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Primate Murder's Suggestion Thread

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4/30/2018 4:22:30   
Primate Murder

Welcome. This thread is mainly to put my ideas out there and get feedback. If the staff implements any of them, then all the better.

Table of Contents


- StormBreaker v2.0. Attempts to stun the monster on first round.

- Malleus Maleficarum. This weapon's special can thoroughly jinx your foe.

- Guiding Winds Bow. Spirits guide each shot of this bow, allowing its wielders to strike true even with eyes closed!

- Dragon Down Ballista. FO anti-dragon 100-proc weapon designed to commemorate the dragon war.

- Spellbow. A wand-bow that costs mana, but deals ranged damage.

- Spellblade. Imbue your weapon with any spell from your collection.

- Resolver. Unleash a bullet hell and hope to kill the other guy, because otherwise you'd have to spend a round reloading.

- Master Wand. Substitute your magical energies with pure skill when spellcasting.

- Zweihander. The very name implies that this sword should be wielded with both hands.

- Spectrum Shift. A gun that hits your foe with every element of the rainbow!

- Horseshoe Mace. A weapon designed to get the most from your Lucky Strikes.

- Gungnir. This spear makes your pets and guests do the dirty work.

- Warder's Tome. This tome contains three spells designed to strengthen your defences and punish your foes if their attacks miss.

- Midnight Werepyre Bow. A werepyre gimmick bow that toggles between damage mode and heal mode.

- Blood for Blood. This bow draws upon your hp to leave the monster bleeding.

- Warrior's Mage Blade. So, I've seen the reignited argument on the balance of mages and warriors and how 8*75% and 2*200% are equal to a constant 100%. Here's my answer.


- Bulk's Bulkbuster. Inspired by the Infinity War, Bulk can either empower your strikes or tell you 'No!'.

- Undead Archer. FD darkness armor with auto-hitting skill.

- Spirit Speaker. Uses Cha in place of Int for spells.

- Lone Wolf. Uses Cha to boost weapon damage when no pets/guests active.

- Undead Spellsword. FO armor for hybrids, boosting the damage of your weapon attacks and spells.

- Artix Redemption. A commentary on the latest Artix quests.

- Chronogeist. Stuck in-between the timestreams, Chronogeist can move faster or slower than those around him.

- Swordmaster. Master of the sword, duh.

- Healer. Not very good at healing, truth be told, but very good at putting your foe down.

- Bug Guy. Made for the release of Ant Man and the Wasp.

- Pixie. Wind element spellcaster armor.

- Drone Master. Energy armor with guest-type skills.

- Sphinx Rider. Wind armor with a chance to daze and multi-element skill.

- Zombie Form. FD darkness armor with the ability to suck the life out of your enemy.


- Am-bush's First Strike. It's an ambush! Your ambush, to be precise.

- High-Tech Bunker Shielding. Maxes out your defensive potential.

- Tic-Toc Clock. This shield has an ever-increasing chance to petrify your foe.

- Baby Braken. What a despicable person would shield themselves with a baby? Why, one that is fighting spellcasters, of course.

- Sunray's Healing. Heal a little mana when you're hit by a light attack!

- Circle of Doom. A shield that harms both you and the monster each round.

- Axiomatic Chipmunk. This chipmunk is particularly fond of chewing on armor, though with some Cha you may point him and his teeth at your foe.

- Eldritch Portal. A portable doorway to the shadow dimension, capable of attacking your enemy with creepy tentacles.

- Spellcharger. Charge up your shield to instantly heal all the mp you spent on a spell.

- Abjuration Ward. An energy shield to protect a spellcaster!

- Duelist's Dagger. A versatile shield that can be used to parry attacks or wielded as an off-hand weapon!

- Assassin's Off-hand Crossbow. An offensive shield for a block-based build.


- Carpe Diem. Seize the day - or suffer the consequences.

- Quid pro Quo. Quickcast Backlash SPell.

- Ghost Shapeshift. Zorbak gave you this spell, promising that it would make the enemy attacks phase through you. But should you really trust him?

