>
<<You>>: Surprise, you say...

<<The two BURPs? emit an !>>

<<The scene becomes black and a red tint flashes briefly with a Fire element sound>>
BURP?: Ow! Let go of-

<<The scene becomes black and a red tint flashes briefly with a Fire element sound>>
BURP?: That doesn't bend that way!

<<The scene becomes black and a red tint flashes briefly with a Fire element sound>>
<<You>>: Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!

<<The scene becomes black and a red tint flashes briefly with a Earth element sound>>

<<The scene becomes black and a red tint flashes briefly with a Fire element sound>>
<<You>>: This is what you get for making me have to listen to Kosefira yodeling!

<<The scene becomes black and a red tint flashes briefly with a Earth element sound>>
BURP?: The muscles! They do nothing!

<<Angela, another female Guardian and a farmer stand in front of a wagon loaded with five barrels, the brown fields lay in the distance>>
<<You>>: Well, that was cathartic.
Angela: ...You uh. You've been holding a grudge, haven't you?
<<You>>: A whole. Freaking. Chorus. Of high-pitched yodeling. Every festival.
Angela: Let's just... go report the next priority target.
<<You>>: Yeah. I figured Blackwhisker would be involved, but that salty rat being in charge simplifies things.
Angela: Alright, men, get the spare wheels.
Undercover Guardian: The what?
<<You>>: ….
Undercover Guardian: ...Oh. Uh... Oops?


<<Blackwhisker runs to the left pursued by one BURP? and two BURPs in Screen 3 >>

<<Blackwhisker turns to the right and then left>>
Guardians: Halt! You've been found out!

<<Blackwhisker turns to the right>>
BlackWhisker: What in the crustiest end of me tail be this gaggle of clangin' fools?!
BlackWhisker: I'll give 'em credit, ye lot surprised me.
BlackWhisker: Well, I ain't helpin'. If my rats can't take ye lubbers, they won't last against th' ones wot actually formed up all defensive like.

<<You walk in from the left and Blackwhisker turns to the left>>
<<You>>: I was going to ask how you like being on the receiving end of the ambush this time, but you seem to be taking it rather well.
BlackWhisker: Ahoy there, <<You>>. That be your idea?
<<You>>: Yeah.
BlackWhisker: Solid. The Cai-Men like ye enough to let ye pull this trick? Mighty resourceful of ye.
<<You>>: We don't need to fight. You've been... unreasonable some of the times we met, but very reasonable at others. Let's parlay.
BlackWhisker: Hmm. I tend ta disagree, Chosen, but aye. Ye got me pinned, and me crew can use the workout anyways. I won't try to negotiate.
<<You>>: That's a pleasant surprise.
BlackWhisker: Let's be transparent, matey, we be buyin' time, the both of us are. And ye a mighty interestin' opponent. What's yer angle?
<<You>>: I could be asking that. It's not the usual year for a BURP raid, and I didn't think any of you would still be serving Famine and Pestilence.
<<You>>: Besides, how'd you even get past Rhubarb?
BlackWhisker: Ah, that I didn't. I've come to respect Cap'n Rhubarb enough to accept how much of a fight he'd have put up. And to not want that fight without a more personal-like reason, ya see.
<<You>>: That doesn't quite answer the question.
BlackWhisker: A story fer another time, matey. I gave up the route to a treasure we both want, one we want noone else tae find... and gave him a headstart before I'd share it with others too.
BlackWhisker: S'why we came here. Cai-Men trade in secrets. The competition will have ta buy it from them.
<<You>>: That's... impressively shrewd. Especially considering you seem to be yourself, and you're not working with any other BURP leaders.
<<You>>: Now, I'm glad you're being this forthcoming, but I hope you're not offended if I doubt you because of it.
BlackWhisker: HA! Offended? I'm takin' this whole parlay as a compliment! I've impressed the Chosen, that's how good of a pirate I be!
<<You>>: Good to see you're still in high spirits, I guess. Just one more thing before I take you in: Who are you serving this time? Why the sudden change?
BlackWhisker: And ye were doin' so well so far. Tsk. Me crew hoists no colors but me ship's own. I serve no one but meself.
BlackWhisker: There was trouble in paradise, see. If ye got a twisted sense of paradise. We lost an oppressor and gained a friend.
BlackWhisker: A friend that used to be an enemy, then gave us somethin' for that hunger no amount of gold was fillin'.
BlackWhisker: PURPOSE. So ye won't be takin' anyone in here, least of all me.
BlackWhisker: Alright, gents, quit holdin' back and trample the lubbers!

Guardians: Watch it, more of them in the trees!

<<Blackwhisker walks off to the right>>
<<You>>: ...I guess that's what I get for taking it for granted that being reasonable meant he'd agree with me.
<<You>>: This friend... I wonder... I'll need to find out where else these ships are docking.

<<Water element sound>>
<<You>>: Right! On it!

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    Twilly: But! You're back with us! You're alive, and you're the best!
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    Twilly: We need to win so we can celebrate! So if you need to be healing, I can help you!
  • Heal me please.
      Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
    • Thank you!

  • Let me handle this

    If you become a Guardian, you can wield the legendary BURP slayer!

    Potions By Lucretia
    Lucretia: Get your potions here! These won't substitute a good meal, but they'll put the fight back in you!
  • More
    <<You>>: Not even a siege of weirdly clean rat wrestlers can keep you from punching through and setting up shop, eh?
  • More
    Lucretia: Well, there's no better advertisement than reliability. Wait, but... <<You>>! You're alive! How!?
  • More
    Lucretia: We thought you were gone for good! First the dragon, then War showed up, I- Lords, I'm so happy to see you.
  • More
    <<You>>: I'm glad to be back too. You know, you play the ruthless businesswoman, but you really care, don't you?
  • More
    Lucretia: Spill that secret and I might just have to poison you. Unless you consider buying some of my more specialized stock back home.

    Potion bag
    You must be a Guardian to refill your Health potions from this bag.

    Bubbling Purple liquid Cauldron
    You down a glass and are fully healed! Tastes like almond/anise/apple/banana/blackberry/blood/blueberry/burning/butter rum/butterscotch/caramel/cherry/chocolate/cinammon/clove/coconut/coffee/cola/cotton candy/cream soda/dandelion and burdock/dragonfruit/failure/fruit punch/ginger ale/grape/honey/lemon/lemonade/lemon-lime/licorice/lime/maple/marshmallow/mint/moglinberry/moglnberry wine/Nutella/orange/passionfruit/peach/peanut butter/peppermint/pi๑a colada/pineapple/prunes/purple/raspberry/root beer/sarsaparilla/sour apple/sour cherry/sour grape/strawberry/success/watermelon/wildberry!

  • To Battle!
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Five

      You will now fight # wave(s) before returning to camp!
      Four Battles from Monster Pool full heal after each two
      [X] Click this button to return to camp at the next save point.

  • Secret Mission!

    Once the war meter reaches 100%

    <<Inside the Guardian Tower You walk in from the left as Nimrod stands on the left of the table with five other UltraGuardians on the right>>
    <<You>>: How are you holding up, Nimrod?
    Nimrod: Much better. Thank you for getting my head on straight.
    <<You>>: Anytime. I know it's hard to admit when you can't go on. Don't burn out on us.
    Nimrod: Of course. The defense is in much better shape for your help, and I've taken over direction of operations smoothly.
    Nimrod: This doesn't look like it'll be a clean victory, they've done a lot more than just going after crops this time... But we've contained the damage and pushed them back. It could be a lot worse.
    Grif: Let's actually secure that victory, then. Angela, what did your scouts bring us?
    Angela: Not just scouts. Our usual tactical team is right out there on the field, directing troops. Their diversionary maneuvers are why we get to have this meeting.
    Angela: But the scouts got us the routes for all the ships sailing alongside BlackWhisker's. We've got one likely base of operations identified.
    Nimrod: <<You>>, we can organize a counterattack, but I'd like you to investigate first. It'll take time to muster forces in our situation.
    <<You>>: You don't have to tell me twice. With any luck, I might be able to stop this assault before you have to.

    Four Battles from Monster Pool with Full Heal after each two

    <<Two BURP? guard the entrance to a building and a grey haired woman in blue robes with a blonde child walk out through the door>>
    Guard BURP: Take care around the shore!
    Guard BURP: Come back soon!

    <<The woman and the child walk off to the left, You walk in from the left>>
    <<You>>: …Wait, what just happened?
    Guard BURP: ...Shoot.
    Guard BURP: Aw humans, it's the Chosen.
    <<You>>: BURPs guarding a tavern? That's not quite what I'd imagined coming here.
    Guard BURP: Freakin' BlackWhisker, we should've known he'd lose again...
    Guard BURP: Look, <<You>>, let's not get off on the wrong foot. I'm Stick and this is Figure.
    Stick: I don't want to cause a scene during service hours, but we've got orders about you.
    <<You>>: What, am I not allowed in without a reservation or something?
    Figure: Those are Chef Adel's exact orders, actually.
    <<You>>: ...I'd say that's discrimination, but I AM here to find out who you work for and how hard my boot needs to collide with their butt.

    Battle: Stick & Figure
    Full Heal

    <<You>>: I warned you. Now please, step aside. People are going to starve if I don't get to the bottom of this, and I don't want to keep beating on you to do it.
    Figure: Look, we just don't want a fight in the hall. We can't stop you, just... Go around to the service entrance.
    ???: There will be no need for that. Sorry for taking so long, gentlemen.
    ???: I felt him (male)/ her (female) coming, but was still busy.
    Stick: Sorry, Chef. We couldn't stop <<You>>.

    <<Famine walks in from the right>>
    Famine: And I had told you not to try, friends. But I appreciate you buying me time to fill the tickets.
    <<You>>: ...I thought it might be you, but... What? Famine, the Rider, running a tavern?
    Famine: An overdose of irony. I'm sure. I've known you were coming for a while, so could you get it all out of your system so we can get to the productive part of this ordeal? I do still have a lot of work to do.
    <<You>>: I'm here to put an end to the attacks, but you have to admit that you running any sort of business is odd. One with a kitchen? *Extremely* odd.
    Famine: I'll have you know that a common friend gave me the confidence to pursue this and keep trying to innovate in cuisine.
    Famine: Besides, you of all people should know that as much as the mantle tries to shape the bearer, it is the bearer that shapes the mantle in the end.
    Famine: Surely you, who wield the weapons of those who fell before regaining their will, wouldn't assume that I am nothing but my title. Would you... brother (male)/ sister (female)?
    <<You>>: ...Keep explaining. But don't call me... Don't.
    Famine: I will respect that request this time, but you should bear in mind that denial is an unwise thing to abuse.
    Famine: If I remember right, there's no consideration for a 'second greatest warrior' in the succession. You were given the privilege of choice, but beware the day when the world may choose for you.
    Famine: Although I *am* deeply envious that your reluctance is so kindly humored by the powers that be, I respect it all the same.
    Famine: After all, here I am... Remind me, Stick, how have profits been today?
    Stick: ...You want the good or bad, boss?
    Famine: Good.
    Stick: Well, we made a little bit of gold today.
    <<You>>: But you clearly have happy customers. From out here, it looks like you're serving a lot of people.
    Famine: Precisely. I found this little corner of Lore where people don't fear me. Where they'd come to accept me as inevitable.
    Famine: Here I feed a few dozen, to make myself feel marginally better about trying to starve the thousands under our brother's (male)/ sister's (female) watch.
    Famine: We must continue to test and challenge life. You know this, even if you've renounced it. And I must regain power, lest I be too weak to remain - Or worse, face Pestilence.
    <<You>>: Weren't you working together?
    Famine: He's finally had enough of my restraint, among other things that I worry include the balance of the world. This is why you've been facing stronger, well-fed rodents. We refuse to empower him.
    <<You>>: This is becoming a very complicated situation, very quickly.
    Famine: Then allow me to simplify it. I'd like to think we respect each other, Chosen, at least enough to each know that the other won't stop unless forced to.
    Famine: Draw your weapon, and let it decide the outcome of this day.

    Battle: Fading Famine
    Full Heal

    Famine: Ah... So this is just how much I have waned. Have it your way. Serenia may come when she pleases, I will call off my companions.
    <<You>>: That's one more thing I'm curious about. You've clearly empowered your forces, even if less than before, but everyone has been talking as if you've seriously become friends.
    <<You>>: BlackWhisker doesn't talk like a minion. In fact, he hasn't ever talked like this. He believes in you. Fervently.
    Famine: And I am immensely grateful for it. I'm on the side of life's continuation, <<You>>, but I have to be ready for the opposite possibility... And be dutiful in my role in challenging life.
    <<You>>: This leaves us in a rather awkward spot, doesn't it?
    Famine: Indeed. Chances are that we will always be enemies. But if you ever find the next place I set up shop, you are more than welcome.
    Famine: It WOULD mean I'd have to move yet again, mind, so considering the preparations involved... Please make a reservation next time.

    <<At the intersection of a path between green hills, a brown field and a black silhouette of a barn house and storage buildings>>
    Bystander: Look!
    Bystander: Up in the sky!

    <<Pans upward to gradient of blue to light blue with the barnhouse, hills and fields below>>
    Bystander: It's a CloudZard!
    Bystander: It's a Drakel Air Raider!
    Bystander: No, wait--
    Bystander: It's Serenia, the Harvest Goddess!

    <<Pans downward as a light yellow human silhouette in a dress descends as a trail of loose feathers fall from her to the ground with Wind element sound, the fields turn to yellow and green as You walk in from the left, ten patches of grass sprout on the brown path and two clusters of three dark-blue interior and white-tipped flowers surrounded by yellow-grey and orange-pink flowers sprout from the green hills>>
    <<You>>: Thank you Serenia! We will have plenty of food to last us through the winter.

    <<A light yellow Serenia slowly flies in from the right>>
    Serenia: It pleases me to see you succeed again, as strange as it is to meet as siblings. Out of order as it may be, the harvest is restored. The cost is one I will gladly pay.
    <<You>>: The cost?
    Serenia: We wane, <<You>>. But you have more immediate concerns, and imminent trials to prepare for.
    Serenia: Wisdom and might meet in a trickster warrior, an ancient regent chosen by a greater crown. Where his singular gaze falls, fortune and misfortune alike follow, for he is opportunity made flesh.
    Serenia: Heroes from afar, deceived in ways they yet ignore, would seize this hour, and you would be wise to lead by example.
    Serenia: You may yet share in the sage's pride and make merry like few ever have, if snow stands the test of thunder.

    Shop: Harvest Festival 2019: The Waning of Famine

    Gym Rat (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Ravenous Talisman (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

  • Play again!
  • Re-Open Shop
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20939081]Afur R(at)onin[/link]
    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20939072]Cauliflower R(at)onin[/link]
    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20939077]Samurai Pizza Rat[/link]
    Small BURP

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    Legendary Ash


    Today's Event or Harvest Portal Painting
    Once a year, the Harvest Goddess Serenia flies through
    the skies of Lore. As she soars over the war-torn fields,
    they are revived and restored to their former beauty. All
    must gather to make an offering of crops and flowers to
    thank Serenia for her blessings. Those that are fortunate
    enough to see her should consider themselves blessed to
    see such a glorious sight...
  • Continue!

  • Kosefira: Helloooo-looo-looo, <<You>>! You are just in time for my yodeling lesson!
    Doofus von Strudel: Go grab a pint of cider at the Cider House! It rules!
    <<You>>: Oh wow-- you must be one of the fabled LEDERHOGLINS!
    Doofus von Strudel: That I am! We Lederhoglins like to come out and play this time of year because the cider is sooooo good! Did I mention that this is CIDER?
    <<You>>: Nice to see you again! Although I haven't heard any updates on your Mogtoberfest plans for a while now...?
    Doofus von Strudel: Things are coming along! We've just had our share of hiccups.
    Kosefira: "Hiccups"? You call your entire supply of moglinberry cider EXPLODING a hiccup??
    Doofus von Strudel: So MAYBE we forgot to relieve the pressure on the barrels, and a few exploded... causing a chain reaction taking out the warehouse. It's an honest mistake!
    <<You>>: What are you putting in there that would cause--
    Kosefira: Or how when you were making sausages, one of the assistants though that "1x tsp salt" meant 1x ten solid pints"?
    Doofus von Strudel: Hey, who hasn't made that mistake? I know the first time I did my own laundry I added so much detergent my clothes dissolved!
    <<You>>: Wait, how is that--
    Kosefira: Or how the only band you could hire for, quote, "traditional moglin folk music" is a Princess cover band?
    Doofus von Strudel: Now that's just rude! I'm sure the crowd will love We Will Mog You!
    <<You>>: Is that different enough to avoid copyright infrin--
    Kosefira: Or how the only person you could hire for carnival games was that crooked merchant?
    <<You>>: Him?? Did he get released or--
    Doofus von Strudel: OKAY! So we've had lots and lots of problems and up until a month ago I was worried that we'd have to cancel! Are you happy now?
    Kosefira: Very much, actually. As a bard it's my responsibility to accurately record history.
    <<You>>: I'm almost afraid to ask, but what happened a month ago to change your mind?
    Doofus von Strudel: Mr. Kabroz helped -- he's our main sponsor, remember? He said that if any more accidents happen, then he'll turn everyone into a zombie.
    <<You>>: … His plants are probably the most luxurious, verdant, and beautiful in Battleon. Also the most terrified.
    Doofus von Strudel: Don't you worry! Mr. Kabroz hasn't actually zombified anyone. I'm sure he's just joking around.
  • :)
    <<You>>: …………...…………...…………...…………...……………
    <<You>>: I'm just going to gather a tribute to Serenia while my brain processes all the ways that could go wrong.

  • Harvest Quest
    <<You walk in from the left to face Truffle behind a table of ten stacked red apples with a barrel of Cider and Potion bag on the grass in front of the Cider House>>
    <<You>>: Hi there, Truffle! How are you doing today?
    Truffle: Durrrrrrr! weeeet!
    <<You>>: Why yes, I wouldl LOVE a mug of cider!
    Truffle: Meep! rrrrr..meepity meep, meeping meepness!
    <<You>>: Whoa, you need to slow down a bit. Let me put on my Truffle Amulet so I can understand you better.
    <<You>>: Okay, go ahead-- say that again.
    Truffle: I hope you didn't forget about collecting your offerings for Serenia, the Harvest Goddess!
    <<You>>: Offerings? Why do we need to do that??
    Truffle: To give thanks for the bounty of Nature throughout the world! The last harvest of the year is needed to carry us through the winter.
    Truffle: Go out and gather your offerings, but beware the dangerous Turkeysaurus Rex! It wants to eat the things you need to collect!
    Truffle: When you have enough, you might see Serenia soaring in the skies as she replenishes the land for our last harvest!
    Truffle: rrrrrutta meep meep!
    <<You>>: Uh oh-- my Truffle Amulet batteries died. Okay, little one, give me that cider to go! I'm off to gather some offerings!

    Battle: Saladmandr or Veteran Plant Dragon
    Full Heal


    Battle: Velocigobbler
    Full Heal

    <<You found a Orange/Sqrapple/Graplant/Bluestar Flower/Bread Fruit!>>

    <<You walk in from the left to face Hirroo concealing a wind orb thats rotates clockwise in its left hand on the right standing behind a line of four Velocigobblers in the shade cast by the shack with two barrels labeled Cider next to a forest of trees>>
    Hirroo: <<You>>! We meet again!
    <<You>>: Heyyy... person? Sorry, my memory's a bit off? I'm trying not to think of something.
    Hirroo: If you don't remember me now, then you'll definitely remember me after I destroy your Festival!!
    Hirroo: I have heard tales from Drakonnan about what happened here two years ago...

