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RE: Primate Murder's Suggestion Thread

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5/23/2020 4:51:52   
Primate Murder

Infernal's Aura
An aura-type fire spell that combines the properties of Burn and Backlash.

Quickcast, you loose 25% melee mp each turn the effect is active. Cast again to dismiss the effect.

Effect: Until the end of the battle or until you run out of mp, you gain Infernal's Aura status. Each time the monster hits you, it makes a save (Int/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus. On fail, it's inflicted with 4-turn Infernal's Wrath (burn-type effect) that deals fire damage equal to 5.25% damage dealt by the hit.

Appearance: A reddish haze around the player.
Description: With Warlic's help, you've managed to imitate the natural defences of the infernals without the usual setback of setting yourself on fire!
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5/23/2020 8:51:43   
Primate Murder

Mana Purifier

Harm spell, costs 4/3 mp of a standard one.

Does 12 hits at -10 bth lean, dealing 90% damage of a standard spell (as harm penalty). Afterwards, you're inflicted with the following two status effects for 4 turns:

- Lack of Focus. All your weapon attacks, specials and spells loose 8 bth.

- Intensity. You gain bonus Int worth 20% melee. (around 55 Int at lvl 150)

MC: You have 8% chance of gaining Regain Mana status.

Appearance: A glowing sphere coalescing in front of you that lashes out with blast of raw mana.
Description: A training spell for budding archmages, filtering out all elemental influences and leaving behind only raw magical energy.
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5/23/2020 9:25:23   
Primate Murder

Warlic's Prototype Orb

Energy magic 'wand'
No special, so *1.1 damage
2 hits at +3 bth lean.

Effect: All your weapon and spell attacks inflict the monster with Mana-Wrecked (power 0.7 Void Burn) for one round. At the beginning of its turn, the monster makes a save (Int/Luck vs Int/Luck) at +0 bonus. If it succeeds, it consumes the status to gain Elemental Resonance (+10% outgoing damage) for one round.*

MC: Click on the Orb to inflict the monster with Thrice Bound. Cannot be used if the monster is already Bound. While the status is active:

- The monster looses accuracy (-12 bth), defenses (-12 MRM) and takes increased energy damage (+14%).

- You're inflicted with Mana Burn (Power:3, damages mp).

- Monster makes a save (Int/Luck vs Int/Luck) with +0 bonus to shake off the effect at the beginning of every turn. If it successfully saves** or you run out of mp,*** the status is removed, dealing harm damage to both player and monster.

*(MonsterName) converts unaligned mana to (MonsterElement), empowering its attack!
**(MonsterName) destabilizes the spell matrix!
***You lack the mp necessary to keep the matrix stabilized!

Appearance: Warlic's Orb, nothing unusual.
Description: After his old orb was broken, Warlic had to make himself a new one. It took him a few tries until he was fully satisfied with the result but even the failures of an archmage hold power.

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5/30/2020 5:42:59   
Primate Murder

Ethereal Pact
A Cha-based light SPell with a compressed armor.

Effect: Both you* (Cha/Luck vs VStat) and the monster** (VStat vs Cha/Luck) make a save with +0 bonus. The one that fails (or both if both fail)*** is inflicted with Fragile (-50 End) for one round.

Attack: 7 hits of light at +10 bth lean, deals 1.5x damage of a standard light spell and gains elecomp bonus to damage. Uses Cha in place of Int for stats.

Effect (MC): Afterwards you gain and equip a temporary Ethereal Bloodhunter armor. It has FO lean and all its weapon attacks are locked to light, with elecomp bonus to damage. It also has the following 3 status effects:

- Light Empowerment (+20% damage), with usual modifiers for spells and magical weapons.

- Price of the Pact, loosing 10% melee sp at the end of every turn.

- Paid in Blood, loosing (67 * Hits/Misses)% melee hp each time you miss with a hit.****

Cost: Sp cost of a standard spell + 100% melee hp.

*You are unable to withstand the majesty of the ethereal entity!
**(MonsterName) is unable to withstand the majesty of the ethereal entity!
***Both you and the monster are unable to withstand the majesty of the ethereal entity!
****You failed to provide enough blood - and so the entity takes some of yours!

Appearance: The screen grows dark and several glowing yellow eyes open up (fragile infliction). Then the screen returns to normal, except the player is floating and surrounded by bright light which unleashes 7 ethereal blades against the monster. Afterwards, the glow fades, revealing the player in Ethereal Bloodhunter armor.
Description: Ancient magical entities slumber deep within the Ethereal Realm. During your travels, you stumbled upon one of them and managed to forge a bargain, allowing you to draw upon a portion of their power for a sacrifice of blood and spirit.
AQ DF  Post #: 229
6/10/2020 0:01:32   
Primate Murder

Zorbak the Pallythrope

Light pet
Has three attacks:

- 2 hits of light at +3 bth lean. Standard pet attack. Rate: [Your current HP]/[Your max HP]*67%.