- Changeling Shapeshift. Access the ultimate skill of any shapeshifter - that of transforming into your foe!

- Dreams of the Endless Sky. Sing a soothing lullaby, putting both you and the monster to sleep.

- Scaled Up. Turn your foe into a wicked dragon.

- Sunder Essence. An earth spell that deals double damage - but at a cost.

- Chain Lightning. Anti-mob spell.

- Icefire. Ice spell inflicting fire ele-vuln.

- Complex Defence. A multi-layered protection spell.

- Roulette. This spell is a gamble. Are you feeling lucky tonight?

- Lottery. A quickcast spell with a chance to paralyze your foe for two turns. What's a little risk compared to such a prize?!

- Call Trebuchet. A powerful, if inaccurate guest that can be charged for double the damage.

- Bloodlust. An hp-costing spell that gives you berserker lean until the end of the battle.

- Song of Inspiration. Condense all the skill of a true bard in a short song, inspiring your pets and guests to new heights.

- Elemental Menace. A DoT spell, inflicting burn and bleed.

- A Gift and a Curse. Transform your foe into a mighty werepyre!

- Enlightenment. Shine the light of truth on your foe and make it deal only light damage until the end of the battle!

- Haunting. Burn your foe with a ghostly chill!

- Restful Sleep. Get some much needed rest after all those all-nighters fighting monsters - and gain some Tranquility, while you're at it!

- Call Elf Power Armor. Call the greediest of elves to fight by your side and force the spirit of Frostval upon your foe all year long!

- Summon Laplace's Demon. Summon a mind so demonic that it can calculate any event before it happens!

- Purify. Call upon the Lady of Light to purify undead foes!

- Loco's Blessing. Chaos Imbuement!

- Cosmic Radiation. An autohit light spell.


- Soul-Sealed Spear. A magical spear that attacks for a % of the damage you deal.

- Gogg (revamp). This pet causes you to take more damage, but has a chance to attack again.

- Zorbak. The ebilest of moglins has graciously agreed to let you accompany him on his quest to turn everyone he meets into undead.

- Cor-Dem (revamp). The little psychic lowers your enemy's Int and Magic defences.

- Fenrir. A vicious ice wolf that's not afraid to bite the hand that feeds it.

- Sniffler. This little creature will rob your foe out of house and home! Don't forget to give it a firm shake to get all that gold, though.


- Over 14 Million Futures. This miscs lets you peer into the future, increasing your bth and defences.

- Holy Water Vial. Designed to counter regeneration of vampires and werewolves.

- Symbiote. Hp-costing misc that heals you based on damage dealt.

- Hellflame Crown. Designed to get the most out of your burns.

- The Lost Pot. LS-boosting misc with a compressed spell.


- The Meta Series. Z-token no-drop equipment, designed to comlement the current meta.

- The Dresden Series. A tribute to the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, complete with a Leather Duster, a Shield Bracelet and a Blasting Rod.

- The Slasher Set. Earth/dark set based on the legend of Jack the Ripper.

- Adept of Blood. A fire set that bleeds the player to power up his attacks.

- MindRipper Set. Energy set centered around stealing Int.

- Frozen Soul. An ice set based on freezing the monster.

- Mage Slayer Set. Anti-spellcaster set.

- Packmaster Set. Beastmaster set with a focus on dogs/wolves.

- Hexlord Set. A set that switches between status-infliction darkness and damage-dealing fire.

- The Great Cloning Set. A set using clone-type effects to boost damage and defences.

- Bio Set. A mini-set, with End-affecting sword and shield.

- Voltage Set. An energy mini-set with a club and a shield.

- Legionnaire Set. A fire set based on the roman soldiers.

- The Burning Rock Set. An earth and fire set with a truly volcanic temperament.

- Ninja Crash. A mini-set of axe and hammer-type shield for unorthodox ninja!

- Contagion Set. Status infliction darkness set with necromancer triggers.

- Orc Battlerager. Earth set that boosts your End and damage whenever you're hit.