    <<Fades to a dark grey background and into a scene where a Nepencreep eats the broken pieces of fire orbs next to the shack, it jumped, turned a tint of grey, its head and lower stem flickered rapidly between a black twisted shape and back to itself, it then evolved into a Saladmandr>>
    Hirroo: And now I'm going to use this Wind Orb to do the same to these Velocigobblers, to evolve them into Turkeysaurus Rexes!
    <<You>>: Not if I can help it!
    Hirroo: Too late!

    <<Hirroo holds the wind orb out in front and becomes a black silhouette on a red background, the orb emits a glint of grey light and splits into four smaller spheres that moves toward and is absorbed by the Velocigobblers, which flash between black and white colored silhouettes, normal color returns, the frontmost Velocigobbler lowers its head to peck at the grass below and resumes a position above the body>>
    Hirroo: C'mon guys, any minute now.

    <<The second to the frontmost Velocigobbler turns to the right and runs off to the distance>>
    <<You>>: Is this gonna take a while?
    Hirroo: No! I mean, I don't think so?
  • ???

    <<Hirroo reaches behind its back and brings up a brown colored book titled PRIMA and tilts its head downwards to read the text>>
    Hirroo: What is wrong?? Did I skip a step or something??
    <<You>>: Look, you seem like a nice guy. I'll just let you go and get back to collecting offerings.
    <<You>>: If you actually get to the point where you can pose a threat, then you know where I'll be.
    Hirroo: Just give me a minute! I gotta re-read--
    <<You>>: Bye!

    Occurs twice with Full Heal after the second time
      One Battle from Monster Pool

      A chance of

      Battle: Velocigobbler

      You found a(n) Orange/Sqrapple/Graplant/Bluestar Flower/Bread Fruit!

    <<A light brown colored list has red checkmarks on the right of each offering obtained appears, click screen to return to battle>>
    Kosefira: Keep looking for the rest of your offering! Don't leave this quest or you will lose all of your fregetables.

    Kosefira: You have found everything you need to make an offering! Go on out to the fields and present your items to Serenia.
  • Go!

    <<At the intersection of a path between green hills, a brown field and a black silhouette of a barn house and storage buildings>>
    Bystander: Look!
    Bystander: Up in the sky!

    <<Pans upward to gradient of blue to light blue with the barn house, hills and fields below>>
    Bystander: It's a CloudZard!
    Bystander: It's a Drakel Air Raider!
    Bystander: No, wait--
    Bystander: It's Serenia, the Harvest Goddess!

    <<Pans downward as a light yellow human silhouette in a dress descends as a trail of loose feathers fall from her to the ground with Wind element sound, the fields turn to yellow and green as You walk in from the left, ten patches of grass sprout on the brown path and two clusters of three dark-blue interior and white-tipped flowers surrounded by yellow-grey and orange-pink flowers sprout from the green hills>>
    <<You>>: Thank you Serenia! We will have plenty of food to last us through the winter.

    <<A light yellow Serenia slowly flies in from the right>>
    Serenia: It is done. The deed has taken its toll. Time grows short, and I must recover. Hark, Chosen!
    Serenia: Wisdom and might meet in a trickster warrior, an ancient regent chosen by a greater crown. Where his singular gaze falls, fortune and misfortune alike follow, for he is opportunity made flesh.
    Serenia: Heroes from near and far, deceived in ways they yet ignore, would seize this hour, and you would be wise to lead by example.
    Serenia: With their great beauty comes great danger and much malevolence.
    Serenia: You may yet share in the sage's pride and make merry like few ever have, if snow stands the test of thunder.

    <<Serenia flies upward shrinking in size>>

    Shop: Harvest Festival
    Corn-Missile Launcher (Lv 1, 21, 41, 61, 61G, 81, 101, 121, 131, 134Z, 141G)
    Apple Launcher (Lv 1, 21, 41, 61, 61G, 81, 101, 121, 131, 134Z, 141G)
    Pumpkin Chucker (Lv 1, 21, 41, 61, 61G, 81, 101, 121, 131, 134Z, 141G)
    Guardian Apple Blunderbuss (Lv 5G)
    Harvest Festival '17 Commemorative Spoon (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Smoked Drumchuks (Lv 8)
    Weedsprayer ZX (Lv 10Z)
    Staff of Plenty (Lv 10, 30, 50, 70, 90, 110, 130)
    Harvest Staff Z (Lv 11Z, 49Z)
    Granny Smith Blunderbuss
    Harvest Festival '15 Commemorative Spoon (Lv 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Violent Violet (Lv 20, 60, 100, 117)
    Teryaki Marinated Drumchuks (Lv 22)
    Staff of Plenty G (Lv 23G, 150G)
    Harvest Staff (Lv 25, 45, 66, 105, 125)
    Fuji Blunderbuss Z (Lv 30Z)
    Weedsprayer XXX (Lv 30)
    Honey Crisp Blunderbuss (Lv 35)
    Guardian Harvest Staff (Lv 40G, 85G, 145G)
    Guardian Violent Violet (Lv 40G, 80G, 136G)
    Horn of PwnZy (Lv 45Z)
    Cajun Spiced Drumchuks (Lv 48G)
    Red Delicious Blunderbuss (Lv 50)
    McIntosh Blunderbuss Z (Lv 50Z)
    Guardian Weedsprayer L (Lv 50G)
    Orange Glazed Drumchuks (Lv 64)
    Guardian Gala Blunderbuss (Lv 70G)
    Guardian Weedsprayer LXX (Lv 70G)
    Greater Horn of PwnZy (Lv 77Z)
    Boiled Drumchuks (Lv 78)
    Staff of Plenty Z (Lv 80Z, 120Z)
    Jonagold Blunderbuss (Lv 90)
    Weedsprayer XC (Lv 90)
    Overdone Drumchuks (Lv 101)
    2 1337 Horn of PwnZy (Lv 103Z)
    Crispin Blunderbuss (Lv 108)
    Weedsprayer CX (Lv 110)
    Diet Drumchuks (Lv 124)
    Pink Lady Blunderbuss (Lv 126)
    31337 Horn of PwnZy (Lv 126Z)
    Weedsprayer CXXX (Lv 130)
    41337 Horn of PwnZy (Lv 139Z)
    SPARTAAAAAAN Blunderbuss (Lv 144G)
    Ghost Chili Drumchuks (Lv 147G)
    Summon Plant Dragon II (Lv 1Z)
    Summon Plant Dragon I (Lv 20)
    Rupture (Lv 20)
    Summon Plant Dragon III (Lv 50G)
    Guardian Earthshatter (Lv 50G)
    Sundering Z (Lv 68Z)
    Summon Plant Dragon IV (Lv 80)
    Sundering (Lv 80)
    Summon Plant Dragon V (Lv 85Z)
    Summon Plant Dragon VI (Lv 110)
    Earthrend (Lv 110)
    Summon Plant Dragon VII (Lv 130)
    Demolish (Lv 130)
    Earthsplosion (Lv 145G)
    Summon Plant Dragon VIII (Lv 150G)
    Velocigobbler (Lv 2, 14, 28, 54G, 74, 95, 116, 132, 150G)
    Nepencreep (Lv 3, 43, 63, 123)
    Guardian Nepencreep (Lv 23G, 103G)
    Nepencreep Z (Lv 83)
    Saladmandr Seed Pack (Lv 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Wind Stone (Lv 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 135, 150G)
    House Items:
    Harvest Portal Painting

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20933808]Crazy Cornelius[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20936544]Veteran Plant Dragon[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935981]Wood Golem[/link]

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    Legendary Ash

    Decorate the Battleon Tree!

    Today's Event or Frostval 2019 Portal Painting > Decorate the Battleon Tree!

    <<Pans down onto Battleon in the winter, zooms in between an evergreen conifer and the Inn as the scene is enveloped in yellow light, Robina stands on right on the snow a distance away from the tree and You walk in to stand left of the tree, between the Inn, Aria's and Warlic's shops>>
    Robina: <<You>>! So good to see you!
    <<You>>: Hi Robina! What happened to the fountain that was in the town's square?
    Robina: Yulgar had to remove it due to the frigid weather. Something about pipes freezing and bursting. He said it made the town look empty, so he replaced it with a tree!
    Robina: He has such an eye for those types of things.
    <<You>>: Huh, it seems a little... plain doesn't it? I bet with a little hunting I could really spruce it up!
    Robina: Hunting? I love hunting! I bet some Zard pelts and Behemoth teeth would look really nice, <<You>>!
    <<You>>: What...? Ew, no! I mean we could look around, I'm sure there's some spare decorations left lying about.
    Robina: Ohhh yeah, that's a great idea! I'll put together a list for us, this will be so much fun! I love this time of year!

    <<A list moves up to the center of the screen>>
    Robina: Click on the name of an ingredient to go hunting for it! Stay wary of the creatures that lurk around these snowy lands!
    Decorate the
    Battleon Tree!

  • A star burning bright
  • Some fluff to keep it warm
  • Strings of lights to shine in the night
  • Orbs of decorating power
  • Hunt with Robina's help
    <<Robina the Hood will now battle by your side!>>
  • Hunt by yourself

  • Two Battles from Monster Pool
    Full Heal

    Luck Check!
    The snow is deeper than you thought! It's going to take some luck to find the decorations buried under all this snow!
    Difficulty: 100
    Stat Used: Luck
  • Roll!

    If you fail the roll

  • Defy It!
    By an effort of will you can spend <<value>> Sp to automatically win the roll. Do you wish to do that?
    • Yes
    • No

  • Next

    If you win in the roll

    <<You found a shiny star/pile of fluff/powerful lights/the orbs of decorating power!>>

    Once all decorations are found

    <<Robina walks in from the right to stands on the snow a distance away from the decorated tree and You walk to stand on the left of it between the Inn, Aria's and Warlic's shops>>
    Robina: A beautiful tree once again, <<You>>. Thank you for hanging out and helping with decorations.
    <<You>>: It's been an intense year. Now that we're finally winding down, it's nice to get to slow down and appreciate the nice little moments.
    Robina: It is! I'm not one for routine, but it does make me feel a little cozy to keep these little traditions alive leading up to the big season.
    Robina: So, let's appreciate good memories and good company for about a minute or less. Before something interrupts us with the latest in an unexpected yet disturbingly regular string of coincidences.
    <<You>>: ...What?
    Robina: C'mon, no one's around to watch you not being a goofball. You've noticed how someone always makes trouble about now. Something's at play here.
    <<You>>: Well, yes. But how do you figure it's a mystery hidden behind years of coincidences?
    Robina: I'm a Ranger. Tracking's the name of the game, so pattern recognition is kind of my thing. Frostval troubles usually have an odd, repeated rhythm to them.
    <<You>>: Huh. Yeah, you do make it sound like every time there's some mastermind trying to move armies and play the long game.
    <<You>>: But if you look at it from a warring point of view, it makes sense for anyone trying to mess with us.
    <<You>>: It's right after the harvest season, so anyone coming after us has probably been preparing their supplies. They also know that we've usually lost a lot of work time at the fields, even if the crops get restored.
    Robina: So stirring up trouble now means they can aim to make us chew through our own supplies and leave us in trouble when the harshest part of winter hits.
    <<You>>: Exactly. Well, that and Zorbak is one grumpy pile of trouble. I still think you're onto something, though.
    Robina: Well, maybe not this time. We've been talking for a while and-

    <<A Frost Effigy flies with a parchment towards You and releases it next to the decorated tree>>
    Robina: Ha! I've still got it.
    <<You>>: And here I was looking smart. Alright, let's see what the season's beatings will be...

    A red arrow with a gold trim points down at the parchment, Take the note! Click arrow to continue.


    War approaches your land. Frost Giants march
    westward, avoiding the open tundra. If they seek
    the long path around the mountains, your lands
    are in grave danger from the northwestern front.
    Make preparations for a committed defense.

    Make no mistake: This is not a migration, but an
    invasion. The fractured fiefdoms of Jotenhom
    have rallied behind their most warlike khanate. I
    have not seen such coordination and certainty
    from them in centuries.

    It pains me to be unable to offer aid when I have
    asked you to be ready to lend yours, but trust
    that I will handle the northern passes and keep
    isolated raiders at bay. May we walk again and
    meet in victory.

  • Continue
    Robina: That's... Oof, now I feel like I was tempting fate.
    <<You>>: Whole armies of Frost Giants... If they're going around the mountains to avoid the walls, then Frostvale is right in their path.
    Robina: Those poor Moglins can't catch a break. I'll spread the word that we need defenders immediately.
    <<You>>: I'll make the trip right now. We won't let them get trampled, especially not on this of all seasons.

    Coming next Week:
    The Ballad of the Chosen

    Shop: Frostval Tree Decoration

    Festive Mallet (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Snowflake Wand (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Snownic Screwdriver (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Cold Sore (Lv 7, 27, 42G, 67, 87, 107, 127, 147G)
    Rock Thrower (Lv7, 27, 42G, 67, 87, 107, 127, 147G)
    Wreath Wrath (Lv 7, 27, 42G, 67, 87, 107, 127, 147G)
    Spearmint (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Mighty Sleighlelagh (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Mystic Sleighlelagh (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Sleighledao (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Thundersplitter (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Thunder Lord's Spear (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Thunder Lord's Staff (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Coal Maul (Lv 7, 27, 42G, 67, 87, 107, 127, 147G)
    Frigid Lance (Lv 7, 27, 42G, 67, 87, 107, 127, 147G)
    Shivsicle (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Wreath Wrath G (Lv 19, 147G)
    Cold Sore G (Lv 47, 147G)
    Rock Thrower G (Lv 47, 147G)
    Zpearmint (Lv 77Z, 140Z)
    Wreath Wrath Z (Lv 77Z, 117Z)
    Coal Maul Z (Lv 77Z, 140Z)
    Frigid Lance Z (Lv 77Z, 140Z)
    Cold Sore Z (Lv 107Z)
    Rock Thrower Z (Lv 107Z)
    Broken Ornament (Lv 5, 15, 35, 51G, 55, 75, 85Z, 95, 115, 135, 143Z, 150G)
    Frostbite (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Frostbite G (Lv 28G 150G)
    Frostbite Z (Lv 85Z, 135Z)

  • Play again!
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20933934]Dirty Snowman[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934397]Frost Berserker[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934407]Frost Colossus[/link]
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    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935199]Jotun Combatant[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935200]Jotun Commander[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935201]Jotun Executioner[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935202]Jotun Fighter[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935203]Jotun Hero[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935204]Jotun Knight[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935205]Jotun Leader[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935206]Jotun Marauder[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935207]Jotun Raider[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935208]Jotun Warrior[/link]
    Pere NoFlesh
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20936885]Tree Slugger[/link]

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    Legendary Ash

    Chosen-ismal - Ballad of the Chosen

    Today's Event or Frostval 2019 Portal Painting > Ballad of the Chosen

    <<You walk in from the left to face Chilly in blue beanie and blue sweater and three UltraGuardians on the right in Frostvale with a red and purple gradient sky illuminated by the yellow sun that's half way up the horizon>>
    <<You>>: ...That's all I know. The first of us to get here sent some scouts ahead, but everyone wanted me defending Frostvale while you all arrived, so I didn't catch their report yet. Has anyone heard back from them?
    Yaheem: I just got their report. We're setting up some temporary stables south of the village; the scouts that returned are resting there.
    <<You>>: What news did they bring?
    Yaheem: The weather in the mountains is extremely hostile right now. Some elite Guardians pressed ahead, mostly the rangers with experience patrolling the ice walls.
    Yaheem: Visibility is low, so they've been unable to make out enemy numbers.
    Yaheem: But there are traces of fire well ahead of where they suspect the main force is advancing. So while we've got time...
    <<You>>: ...The Frost Giants already sent scouts of their own. And we just missed them.
    Yaheem: Scouts, advance forces, or maybe the usual pillagers. Definitely low in number, but they could be here any day now.
    Chilly: Or... Oh, no, what if those are already here? What can we do?
    Yaheem: We're still receiving reinforcements from all over, so the fine details might change.
    Yaheem: Our best bet against unknown numbers is to hold them off at the pass while preparing a solid defense here at Frostvale in case the worst happens.
    <<You>>: Removing the advantage of a wider front is a great tactic, but we'd better make sure whatever got past us doesn't threaten the rearguard. Can you spare some people to help me comb the area while you get that post started?
    ???: Hoho, what a clever hero. I think I would like to take up that job.

    <<Chilly turns around to face a dark red cloaked figure with a white beard the right>>
    <<You>>: Hello there. Who might you be?
    ???: Just an old warrior from the south. The years may be getting heavy, but I should like to think I've got at least one more great battle in me.
    Chilly: Ginnarr! It's so good to see you again! <<You>>, Frostvale is filled with heroes from all over thanks to Ginnarr spreading the word!
    <<You>>: Much appreciated, Ginnarr. And I'm glad to hear we're getting so much help so quickly.
    Ginnarr: Indeed! It's a pity the Vartai are too harried to spread any thinner, but you should have seen the bandits fleeing the roads at the sight of so many different heroes.
    Ginnarr: Why, even a number of adepts from Eridani - Ah, but I'm about to turn into the old man telling stories at inopportune times.
    <<You>>: Well, I won't turn down your help. With how well traveled you seem, it should be anything but boring.

    Four Battles from Monster Pool with Full Heal after each two

    <<Ginnarr walks in from the left and stand next to You in a mirrored reflection of Screen 1>>
    Ginnarr: Not bad, Chosen. Why, you could have taught me a few tricks when I was your age.
    <<You>>: Thanks, but I'm sure you're not just here to flatter me.
    Ginnarr: Point. Still, item seems accounts of your folly were greatly... outdated. You've hardly been feeding that particular impression of late.
    <<You>>: The cat has been out of the bag for years, Ginnarr. There's not much use in pretense when everyone has seen through it by now.
    Ginnarr: I would not be so certain about that... Say, how about we make some light entertainment out of this mission? Keep a tally, let's see how well these old bones can keep up with today's heroes.
    <<You>>: I hesitate to underestimate an old warrior, but that might be a little unfair. I'm always having to-
    Ginnarr: Don't be a spoilsport. Come on, how many have you got so far?
    <<You>>: Four.
    Ginnarr: Ah. Just the one so far here. Well, I'm only starting to warm up. Let's keep going.

    Four Battles from Monster Pool with Full Heal after the fourth

    <<Ginnarr walks in from the right to face You in Screen 2>>
    <<You>>: They sure are restless around here... I'm counting eight so far, by the way.
    Ginnarr: *huff* Three. It's a good thing that it's just the two of us out here, I wouldn't want all of those young adventurers to start thinking that the monsters are making me work for it...
    <<You>>: Still warming up, I take it. Haven't broken a sweat?
    Ginnarr: Not a drop.
    <<You>>: Right. Wasn't your eyepatch on the other side?
    Ginnarr: ...Just keep counting, kiddo.

    One Battle from Monster Pool

    Battle: Frost Giant
    Full Heal

    Several hours later...