- Heals the player. Rate: (0.67 - [Your current HP]/[Your max HP])*100%.

- Zorbak consumes 40% melee sp and does nothing.* On next turn, unleashes Holy Might, growing in size and dealing 3x damage. Rate: 33%.

MC: Click on Zorbak to activate a toggle.** It costs 20% melee sp and gives you Blessed Weapon status, granting +8.5 * (1+Cha/VStat) bth to all light element weapon atttacks.

*Zorbak gathers his energy for a powerful attack!
**Click on Zorbak to have him bless your weapon, increasing your chances to hit!

Appearance: Zorbak in paladin armor, similar to Paladin Chilly. When using Holy Might, grows in size and makes a large smash attack.
Description: Zorbak has been infected with a terrible curse each time the full moon rises, he's transformed into a paladin, a warrior of light with the singleminded desire to protect the innocent and slay evil undead!

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AQ DF  Post #: 230
6/10/2020 0:42:37   

Well, now I wanna know the story behind that one, lmao
AQ  Post #: 231
6/14/2020 13:29:39   
Primate Murder

Knight Commander

FD armor, element folows your knight order (fire for Stormfallen, dark for Granemor, light for Pria and earth for Deren or unaffiliated)
MRM focuses on Melee; looses 3 for the second skill
3 hit attack at +5 bth lean.

MC: Call Squire. Calls one of the 8 basic elemental guests. Has sp upkeep of a standard guest + 24% melee gold for omnielemental compression.

Skill: Full Frontal Assault! Only usable when Squire guest is out. Your Squire guest deals +167% damage for one round (+125% if Int>Str).

Skill: Hold the Line! Toggle. Only usable when Squire guest is out. Your Squire guest does no damage, but the monster makes a (Cha/Luck vs Str/Luck) save at +0 bonus before every hit. If it fails, the hit does 0 damage.

Appearance: Steel plate with the tabard of your knight order. When attacking, cautiously approaches behind the shield, makes 3 quick stabs and retreats.
Description: A position of power and honor, cautiously entrusted to you by the leaders of the four knight orders. When wearing this armor, you can call upon knight trainees of any affiliation - though your coffers will have to field their training and equipment expenses.
AQ DF  Post #: 232
6/15/2020 4:46:05   
Primate Murder

Based on the war's new status effect.

The Standard of Unity
A qc buff/debuff for beastmasters.

Effect: Quickcast, 1/turn. Monster makes a save (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with -1 penalty. If it fails, it's inflicted with Dispirited* (.9x outgoing damage and -10 status weakness) and you're inflicted with Inspiring (1.1x pet and guest damage and +10 status potency) for 5 turns.

MC: Monster penalty to save increases to -7, if you have a Unity alignment.

Costs sp of a standard SPell.

*Disheartened by the unexpected cooperation of their foes, (MonsterName) can't bring themselves to fight with the same vigor!

Appearance: A banner with the emblems of all four kingdoms.
Description: Made to commemorate the victory in the Far West, this standard can inspire your allies and dishearten your foes!

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6/17/2020 9:17:54   
Primate Murder


Darkness pet
1-hit attack at +3 bth lean.

Effect: Deals 50% damage, but monster makes a save (Cha/Luck vs Int/Luck) with +0 bonus. On fail, the monster is inflicted with Immobility Weakness (-10) and Crippling Pain (takes 15% melee darkness damage each time it hits you) for one round.

MC: Click on the dragon's head to activate a toggle. While active, all your attacks deal -40% damage and the pet's effects are tripled.

Appearance: A small dragon, thin and sickly. Regular attack is a claw strike, and toggled attack releases flames of darkness.
Description: This little dragon was wreaked by the waves of Calamity while still in the egg, leaving it frail and sickly. It may not have the raw power of regular dragons, but its claws retain the corruptive properties that devastated its body, and it can even draw some of your power to unleash a ruinous breath attack!
AQ DF  Post #: 234
6/18/2020 0:41:07   
Primate Murder

Terminus Avenger

Melee sword, element folows your knight order (fire for Stormfallen, light for Pria, earth for Deren, dark for Granemor or unaffiliated)
Toggles between 0-proc and 100-proc
-3 bth lean / 1-3 hits at +10 bth lean.