- Manic Shielder. A mini set that focuses on using mana shield.

- Shifting Tides Set. A mini-set with shield and weapons, whose skills and effects shift over the course of the battle.

- Gorgon Set. Petrification-based wind set.

- Ill Fortune Set. Darkness set centered around unluck.

- Aracknight (revamp). Offensive wind set with poison infliction.

- Holy Night Set. Anti-undead FD set with a focus on blocking.

- Wizard's Implements. A set of three guests designed for beastmages.

- Taladosian Psionics. Draw upon the might of the fallen empire to power up your psychic abilities!

- Born of War. Four FD armors that can be enhanced with specialized miscs.

- Portable Ammunition Launcher. An energy gun with a set of specialized alternate-element and effect spells.

- RWBY weapon set. 4 weapons with theme-appropriate effects.


- Archmage. Yep, i actually did go there.

- Dracomancer (revamp). Call upon dragons to aid your efforts or even imbue yourself with their power! This class is mostly designed for FO beastmages.

- Necromancer (revamp). Study the forbidden arts of undeath. FD beastmage class.

- Beast Master (revamp). Learn the ways of the wild. FO beastwarrior class.

- Chronomancer. Traverse the currents of time using spells of the lost magic.

- Alchemist. Mix and combine your potions to achieve a wide variety of effects.

- Human. Subrace armor emphasizing variety and versatility.

- Master of Chess. A class designed solely to augment your pets/guests in every way possible. Master of Chess even has the player acting as booster!

- Berserker (revamp). If my archmage was designed to make the most out of your spells, then this class exists purely to raise your weapon damage to op levels!

- Martial Artist (revamp). A warrior/hybrid class with four advanced armors designed for a variety of offensive playstyles!

- Demonslayer. A class centered around slaying demons, duh.

- Paladin (revamp). Well, since I already did necromancer, I decided to go ahead with the paladin to balance things out. An FO class designed for tanking, healing and sustained damage dealing.

- Harvester. An entire class centered around using a scythe!

- Ninja (revamp). Dodge and effect based class for an offensive playstyle.

- Knight (revamp). An FD warrior class that uses melee weapons and status inflictions. Has 4 advanced armor variants.

- Void Templar. An FO hybrid class with unique utility and offensive abilities!

- Shaman. An FD beastmage class with three branching Paths!

- Assassin (revamp). A defensive class focused on survival and DoTs, with the ultimate Assassination skill that has a 30% chance of instantly killing your foe!

- Dragonslayer (revamp). Updating the original class to modern standards with a few new ideas and skills.

- Shadowslayer (revamp). Slay creatures of the night with new weapons and skills of this revamped armor!

- NightHunter (revamp). Draw upon the fell powers of Darkovia and hunt your enemies through the dark of the night!


- Primordial Phoenix. Unlike the more modern ones, this phoenix does in fact return from the dead.

- Gray Boy. A tribute to wildbow's web serial Worm, this monster is truly immune to all forms of nuking.

- Cherish. Another member of S9, Cherish specializes in controlling her opposition.

- King. The original founder of S9 can transfer any damage from himself onto the player.

- Wolfwing (Challenge Version). Lord of all Werepyres. Dare you challenge him?

Gameplay Suggestions:

- Play Dead. Get a chance to skip the battle.

- Terrain. The background actually has an effect on your playstyle.

- Reincarnation. Alter your base race for a more specialized build.

- Custom Ally Assist. Create an avatar of yourself that will help other AQ players for generations to come!

- 'Command'-Type Weapons. Weapons that use Cha as main stat.

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AQ  Post #: 1
5/1/2018 12:23:13   

Ooooh, I dig these a lot!

A shield with a cast skill is nice and the dagger seems pretty cool too.

Carpe Diem sounds cool but that HP cost may be too severe.

Quid pro Quo is a good concept. Would be interesting for Tank Builds. Would you consider adding a .85* penalty to make it Auto-hit? It would suck if you spent so much time building up momentum and then happened to miss. Also, there probably should be a damage cap on the attack unless you really want to drag the battle out.
AQ AQW  Post #: 2
5/1/2018 15:31:32   
Primate Murder


Carpe Diem means seize the day. I use it as the idea of 'do or die'. But maybe the cost is a little too severe.