    <<You>>: Just one giant, no signs of a camp or cave, not even carrying a message... Could be one of the usual raiders, but... alone? I don't like this.
    <<You>>: But I've got an idea. Ginnarr, let's... Wait. Ginnarr? Where are you?

    <<Ice element sounds>>
    <<You>>: Oi, Chosen! What's your count?
    <<You>>: Where'd you even go - Count? Uh, around eighteen?
    Ginnarr: HA! Not bad for a young whippersnapper!

    <<You walk in from the left to face Ginnarr standing on a pile of defeated monsters, a Frost Giant, Two-Bear and a BlizZard in Screen 3>>
    Ginnarr: I myself am standing on a tidy thirty!
    <<You>>: *twitch*
    Ginnarr: What's the matter, kiddo? Axe got your tongue?
    <<You>>: Light entertainment my pinky toenail. Come on, we've got some Frost Giants to track...
    Ginnarr: Oho! Found some already?
    <<You>>: Just one, but I'm not eager to dismiss this as a random overextending raider. Let's leave the clearing to the others and go specifically look for giants.
    Ginnarr: Solid thinking, priority targets first. Alright, lead the way! Where do you think a group of Frost Giants might hide?

    <<On the right half of Screen 3 a cave emits white light>>
    Ginnarr: Well, they'd certainly fit here. Good tracking, <<You>>. Now then, shall we charge in and corner them?
    <<You>>: No. I've got a plan. The tracks make it look like they've been going in and out of this cave. They're clearly hostile, but we've only had issues with giants when WE found THEM.
    Ginnarr: An incomplete observation, but you're getting there. What do you think they're up to?
    <<You>>: If they're only hiding here and patrolling, they could be sappers waiting for us to set up, or scouts who were sent far enough in advance that we wouldn't know to expect them until they were already through.
    Ginnarr: Good theory. And what would you do about it?
    <<You>>: We could just barge in, casting and smashing away, but the freshest sets of tracks leads OUT. I say we hide and wait, get them as they come back.
    <<You>>: Once we're sure they won't suddenly show up behind us, we lure them out and give them the old one-two-fourty three.
    Ginnarr: Now that's the Chosen I've been hearing about. Your wit might just be worth matching after all!
    <<You>>: That's some seriously backhanded praise. What do you mean?
    Ginnarr: Well, this ambush could take quite a while. We're experienced enough to pay attention while we chat, so why not pass the time?
    Ginnarr: I'd often play this game around the last time I was fighting the giants. Let's take turns asking each other questions. Whoever gets the most answers right wins!
    <<You>>: That seems harmless enough.
    Ginnarr: As well it should. Now, for honor's sake, we can only ask questions that we know the answers to.
    Ginnarr: Don't even think about lying to an old warrior, kiddo. I've seen more lies than you've fought wars. I can see them coming before they're done being put to words.
    <<You>>: That won't be a problem. Would you like to start?
    Ginnarr: Alright then...
    Ginnarr: When was the last time the Elemental Lords and their realms were at war?
  • 1000 or 2500 ago, according to the Drakel records of The'Galin's coming.
  • Never. That was a lie spread by Xilar of the Silari to cause disunity.
  • Around twenty years ago, when survivors say the West was torn apart.

    If you selected Never
      <<You>>: Actually, they never really fought. There have been wars with agents FROM the realms, but the Lords themselves never called such a war.
      <<You>>: Silari, first communicant of The'Galin, spread that lie to sow disunity and expose the corruption of the temples that the Lords weren't seeing.
      Ginnarr: I see someone is well read, or well connected. This is pleasing. Your turn.

    If you selected 1000 or 2500 ago or twenty years ago
      Ginnarr: Is that your answer? I'm afraid you'll have to try again, because it's WRONG.
      <<You>>: Gah! Keep your voice down, you'll give us away! Oh great, there's one of them.

      Battle: Frost Giant

    <<You>>: Alright... What was the last will of Carnax?

    Ginnarr: Ooh, clever. I almost missed out on that one. The last desire of Carnax was to split into the hearts of Talados, that he may become unreachable.
    Ginnarr: The last of that generation of the Alpha... Such plans as theirs never go well, and never truly end. Not as long as there are those willing to co-opt them, and those willing to begin anew.

    Full Heal

    Ginnarr: For my second question: What was the source of the first generation of lycanthropy?
  • Vandar
  • Deren
  • Darkovia

    If you selected Vandar
      <<You>>: Their place of ORIGIN would be Darkovia, though it was Luminovia back when Erebus and Drageth Slugwrath created lycanthropy. But the SOURCE was a Vandarian Drakel experiment.
      <<You>>: Their experiments on wolfweres mutated into an extremely virulent outbreak. Erebus experimented on that to create the werewolf curse and be able to control it.
      Ginnarr: Rather learned... Should I have asked about vampirism? Perhaps we should be moving on to deeper truths. What's your second question?

    If you selected Deren or Darkovia
      Ginnarr: Close, very close. But WRONG!
      <<You>>: Stop giving us away like that!

      Battle: Frost Giant

    <<You>>: What is the connection between Creation and Uncreation?

    Ginnarr: ...You don't waste time. And here I dared to mention deeper truths. You humble me, Chosen, but I do know the answer. Or answers, rather.
    Ginnarr: Creator and Uncreator are more than wife and husband, more than maker and consort. But Creation and Uncreation are closer still, two sides of the same coin.
    Ginnarr: There is little difference between what could have been and what never was, and this power deals in the movement between potential and reality.
    Ginnarr: A creator is more often than not concerned with the where, while an uncreator must inevitably think of WHEN, but they move hand in hand.
    <<You>>: ...You've kept some interesting company yourself. At the very least, we've got certain Drakel friends in common.

    Full Heal

    Ginnarr: Now, for question number three... What do mid-western orcs call their home?
  • Ulgathi
  • Gulgin Daar
  • Ug Dimargi

    If you selected Gulgin Daar
      <<You>>: Falerin taught me this one, actually. Gulgin Daar is the Orcish name of a village in Greenguard, as well as the forest itself.
      <<You>>: I hope they're doing better, after everything that's been going on. I should... Nevermind.
      Ginnarr: Hmm, and here I thought linguistics would trip you up. This is getting fun. Come on, next question.

    If you selected Ulgathi or Ug Dimargi
      Ginnarr: *Inhale*
      <<You>>: Don't you dare.
      Ginnarr: WROOONG!
      <<You>>: WHY are you like this?!

      Battle: Frost Giant

      Full Heal

    <<You>>: Alright, just a few more. Where was the Wind Orb hidden during the penultimate Manifestation?

    Ginnarr: Oho, now that's a story you should ask of the great avians far to the East... However tragically few remain. They are all but gone.
    Ginnarr: It wasn't hidden in any one place. That Prime Orb was taken from the dragons, broken and scattered. I do not recommend visiting the place where this happened.
    Ginnarr: And not just because of what Rocs might do to you there. Now, I really should break this tie. Let's see... Who rules the Frost Giants?

    <<You>>: ...Ah, you got me. I have no idea.
    Ginnarr: Tsk tsk. You really should know your enemy. I always make sure to. The Frost Giants haven't had a single ruler in hundreds of years, since the Home of Giants splintered.
    Ginnarr: The central hall of Jotunhom was ruined in a bloody revolt, and Jotunheim broke up into smaller warring factors.
    Ginnarr: They nearly wiped each other and other northerners out, then stabilized into smaller khanates.
    Ginnarr: Few know just what turned their society inside out, but it's really quite a shame. They were proud, inventive, excellent sailors and unmatched navigators.
    Ginnarr: Imagine what trade would look like if they had remained united long enough to form peaceful bonds with the southern cultures.
    <<You>>: It's a pity to be facing people who could be formidable allies. Regardless, it seems you beat me. Good game.
    Ginnarr: Ah, well... I'm not being entirely honest here. I deliberately asked something you couldn't know. Call it something of a teaching moment. Old habits die hard. One last question?
    <<You>>: ...I see. You've got quite a good read on me, and you've been poking and prodding to learn more with these questions. Well, two can play that game.
    <<You>>: What is the identity of War?

    Ginnarr: Why... Nobody- Well, we'd hope nobody... Amazing, <<You>>. You have cornered me completely. I have no choice but to concede defeat.
    <<You>>: Not an easy victory. We'll have to discuss some things later. For now, though... Eyes to the cave. They're moving.

    Battle: Frost Giant Commander
    Full Heal

    <<You walk in from the left to face Chilly in blue beanie and blue sweater and three UltraGuardians on the right in Frostvale with a green and blue gradient sky illuminated by several small white stars>>
    Yaheem: Our foothold in the pass is solid. I had my doubts about the timing, but with the amount of reinforcements pouring in, I'm completely certain we'll have a full defense prepared.
    Yaheem: We've got everything from knights to wizards and even heroes of distant lands.
    Yaheem: We should be able to buy Frostvale as much time as it takes. Perhaps we'll even stop them altogether before losing the narrow advantage.
    <<You>>: I'm sure we haven't found all of them ourselves, but Ginnarr and I figured out how the scouts operate.
    <<You>>: It's a shame nobody here speaks their tongue, or we could try to taunt some answers out of them. But at least now the Guardians know how to find and catch the rest.
    Chilly: Yay! Where's Ginnarr now?
    <<You>>: Huh? He's right ne...vermind. That is one strange old man. Anyways, let's get all these people organized; there are still some major threats in the vicinity.
    ???: How very sure of itself this generation has become. They certainly have the experience to earn it, but outright certitude may be too far.
    ???: Perhaps they should be taught to never take the outcome for granted, defeat or victory. The line between confidence and hubris should be tested.

    Coming next Week:
    The Test of Thunder
    Early Frostval Surprise

    Shop: Frostval '19: Chosen-ismal

    Baleygr's Omen (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

  • Play again!
  • Replay Intro Decorate the Tree
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934397]Frost Berserker[/link]
    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935022]Ice Snayl[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935199]Jotun Combatant[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935200]Jotun Commander[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935201]Jotun Executioner[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935202]Jotun Fighter[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935203]Jotun Hero[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935204]Jotun Knight[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935205]Jotun Leader[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935206]Jotun Marauder[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935207]Jotun Raider[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935208]Jotun Warrior[/link]
    Pere NoFlesh
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20936885]Tree Slugger[/link]

    1 Text error are underlined both in transcript above and below:

    <<You>>: Oi, Chosen! What's your count?
    Should be "Ginnarr" talking.

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    Legendary Ash

    Chosen-ismal - The Test of Thunder

    Today's Event or Frostval 2019 Portal Painting > The Test of Thunder

    <<Pans to the left at Ginnarr standing on the edge of a cliff above snow covered mountains with a forest of evergreen conifers below illuminated by a white and purple gradient sky and a blue crescent moon>>
    Ginnarr: They will see it as perfidy. So be it. If they have fallen into complacency, then this shall be a swifter punishment than what the heirs of broken Jotunhom would offer.
    Ginnarr: If they yet respect the growing threat, then may this day endure in song.
    Ginnarr: Banished and bannerless sons of the North, I offer you a glory thought lost. Beasts who yet remember the Wolf-Foe's voice, lend your fangs as I sound the call.
    Ginnarr: Worthy spirits denied a last great battle, see now the stage of your reckoning and rejoice, for tonight you shall rest in hallowed halls.
    Ginnarr: The time draws near - Of falling swords, of the howl of wind and wolf, of mercy forgotten. Today we see if mortals can yet deny its portent.

    <<A lightning bolt strikes Ginnarr with an Energy element sound, Ginnarr disappears>>

    <<You walk in from the left to stand next to Yaheem to face Tyranna, Cerin, General Herous and Cerin on the right in Frostvale>>
    <<You>>: I was worrying that tensions might be too high between the midwestern forces, but every knight here is carrying the season well.
    <<You>>: As much as it'd help to take this chance to start smoothing things over, we need to work fast here. I'll trust you to keep working together smoothly.
    General Herous: If we want to finish organizing the mixed cavalry in time, we'll need to count on that.
    Tathlin: The truce may be enforced, but I will honor it as I would my own word.
    Tyranna: It will be interesting. All the picking at each other's weaknesses will help with covering for them instead.
    Tyranna: Perhaps this is worth postponing proceedings for. Very well. I won't easily assume good faith, but my Knights will make my points this day.
    Tathlin: Nothing is resolved... But all of us stand to face a war we are too strained to handle if we do not combine our strength and resources.
    General Herous: None would dare turn a traitor's hand with all our charges and allies watching, so let's all focus on the task at hand.
    Cerin: Music to my ears. Let us ride as we always should have, and we shall provide an example for future generations through excellence in cooperation.
    Yaheem: Never thought I'd see that in my life. These little Moglins are miracle workers.
    <<You>>: Speaking of that, where are they?
    Yaheem: They're trying to get Chilly out of his wardrobe.
    <<You>>: Out of what?! What happened to him?
    Yaheem: A Demon Knight mentioned a mortgage.
    <<You>>: ...Great. Well, he's technically safer there. Did the reinforcements get to the pass?
    Yaheem: After this long, I should hope so. It's finally safe to bring the builders over, so we're taking care of that and setting up our smaller force on the hills.
    <<You>>: Good. The adventurers and I just finished clearing caves and ruins in a wide area, so we can focus our attention on the coming battle.
    Yaheem: Rest easy, Chosen. With heroes like you and this much time to prepare, victory is assured. Even if the Frost Giants don't break on the pass, we will prevail.

    <<Ginnarr walks in from the right and stands next to Cerin>>
    Ginnarr: Hubris makes poor praise, young heroes. You have become accustomed to victory. Glorious as though this may be, it's intoxicating as well.
    Ginnarr: Some of you have come to expect it, perhaps even assume it, when you may soon find yourselves with no such assurance.
    Yaheem: Ginnarr, please get to the point. Your tone is starting to make me worry.
    Ginnarr: Of course. Your individual deeds are worth your legend. But collectively? You approach complacency. That I shan't abide. When luring the Frost Giants, I expected better.
    <<You>>: You're responsible for the invasion?!
    Ginnarr: I'm afraid the Giants historically despise my lineage far too much for that to be true. I did, however, push a certain khan into taking charge.
    Ginnarr: Before my ancestral foes arrive, my forces will show the truth. I will see for myself if you have the bonds of battle needed to nor merely ward them off, but defeat them utterly.
    <<You>>: With the Moglins in harm's way, I have precisely no patience for games or ominous threats. Either you're a traitorous hypocrite, or you're powerful enough to feel the right or need to test us.
    <<You>>: Either way, there's one thing you've clearly been lying about. Who are you really? Is Ginnarr even your real name?

    <<Lighting strikes Ginnarr removing his red cloak>>
    Ginnarr?: Sharp! You are used to deceit, if not outright treachery. A shame. You may call me Olfnir if it pleases you.
    <<You>>: If it pleases me? That doesn't sound honest either, and we've learned to be wary of false identities.
    Olfnir: As well you should! But it is lies that you should beware, for Lies may look after you, but lies are not done with you.
    Olfnir: And names that are lies are poison. Now then, show me where it all comes together. Might, wisdom, leadership, unity. Do you still practice what the two above taught you?

    <<Lightning bolts strike next to Ginnarr, causing an Energyshifter, Guardian Spirit and Frost Giant to appear>>

    Four Battles from Monster Pool with Full Heal after each two:
    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934408]Frost Giant[/link]
    Frost Giantess

    <<Lighting bolts strikes the snow covered ground causing a black silhouette of an army to appear, lightning strikes again causing an addition to the black silhouette army>>

    <<Yaheem wears a helm, holds his Guardian blade and stands on the right to face You>>
    Yaheem: The village is clear! We can push through to join the Knights now!
    <<You>>: They're cutting us off from the main force at the pass! These are all the forces we'll get.
    Yaheem: But that's... a terrible strategy. When the army notices this, the enemy will get crushed on two fronts!
    <<You>>: ...They've got the numbers to raze the village before that happens.
    Yaheem: Even in victory, we'd lose what we're fighting for...
    <<You>>: I don't call that victory. That fiend... I think that's the whole point of this.
    Yaheem: They're too close. We can reach everyone, but there's no time to organize everyone into a proper force.
    Yaheem: <<You>>, we're going to have to decide on a tactic on the spot. Give the order, and we'll spread it to the others as we reach them. How should we handle this?

  • Feint and Flank
    Have infantry feign a retreat to the
    village, and cavalry flank the
    pursuers, leaving you to fight
    frenzied undead while on the
      <<You walk in from the left in Screen 2>>
      <<You>>: Pull back all the defenders from the hills! When the enemy follows them, have the cavalry lay into them. I'll take the mages and lead the undead on a wild chase.

      One the Move
      You're fighting while running, making it harder to hit or use special maneuvers!

      The undead floated over the cavalry, and now they're even angrier! Target takes a -15 penalty to BTH and deals 121.43% damage. (This effect emulates Berserk.)

      Six Battles from Monster Pool with Full Heal after each two:
      Fiery Moglin Ghost
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934769]Guardian Spirit[/link]
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20936012]Moglin Ghost[/link]

      <<You walk in from the left to face Olfnir who stands in front of three Frost Giants and one as a black silhouette in Screen 11>>
      Olfnir: A clever tactic. Exploiting the horde mentality of an overeager force to overcome their superior numbers. Now let's put this to a glorious end!

      Go down to Battle and dialogue after selecting one of five combat tactics

      Shop: Frostval '19: Test of Thunder [Trickster]
      Vidrir's Judgement (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
      Thunder Lord's Ravens (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
      Trickster (Lv 5)

  • Shield Wall!
    Don't let them take an inch! Take
    a forward hill and endure their full
    force with defensive bonuses!
      <<You walk in from the left in Screen 2>>
      <<You>>: Let's join the defenders and form a shield wall! When the enemy breaks against our lines, the cavalry can sweep them up while I take Olfnir down.

      You're part of a cohesive shield formation, regaining SP, improving your blocking and punishing failed enemy strikes!

      Full Frontal Assault!
      A relentless horde of enemies is crashing against your defensive line!

      Three Battles with Full Heal after each:
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20933369]Banshee[/link] (2)
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20933768]Cloke[/link] (2)
      Energyshifter (2)
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934408]Frost Giant[/link] (2)
      Frost Giantess (2)
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934568]Ghost[/link] (2)
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20937332]StormZard[/link] (2)
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20936890]Trobble[/link] (2)
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20936861]Thunderbird[/link] (2)
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20933267]Zzott[/link] (2)
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20937332]StormZard[/link] (2)

      <<You walk in from the left to face Olfnir who stands in front of three Frost Giants and one as a black silhouette in Screen 11>>
      Olfnir: Making a phalanx work against such a mixed force is an excellent show of camaraderie and force of will. Now let's put this to a glorious end!

      Go down to Battle and dialogue after selecting one of five combat tactics

      Shop: Frostval '19: Test of Thunder [Phalanx]
      Vidrir's Judgement (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
      Thunder Lord's Ravens (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
      Phalanx (Lv 5)

    Take a small group and buy your
    allies time to organize and
    properly counter this force. But in
    order to buy them a respite, you'll
    hardly get one!
      <<You walk in from the left in Screen 2>>
      <<You>>: No time to organize? To Heck with that, I'm GIVING you time. I'm putting myself on the line, but if you make it... It'll be worth it.