Effect: You loose 7.5% melee hp each time you land a hit on the monster. At the beginning of your turn, you make a save (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus to gain Avenger status (+15% LS rate) which lasts until you fail a save (similar to Bleed). Each successful save increases the status by 15%.

MC: Use Cha in place of Luck for stats.

Appearance: Identical to the blades of ShadowRisen knights. 100-proc attack summons ghost knights.
Description: A heavy blade, inhabited by the restless spirits of the knights who fell in defense of Terminus.
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6/18/2020 0:49:46   
Primate Murder

And something to go with all that cake we've been getting recently:

Vanilla Milkshake
Ice misc with qc damage boost.

Effect: Click on the misc to get Ice Empowerment (+15% damage) for one round. This does not cost a turn, but you have a 10% chance of being Frozen upon each use.

Appearance: A vanilla milkshake, with a straw and everything.
Description: This delicious milkshake will give you an extra burst of energy with every sip - just make sure you don't get a brain freeze!
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6/22/2020 2:11:39   
Primate Murder

Inspired by both the Paladin revamp and the new boss in DF's main story.


Light element monster
MRM fairly low (both thematically and to pay for effects), with a focus on Magic.

Stats: High Int and End.


- Pala-dean starts the battle with Divine Shield effect (element shield: -100% damage from all elements).

- At the starts of each turn, Pala-dean's Divine Shield status is lowered by 20%, and it gains/enhances Divine Blessing status (+8.5 bth, +10% damage).* Pala-dean needs to be able to act for this effect to occur.

- If Pala-dean has enough sp, it pays that much to reset Divine Shield back to 100%.**

- If Pala-dean has enough mp, it pays that much to inflict a powerful light Burn. If you have vampire, werepyre or dracopyre subrace, the Burn also deals damage to sp and has a chance to paralyze you.***

- If Pala-dean does not have enough mp, it makes a light magic attack.

*Pala-dean channels some of the light from his shield to enhance his attack!
**Pala-dean prays to the Lady of Light to renew his Divine Shield!
***Pala-dean's spiritual power applies a detructive interference to your anima!

Appearance: A really old man with a cane in paladin armor. Mp spell animation is similar to resplendent surge and non-mp attack has Pala-dean grow in size and smack you with an oversized cane.
Description: The dean of a remote mountain monastery, this old geezer came all the way to Battleon to express his displeasure regarding the rupturing of the ley lines.
AQ DF  Post #: 237
6/22/2020 14:58:50   
Primate Murder

Also, weeum's new weapon suggie gave me ideas, so...

Deadslayer Halberd

Melee/Ranged light spear/axe.
0-proc / 33% proc (see effect for details)
-3 bth lean.


- Click on the haft to toggle between Melee axe and Ranged spear.

- Click on the head to toggle between Attack Mode and Blast Mode. In Blast mode, all your weapon attacks deal -25% damage, but you gain Kinetic Charge status equal to 33% damage dealt. When the weapon's special procs, it consumes the Kinetic Charge and deals bonus damage equal to Charge's power.

MC: When fighting undead, you gain either +6 MRM (Ranged Attack Mode), +10% damage (Melee Attack Mode) or *1.4 Kinetic Charge (Blast Mode).

Appearance: A generic halberd. When in Blast Mode, has softly glowing runes and unleashes a magical blast on proc.
Description: With the paladin order all but gone, the cities and villages needed a way to protect themselves from the restless dead. The Deadslayer is a fairly basic halberd, able to keep your foe at bay as a polearm or hack them to pieces as an axe, but it has a additional enchantment that can store the kinetic energy of your strikes to unleash a powerful (if somewhat unpredictable) blast of magical energy against your foes!
AQ DF  Post #: 238
6/23/2020 4:22:06   
Primate Murder

A huge thanks to Ironborn for the idea!

The Faithful

Fluff: Not everybody approves of the new Paladin Order's methods. Some of the former members of the Order see drawing upon spirits as little better than necromancy - and Artix's attempts to mend bridges with the necromancers do little to persuade them otherwise. Using their combat skills and the magic remaining in holy relics, these paladins united into a new order, one following old tenets and traditions - the Faithful!

The Preacher

Light element monster
Low MRM with a focus on Magic

Stats: Int, Cha and Luck.


- Fanatic. Renamed Mental Immunity - the monster can't be affected by Mental status effects (Berserk, Control, Fear, Panic, Sleep and The Cold).

- Holy Presence. You, your pet and your guest make a Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck save at the starts of the battle. If anyone fails, it's Paralyzed for one round.*

- Holy Shroud. The Preacher ignores the first hit taken during each round. Has a chance to ignore two hits if your subrace is vampire, werepyre or dracopyre, or your class title is Necromancer.