Regarding Quid pro Quo:

This attack has no Type, automatically hits, and does not get Stat bonuses. If the Element is Harm, then it deals 90% of the above listed numbers.

This is from the entry on Spiritual Seed. I am not certain if the entry is outdated and needs the modifier, so adding it in just in case.
AQ  Post #: 3
5/1/2018 15:44:30   
Lord Markov

Given how easy it is to bring now monsters at this point, I think that kind of cost on Carpe Diem is about the only way to make it not ridiculously easy to use. I do know the staff dislikes celerity as a status though, so you might want to make it paralyze or something functionally equivalent.

I'm almost certain Spiritual Seed auto-hits since basically all status effects that deal damage do. Basically the infliction save roll takes the place of the attack's chance to hit. Certainly it's an interesting idea, though I can't think of many monsters I would use that against.

< Message edited by High Paladin -- 5/1/2018 15:45:38 >
AQ  Post #: 4
5/1/2018 16:06:03   
Primate Murder

There's a number of monster that paralyze doesn't work on though... Also, two turn paralyze can be achieved via a quickcast vampire mesmerize (or control, anyway), while 2-turn celerity is entirely unique.

Wicked King?
Edit: Or Starslayer if his MRM were further buffed? Or Gnat or Lightning Bug or other monsters with low health and really high defences?

< Message edited by Primate Murder -- 4/8/2019 13:06:23 >
AQ  Post #: 5
5/2/2018 0:39:19   
Lord Markov

I can't think of a whole lot of monsters that paralyze doesn't work on that celerity wouldn't be cancelled out either. I don't really see celerity as that unique of a status (in fact, I would consider it inferior to basically every other form of the monster non-acting that has 100% chance of occurring) but I don't really care what you use either, I was just pointing out a potential roadblock.

Unless that got around the Wicked King's damage cap it wouldn't be super useful. I guess if one were to purposefully open their defenses versus high blocking monsters that could be useful, certainly in standard situations though you simply aren't taking enough damage for it to amount to much.
AQ  Post #: 6
5/2/2018 0:54:35   
Primate Murder


Oh well, they were always intended to be specialized for certain situations rather than always useful.

Thanks for the feedback!
AQ  Post #: 7
5/10/2018 10:21:58   
Lord Markov

Meta Set is pretty hilarious. Would definitely love to see that in-game.
AQ  Post #: 8
5/10/2018 23:01:45   
Mr. Uber

Problem with the "Quid Pro Quo".

Its too easily abuse-able with the purple rain spell or an item that can reset HP/MP/SP.

I've constantly thought about suggesting something like this just to put something broken in the game but essentially this is abuse-able for the simple fact that one could:
1. Cast Purple Rain spell
2. Then cast "Quid Pro Quo"
3. Then rack up as much damage needed to kill the monster
4. Then recast the purple rain spell to reset health
5. Then recast the quid pro quo spell to effectively kill the monster without sacrificing any HP/MP/SP

This is unless the purple rain spell or the Quid Pro Quo spell can't be cast if the other was cast like how you can't reset a turn using the Doray (shield) if you already did it with the Father Time (shield) and vice versa.

< Message edited by Mr. Uber -- 5/10/2018 23:02:35 >
DF AQW  Post #: 9
5/11/2018 1:39:47   
Primate Murder

Right, thanks.

Added it to the entry.
AQ  Post #: 10
5/23/2018 8:16:41   

The Question

Interesting nerf weapon, that Malleus is. Although I never depended on proc-chance weapon for any effects. I would rather it be active-able or as a 100% passive.
AQ DF MQ  Post #: 11
5/23/2018 13:53:13   
Primate Murder

Understandable, I generally prefer activatable weapon skills on my main myself. Just thought it might be a little to strong here.