      Nine Battles with Full Heal after each three:
      Fiery Moglin Ghost
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934408]Frost Giant[/link]
      Frost Giantess
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934769]Guardian Spirit[/link]
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20936012]Moglin Ghost[/link]

      <<You walk in from the left to face Olfnir who stands in front of three Frost Giants and one as a black silhouette in Screen 11>>
      Olfnir: You took a great personal risk to enable an undisturbed formation. Chosen, you understand the value of sacrifice. Now let's put this to a glorious end!

      Go down to Battle and dialogue after selecting one of five combat tactics

      Shop: Frostval '19: Test of Thunder [Charging]
      Vidrir's Judgement (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
      Thunder Lord's Ravens (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
      Charging Thunder (Lv 5)

  • Take Their Champions
    Identify their leaders and strongest
    champions, and take them down in
    one rush to demoralize the horde!
    (Boss rush, no healing)
      <<You walk in from the left in Screen 2>>
      <<You>>: Look at them. They're organizing at the same time as we are. It's like they're only now coming together. Hit the seams in their lines, I'll take their leaders.

      This is an exceptionally tough and powerful leader of the enemy horde!

      Three Battles from Monster Pool:
      Fiery Moglin Ghost
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934408]Frost Giant[/link]
      Frost Giantess
      Frost Giant Commander
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934769]Guardian Spirit[/link]
      [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20936012]Moglin Ghost[/link]

      <<You walk in from the left to face Olfnir who stands in front of three Frost Giants and one as a black silhouette in Screen 11>>
      Olfnir: Very perceptive! You identified that your enemy shared your disadvantage and exploited it most decisively. Now let's put this to a glorious end!

      Go down to Battle and dialogue after selecting one of five combat tactics

      Shop: Frostval '19: Test of Thunder [Champion]
      Vidrir's Judgement (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
      Thunder Lord's Ravens (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
      Champion Breaker (Lv 5)

  • No More Games
    You'll handle this yourself. Have
    everyone hold the line while you
    track down Ofnir and beat him at
    his strongest.
      <<You walk in from the left in Screen 2>>
      <<You>>: Enough. These poor Moglins have barely gotten to start their work. Hold the line. I'm going after Olfnir myself.

      <<You walk in from the left to face Olfnir who stands in front of three Frost Giants and one as a black silhouette in Screen 11>>
      Olfnir: Have you truly fallen into such hubris? Or is this a mad gambit to demoralize the horde? I'll have to test you with the full might I am afforded, unspent by the battle you denied.

      Lord of Thunder
      The boss is unleashing great power! Defenses, mobility, and outgoing damage are increased!

      Go down to Battle and dialogue after selecting one of five combat tactics

      Shop: Frostval '19: Test of Thunder [Lord of Thunder]
      Vidrir's Judgement (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
      Thunder Lord's Ravens (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
      Lord of Thunder (Lv 5)
      Lady of Thunder (Lv 15)
      Lord of Thunder (Lv 15)

    Battle: Olfnir, Lying Thunder
    Full Heal

    <<Lighting bolts strikes the Frost Giants causing them to disappear>>
    <<You>>: ...Wait, what? Your forces just disappeared.
    Olfnir: Of course. The Test of Thunder has concluded. You have completed this rite in a manner that the skalds of my time would have wept at the chance to sing of.
    Olfnir: You have given the rebels who fled the northern Khanates ample proof that you have a cause worth fighting for, the bonds of camaraderie to carry it, and the sheer might to see it through.
    Olfnir: All of you came together to give the restless souls of those denied one last great battle the desire that bound them to roam.
    Olfnir: And the creatures I summoned, now driven from Frostvale, have been commanded to stand guard where your rear guard was straining to cover.
    <<You>>: That... I'm not sure what to make of it. This was one risky trial. I understand the point of it, but why now? And why on Lore would you bring the Frost Titans to our door?!
    Olfnir: Chosen, I am sure that you and your people grow weary of trials. But always remember that life and Lore are themselves a test.
    Olfnir: Many lifetimes ago, I ruled from what is now Thunder Mountain. In spite of the distances, my people often warred with the Frost Giants. Their life was as this trial, and all failed.
    Olfnir: In our hubris, neither side wished to hear anything but an admission of utter defeat from the other. And so there was nothing between us but the ebb and flow of battle.
    <<You>>: ...Just how long ago was this? And how are you still alive?
    Olfnir: A thousand years ago, when the all-wasting war swept the great dragon dynasties aside and left little but those who would make beasts of themselves.
    Olfnir: When I set aside my crown, I then came to serve as communicant of the Energy Lord.
    <<You>>: That explains your power and longevity, but with the other gods being so silent, why is the Energy Lord testing us?
    Olfnir: Lightning strikes where it will, and often the land calls to it. My Lord allows me great freedom, but I only wield divine power when commanded.
    <<You>>: Then that's how powerful you always were? That's...
    Olfnir: ...hardly as impressive as some of your feats. You whom my people would call Sigtyr, you know better than most of the science and art of the chaos of war.
    Olfnir: So you must understand that the tide can turn in a moment, that victory and ruin are two sides of one blade. The greatest victories require that the risk of defeat be fresh in mind.
    <<You>>: I do understand. There's a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and we're all guilty of crossing it sometimes.
    <<You>>: In a strange way, I appreciate what you've done. And with how much you clearly know, I really would like to get to talk more, but we have a legion to prepare to face.
    <<You>>: So if you've sent your forces to make our job easier... Thank you. But for the sake of urgency: What happens now?
    Olfnir: Now you prepare to make history, Chosen. Fight with wisdom, and fight with passion. May your worth be rewarded.

    <<You walk in from the left to face Yaheem on the right in Frostvale with a green and dark green gradient sky illuminated by several small white stars>>
    Yaheem: <<You>>! What an inspiring victory! What happened with this so-called Olfnir?
    <<You>>: I know this will sound crazy, but... He's helping. He was helping from the start, in his own weird way. I'll explain more later, but trust me.
    Yaheem: I'll take your word for it, but with those kind of crazy moves... I'm okay with him keeping his distance.

    <<Lighting bolts strikes the snow covered ground causing Olfnir to appear with two ravens perched on his shoulders that look to the left and right>>
    <<You>>: Oh come on!
    Yaheem: GAH!
    <<You>>: What's happening now, Olfnir?
    Fjolnir: Actually, call me Fjolnir, Lord of Thunder. And I'll be sticking around to help, of course.
    <<You>>: ...I'm trying really hard to believe you, and you're coming out with another name. Are you seriously going to fight at our side this time?
    Fjolnir: Are you kidding me? I haven't had this much fun since my son's hammer was stolen and he got convinced to dress up as the ransom bride the enemy demanded.
    Fjolnir: You should have seen his face. Then he got it back and went absolutely berserk all over Jotunhom. In a wedding dress.
    <<You>>: That's... That's a story alright.
    Fjolnir: Besides, I would love to learn more about how your generation does battle. Now come on, let's properly reward you for your feat!

    Coming next Week:
    The Gift Delivery
    Frost Tide, Yuletide!

    Go up to combat tactics' respective shops

  • Reopen Shop
  • Play again!
  • Choose a Different Path!
  • Replay Intro Decorate the Tree
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    1 Text error are underlined both in transcript above and below:

    Have everyone hold the line while you track down Ofnir and beat him at his strongest.
    Should be "Olfnir".

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    1/4/2020 21:55:49   
    Legendary Ash

    Gift Delivery!

    Today's Event or Frostval 2019 Portal Painting > Gift Delivery!

    <<Pans to the right of a fortress on the ice mountains of The Northern Passage, its snowing and two Frost Giants and a Frost Giantess appear outside with Wind element sounds>>

    <<An UltraGuardian holds a Shadow Strike Guardian Dragon Blade, an UltraGuardian wearing a holiday hat holds a Chaoswrought spear and an UltraGuardian with a Sunscale Circlet face holds a Sunscale staff and shield, all stand at the top of the stone fortress>>
    Guardian: Light the beacons! Send the signals, the Frost Giants are here!
    Guardian: Form up! Hold the line until there is nothing left but dust and snow!

    <<You walk in from the left to face Chilly in blue beanie and blue sweater, an UltraGuardian and Fjolnir on the right in Frostvale with a red and purple gradient sky illuminated by white stars>
    <<You>>: It's time. Everyone is nearly ready here, I should stay with the defenders now.
    Chilly: Thank you so much! Everyone's so tied up with this war, though... I hope we can finish in time.
    Fjolnir: Are you sure that's how you want to handle this, Chosen? Just funnel them into the pass to ruin their numerical advantage, then fight until someone drops?
    <<You>>: Now you question the strategy? After you got this entire Taladosian clusterstorm rolling our way to begin with?
    Chilly: What do you mean, mister Fjolnirnarr?
    <<You>>: Yes, your Highness Fjolnimarr. I'm about to have to run off to join the defenders that JUST sent the signal for reinforcements.
    <<You>>: So if you have any insight... Seriously, I would have appreciated it earlier, but I'd be thankful for having it now.
    Fjolnir: If I wasn't blood brother to Loco himself, I might object to that humor.
    <<You>>: You're... what? I am so sorry for you. You have to deal with HIM as- Nevermind. The advice, please.
    Fjolnir: The Frost Giants aren't the only ones forced to fight on a narrow point. You're imposing the same constraint on yourselves.
    Fjolnir: With the amount of forces you're fielding, you'll still have idle hands even if rotating the defenders and leaving the resting ones at Frostvale.
    <<You>>: True. But that means our army will be able to endure the worst the Giants have to offer.
    Fjolnir: Yes, I'm certain that you would endure until well after the Giants reduce your forts to rubble. How well you'd do without siege engines and defensible structures to fall back to is another story.
    Fjolnir: They can rotate their forces and bring siege engines of their own. You hadn't accounted for their tactics- Which is no fault of yours, as you didn't know them.
    <<You>>: ...No thanks to you. What do you propose?
    Fjolnir: Let them fail where you succeeded, and let them think you share their arrogance. To defeat them utterly, you should do more than fight for Frostvale.
    Fjolnir: Fight for Frostval itself.
    <<You>>: That... Yes, that gives me ideas. Chilly, get the riders ready. We're going to help you with the gift delivery anyways.
    Chilly: Yes! I believe in you!

    <<Chilly turns around to the right and walks off>>
    Yaheem: <<You>>, I want Frostval to succeed as much as anyone else, but should we really celebrate with this kind of army at our doorstep?
    <<You>>: We should celebrate precisely because this army is at our doorstep.
    Fjolnir: Yes! He (male)/ She (female) gets it! This will be a battle for the ages!

    War camp

    Gift Delivery

    It's time to deliver presents... And
    fight off an entire legion of invading
    Frost Giants! You might be insane
    for this, but you're not letting any
    horde ruin the Frostval spirit! Time
    is short to deliver all of the
    presents and spread Frostval cheer.
    Make the delivery routes safe again
    so that all the good boys and girls
    can still believe in the spirit of the


    Outside of Uncle Sham's bedroom

    <<A leprechaun wearing a green cloak stands on a blue carpet with gold trim in front of a vault door to Sham's bedroom>>
    O'Meanie: Boss, no! You ordered us to lock you up yourself!
    Sham: Lad, ye had best move aside or I'm only givin' ye one Frostval bonus.
    O'Meanie: No way, I'm not movin' one- Wait, wha?
    Sham: Atta boy. Now, ye lot...
    O'Holy: Stay back, foul philanthropist! Leave this poor miser's body!

    <<Earth element sounds>>
    O'Teeny: Let go!

    <<Wind element sounds>>
    O'Greenie: He's swinging O'Teeny!

    <<Wind element sounds followed by Earth element sounds>>

    <<Sham wearing a red holiday hat, coat and blunderbuss knocks open the vault door, which slams O'Holy into producing cracks in the gold hallway wall>>
    Festive Sham: 'Tis the season for gibbing.

    <<Zooms in at the fortress on the snow mountains>>

    <<Yaheem wears a helm and holds his Guardian blade stands behind You on the left to face an UltraGuardian that holds a Shadow Strike Guardian Dragon Blade on the right at the top of the stone fortress>>
    Yaheem: I can't believe we're making this work so far. But every time they get close to the walls, our mages can't attack without damaging the structure.
    Yaheem: And we can't have them shielding us from siege engines nonstop. I don't know how much longer this fort will hold.
    <<You>>: We're going to need a change in the balance of firepower soon.

    <<Sham swings in on a rope and lands on his feet besides the UltraGuardian on the right>>
    <<You>>: Sham! You're here! And you're fully dressed!
    Yaheem: Never thought I'd be so glad to see this guy.
    Festive Sham: Oho! A whole mountain pass makes for one big hall, but me and me Leprechauns are goin' ta deck EVERYONE IN IT.


    <<A Frost Giant holds an axe and in a downward arm motion signals for the launching of large black silhouettes of boulders from large crossbows at the fortress, which fly with Darkness element sounds>>

    <<A black silhouette of a boulder fly above the heads of an UltraGuardian wearing a holiday hat that holds a Chaoswrought spear stands behind Yaheem on the right, an UltraGuardian with a Sunscale Circlet face holds a Sunscale staff and shields and an UltraGuardian holds a Shadow Strike Guardian Dragon Blade stands next to You on the left>>
    Yaheem: Incoming! Huge volley incoming, everyone take cover!
    <<You>>: Don't try to block it, just save your strength and hide!

    <<Two black silhouettes of boulders drop onto the lower walls of the fortress creating holes>>

    <<You are animated to take a hit, as an UltraGuardian wearing a holiday hat holds a Chaoswrought spear stands behind Yaheem on the right, an UltraGuardian with a Sunscale Circlet face holds a Sunscale staff and shield and an UltraGuardian holds a Shadow Strike Guardian Dragon Blade stands next to You on the left>>
    Yaheem: Rats! They waited for us to be just done defending the last one. If another hit like that lands, they'll go through the fort!
    <<You>>: …If that happens, then let them.
    Guardians: WHAT?!
    <<You>>: We'll be ready. You'll see.


    <<Pans to the right of a white and purple gradient sky view of Frostvale illuminated by a blue crescent moon>>

    <<You walk in from the left to stand with an UltraGuardian wearing a holiday hat that holds a Chaoswrought spear on the left to face Chilly in blue beanie and blue sweater and Yaheem wearing a helm and holding a Guardian blade on the right in Frostvale with a red and purple gradient sky illuminated by white stars>
    Yaheem: Everyone fell back! The Frost Giants broke through!
    <<You>>: Keep to the plan, everyone, we prepared for this! Chilly, keep going with the presents and let Sham help you. Is everyone else ready?
    Chilly: Okay!

    <<Chilly walks off to the right>>
    Yaheem: Our formation is ready. The adventurers are set up in squads, and the cavalry is hiding in the woods until there's a long enough flank exposed.
    <<You>>: Perfect. How about those groups that Fjolnir brought in from the east?
    Yaheem: Those warriors from Eridani are almost done with their spell, then they can join the fray... There! It's ready!
    <<You>>: We've got this, then. Give the signal!
    Adventurers: Adepts! Raise it now!

    <<Eight mages stand in a circle outside Frostvale cast their blue sparking magic to raise seven towering blue walls from the snow ground to surround Frostvale>>

    Twilly: Happy Fwostvals! It's time to deliver the gifts so that everyone can have a super fun new year!
    Twilly: If you need to be healed I can help you.
    • Heal me please.
      Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
    • Thank you!

  • Let me handle this!

    Lucretia: Get your potions here! Healing potions, insulation potions, don't forget either one! You all better win this!
  • Deal!
    <<You>>: Hey Lucretia! Happy Frostval!
  • More
    Lucretia: And happy Frostval to you too! Here, have a glass - nothing better than a warm mug of cocoa on cold winter day, yes?
  • Sweet!
    Lucretia: Check out my shop out back for specialty potions!

    Potion bag
    You must be a Guardian to refill your Health potions from this bag.

    Night time in Frostvale is the coldest time of all. Dress warmly!
    Left pile
    Medium Yellow ribbon blue gift with green dots
    Oooooh, this present is going to the Guardian tower. I wonder what's in it?
    Large Turquoise ribbon red and purple striped gift
    This one is addressed to -- the previous War?!?! Better deliver it last.
    Small Turquoise ribbon red and purple striped gift
    This one has air holes and... is breathing?? Better deliver it quick!
    Pink ribbon purple gift
    "To the LeopardZard" or This gift contains the answers to the Universe. It's sealed with adamantium wrapping paper, a multidimensional bc
    Dark purple ribbon red and green striped gift
    I wonder what's inside? *shake shake sha--CRACK tink tink* ._.; You saw nothing.
    Center pile
    Small Yellow ribbon blue gift with green dots
    This gift may be blue, but whatever's inside definitely won't make you feel blue!
    Small Pink ribbon purple, pink and white striped square gift
    This present is shaped like a toaster. Wait, have toasters been invented yet?
    Medium Turquoise ribbon red and purple striped square gift
    Red, red gift. Go to my head, make me forget I still need her so.
    Medium Pink ribbon purple, pink and white striped rectangular gift
    Purple gift, purple gift. I only wanted to see you playing with the purple gift.
    Small Dark purple ribbon red and green striped gift
    The wrapping is green. It's making you feel a little envious of whoever gets it.
    Medium Yellow ribbon blue rectangular gift with green dots
    This present looks like it was crushed in the war. Hopefully it wasn't too fragile.
    Large Turquoise ribbon red and purple striped rectangular gift
    This one is surprisingly heavy. Hopefully it's not full of coal.
    Large Pink ribbon purple, pink and white striped rectangular gift and Medium Dark purple ribbon red and green striped gift
    Is that... a bobcat in here? Who exactly packed this one?
    Small Turquoise ribbon red and purple striped square gift and Small Yellow ribbon blue square gift with green dots
    This is the kind of gift that'll make Mariah Carey care about the presents under the tree.

  • To Battle!
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Five

      You will now fight # wave(s) before returning to camp!
      [X] Click this button to return to camp at the next save point.

      Two Battles from Monster Pool with Full Heal after

    • Back to Town

    Once the war meter reaches 100%

    <<You, Yaheem and Fjolnir stand on the left to face a Frost Giant and Frost Giantess on the right with Frostvale in the background, snow is animated to fall around the Frost Giants>>
    <<You>>: Frost Giants! If any of you speak our tongue, send out your leader!

    <<A Frost Giant wearing a helmet appears in front of the Frost Giant and Frost Giantess>>
    Harbard Khan: That would be me, half-sized. You speak to Harbard Khan, and I speak for the Grey-Eye horde.
    <<You>>: You fought fiercely, Harbard. But your cause and might were insufficient. I would see this conflict ended. This should be a season of joy.
    Harbard Khan: You are decades too young to judge my cause. I saw an opportunity to make a foothold into the south, and rallied all of Jotunheim behind my banner.
    Harbard Khan: I will grant that your might is impressive. Especially for someone who parades around an imitator of our ancient enemy.
    Fjolnir: Oh, if only you had the slightest idea...
    Harbard Khan: You have worn us out over a long path, fighting with great ferocity and cunning, even as your forces kept departing to boast and celebrate.
    Harbard Khan: My lines may have broken against your walls, but in you I can give my people a foe to unite against. The hall of Jotunhom will be whole again, with my clan's colors.
    <<You>>: ...That is what you're taking away from all of this? I'm honestly wondering if I was wasting my time being diplomatic, now.
    <<You>>: But it's the season for giving. So I'm going to give you a chance.
    Yaheem: What? <<You>>, you are being really confusing lately.
    Fjolnir: Ohoho, I think I know where this is going.
    <<You>>: A duel. Right here and now, where both of our allies can see. Will you take the chance to face this great unifying foe?
    Harbard Khan: A duel of champions, for the fate of this battle? Be it great honor or greater folly, I accept. They will know me as conqueror for this.