- If The Preacher has enough mp, it pays that much to paralyze you for one round** (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck save). If you succeessfully resist paralysis, you gain Irreconcilable Theological Differences status until the end of the battle (*1.5 LS damage dealt and taken), which increases in power with every successful save.

- If the monster has enough sp, it pays that much to gain Hypercritical status (100% LS chance) for one round.

*You can't hit a man of the cloth!
**The Preacher's words make a surprising amount of sense...

Appearance: A balding man in robes of white and gold. Attacks with beams of light.
Description: A member of the Order of Faithful! A charismatic priest who leads the local recruitment drive. You may have to take this guy down if you don't want the Order's influence to spread.

Guardian of the Faith

Light element monster
Average MRM with a focus on Melee.

Stats: Str, Int and End.


- Fanatic. Renamed Mental Immunity - the monster can't be affected by Mental status effects (Berserk, Control, Fear, Panic, Sleep and The Cold).

- Armor of Faith. Renamed Mana Shield equal to the monster's remaining mp. The shield's efficiency is increased if your subrace is vampire, werepyre or dracopyre, or your class title is Necromancer.

- Pacify. You make a save (Cha/Luck vs Str/Luck) after each monster attack. If you fail, you gain a lean (*.9 outgoing and incoming damage). The effect lasts until the end of the battle and stacks up to *0.1 modifier.

- Ressurection. Upon its first death, the monster stays at 1 HP and resurrects itself* to ~1/4 of the HP it started with.

- If the monster has enough sp, it spends that much to cast a spell, regaining mp.

*No... Faith... does not die!

Appearance: A blonde armored woman, with a shield and a maul.
Description: A member of the Order of Faithful! This young woman is willing to stand to the death to defend that which she believes in.

The Renegade

Light element monster
High MRM with a focus on Melee.

Stats: Str, Dex and Luck. Has negative Cha.


- Fanatic. Renamed Mental Immunity - the monster can't be affected by Mental status effects (Berserk, Control, Fear, Panic, Sleep and The Cold).

- Ambush Tactics. Has bonus initiative.

- Holy Symbol. All monster attacks inflict stacking Blind (Dex/Luck vs Dex/Luck) for 3 rounds. You get a penalty to save if your subrace is vampire, werepyre or dracopyre.

- Dirty Tricks. All monster attacks pay a single turn's worth of sp to inflict EleVuln (Dex/Luck vs Dex/Luck) for 1 round. You get a penalty to save if your class title is Paladin or you're Blind.

- Each time you successfully resist Blind or EleVuln, you gain a stacking Berserk status (-3 bth lean per each successful save).* The effect lasts until the end of the battle.

*You're starting to get seriously annoyed at this guy's underhanded tactics!

Appearance: A skulking figure in dirty paladin armor with a pair of short swords.
Description: A member of the Order of Faithful! He joined the Order of Paladins for glory, power and respect. They left him jobless, distrusted and with mere memories of power. And now, he'll make them pay.
AQ DF  Post #: 239
6/25/2020 4:59:51   
Primate Murder

Spiritual Reinforcement
An aura-type buff for hybrids.

Quickcast, you loose 75% melee mp (cost of an efficient spell) each turn the effect is active. Cast again to dismiss the effect.

Effect: Until the end of the battle or until you run out of mp, you gain Augmented status. You gain a toggle's worth of both Str and Dex (+50 at lvl 150), per-hit damage reduction (worth 10% melee) and deal +14.5% damage (/2 for spells; /.75 for magical weapons).

Appearance: A slight purple glow around the player.
Description: Crafted by the knight of Granemor, this technique allows you to augment your body with mana, increasing your power and agility!
AQ DF  Post #: 240
6/25/2020 5:15:23   
Primate Murder

Bloodtheft Ancestry
An aura-type spell with a vampire theme.

Quickcast, you loose 58.3% melee sp each turn the effect is active. Cast again to dismiss the effect.

Effect: Until the end of the battle or until you run out of sp, you gain Vampiric Scion status. You gain a toggle's worth of both Int and Cha (+50 at lvl 150) and heal hp worth 20% damage dealt.

Mini-FSB: If your subrace is Vampire, you also gain +10 Bleed and Control potency.

Appearance: A cloud of darkness briefly surrounds the player before dispersing.
Description: It seems one of your distant ancestors was actually a vampire - and by focusing some of your spiritual energy, you can draw out the vampiric characteristics inherent in your blood!
AQ DF  Post #: 241
6/26/2020 2:20:16   
Primate Murder

Thematic component based on the paladin quests, with the mechanics inspired by Chaotic's weapon idea.