As for passives, I don't really see a difference. Would it have been better if I put: "0-proc, but instead of +9% damage has a passive 20% chance to sacrifice damage to inflict Jinx"?
AQ  Post #: 12
5/24/2018 12:53:37   

The Question

I'm more of a person who prefers 100% chance for 1% extra damage, than 1% chance for 100% extra damage. Both has its pros and cons.

AQ DF MQ  Post #: 13
5/30/2018 0:47:28   
Mr. Popo

Dang dude, you are just a wealth of ideas; you push them out like it's nothing! It always takes me at least a whole afternoon to get done with just ONE suggestion.

< Message edited by Mr. Popo -- 5/30/2018 0:49:21 >
Post #: 14
6/15/2018 7:44:53   
John Apple

I like your Zweihander suggestion. Especially with the 'forced' unequipping of the usual shields.
Post #: 15
7/4/2018 21:11:26   

I really like the Giant Arachnid pet, and it's mastercraft effect. The Soul-seal Spear is neat too- I don't think there's anything quite like it in the game right now, so it'd be interesting to see.
AQ Epic  Post #: 16
10/7/2018 3:26:52   
Primate Murder

Soul-Sealed Spear

Water element pet
2 hits of ranged damage at +5 bth lean

Trigger: +10% damage if you're using a spear
MC goes into no downtrigger

Effect: Instead of normal damage, this pet deals (20 + 10*YourCHA/VStat)% of the damage you dealt this round. (The 25% pet damage loss is to account for the fact that you'll use 2-3 skills or spells per battle; with an assumed 10 rounds of combat that's 25%).

Appearance: A floating spear, similar to the Badelaire guest or Haunted Sword.
Description: This spear is magically bound to your weapon, following in the patterns you set.

< Message edited by Primate Murder -- 4/10/2019 2:16:05 >
AQ  Post #: 17
10/7/2018 3:30:18   
Primate Murder

Multi-element pet with celerity chance.

7 hits at +3 bth lean of ice, water, earth and energy.
Gains elecomp for multi-element attack.

MC: Player takes +(20/1.4)% damage from monster attacks, and the Gogg gains celerity (just for itself). The monster can resist with a save at a +0 bonus (inflict with CHA/LUK; resist with CHA/LUK).

Appearance: There already is a Gogg pet (rare), this could be a revamp.
Description: This gogg is big, ugly, powerful and capable of hitting your enemy again and again.

< Message edited by Primate Murder -- 10/9/2018 6:00:04 >
AQ  Post #: 18
10/7/2018 3:33:03   
Primate Murder

Darkness pet that can tag the monster as undead.

Trigger: Ele-seeks and deals +damage vs Undead.
MC goes into no downtrigger.

Click to toggle between:
- 2 hits of magic darkness at +3 bth lean.
- 1 hit of magic darkness at +10 bth lean. Deals 50% damage and has a 20% chance to tag the monster as Undead for the rest of the battle. Monster can resist with two saves (Cha/Luck vs End/Luck and Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) at -20 penalty to save. The monster need to fail both saves to become Undead.

Appearance: Zorbak. Need I say more?
Description: Help Zorbak spread Ebilness and Undeath across the world!
AQ  Post #: 19
10/7/2018 3:35:51   
Primate Murder

Cor-Dem (Revamp)
Energy pet that can lower monster's magic defences or Int.

1 hit of ranged energy at +10 bth lean. Deals 25% damage of a standard pet.

Effect: Randomly inflicts either Magic Defence Loss (-6) or Int loss (-30) until the end of the battle. Monster can resist either effect with Cha/Luck vs Int/Luck save at +0 bonus to save.

Appearance: The same.
Description: The small alien Cor-Dem's psychic attack lowers your enemy's intelligence and magic defenses!

< Message edited by Primate Murder -- 12/30/2018 2:39:34 >
AQ  Post #: 20
10/7/2018 3:45:57   
Primate Murder

Over 14 million futures
A Misc with a modified Eye of Naab effect

Effect: +50 int

Effect: Click on the misc to attempt to see into the future. Quickcast. Monster can resist (Int/Luck vs Int/Luck) with +0 bonus to save. Costs 50% sp of a standard skill. If successful, monster gains +50% damage in its next turn. Afterwards, you gain +8.5 bth to all attacks and +24 MRM for three turns.