    Battle: Frost Giant Commander
    Full Heal

    Harbard Khan: ...I don't understand. You were this certain that you would win. Why challenge me at all? How does this humiliation serve you?
    <<You>>: I don't blame you for not getting it. I myself have been understanding this piece by piece.
    Fjolnir: Have you finally pieced everything together?
    <<You>>: You're definitely related to Loco, with how much you enjoy your tricks. But yes, I see the whole scheme now.
    <<You>>: You showed appreciation for the culture of your enemies, and said you had a hand in who led them here.
    <<You>>: Harbard is one Khan of many. If it took your influence for him to be followed, the others don't see him as superior.
    <<You>>: That's why he's still so desperate to prove himself, even after supposedly uniting the other khanates into one army.
    Harbard Khan: Insolent churl! You tricked me, even as you presented a duel!
    <<You>>: I played you for a fool, Harbard, but I didn't trick you. In fact, I didn't agree to give you anything if you won.
    <<You>>: After we worked so hard to keep Frostval alive, did you seriously think I'd let you near while there's still a chance for you to alter the course of the season?
    <<You>>: We completed the delivery hours ago.
    Harbard Khan: I don't understand. What was the point of challenging me at all, then? How does this humiliation, or this speech, serve any purpose?
    <<You>>: I've faced too many third rate villains who monologue for the sake of doing it to repeat their mistakes.
    <<You>>: The Frost Giants saw us refuse to stop celebrating, even as we had to face them. They saw your leadership take them to defeat.
    <<You>>: And now they see me make a complete fool of you, while letting them go honorably.
    Fjolnir: Your banner is broken, Harbard. None will follow your warmongering lead again.
    Fjolnir: When the heroes next meet the Frost Giants, united or otherwise, it won't be on the terms that the the worst the North has to offer.
    Fjolnir: Perhaps Jotunhom will indeed be whole again. Under a worthy leader.
    Harbard Khan: You...!

    <<Harbard Khan walks off to the bottom, the Frost Giant and Frost Giantess walk off to the right>>
    <<You>>: And THAT is how you end a Frostval party.
    Fjolnir: You applied your lesson most gloriously, Chosen. That Giants came to find a foe, and instead found a paragon of the combined values of my people and theirs.
    <<You>>: I have to admit, you did us a lot of good. Between manipulators like Erebus and ones like you, I'll happily take the latter any day.
    Fjolnir: I see you're no slouch at backhanded praise yourself. Were the pantheon not so harried, I imagine they'd be laughing.
    <<You>>: Trick me again, though, and I'm telling Loco where to find you.

    Shop: Frostval '19: Frost Tide, Yuletide!

    Lord of Thunder (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Thunder Lord's Crest (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    House Items:
    Frostval '19: A Song of Ice & Thunder
    Festive Warrior (Lv 5, 10 wins)
    Thunderwall (Lv 10, 50 wins)
    Stormhand (Lv 20, 200 wins)
    Stormwalker (Lv 35, 500 wins)
    Living Thunder (Lv 50, 1000 wins)

  • Play again!
  • Re-Open Shop
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Replay Intro
  • Replay Pt.1
  • Replay Pt.2
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934397]Frost Berserker[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934407]Frost Colossus[/link]
    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934408]Frost Giant[/link]
    Frost Giantess
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934409]Frost Goliath[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934410]Frost Herculean[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934411]Frost Samsonian[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934412]Frost Titan[/link]
    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934420]Frost Trooper[/link]
    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935010]Ice Cweam[/link]
    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935012]Ice Dragon[/link]
    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935014]Ice Golem[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935199]Jotun Combatant[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935200]Jotun Commander[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935201]Jotun Executioner[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935202]Jotun Fighter[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935203]Jotun Hero[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935204]Jotun Knight[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935205]Jotun Leader[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935206]Jotun Marauder[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935207]Jotun Raider[/link]
    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935227]Jotun Shevite[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935208]Jotun Warrior[/link]
    [link=http://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20936885]Tree Slugger[/link]
    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20936904]Tundra Reaver[/link]

    1 Text error are underlined both in transcript above and below:

    When the heroes next meet the Frost Giants, united or otherwise, it won't be on the terms that the the worst the North has to offer.
    Should remove the extra "the".

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    Legendary Ash

    The Void

  • Battle!
  • Shop
  • Go to Battleon
  • Go to Granemor

    Woolzard: Woolzaa?
    <<You>>: Hey! You're not wearing shorts! What's wrong with you?
  • Fight!


    Base chance of encountering a shiny version starts of at 1%, increases by 1% after each kill streak milestone of 1,3,6,10,15,21,28,36 and 45,
    capping out at a 10% base chance with a kill streak of 45.

    Hitting the woolzard with fire element at least once in the battle increases the kill streak by 10 instead of 1.

    At the moment, kill streak resets if you exit the void, not sure if it's intentional.

    Each of the following items also increase this chance by 5% if they are in your active inventory, having all 7 would result in a +35% chance to encounter on top of the base rate.

    Shepherd's Crook
    Saladmandr Seed Pack
    Bell Shell
    Aloha Pikazard
    Doom Sheep

    Battle: WoolZard
    Full Heal

    Shop: Woolzard

    WoolZard (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    House Items:
    WoolZard (Lv 0)
    WoolZard (Lv 150)

    Battle: Shiny WoolZard
    Full Heal

    Shop: Shiny Woolzard

    Shiny WoolZard (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    House Items:
    WoolZard (Lv 0)
    Shiny WoolZard (Lv 150)

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    1/26/2020 20:01:16   
    Legendary Ash

    The Frostgale Set
    Mistral's Request

    Today's Event or Warlic's shop > The Frostgale Set Mastercraft Set Part III

    <<You walk in from the left and Warlic stands next to a table illuminated by a candle with three wooden chairs at his shop>>
  • Skip to the List!

    Warlic: What an interesting development this turned out to be.
    Warlic: I erred in my assumption, but his was nonetheless the power of a Great Dragon- Albeit not from the more... recent elemental war.
    Warlic: To think that champions of THE great elemental war still linger... You have a way with making the most interesting connections, <<You>>.
    <<You>>: That's pretty high praise, coming from someone with your kind of circles.
    <<You>>: Have my findings helped address your concerns?
    Warlic: Certainly. And while we may still need to make time to discuss the events in the West, I have a further request for you.
    Warlic: I received a message from your new acquaintance, specifically requesting your presence at the Lost Tower.
    Warlic: I'll take it as a gesture of acknowledgement or reassurance that she went through me for such.
    Warlic: Whenever you are ready, I can send you to the tower.
  • To the Lost Tower!
  • Leave

    <<Pans to the right at the Lost Tower, a sign partially covered in snow reads Welcome To Vilmore>>

    <<You walk in from the left and stand next to Katabar inside the Lost Tower on a blue carpet hallway>>
    Katabar: Chosen.
    <<You>>: Katabar.
    Katabar: I see you've been summoned as well. Just what you might contribute to the affairs of dragons eludes me.
    <<You>>: How are the three and a half stooges? Still concussed?
    Katabar: Mind your tongue, human. What your cities have naught but contempt for, I have honed into a band that is almost worth my pride.
    Katabar: And I will not have you-
    <<You>>: See, you act all tough and aloof about those four, but it's easy to make you show you actually care about them.
    Katabar: ...Well played. Still, it does please me to meet in better circumstances.
    <<You>>: Really, though, how are they doing after all that fighting?
    Katabar: I genuinely couldn't tell you the difference between how they act normally versus how they act after being hit hard on the head.
    <<You>>: That... That explains some things.

    <<Mistral levitates in from the right>>
    Mistral: Good. You both made it.
    <<You>>: Good to see you again, Mistral. It's been a while.
    Mistral: It took me some time to... Clean up, let's say. Perhaps this town may yet be reclaimed.
    Mistral: Now that I can focus again, I have some answers for you. And a request to make.
    <<You>>: And where you have been all this time, if you've been around since Darkovia's birth and the great elemental war.
    Mistral: It was known as Luminovia, back then.
    Mistral: ...But you knew that. You were testing me.
    <<You>>: Guilty as charged.
    Mistral: There isn't much to tell about back then that hasn't already gone down in history.
    Mistral: Forces aligned to each elemental realm grew prideful. Greedy.
    Mistral: It was no short task to turn us against each other... But we certainly made it an easy one.
    Mistral: When deceivers from beyond provoked the first march, we were each too eager to believe the others had done some great wrong.
    Mistral: The crossfire alone razed civilization. And yet when the remnants united, it was they who stopped us.
    Katabar: Was it humans that bound you in such a form, then?
    Mistral: Not exactly. We disrupted far more than the lives of mortals. One particular... man, took exceptional issue to the damage.
    Mistral: He Who Walks gathered the foremost champion of each element. Some of us came willingly. Others resisted.
    Mistral: We were cursed to walk this world in the form of those we had hurt the most with our folly. Centuries, millenia… As long as it took to atone.
    <<You>>: He Who Walks? And you've been trying to redeem yourself for a thousand years?
    Mistral: His identity isn't my secret to reveal, for what little I know of it.
    Mistral: And I think... I'm only now properly trying to make amends. That's what I summoned the two of you for.
    Mistral: Pushing farther north, I've learned that other dragons of my line came to these lands, perhaps in an attempt to find me.
    Mistral: Whether they turned on each other, died out or fell prey to other dangers of the Far North, they are gone by now.
    Mistral: Their relics and remnants have fallen into the hands of the Frost Giants that travel south to raid these lands.
    Mistral: In their ignorance, they only wield them to amplify their Ice powers.
    Mistral: But if you gather enough, we could coalesce an approximation of my original power - And unlock the Wind aspect sealed by my curse.
    <<You>>: Hold on, you want to somehow break or get around your curse?
    Katabar: I could certainly help with that, but I have my concerns about provoking whoever cast it.
    Mistral: No. My curse remains. The power... would go to the two of you.
    Mistral: <<You>>, I have kept the world and those I hurt at bay, instead focusing on others like myself.
    Mistral: It's time that I turn my charges into my kith, that I may uplift instead of isolate them.
    Mistral: Katabar, I can think of no better way to regrow the lost vitality of your brood than to awaken your diluted legacy.
    Katabar: …My legacy? Do you mean to say that we descend from you?
    Mistral: You were named after an ancestor. The first of my clan to split from the warring forces.
    Mistral: My son, whose legacy you and the rest of my kin may yet live up to.
    Mistral: Now then, are you ready to hunt?

    <<Mistral levitates off to the right and disappears>>

    Katabar: Select an item from the list to begin the search. But remember, Chosen... If you lose a battle, or return to town, you will lose all of the items that you have collected and will need to start over.

  • Guardians can take Katabar as a guest to help track down items!
    Katabar will only quest with Guardians.

    Once eight drops have been collected click Turn in to open the shops

  • Great Wyrm's Fang
    Collect Fangs of a Great Wyrm to unlock the Mistral's Breaker, Pillar, and Summit weapons!

      Two Battles from Monster Pool with a 50% chance of You collect a Great Wyrm's Fang after each battle
      Full Heal

      Shop: Frostgale Bonus: Weapon Fangs

      Mistral's Breaker (Lv 105, 120, 135, 150G)
      Mistral's Summit (Lv 105, 120, 135, 150G)
      Mistral's Pillar (Lv 105, 120, 135, 150G)

  • Great Wyrm's Claw
    Collect Claws of a Great Wyrm to unlock the Call and Summon Katabar spells!

      Two Battles from Monster Pool with a 50% chance of You collect a Great Wyrm's Claw after each battle
      Full Heal

      Shop: Frostgale Bonus: Guest Claws

      Summon Katabar (Lv 105, 120, 135, 150G)
      Call Katabar (Lv 105, 120, 135, 150G)

  • Great Wyrm's Scale
    Collect Scales of a Great Wyrm to unlock the Mistral's Grace shield!

      Two Battles from Monster Pool with a 50% chance of You collect a Great Wyrm's Scale after each battle
      Full Heal

      Shop: Frostgale Bonus: Shield Scales

      Mistral's Grace (Lv 105, 120, 135, 150G)

  • Great Wyrm's Relic
    Collect Relics of a Great Wyrm to unlock the Mistral's Remorse trinket!

      Two Battles from Monster Pool with a 50% chance of You collect a Great Wyrm's Relic after each battle
      Full Heal

      Shop: Frostgale Bonus: Trinket Relics

      Frostgale's Remorse (Lv 105, 120, 135, 150G)

    After exiting one of four shops
      Katabar: Well done, Chosen. Mistral has unlocked the Wind power sealed by her curse.

  • Back to Town!
      Katabar: Are you sure? If you leave, by the time you return the power in these items will dissipate, and be ruined, so you will need to start over.
    • Yes, I'm sure.
    • On second thought...

    Monster Pool

    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934408]Frost Giant[/link]
    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20934408]Frost Giantess[/link]
    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935012]Ice Dragon[/link]
    Ice Minotaur
    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935022]Ice Snayl[/link]
    [link=https://forums2.battleon.com/f/tm.asp?m=20935898]Wind Dragon[/link]

    1 Text error are underlined both in transcript above and below:

    Centuries, millenia… As long as it took to atone.
    Should be "millennia".
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    1/30/2020 15:19:44   
    Legendary Ash

    The Void

  • Battle!
  • Shop
  • Go to Battleon
  • Go to Granemor

    Keyote: I greet you from the other side. Of sorrow and despari. With a hate so vast and shattered. It will reach you everywhere.
  • Shut up and fight!

    Battle: Keyote the Heart Crusher
    Full Heal

    Shop: Keyote the Heartcrusher

    Blade of the Thornful Rose (Lv 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Blade of the Briar (Lv 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Lance of the Rose's Thorn (Lv 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Keyote (Lv 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    House Items:
    Keyote the Heart Crusher (Lv 0)
    Keyote the Heart Crusher (Lv 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)

    1 Text error are underlined both in transcript above and below:

    Of sorrow and despari
    Should be "despair".

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    Bu Kek Siansu

    Legendary Ash, a lvl 5 isn't available in the shop for the weapon, pet and house guard.

    Also, there's already an existing thread (entry) for Keyote the Heart Crusher.
    Location: Void Takeover (Part 7)

    Only the House Items need to be added to an existing thread (entry).

    House Items
  • Keyote the Heart Crusher [ House Guard (Lvl 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150) ]
  • Keyote the Heart Crusher [ Portal Painting (Lvl 0) ]

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    Legendary Ash

    Blarney War:
    Gold Thriller

    Today's Event or Blarney Portal Painting > Blarney War: Gold Thriller

    <<Darkness shrouds the screen leaving only a viewable circle region of showing Pestilence standing on the right of an altar of four grey skulls positioned horizontally from each other their mouths open bearing their teeth surrounded by a green magic circle>>
    Pestilence: It's not perfect, but if I had taken any longer, I couldn't have finished. Still, it won't do me much good if I don't turn this situation around.
    Pestilence: I can't count on War anymore, and now there's that bleeding, starving heart of a so-called demigod to get rid of... I should've known he'd be too soft when the going got tough.
    Pestilence: Because of them, it's gotten to the point where I'll have no backup if my plans are revealed. I need new agents to strengthen my domain.
    Pestilence: To raise forces, I need to recover enough power to invest in them. To recover that power, I need to act and risk being caught without backup.
    Pestilence: Then I have no choice but to break the tenets *now*, and weaken all who might stop me in one maneuver.
    Pestilence: Guardians, adventurers, and monsters... There has to be a single vector that connects them...
    Pestilence: Oooh. Oh! Yes, this is perfect! I could never get away with this if I still had to lug Famine around!

    <<Three gold coins slide across the ground drawn by Pestilence's green magic levitate in front of Pestilence>>
    Pestilence: Now I just need an agent. Someone with a good cover for spreading the curse and creating more plague gold.
    Pestilence: As long as they're subtle, there will soon be enough living victims to empower me faster than the coin infection can drain me.
    Pestilence: The question is... who would be ideal? Most so-called villains are ruled out by the need for subtlety.
    Pestilence: Robina the Hood would be perfect, but too likely to get discovered early. I can't rule out the chance that <<You>> might detect my influence.
    Pestilence: That leaves...

    <<Inside Sham's bedroom are a map of Gold locations, a book shelf, two potions one green and one pink, scattered piles of gold coins and gold bars, a blue blanket on a bed frame composed of gold, Sham wears a green Leprechaun Top Hat, vest and pants, he stands next to a pair of cuffs connected by a chain laid on the floor>>
    Uncle Sham: It's over... It's finally over. After Frostval, I was so scared I'd end up breaking out during Snugglefest too...
    Uncle Sham: Ta think I"d manage to stay hidden two years in a row. My career would end if the world ever saw me like that.

    <<Clouds of darkness shroud the right half of the room with Darkness element sounds, Pestilence walks in from the right with Darkness element sounds, Uncle Sham jumps up and lands on his feet, shaken by his entrance>>
    Pestilence: Shamus O'Slayhee… I come with an offer you won't soon resist.
    Pestilence: ...What?! No, you gold-fueled, pint-sized traumatized wreck of a- *Ahem*.

    <<Pestilence raises his right hand glowing with green magic, three gold coins from the ground slides across to the left and levitates upward in front of Uncle Sham>>
    Pestilence: I offer you power and influence, to be extended to all the gold in the world. Every last coin passing hands between the adventurers of the world could be--
    Uncle Sham: I accept. Unconditionally.
    Pestilence: ...You do? Then as my servant, you--
    Uncle Sham: Other than these terms and conditions.

    <<Uncle Sham holds rolled up parchment bound by a red ribbon in his left hand and raises it up towards Pestilence>>
    Pestilence: What?
    Uncle Sham: Sign here, here and here, no need ta worry about the fine print, we'll split the profits 100-0, though I might be persuaded ta let you look at them during holidays or commission a portrait of the gold.
    Pestilence: ...I reiterate: WHAT.
    Pestilence: Nevermind. I thought there might be some small chance to do this by the "rules", but you're impossibly... YOU.
    Uncle Sham: Thank ye?
    Pestilence: I'd tell you to prepare yourself, but I won't be so foolish as to let you remember this.

    <<Three puffs of blue dust appear on the parchment with Wind element sounds followed by Darkness element sounds, Pestilence lowers his right hand>>
    Pestilence: Perfect. I can't fully override your nature, but it will still serve me well.
    Pestilence: As a banker, you are uniquely equipped to sneak this gold into the hands of traders and adventurers, even into the coffers of the Guardian order...
    Uncle Sham: I don't understand.
    Pestilence: What part can't you understand, you nincompoop? You work with currency every day, just infect small amounts of gold at a time and give-
    Uncle Sham:You lost me.
    Pestilence: HOW?!
    Uncle Sham:Small amounts of gold? Giving it? That doesn't make sense.
    Pestilence: ...You can't be this dense. I don't believe for a moment that you can't understand the currency you constantly work with, the very thing you can now control.
    Uncle Sham: I can control it? Oh my GOLD, I really can!
    Pestilence: As long as you blight it first, yes, but we can't get carried away. Now hold still, I'm going to have to stuff some caution into that skull of yours.