Has an sp upkeep.

Appearance: A golden amulet with an emerald stone, resembles an eye.
Description: To those who only see the present it may seem counterintuitive to empower your foe...

< Message edited by Primate Murder -- 2/11/2019 6:56:34 >
AQ  Post #: 21
10/7/2018 3:50:56   
Primate Murder

Holy Water Vial
Anti-Darkovian misc to cancel regeneration.

Effect: Click on the vial to splash some holy water on your weapons for an sp cost. This doesn't take a turn. For the next three turns all your weapon attacks inflict Disease on werewolves and vampires (including the -pyre variants) with power equivalent to damage dealt. This affects hp healing.

Note: The misc doesn't work and automatically unequips if you belong to one of the darkovian subraces.*
*You are unable to handle the holy water!

Appearance: A crystal vial with water.
Description: A basic tool of any Hunter.
AQ  Post #: 22
10/7/2018 3:53:28   
Primate Murder

A healing pseudo-guest misc.

Neutral element misc with a fairly high hp cost (since misc+guest upkeep).

Effect: Heals (DamageDealt * 0.8) hp at the end of your turn (with the usual multipliers for magical weapons and spells) and your guest doesn't attack this turn. Uses Cha for stats. Basically, uses your misc and guest slots for lifesteal (0.2 for misc, 0.6 for guest).

Appearance: A cloth-like being similar to a Lethifold.
Description: This semi-sentient parasite can grant you high-speed regeneration as long as you feed it blood, both of your enemy and yourself.
AQ  Post #: 23
10/7/2018 3:59:29   
Primate Murder

Primordial Phoenix

Fire element monster (resists according to the elemental wheel)
MRM, attack and stats the same as other phoenixes.

Effect: Spiritual Backlash. 100% of all damage inflicted on Primordial Phoenix is reflected onto the player's sp (with the 1.125 modifier). If the player runs out of sp, the player is inflicted with Disease (sp version).

Effect: Phoenix Rebirth. Upon its first death, it stays at 1 HP and resurrects itself to full health (on its turn). This removes all hostile effects inflicted on the Primordial Phoenix, and attempts to inflict the player with Daze, Blind and Burn for 3 rounds.

Appearance: Similar to other phoenixes, but larger and with flames spontaneously combusting around the monster.
Description: Modern phoenixes may not come back from the dead - but this phoenix was born from the flames that existed before the creation of Lore. Do not expect it to lay down and die!
AQ  Post #: 24
10/7/2018 4:03:13   
Primate Murder

Gray Boy

Wind element monster with fairly average resists.
MRM is stronger against melee.

Gray Boy's attack deals no damage, but attempts to inflict a stacking Bleed and Burn until the end of the battle. Uses mp to increase the power and infliction chance of Bleeds and Burns. If runs out of mp, uses a skill to 'reverse time' and gain hp, mp and sp that Gray Boy possessed at the beginning of his last turn.

Effect: If player attempts to gain celerity from any source (SFP, Overlord, etc), the attempt automatically fails and Gray Boy gets celerity instead.*

Effect: If Gray Boy looses more than 10% of his MaxHP between the end of one turn and the beginning of the other, he uses a self-inflicted time loop at the beginning of his turn. His hp, mp and sp automatically regress to the amount possessed at the beginning of his last turn.** This does not affect the player and doesn't take a turn. This is used even if his hp drops below 0.

*Using time manipulation against Gray Boy... not very smart.
**Gray Boy's form flickers and is restored to pristine

Stats: Max int, dex and luck. I suggest putting the rest into end, so that it's possible to deal more damage against him without him auto-resetting everything.

Appearance: Monochrome boy.
Description: A manipulator of time loops and time streams, Gray Boy possesses the greatest power of all - that of being immune to nuking.

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AQ  Post #: 25
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