    <<The room fills with a gradient of bright green from the ground up, the scene changes to an upward pan of the Bank of Leprechaunia>>
    Pestilence: I said hold still!
    Sham?: Oh, but the JOY! It's one thing ta know the GOLD is there, but it's so invigorating to really SENSE it, FEEL it...
    Pestilence: Don't make this weird. That's an order.
    Sham?: ...And to really... BE it...
    Pestilence: No, no, don't corrupt it all at once, we have to get some power BACK before we spend so much.
    Sham?: There's so much GOLD that I hadn't noticed, too. Why, they've been takin' it ta the grave, the cheeky... Oh that won't do at ALL.
    Pestilence: Will you please take me seriously already?!
    Pestilence: ...You're growing. Why are you growing? Don't turn giant, we're in a closed room!
    Pestilence: Is your belly made of bricks or something?!
    Sham?: Solid gold bricks, boss! You won't regret hiring me!
    Pestilence: NO, I REGRET EVERYTHING.

    <<Green light emits from the cracks that appear on the walls of the Bank of Leprechaunia, an explosion occurs with Fire element sounds and a beam of green light blasts through the roof, HexSham as a skeletal figure in a green hooded cloak causes three streams of sparkling gold coins to flow towards his chest>>
    HexSham: Mmm... Coins.
    HexSham: Ohoho, nuggets... jewels... Ah! Ingots! Heheheh…
    HexSham: I feel the power... And there is so much more out there!
    HexSham: Hit me with all the gold you have, world! I'm getting stronger by the moment, and it's going to be a SHAM-DEMIC!
    HexSham: Living or dead, UNCLE SHAM WANTS YOU... Ta find me GOLD!

    <<A Cyberchaun and a leprechaun stands on the grass plains in front of a mountain range, eleven gold bars stacked within four rows are levitated by HexSham's green magic in front of the leprechaun>>
    O'Sheeny: Hey, is it just me, or does the boss look kind of funny to you?
    Cyberchaun: Is he ACTING any different?
    O'Sheeny: ...Not really, but this gold is getting kind of... itchy.
    Cyberchaun: Look, just be glad he's not wearing a loincloth and get to work.
    O'Sheeny: You make a very good point.

    War Camp


    Gold Thriller

    Cursed Leprechaun forces are stealing
    everyone's gold at the command of a
    strangely empowered leader! Stop this
    Spooky onslaught before everyone is
    cursed, broke, or stuck staring at Sham for
    even longer!


    <<Three clover shaped tombstones and three tombstones with an engraving of a pot of gold rest on the ground of a cemetery>>
    HexSham: Ooh, there's so much here too. Don't mind if I do!

    <<HexSham skeletal hands levitates in from the right across the cemetery to the left bringing green fog into the cemetery and two spirits of leprechauns rise from the ground that sparkles with light in front of two tombstones>>
    O'Fallen: Over our dead bodies!
    HexSham: Well, yes. That's the idea.

    <<The two leprechaun spirits dive headfirst into ground>>
    HexSham: Ah ah ah, finder's keepers. Stop holding on to it.

    <<The cemetery shakes briefly>>
    HexSham: Don't do that, you'll-

    <<A skeletal hand holding an axe emerges from the ground that sparkles with light in front of a tombstone>>
    HexSham: Oooh. Well, that looks useful.


    <<Robina walks in from the left, turns around to face the left and pulls on her bowstring preparing to fire two arrows>>
    Robina Hood: Wow. There are enough monsters around here to keep me busy for a while. I might not have enough gold for all of then.

    <<Pestilence jumps down and lands on its feet on the right behind Robina, she turns around to face the right>>
    Pestilence: Going back to your antics in the middle of a war? I wonder if you have that much confidence that your allies will win...
    Pestilence: But I admire the sheer, single-minded dedication. It will come very handy. This won't take long...
    Robina Hood: I was wondering when you were going to show up.
    Pestilence: ...What. You've been expecting me. How?
    Robina Hood: I didn't know it was you, or I'd have been even more careful. But you've been stalking me for a while now, haven't you?
    Robina Hood: Must've been watching me somehow, appearing when you thought you could get me, and disappearing if I could keep moving.
    Robina Hood: Why do you think I've been moving through the brush? People chasing you with magic still make small trails, they're just usually stuck thinking of magical traces.
    Pestilence: Your cleverness is only more encouraging. It's positively refreshing compared to what I'm stuck dealing with.
    Pestilence: Now, Hood, you'll be coming with me. We've got a lot to fix.
    Robina Hood: I don't think so.
    Pestilence: I wasn't asking.
    Robina Hood: You're in no position to make demands. In fact, the only position you're in is "Standing on my trap".
    Pestilence: Trap? What trap, you insolent-

    <<You walk in from the left and stand behind Robina>>
    <<You>>: Hello there.
    Pestilence: Generally, I wouldn't consider someone without the ambition to hold on to true power to be good trap material.
    <<You>>: Unless you've got a serious edge over Famine, I've got a good idea of just how much weaker you're getting. So, am I interrupting your bluff?
    Pestilence: The only thing getting interrupted is your life!

    Battle: Waning Pestilence
    Full Heal

    <<Robina turns around to face You on the left>>
    <<You>>: Well, that could've gone better. I'm sorry, Robina he's still too powerful for me to catch him.
    Robina Hood: Are you sure about that?
    <<You>>: What do you mean?
    Robina Hood: If it came down to power, maybe... Nevermind. At least we know who's got the edge on raw skill.
    <<You>>: ...Right. Do you think Pestilence is behind all of this?
    Robina Hood: If he is, I don't think he's exactly holding the reins anymore. He doesn't seem happy with how it's turning out.
    <<You>>: Nor is he getting any stronger. I could've sworn he'd be a lot harder to deal with than Famine.
    Robina Hood: That leaves us back to square one for intelligence. We'll have to focus on figuring out how to stop Sham.


    <<Two Ultraguardians stand on the left behind You and Yaheem stands on the right in front of two huts with grass roofs>>
    <<You>>: Everyone's alright, then?
    Yaheem: Amazingly, yes. Warlic says that it's because their gold was taken so quickly after being affected, so the only developed mild symptoms.
    <<You>>: Is he done studying the contained samples?
    Yaheem: I think so. The last time he called for us, Lucretia was helping to study it. They're both waiting for you.
    <<You>>: Good. As soon as the leprechaun envoys are checked for cursed gold, I'll go in with them.

    <<You walk in from the left to stand in front of Liborg and O'Cratchett, Lucretia and Warlic stand on the right with a levitating orb of a green outline displaying a gold coin above a golden stand>>
    Lucretia: I'm glad you could make it, <<You>>. Even with no defender infections so far, we were starting to get worried.
    <<You>>: Don't worry. I was just waiting for Liborg and O'Cratchett.
    O'Cratchett: Not sure how I feel about having to leave me gold to enter yer camp, fellows.
    Liborg: Better than most 'chauns would, O'Cratchett. And I'm glad to see you again, we haven't met since...
    O'Cratchett: Yer unfortunate rampage. I know. I pushed some of yer teachers to take ya in as pupil back then.
    Liborg: Yes, ah... Then. But thank you. That helped me so much.
    <<You>>: That's genuinely heartwarming, but we ARE in a rush and need to come up with a plan. What are your findings?
    Warlic: Between the intricacy of this curse and the power correspondence, there's no doubting its divine origin. Especially after you and Robina ran into Pestilence.
    Warlic: The gold empower these undead and making their victims ill harbors a self-replicating hex. When exposed to a coin, or to sufficiently pure gold, it draws power remotely and copies its effect onto it.
    Warlic: Prolonged exposure without potent protection weakens the victim's muscles and immune system over time.
    Liborg: And everything my uncle curses, he can control.
    <<You>>: If Sham wasn't taking all of it as soon as his leprechauns grab it, the situation would be horrifying. Pestilence would already be so strong...
    O'Cratchett: That won't be a 'would be' for very long if we manage to stop Sham but don't figure out how to undo or cure the magical plague.
    Warlic: Unfortunately, I can't simply unravel the hex. If I tried to dispel a remotely powered divine enchantment of this intricacy... The consequences could be catastrophic.
    <<You>>: ...I understand.
    O'Cratchett: I don't.
    Lucretia: We've reached out to Kalanyr and Kamui. Since making a similarly self-replicating counter wouldn't be a minor change, it'd take them weeks to do properly.
    Lucretia: So now we've turned to alchemy. We've been working on insulation and managed some limited inoculation, but for an actual solution-
    <<You>>: ...Was that a pun?
    Lucretia: You'll never know.
    <<You>>: Did you just manage to... Gah. I think I hate you now.
    Lucretia: You love me and you know it. Anyways. To find an actual solution, we need to turn to older forms of alchemy. More concerned with altering base elements than complex chemistry.
    Liborg: Oh! You want to use Leprechaun alchemy to see how the curse responds to altering the gold!
    Warlic: Precisely. Kamui's testing suggests that if we can stress it to a breaking point, we'll have ourselves a countermeasure. We can figure out how to turn it back, as secondary priority.
    <<You>>: And how do we use that to stop Sham? We can't have Kamui transmute every individual coin.
    Warlic: There's an ancient Leprechaun ritual for mass transmutation. It's remarkably mana-efficient and completely safe, but I don't have the complete ritual-
    O'Cratchett: ...You speak of the ancient tragedy, the Dark Play of the Wise.
    Liborg: I've never heard of that.
    O'Cratchett: Of course you haven't. It's not a story the bankers would tell you. It's a barter legend. The Dark Play was a theatre performance disguising a powerful, terrifying ritual.
    O'Cratchett: It was a ghastly last resort so powerful that the cabal of the Wise could leave anyone they despised in abject poverty.
    O'Cratchett: They would use the ultimate secrets of alchemy and alteration to turn all gold in the ritual's range... into lead.
    Warlic: Yes, that's exactly it! You must help me find it.
    O'Cratchett: Absolutely out of the-
    <<You>>: That sounds like the perfect way to stop Sham.
    Liborg: This sounds really scary, but if we don't do it, then one wrong step could cause a mountain of plague-spreading gold to spill over.
    O'Cratchett: But we still haven't figured out how to turn lead into gold!
    Lucretia: And left unchecked, he'll eventually have all the gold in the world.
    O'Cratchett: … Well, yes, but I still don't think -
    <<You>>: It's decided then. Liborg, let's go find Lallace. Maybe he could be convinced to sneak leprechauns behind your uncle's ranks to cast the ritual.
    O'Cratchett: Does nobody realize the horror we're about to unleash?
    Warlic: Very well, we'll begin small scale testing as soon as possible.

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    Click the chest to open, reveals eighteen stacks of gold coins, gold bar, blue gem, red gem while a purple gem and two coins fall to the ground
    You have equipped a special Leprechaun Power Armor! It will disappear when you log out.

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    Potions By Lucretia
    Lucretia: Oh, thank goodness you're here! This is an absolute nightmare! I don't know what I'll do!
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    <<You>>: Whoa, easy there, Lucretia, we're here for you. Did you get hurt?
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    Lucretia: No...
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    <<You>>: Did these odd leprechauns take someone, or hurt someone you-
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    Lucretia: No! They're taking gold from so many people that I haven't managed to queue up a single client for my shop!
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    <<You>>: ...What?
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    Lucretia: I'm happy to help out, but all that anyone wants is the free samples!
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    <<You>>: That... That uh, that's truly terrible.
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    Lucretia: I know! *sniff* You're a good friend, <<You>> thank you for listening.
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    Bubbling Purple liquid Cauldron
    You down a glass and are fully healed! Tastes like almond/anise/apple/banana/blackberry/blood/blueberry/burning/butter rum/butterscotch/caramel/cherry/chocolate/cinammon/clove/coconut/coffee/cola/cotton candy/cream soda/dandelion and burdock/dragonfruit/failure/fruit punch/ginger ale/grape/honey/lemon/lemonade/lemon-lime/licorice/lime/maple/marshmallow/mint/moglinberry/moglnberry wine/Nutella/orange/passionfruit/peach/peanut butter/peppermint/pi๑a colada/pineapple/prunes/purple/raspberry/root beer/sarsaparilla/sour apple/sour cherry/sour grape/strawberry/success/watermelon/wildberry!

  • To Battle!
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Five

      You will now fight # wave(s) before returning to camp!
      Four Battles from Monster Pool full heal after each two
      [X] Click this button to return to camp at the next save point.

  • Secret Mission!

    Once the war meter reaches 100%

    <<HexSham as a skeletal figure in a green hooded cloak levitates above the Bank of Leprechaunia has three streams of sparkling gold coins flowing into a mountain sized pile resting on the roof of the building>>
    HexSham: So. It has come to this. You have all driven back every single one of my collectors.
    HexSham: I should be MAD! But you've brought so much GOLD yourselves... Gold beneath me, gold up above... Ooh, crushing you will be so rewarding.

    <<Lucretia stands behind You on the left with Liborg, Warlic and O'Cratchett on the right of the concrete road that leads to the Bank of Leprechaunia>>
    Warlic: Everyone ready?
    <<You>>: Ready.
    Liborg: As ready as we'll ever be.
    O'Cratchett: I'll never be ready for this, but there's no delaying it.
    Warlic: NOW!

    <<A black magic circle surrounds the bank and HexSham, waves of gray substance undulate counterclockwise above the magic circle, there a no longer streams of coins flowing to him, the mountain of gold coins has turned into grey lead and HexSham has reduced stature>>
    HexSham: What blasphemy is this? No, no no! I can't feel the GOLD! What have you done?!
    HexSham: Oh. My tail is stuck. Okay, but the gold is gone! WHY?!
    O'Cratchett: We need a few minutes to do that again!
    <<You>>: I'll buy you as much time as I can.
    Liborg: That's our cue! Cast the bridge!

    <<A rainbow of six colors rises from the green mountains in an arc with the peak below HexSham's head>>
    <<You>>: Time to stick a cold compress on this gold fever.

    Battle: HexSham
    Full Heal

    <<Uncle Sham has his head and shoulders stuck in a small pile of lead that flowed out from the wooden doors of the bank, his lower legs and feet are shaking while Lucretia stands behind You on the left with Liborg, Warlic and O'Cratchett on the right of the concrete road that leads to the Bank of Leprechaunia>>
    Warlic: Excellent work as always, Chosen. With the final transmutation complete, the curse is completely nullified.
    <<You>>: This was a great team effort. Everybody did their part.
    O'Cratchett: ...I'm not sure we'll be able to dig out the entrance for a few days.
    Liborg: I know the cost was terrible, O'Cratchett, but you were always an honest, hard working 'chaun. The others will need your help to get through this.
    Lucretia: This is some fascinatingly thorough transmutation, though. It could be used for the mass refining of inorganic ingredients for modern alchemy. Our disciplines might be very complementary.
    Lucretia: Between that and inevitably rekindling the old dream of lead-to-gold transmutation, you'll certainly recover a lot of lost gold from everyone flocking to learn Leprechaun alchemy.
    O'Cratchett: *sniff* You think so? O'Timmy always says he wants to grow up to be an alchemist, too...
    <<You>>: I'm just glad Pestilence didn't make another appearance. I don't think I could've handled both Sham and him.
    Warlic: Frankly, I don't think Pestilence could've handled Sham and you. The old miser seemed a little too...
    Lucretia: Excited?
    Warlic: Let's call it that, yes. A little too excited to follow orders.
    Warlic: Speaking of Sham, though... Should we get him out of there?
    <<You>>: I'm not sure we want to move him. Whoever digs him out will have to deal with his reaction to all the lost gold.
    Liborg: ...Well, I suppose he has endured much worse than a nap in cold metal. Shall we get to resting and celebrating?

    <<A grey screen>>
    <<You>>: Wait! Lead is toxic! SHAM!

    <<In a black screen, the glowing violet eyes of Pestilence appear>>
    Pestilence: This is next to NOTHING! I'm worse off than I started...! That blasted... They'll...!
    Pestilence: No. No, I have to calm down. I can't afford the slightest indiscretion anymore. One misstep, and I might not even have enough power to revive.
    Pestilence: Now I have no choice but to take this slow...

    <<The glowing violet eyes of Pestilence fades>>

    Shop: Blarney 2020: Gold Thriller

    Alchemical Unity (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Gildead Leprechaun (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Un-Lead Leprechaun (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    House Items:
    Blarney Portal Painting 2020
    Blarney Portal Painting
    Death Insurance Dealer (Lv 5, 10 wins)
    Better Dead Than Lead (Lv 10, 25 wins)
    Natural Lead-er (Lv 15, 100 wins)
    Necronomichaun (Lv 20, 250 wins)
    Necroeconomichaun (Lv 30, 500 wins)
    Necrobanker (Lv 50, 1000 wins)
    Hex Hood F (Lv 15)
    Hex Hood M (Lv 15)

  • Play again!
  • Re-Open Shop
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

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    Raiders of the Lost Yolk!

    Grenwog 2020

    You arrive at the side of the road, where Valencia, Grumbugly and Truffle await.

    Valencia: Well, if it isn't <<You>>! What brings you out of your busy schedule and into my corner of town?
    <<You>>: About a half dozen identical letters with the most menacing use of little hearts that I've ever seen.
    Valencia: You can't argue with style. And it got you here! Now then, about that ruin I found a lead on. I'll have to handle rewarding-
    <<You>> (Simultaneously): I'm in.
    Valencia (Simultaneously): -you myself, because... Wait, you are? Just like that?
    <<You>>: Last year, you told me all about why Grenwog is so special to you. And if you think you've found THE temple that your parents' excavation was meant to unearth, of course I'm helping you.
    <<You>>: But there are some details I'm curious about. This is more expedition than treasure hunt material. So wouldn't you need a major excavation team, and more time to prepare?
    Valencia: It's true, the Temple of the Covenant is huge and so ancient that it may be in need of a full crew's careful touch. This thing is older than the K'elds, after all.
    Valencia: But I have a lot of reasons to want to rush over and have the first look myself. The shifting forests uncovered the suspected area very... noisily. Others might be on the way too.
    Valencia: There's also at least one record from another civilization of that time about a fortress-monastery "nursing a living artifact of boundless potential".
    <<You>>: ...Ah. And we don't want anyone to get their hands on that until we know exactly what it is. Anything else?
    Valencia: I maaaay have been buying up the supply of genuine golden egg relics from the Taurisian civilization while they were dirt cheap, so this is a chance to secure the last source of supply and start selling dear.
    <<You>>: ...I don't know if I should feel like we got back to our comfort zone, or we're at risk of getting back to the egg puns, so let's just supply up and get going.

    Valencia and the player character enter the nocturnal forest scene.

    Valencia: Not good. We've made a lot of headway very fast, but the amount of trails we've run into suggest a lot of traffic.
    <<You>>: And the way the forest has been for some time now, maybe there were more trails that already got covered up. That suggests these tracks are recent - But they all end around here.
    Valencia: What if the forest patches up from its depths and outward instead of evenly, though?
    <<You>>: ...I didn't think of that. There's nothing to say it's not getting better at misdirection, and that would be the better way to cover up.
    Valencia: Have you got enough steam left in you to push through the night?
    <<You>>: I adventure by trade, I'm used to running on life-threateningly low amounts of sleep. It helps to sell the dunce act. A little too well sometimes.
    Valencia: ...Maybe a short rest first, then. I don't want you too tired to handle delicate relics.
    <<You>>: You just don't want me to find out if you snore.
    Valencia: Keep teasing and I'll have to reconsider it having to be you that comes along for this.
    <<You>>: Wait, it had to be me specifically? I thought it was because of last year, or because I was around town.
    Valencia: Oh, look who's all eggscited now.
    <<You>>: ...If I say I'm sorry, will you tell me instead of giving me the pun treatment?
    Valencia: It's alright, I'm joking too. But the thing is - it's not just the temple itself that's special for me. The reason why I'm making the expedition in the first place... It was only right for it to be you.
    <<You>>: Why is that?
    Valencia: Clean slates.
    <<You>>: Oh?

    Background-determined dialogue:

    Valencia: You've been called the hero of Battleon before all this divine business got you the "Chosen" title, but you always fought for everyone.
    Valencia: And I don't know if you ever wavered, or how hard it's been to keep that up. I don't even know to what degree you really mean it
    <<You>>: I don't-
    Valencia: And I don't care. You are what you do. But you've met people who DID waver. Who completely lost their way and ruined legacies, lives... And you helped them turn around.
    <<You>>: Valencia...
    Valencia: So you could do that for the world's worst enemies. Will you do it for a friend?
    <<You>>: Any time.

    Valencia: Back when the Devourer approached, it was no secret that you had your own ambitions. Whether it was power, cruelty, or just having your own way of doing things that came before anyone's needs...
    Valencia: ...I still don't know, to be honest. And I don't care. You are what you do, and your deeds speak for themselves nowadays.
    <<You>>: And my turning of a new page is what makes me ideal for this mission?
    Valencia: It's your skills that make you ideal for it. But for coming with me... Yes, it's just that. See, even if you were like that... You still fought for the world's survival.
    Valencia: You had your priorities straight - Or at the very least, you were keeping things sustainable. You put yourself first, but had SOME limits. And I feel like that's where I am right now.
    Valencia: I can't put my finger on what your turning point was, but I want this to be mine. And with you around, I'm sure I can do this right.
    <<You>>: ...I had no idea that this was the real value of this expedition for you. You can count on me.

    Valencia: You've been an interesting hero since long before this divine business had you start to get called the Chosen. But it's the way you were when your name started getting out there that's relevant.
    <<You>>: I wouldn't say I've changed that much, but I've definitely grown over the years.
    Valencia: You fought the Network wherever they struck, but it was more like you fought for anyone than fighting for everyone. In the good way, that is.
    Valencia: You had your own way, and you understood that everyone else had theirs. You understood that to give your best, you have to BE at your best first.
    <<You>>: It was a little... messier than that, but that's the gist of it.
    Valencia: It was positively chaotic, if you don't mind being on the nose about it. But looking back, it was inspiring too.
    Valencia: Just going on an adventure on a whim showed me there's so much more that I could be doing, that I LIKED doing, before I got so caught up in staying competitive as a businesswoman.
    Valencia: Not that I can't handle it, I'm one of the best at what I do. And I do help out when I'm needed. But the thing is <<You>>... I'm not at my best right now.
    Valencia: So if I want to start giving my best... I'd say you're the most useful example. So, what do you say?
    <<You>>: I say you can count on me any time, Valencia.

    Valencia: Maybe it's a difficult subject, or maybe you're over it, but it's definitely a complicated one. You'd done a fair amount of good even back then, but when the Network came...
    <<You>>: ...Ah. That's what you were getting at.
    Valencia: Yeah. You fought like they did. Heck, you even fought WITH them when the Devourer was almost here. A lot of us didn't know if you'd lost your way, if those were your true colors all along, or... worse.
    <<You>>: I'm not particularly proud of those days, Valencia. But I also can't justify pretending I learned nothing during that time. I certainly learned FROM it.
    Valencia: That's it! That's exactly why I need you here, <<You>>. I have pride as a businesswoman, but when I realize that I'm looking back at my dreams and not forward to them...
    Valencia: ...Then I can't very well be proud of the time I've been going through, can I? And I want to, lords do I want to.
    Valencia: Last year, just going on an adventure for the good of it made me think that I can change and still be true to myself.
    Valencia: That maybe I *am* good enough to pull that off. That it's not because I'm not good enough that... Things didn't really work out for us Surehunters.
    <<You>>: If what you're looking for is a second chance, Valencia... You don't have to compare yourself to my past to judge your worth, or your ability to pull it off.
    <<You>>: Even if you THINK you're that bad... I have met far worse people than I ever was, people everyone thought could never be forgiven.
    <<You>>: And even though changing doesn't undo all the harm, and doesn't give you some magical pass for forgiveness... They still managed it.
    Valencia: Don't erase your own part in it. From what I gather, your example was very important. You HELPED people turn a new leaf, whether you realize it or not.
    Valencia: So after helping former enemies, whether on purpose or not, turn a new leaf... How about doing it for a friend?
    <<You>>: Valencia... Yeah. Any time.

    Neutral on one or both:
    Valencia: People thought very differently of you leading up to the Devourer's coming. Actually, everyone thought something different. It was very hard to tell where you stood sometimes.
    Valencia: But it's not that you were doing nothing - you were doing your own thing, and a lot of good came of it most of the time.
    <<You>>: It was very early in my career, for lack of a better word. I guess people didn't know me very well yet, or I hadn't had time to make a lasting impression.
    <<You>>: I didn't have a solid path ahead of me, but I did have my own way of doing things. I didn't fit a quick mold.
    Valencia: I wouldn't say you do now, as convenient as it is to just call you a hero and be done with it. But the relevant part is that you didn't stay there forever. You didn't carve out a niche and stay there.
    Valencia: But... I'm afraid I did. I do love treasure hunting, but some time after the family broke apart, I got... comfortable.
    <<You>>: ...That sounds rather unlike you.
    Valencia: You'd think that, wouldn't you? I sure did. Yet somewhere along the way, I got the whole 'turning my passion into my business' backwards.
    Valencia: And realizing that has left me looking back at my dreams, not looking forward to them... You could say I don't have a solid path ahead of me.
    <<You>>: Oh... Valencia, I didn't know it was troubling you that much.
    Valencia: And neither did I. Life's better when you're having fun, so it didn't matter as long as I was smiling. But if I pull this off, I'll have plenty of reasons to smile for real.
    Valencia: So, what do you say? Care to come along while I try to pull a <<You>> and clear a new path?
    <<You>>: Well, I can't very well turn around and walk all the way back now... But you bet, Valencia.

    Regular dialogue continues:

    Valencia: You're the best, you know. Now, don't go expecting me to magically turn into some great and charitable hero overnight.
    Valencia: I do get that some things are delicate enough to belong on an exhibition, and maybe some remnants of history *are* invaluable... But I'm a treasure hunter by trade.
    Valencia: And that's not changing. I'm not about to let Zephyros guilt me into sticking everything in a museum.
    Valencia: But I've been needing a fresh start, to do what I love AND run a business, not only do what I love for the sake of business.
    <<You>>: It's your life and your choice, Valencia. It wouldn't be right to expect you to be anything but yourself at the end of this. Now let's rest up for the last stretch.

    The scene changes to the exterior of a fortified but now worn down temple, with parts of the stonework looking clearer and newer than the others. Despite the structure itself being overgrown, the surrounding earth has very dry soil.

    Two battles against Dryads, followed by a two undead battles, fully healing every second battle. All undead enemies outside the temple have the Restless Soul effect (-END, +Init, +MRM), with the following description:


    Something is affecting this minion's spirit, weakening its control but driving it into a mad rush!

    An armored skeleton stands to the right side of the screen, watching over the opposite direction as Valencia knocks its skull off with a thrown dagger. The Chosen then enters the scene.

    Valencia: Huh. I guess it was distracted. It usually takes a lot more punishment than that.
    <<You>>: Undead fighting dryads... That's new. And there are an awful lot of both around here.
    Valencia: It doesn't look like the Dryads are fighting them OFF, exactly, it's like the undead are swarming this place.
    <<You>>: They're certainly not doing a very good job of it... Especially without any trees to get in the way.
    <<You>>: You'd think they'd be less clumsy out in the open - it looks like every tree just uprooted and moved away.

    A Dryad enters.

    Dryad: That is precisely what has occurred. The forest has taken all that it needed from this place in order to recover. To draw on it further would be pointless excess.
    <<You>>: What exactly has the forest taken?
    Valencia: ...The Covenant. The legends were more literal than I assumed, then.
    Dryad: Anima blossoms when it grows close enough to draw on this place. Once the forest began to live and dream, the remnant in turn began to soothe its pain.
    Dryad: But we no longer require its power, and our withdrawal was exploited by those who crave it.
    <<You>>: The living artifact you were talking about, then. Someone else must've had a good idea of how potent it was.
    Valencia: The Covenant doesn't seem like something the shadier necromancers would be interested in, though. Just being near its temple seems like it's slowly taking their minions apart.

    If the player's active class is Necromancer:
    <<You>>: Someone could still learn a lot about spiritual restoration and empowerment from something like this. But more hostile peers...
    <<You>>: Strengthening a creature before turning it, or just reverse engineering the enchantment, would be very appealing for them.

    If the player's active class is Paladin:
    <<You>>: I've met more and more non-hostile Necromancers over time, but the ones that DO need to be brought to justice would still be very interested in this.
    <<You>>: Just getting rid of something that disrupts their minions would deny their enemies an important asset - or they could use it against rivals.

    <<You>>: It's still better not to underestimate the creativity of someone determined to do harm.


    <<You>>: Especially when I imagine many are still desperate to find shortcuts to recovering their lost power and prominence.
    <<You>>: Although if it's someone like that, I'm curious about how they could be animating minions en masse.
    <<You>>: If the dryads can keep fighting the minions so that they won't swarm in behind us, we should go in before they do too much damage.
    Dryad: The forest does not need to assist you, but your enemies could eventually harm its creatures if left unchecked. I can convince my sisters to interfere with this blight.
    Valencia: You lot seemed one-track, but you really aren't so single-minded after all. Alright, thank you. Let's go, <<You>>.

    The scene changes to a temple hallway with clearer panels in the background walls, engraved with ideograms and an egg shape. Two undead battles ensue, followed by a full heal.

    Starting from this scene transition, all undead enemies in the temple interior have the Disrupted Anima effect (-END, -BtH, increased outgoing damage), with the following description:


    The temple's interior is interfering with this minion's manipulation, making it lash out desperately!

    Valencia and the Chosen are talking in front of the inscribed wall.

    Valencia: It looks like some of the weaker minions didn't even make it this far. Good, that'll make for fewer enemy reinforcements... And they haven't managed to damage the ritual walls!

    Valencia walks up to the inscriptions.

    <<You>>: You can read these?
    Valencia: Not all of it, but I've studied enough to try and figure out what I don't get.
    Valencia: Before one of the first elemental wars cut off records of their history, the Taurisians were at the end of an age.
    Valencia: They were notorious fortress builders in spite of having very little territory, and called themselves guardians of dangerous magics.
    Valencia: They were transitioning away from ideograms, but this is earlier than that. They still used the same symbol for 'Death' and 'Zero'...
    Valencia: Actually, they had a very mathematical approach to life and the soul. They classified life according to what "Direction" it moved away from death.
    <<You>>: That makes some sense. Paladins and Necromancers were starting to use similar concepts some time after the ley line broke.
    Valencia: How very ahead of their time. They were also definitely more than just hoarders. It says here that they were specifically guarding their secrets while... Oof, this is tricky.
    Valencia: Something about being... adopted? Joined? Part of something greater, but it doesn't carry any implication of being subsumed.
    Valencia: And we had the name of this place wrong, too. It's more of a fortress than a temple - And it doesn't have a name of its own, it takes on that of the secret it guards.
    Valencia: In this case, the Covenant of Boundless Life.
    <<You>>: That does explain the confusion, though. With a name like that, defensive rituals, and such a peculiar form of seclusion, it makes sense for other civilizations to assume this is a temple.
    Valencia: You're not so bad at this yourself, you know. I wish there was time to take a rubbing of this wall, but we have to move on.

    The scene changes to a different stretch of the hallway with clearer-looking wall tiles bearing tube openings. A slightly darker tile stands out on the floor. After two more undead battles, the Chosen enters and walks over the tile.

    DEX Check: ...Did you just feel your feet sink?

    On success, you evade as large bolts shoot from past the Chosen. On failure, you take two hits with Earth and Harm damage respectively.

    Two more undead battles take place in a stretch of the hallway with a slightly sunken area. After a full heal, Valencia and the Chosen enter.

    Valencia: Something doesn't make sense. There isn't a single mention of Taurisians being trappers. A lot of these trapped areas cut off the historical records and defensive ritual instructions, too.
    <<You>>: The stone looks different, too. It's all very worn down, but... Huh. If something went wrong and the natives left this place, maybe someone showed up later and dug up the space to add traps.
    Valencia: Looking at some of these skeletons... The ones that still had flesh when they walked in, I mean, whoever did that sure got what they wanted.
    Valencia: They kept people away for CENTURIES.
    <<You>>: Still, that means the traps themselves are so old that the already broken space they filled in can't be very stable. We'll have to watch ... our...
    Valencia: Uh oh.

    A trap door opens in the darker floor under the Chosen, and the screen darkens..

    <<You>>: STEEEEEEEEP!

    An Earth impact sound plays, transitioning to a more worn down chamber with overgrowing roots.

    <<You>>: Oof. That felt like falling on a giant pile of rotten noodles...
    <<You>>: ...Hey, Valencia?
    Valencia: Are you alright down there?
    <<You>>: That depends. You said this is centuries old, right?
    Valencia: For the sake of brevity, but yes. It's an understatement, this is actually-
    <<You>>: Good! Good. So if I were to, say, fall on a pile of sneaks, there's no way they would be anything but long dead and dried up.
    Valencia: Well... Yes. They kind of need to eat and breathe. But...
    <<You>>: But?
    Valencia: We ARE chasing necromancers.
    <<You>>: Groovy.

    Two battles against Undead Sneak. Full heal afterwards.

    At a dead end, a pedestal holds a large golden egg with an inscribed shell. Two strangers in Mysterious Necromancer robes, wearing gloves and a partial skull mask, stand by the right side wall, guarded by one minion.

    Stranger: This must be it. I can't sense it through the golden shell, but I can barely infuse the resonant shadow into servants that fall apart here.
    Stranger: We can study it at the archives, let's not linger here.

    Valencia and the Chosen enter.

    Stranger: Surehunter!
    Stranger: The Chosen, too - Get that thing and run!

    The skeletal minion hops on the pedestal, lifting the idol.

    <<You>>: ...Er. Gold is a lot heavier than-
    Valencia: Wait, no! That's probably trapped!

    The idol rolls out of the skeleton's hands as the pedestal sends it flying.

    Valencia: Uh oh.
    Stranger: Wait, what?

    The right end wall falls apart on top of the strangers.

    Valencia: Watch out, <<You>>!

    Multiple choice stat roll:: Something huge is tumbling toward you! Make a quick decision and play to your strengths!

    Push it!

    STR roll. On success, the egg boulder stops. On failure, it rolls over the Chosen, dealing heavy damage and applying Daze.
    Dodge it!

    DEX roll. On success, the egg boulder rolls past. On failure, it rolls over the Chosen, dealing heavy damage and applying Daze.

    Predict it!

    INT roll. On success, the egg boulder rolls past. On failure, it rolls over the Chosen, dealing heavy damage and applying Daze.

    ...Block it.

    END roll. On success, the egg boulder stops. On failure, it rolls over the Chosen, dealing heavy damage and applying Daze.

    ...Intimidate it?

    CHA roll. On failure, the boulder hits the chosen for heavy damage and Daze. On success, play the following lines at the same time as the boulder stops:
    Valencia: ...Did that seriously just work, or is it stuck in the rubble?
    <<You>>: Don't you dare ruin this for me.

    Nah. I'm fine.

    LUK roll. On success, the egg boulder rolls past. On failure, it rolls over the Chosen, dealing heavy damage and applying Daze.

    Regardless of choice and outcome, close the scene with the next two lines:

    Valencia: Yikes. Are you alright?
    <<You>>: I'll be fine. Let's keep looking - This is nowhere near secure enough to be the real deal, and it was clearly one of the added traps.
    Valencia: I am so coming back for this egg later.

    Back in the temple hallway scenes, face four battles against ghost type and Darkness aligned undead.

    The scene changes to a larger chamber. A large shrine formed out of roots, surrounded by livelier vegetation than the roots and moss, surrounds a much larger version of the golden egg idol. Four Strangers stand to its right, overlooking the artifact. One speaks:

    Stranger: Too delicate, but so potent... The enchantment is definitely inscribed upon the shell itself, although somehow from *within*.
    Stranger: That makes the container very valuable as well. If we can apply its base principle to subversion through resonance... Oh, but whatever it holds could make up for the loss of traditional fleshcraft.

    Valencia and the Chosen enter.

    Valencia: Hold it there, you ridiculous cultists! I don't care what plans you have for it, but that is an invaluable relic!
    <<You>>: Wow, I did not see that coming.
    Valencia: I know! Me either! I can really do this!
    Stranger: ...Valencia Surehunter, have you gone soft? I'd have expected that opener, and perhaps a speech about history, from your rivals. Not from you.
    Valencia: Soft? I HAD gone soft. But I've got a whole future to reclaim, a lot of history to rediscover, and a grand total of NO patience for any possibility that you might ruin this for me.
    Stranger: Oh, but you'll find that we are fonder of history than you are. Devoted to it, even. We raise history itself and plumb its secrets directly, finding things you wouldn't dare touch...
    <<You>>: Don't sit through the big, impractical speeches. They're not casting, but there's got to be something they're buying time for. Maybe they haven't figured out what to cast yet.
    Stranger: For a mundane example: Friends, remember that pressure plate I told you to avoid on your way in? Someone kindly hit it.

    One of the necromancers shoots a dark bolt the floor by Valencia and the Chosen, causing rumbling.

    <<You>>: I'm beginning to develop an allergy to ominous rumbling.

    A giant stone grenwog enters the scene at high speed, charging the Chosen.

    BOSS FIGHT: Covenant Guardian

    <<You>>: I could've sworn the Grenwog hadn't even been around that long.
    Valencia: Now to give the boot to Tweedle-dee through Tweedle-Dumbest.
    <<You>>: ...Been spending time at the Isle d'Oriens library?
    Valencia: It'll be our secret.
    Stranger: That wasn't enough time- Forget the shell, we'll have to settle for denying it to our foes! Seize the artifact!

    <<You>>: As if I'm letting you open-

    The talking necromancer casts a spell on the egg, blasting off the entire upper half. The interior looks pale green and rotten, radiating roiling green lines.

    Stranger: Take it and run!

    Valencia covers her mouth.

    Valencia: ...<<You>>, cover your face. Don't breathe.
    <<You>>: What?
    Valencia: NOW.

    A green cloud emanates from the broken egg, engulfing the ritualists.

    Stranger: ...Not like this...

    All four ritualists fall over. The cloud wafts over Valencia and the Chosen before fading away.

    Valencia: HA! I knew it. All of those traps kept people away for centuries, which meant nobody ever opened the artifact's shell.
    Valencia So this 'living' artifact must have long since rotted away, but with a magical shell having such a potent effect on what they called positive life...
    Valencia: I admit I wasn't completely sure, but... whew, good thing we covered up. Anyways... It's a crying shame about the shell, but we just had SUCH an adventure!
    Valencia: There's a business side to it, but everything I studied paid off, and we're about to uncover so much lost history... This place could lead us to other huge findings!
    Valencia: I'm so glad you stuck by my side for this, I don't know if I'd have trusted myself to do it without... Uh, <<You>>? You're awfully quiet. Are you okay?
    <<You>>: ...I accidentally inhaled just a little of that and now I'm afraid that if I ever take another breath again, my stomach is going to fly away and I'll die for good. Wake me up when I have a nose again.

    Fade to black as the death animation begins to play.

    Valencia: ...<<You>>? <<You>>! Oh dear.

    Post #: 114
    5/8/2020 22:11:40   
    Legendary Ash


    Today's Event or April Fools' Portal Painting > Abducted

    Your character's name on the vitals bar is renamed to Loco
    Race: Lorian Deity
    Class: Prankster
    Clan: Grounded God
    Stats: 200 Str, Dex, Int, End and 1000 Cha, Luk
    Armor: Loco's Outfit
    Weapon: Loco's Gloves

    <<Five of Loco's clown markings appear as Loco appears in a puff of smoke on the grassy plains with Battleon in the distance behind two mountains>>
    Loco: It's the only day of the year that matters again! And I've been SHIVERING with an...
    Loco: Anti... What was the word? Ah, nevermind. Papa Loco has been WAITING for this day. I've been foiled enough times. It's time for glorious, hilarious payback.
    Loco: Rise and shine, boys and girls, this is going to be a prank rampage for the ages! They're going to have to redecorate my seal over this...
    Loco: ...But boy, you're not giving me much to work with this year. You lot have made a real mess of the place, haven't you?
    Loco: My so-called peers are all over the place! Famine is off doing Famine things, Pestilence... Yikes, I can barely feel a sneeze, he won't be much help.
    Loco: Death is still no fun, no change there, Serenia will need a recharge, War... oh. Oh. Rest in Pierogis, crotchety old clanker. I'll have to hope the new one is more fun...
    Loco: It'd seem someone has been pinching at the ol' mantle, too. Clever boy... Or close enough. I might not even have noticed if there wasn't so much less power to go around.
    Loco: Steal from the prince of thieves, will you... That's its own punishment, sonny. It'll be some PRIMO entertainment in time, but that pie isn't anywhere near baked yet.
    Loco: Fine, FINE! It'll have to be a one-god show. No long fuse humor this time, let's take this act straight to their little town...

    <<Five of Loco's clown markings appear as Loco disappears in a puff of smoke>>

    <<Five of Loco's clown markings appear as Loco appears in a puff of smoke next to Twilly causing him to jump in fright, he wears a large nose and brown moustache attached to glasses of a black rim standing on the flat stone on the edge of grassy cliff overlooking Battleon>>
    Twilly: AAAH! The God of Fortune! Their prayers DID work! Why did I agree to stay behind and stand watch?!
    Loco: Yes, my surprisingly articulate Moglin friend! I've only got one day, so we're going to have some quality time to make it count!
    Loco: ...Wait. Are you seriously alone? Battleon is never this empty. Did I get the wrong address?
    Clearly Twilly: Wh-what do you means, mister floaty mage adventurer? This is one of my favorite towns in the whole wide world, Battleon!
    Loco: Yes, clearly. So why are you wearing that ridiculous mask?
    Obviously Twilly: Twillies isn't wearing a mask! This is a real face and not a clever cover that I wouldn't look like a Moglin without!
    Loco: You can't possibly be serious. There is no way you would be trying to wear an obvious disguise and expecting absurdly specific denial to work on me.
    Loco: This is the kind of double-reverse psychology prank that I'd expect from MYSELF, because there is obviously some up, but it'd have to e the Chosen of Utter Boredom trying to fool me...
    VERY Obviously Twilly: Everyone is just fine... The town is bustling, nobody got kidnapped by spies...
    Loco: And while that stuffy godpuppet has fooled me before, there is no way he (male)/ she (female) would take a prank straight out of MY book.
    Twilly?: If... if you go to the mountains, you could hunt for monsters... Or talk to people-
    Loco: Yes! People! Tell me where you put all the people! Whatever you cleverly disguised invaders are up to, I need it undone so I can have my prank day!
    Loco: So! Where's <<You>>?!
    Not Twilly: Quests! They're all out on a quest for-
    Loco: Don't lie to a god, little gremlin. One more offense and I'll go find your co-conspirators instead... After making you need a change of underwear.
    Not Twilly: ...But Twillies doesn't wear underwear.


    April Fools

    Free at last! It's time for
    Loco to claim revenge on
    all who foiled him!
    ...Except they've been
    kidnapped. So it's time for
    Loco to rescue them, so
    he can prank them


    <<<<Five of Loco's clown markings appear as Loco appears in a puff of smoke in front of a house with small square windows, a green light emits from a window above the door>>
    Loco: So. It has come to this.
    Loco: ...Oi. HEY. Come on, I'm giving you the perfect scene here!
    Loco: Really? Big spy conspiracy, no fancy security system or hidden army of guards to take the bait before getting clowned?
    Loco: This is what I get for playing nice. A good setup, wasted. Why do I even bother appearing OUTSIDE places anymore?
    Loco: Hrmph. I bet you're not even real pumpkins.

    <<Yulgourd wearing a jack-o-lantern mask faces two Pumpkin Spies on the right, they stand in front of two tables with ham on a plate with a pumpkin next to it, a second pumpkin rests besides the leg of the tables>>
    Yulgourd: The situation has gotten COMPLETELY out of hand. We're not even done preparing for this year, and there's already someone out there hunting for doppelgangers!
    Yulgourd: It's this kind of lack of coordination that all our troubles stem from. I don't care who sprang this leak, we have to find it and squash it. Am I clear?

    <<Five of Loco's clown markings appear as Loco appears in a puff of smoke inside the house, Yulgourd turns around to face Loco on the left>>
    Loco: Well, if it isn't the most pathetic vegetable soup in denial! Maybe if it was just the one of you, I would deign to call you a pumpkin's PIE, but as for SPIES...
    Loco: There's no meat-a-ball involved, and if this was meant to pass for espionage... It's time for some percussive exfiltration.
    Yulgourd: ...You're kidding me. YOU are hunting doppelgangers? The god of fortune himself? I thought it was just an agent, or some copycat off their gourd...
    Loco: I do plenty of kidding, buttercup, but your little hot-swap of the Battleonians has already wasted half of my day and HOURS of pranks. You're awful close to finding out what a serious Loco looks like.
    Yulgourd: ...Wait, how can we have wasted that much of your time? We only got started for Mogloween last year.
    Loco: This is Lore. Months of planning is practically ages around here, especially relative to being stuck in a drifting seal for most of the year!
    Yulgourd: I'm telling you it wasn't us! We have nothing to do with supplanting Battleonians!
    Loco: I can tell that's a lie, you know. Every great joke is about building tension, then relieving it. Lies are ALL tension... And guess what you look like, sugar pie.
    Yulgourd: ...Okay, that was our plan, but-
    Loco: No buts, you discount orange hubbard. You tried to out-pun me too, didn't you.
    Loco: You think you're a whacky green, butternut even worth the time I've already wasted. So let's get to the interrogation already.

    Two Battles: Pumpkin Spy
    Full Heal

    Battle: Yulgourd
    Full Heal

    <<Pumpkin Spy and Yulgourd have their heads stuck into a large pie on the floor with their legs protruding into the air>>
    Loco: Huh. I guess it wasn't them after all. Well, it'll be easier to find the real culprits if I find who is behind the undead fodder...


    <<Inside his hut, Zorbak wears a large nose and brown moustache attached to glasses of a black rim, he communicates to a blurred figure visible on the blue Crystal Ball>>
    Crystal Ball: Can you honestly claim indifference?
    Not Zorbak: Meh. Maybe just this once, I can't. But I'm still not going to help out.
    Crystal Ball: The Order has gone too far, over and over again. And when the zealots finally took their bait, WE were left to take the fall.
    Crystal Ball: The scholars. Researchers. Those of us who pursue knowledge for its own sake, for the exploration of magic.
    Not Zorbak: Yes, yes, the cowards. If you want to give an impassioned speech to win me over, don't lump me in with those. And don't even think about comparing me to the do-gooder "heroes" next.
    Crystal Ball: Oh, but that's precisely where I'm going. You have your fits and schemes, Zorbak, but you're a family moglin.
    Crystal Ball: Between those who would learn of the world and those who would ravage it, I'm sure your choice is an obvious one.
    Not Zorbak: Is it?
    Crystal Ball: What tune would you be whistling if the bursting of the ley line of life and death had affected your child?
    Not Zorbak: That is a low blow, you horrible little tomb vixen.
    Crystal Ball: Why, thank you.
    Not Zorbak: I'm still not going to help you out. Not directly. I can find information for you, but nothing more.
    Crystal Ball: Hm. Is that all you can do?
    Not Zorbak: Do I LOOK like I can blend in?
    Crystal Ball: Do you want me to answer that?
    Not Zorbak: ...No. And just you wait until I find that little red tub of lard and his glue.
    Crystal Ball: I thought so. Either way, I will appreciate any help you can offer. It could take at least a year to make the preparations, maybe more. I'll be in touch.

    <<The blurred figure becomes visible revealing her identity as Kaley Obsidia, the Crystal Ball returns to its clear state>>
    Not Zorbak: Meh. That's finally over. Now I need to figure out what to do about all these minions with stupid glasses...

    <<Loco leans in slightly through the entrance to the hut>>
    Loco: Oh, I have a few ideas.


    <<Five of Loco's clown markings appear as Loco appears in a puff of smoke inside the Potion shop left of Lucretia, she wears a large nose and brown moustache attached to glasses of a black rim>>
    Loco: I've got you now, little fail-chemist. Your undead backup is dealt with, and now there are going to be no more potions for your temporarily living buddies.
    Loco: So don't make me ask twice: Where's <<You>>?!
    Not Lucretia: Oh no, I've been found out. The plan to supplant the Lorians is ruined. Woe is me.
    Loco: Yes, and now you're going to tell me where the real whatshisface (male)/ whatsherface (female) is, where your allies are, and-
    Not Lucretia: What ever will become of poor little me?
    Loco: Are you... Are you mocking me?
    Not Lucretia: I guess now I have no choice but to cave to your demands of going turncoat and exploiting my ridiculously moustached allies' reliance on my healing potions.
    Loco: That's not what I'm asking for. You're going to tell me-
    Not Lucretia: Under this much pressure, what am I to do but distribute all manner of prank potions to them instead of healing vials?
    Loco: ...Go on...
    Not Lucretia: And after letting them deal with the gas, tooth itches, plant growth and toilet-time hallucinations for a day, I'll be forced to sell them the antidotes.
    Not Lucretia: After being cooped up like that at the secret Skraeling desert hideout where they'll meet tonight, they won't mind a price mark-up for putting me in this absurd position.
    Loco: You know what, blondie? You can stay right here. You're doing Loco's work.

    Not Twilly: Can Twi- Not Twillies go home now, mister Loco?
  • More
    Loco: No. No you can't. Your stubby little legs couldn't get you away fast enough, so this is your home now.
  • More
    Not Twilly: ...It is?
  • More
    Loco: Yep. This is your life now. Watching me track down all your buddies and pull their undies over their head.
  • More
    Loco: Which, let me tell you, is a real piece of work when you haven't quite cracked elastic designs yet.
  • More
    Loco: A little spacetime stretching in the undies never chafed anyone, though. Until now. That's what you get for beating me to the punchline.
  • More
    Not Twilly: ...Oh. Well, I-if you need healing, I can-
  • More
    Loco: Healing? HEALING?! You're not even a real Moglin! No, you sit there and watch me heal MYSELF.
  • I got this!

  • To Battle!
      How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
    • One
    • Two
    • Three
    • Five

      You will now fight # wave(s) before returning to camp!
      Four Battles from Monster Pool full heal after each two
      [X] Click this button to return to camp at the next save point.

  • Back to Town

    Once the meter reaches 100% after 20 battles

    <<Five of Loco's clown markings appear as Loco appears in a puff of smoke in the Skraeling Desert with sand dunes and a black silhouette of a figure with white eyes whose cape is being blown by the wind standing on the edge of a cliff in the distance illuminated by a violet and black gradient sky and a large light blue moon with Loco's clown markings in grey color>>
    Loco: Barely any time left! That's a whole day of the worst and finest pranks imaginable that I'm going to miss out on because of you dastardly, reverse-disguised invaders!
    Loco: But this ends NOW, do you hear me?!
    Loco: I'm going to find out what world you've taken the denizens of Battleon to, rescue them before I'm sealed again, and shove those moustache in your SPLEENS!
    Loco: Which I realize might seem discriminatory against the undead among you, but I will personally make sure that there are enough spleens to go around.
    Loco: ONWARD!

    <<A Locomotive with exhaust billowing out from its smokestack followed by a second Locomotive drive themselves from the left towards the right>>

    <<At Isle d'Oriens' Boiler Room>>
    Yulgar: I'm starting to get seriously sore in here.
    Blackhawke: Bah, this is nothing. I've slept in rougher spots.
    Warlic: I know this is unpleasant, friends, but that we've been here long enough to avoid discomfort indicates that our plan seems to be working.
    Aria: I'm glad we got all of the pets to safety, but I feel bad leaving Twilly behind like that...
    Warlic: Our little Moglin friend is braver than you give him credit for. He specifically volunteered for the role.
    Blackhawke: Well, it's worked so far. But why are we so sure that Loco won't find us here?
    Warlic: While there IS a minor margin for error, the source is trustworthy. The Ethereal Realm isn't entirely outside Loco's senses, but his influence is another matter.
    Warlic: He appears to absolutely despise the realm, as the perceptions it enables can make a punchline come before the joke, to those with the adequate senses.
    Warlic: Furthermore, according to abode, an entire civilization that Loco is unable to subject to his antics resides somewhere in the Ethereal Realm. No matter what he attempts, it simply doesn't stick.
    Hans: Yikes. Somewhere he can't use his full powers in, and an audience that won't cooperate?
    Yulgar: That just tells me that if he DOES show up, he'll be mad.
    Aria: Did we need to hide inside the junk, then?
    Vince: No! No you didn't! So stop wiggling around in there, or I'm going to start flushing people and I don't know when I'll stop!

    <<The Skraeling Desert with sand dunes is illuminated by a violet and black gradient sky and a large light blue moon with Loco's clown markings in grey color>>

    Four Battles from Monster Pool with Full Heal after each two

    <<Five of Loco's clown markings appear as Loco appears in a puff of smoke in the Skraeling Desert with sand dunes illuminated by a violet and black gradient sky and a large light blue moon with Loco's clown markings in grey color, a human who holds a spear and wears a Deceiver's Hood and Deceiver's Fortune with a large nose and brown moustache attached to glasses of a black rim>>
    Loco: End of the line, imposter! It was clever of you, trying to look like the Battleonians would if they were making a very shoddy effort to look like someone else...
    Loco: But I'll be taking them back now. I still have a few minutes, so if we wrap this up quickly enough, I should still have enough time for- Hold on.
    Loco: ...carry the nine...
    Loco: TWO good pranks! And a few dozen bad ones.
    Not the Chosen: I would be amazed that someone figured out my grand plan, but I should instead be upset that I was sloppy enough to attract a god's attention.
    Loco: It's not a bad plan at all! Why, I ought to give it a try sometime. But you did make the mistake of looking like someone who gets a lot of divine attention by default.
    Not the Chosen: Is this how it ends, then? Fighting a god against the clock?
    Loco: Oh, you might be copying the single most punchable person in the entire planet, but I respect someone who can carry this kind of scheme so far.
    Loco: And besides, it feels a little like you have some experience throwing down with the semidivine, so you might just make this fun after all!
    Not the Chosen: Let's not dwell on that, then. Come, God of Fortune. Time to see if I can outlast a rushed god.
    Loco: No hard feelings! Yet.

    Battle: Not <<You>>
    Full Heal

    Loco: ...Wait, you're still kicking? I thought you'd be begging for mercy and telling me where everyone is by now!
    Loco: And you've been fighting like you know my moves, which I thought just meant you were a respectful fan, but... You've actually gone and ran down the clock on me, haven't you.
    Not the Chosen: Not just that. I ran down the whole day on you.
    Loco: ...You're kidding me. How do hero types do this whole 'mercy' thing anyways?! It's such a waste of time!
    Not the Chosen: Well, I DID make you spend the whole day playing hero.
    Loco: Is that how you think I- I mean, yes, I was very heroic and left no lasting damage whatsoever. How DARE you.
    Loco: But there's something else. Something you wouldn't, or couldn't, use. You can't hide tricks from Loco, even if you can hide them from yourself.
    Not the Chosen: Yes, it's honestly a surprise that I managed to hide that from you for so long. I guess that since you weren't around when it happened....
    Loco: Wait.
    Not the Chosen?: Yes?
    Loco: WAIT.
    Not the Chosen?: ...Yes?
    Loco: Then you really are... but that means...
    Not the Chosen?: Yes?
    Loco: Wait.
    Not the Chosen?: ...Do you need a moment? You're kind of running out of them.
    Loco: That's illegal.

    <<The large nose and brown moustache attached to glasses of a black rim falls off of the human who holds a spear and wears a Deceiver's Hood and Deceiver's Fortune>>
    <<You>>: Hi.
    <<You>>: Well, we're not. Not in that way at least, although if you want to be technical...
    Loco: I don't.
    <<You>>: That's that, then.
    Loco: But what about the people? If they haven't been kidnapped... I've been going around all day trying to rescue them like some third rate hero on a wild gobbler chase!
    Loco: You managed to hide them from me. But that means... That means YOU pranked ME.
    <<You>>: Looks like it.
    Loco: Pffffft… Heheh… AHAHAHAHAHA.

    <<Four small circles arranged as a tetrad inside a yellow magic circle appears on the ground beneath Loco>>
    Loco: Hahaha... Oh, that was a good one. I'mstillgonnakillyouforthisthoughseeyoulater!

    <<Loco tilts from 90 to 45 degrees, sinks into the yellow magic circle and disappears>>
    <<You>>: ...I can unclench my internal organs now, right?

    Shop: April Fool's 2020: Abducted!

    Deceiver's Fortune (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    Clever Disguise (Lv 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135, 150G)
    House Items:
    April Fools' 2020 Portal Painting
    April Fools' Portal Painting
    Deceiver's Hood F (Lv 15)
    Deceiver's Hood M (Lv 15)

  • Play again!
  • Re-Open Shop
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

    Green Moglinster
    Not Cyclops
    Not Desiccated Corpse
    Not Torch Foot
    Not Undead Mage

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    Quick correction of Loco's final line:


    Loco: Hahaha... Oh, that was a good one. I'mstillgonnakillyouforthisthoughseeyoulater!
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