Necrotic Artifact

Darkness misc.

Stats: Max boost to Cha and Luck. Lowers monster MRM by (max misc bth boost / 1.4).

Effect: After each attack you gain Anima Stored status equal to 30% damage dealt. The status stacks with itself and lasts until consumed or until the end of the battle.

MC: Click on the misc to use a qc Darkness spell. Deals 9 hits of darkness at +10 bth lean, and uses Cha as MainStat. Has no set cost or damage - instead it consumes the Anima Stored status, dealing (100*AnimaStored/StandardSpellMPCost 37.5)% damage of a standard spell. (so if you stored 653 Anima at lvl 150, you'd deal damage of a regular qc spell; if you stored 1306 Anima, you'd deal double that and so on)

Appearance: A skull with a purple amethyst set into the forehead. The spell summons several ghosts to assault your foe.
Description: There must be a reason those guys were carrying around these things even though it makes them vulnerable. With Warlic's help, you managed to reverse-engineer the enchantment to find out that it acts like a magical battery, leeching the enemy's anima to power a vicious necromantic spell.
AQ DF  Post #: 242
6/26/2020 3:14:53   
Primate Murder

Call Zombie Paladin

Calls a guest.

Click on the Zombie Paladin's chest to toggle between:

- A light element guest that costs 1.5x hp upkeep of a standard guest.* Does 1.5x damage of a standard guest, with all Base converted to Random.

- A dark element guest, has sp upkeep of a standard guest.** Does 50% damage of a standard guest and inflicts the monster with Vitality Drain (renamed Panic; -25% damage). Monster can resist (Cha/Luck vs Int/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

*You sacrifice your own life force to sate Zombie Paladin's hunger.
**Zombie Paladin sates his hunger upon your enemies' life force!

Appearance: A zombie-like paladin axe master. In light mode, attacks with his axe. In dark mode, uses zombie's draining animation.
Description: This paladin was in the middle of Ressurection when the ley lines burst. The initial surge of energy mutated his light powers beyond his ability to control - then the subsequent draining left him stuck between life and death, unable to survive without the life force of others.

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AQ DF  Post #: 243
6/29/2020 2:47:26   
Primate Murder

Summon Sentry

Summons an energy guest with an mp upkeep.

The guest does no damage, but has the following three effects:

- You gain +(6 * MonsterEnergyResist * (1 + Cha/VStat)) blocking.

- Whenever you cast an energy spell, you gain +(10 * MonsterEnergyResist * (1 + Cha/VStat)) MRM for 3 rounds.*

- Each time the monster misses you with an attack, it takes energy damage worth (HitsMissed/Attempted * 67 * (1 + Cha/VStat))% melee.

*Your spell resonates with the crystal, boosting its defense matrix for the next three rounds!

Appearance: A floating purple crystal.
Description: Summon a magical sentry. Its magical barrier protects you from enemy blows, strikes back whenever the monster hits it and can even resonate with your spells to enhance itself!
AQ DF  Post #: 244
6/29/2020 3:11:25   
Primate Murder

Shepherd's Arc-Cane

Magic energy staff
Toggles between a 20-proc and 100-proc (with a 20% special-special)
Instead of bonus damage, the special treats your attack as a spell
-3 bth lean.

MC: Uses Cha as MainStat.

Effect: All normal player attacks and weapon specials deal -10% damage. In return, whenever you cast an energy spell, make a Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck save with -3 penalty. On success, your pet and guest gain celerity for 2 rounds.

Appearance: Similar to Shepherd's Crook, but with ball lightning in the crook.
Description: A shepherd's tool, used to herd animals with particularly tough hides. Can double as a wizard's staff when defending your flock from predators and thieves.
AQ DF  Post #: 245
6/29/2020 10:28:55   
Primate Murder

A while ago I made a DF-style artifact for the vampire subrace, modifying the last 5 skills of the armor to make it usable by warriors. With the current spellcaster Renaissance, I think it's time I made a partner artifact - altering the Werewolf subrace for those who use spells!

Fluff: In the earliest days of the lycathropy, as the madness ravaged the people of Darkovia, there have been those that turned away from the savagery and brutality that have come to be the mark of a werewolf. Beset by enemies within and without, they gathered into a secret coven and swore an oath, promising to use the magic of the moon to control their curse; to protect the innocents in their darkest says instead of feasting upon them.
Eventually, internal disagreements and the insanity inherent in the study of magic so alien tore the coven apart, but their actions have been an inspiration to countless lycans across Darkovia.

Adept of the Waning Moon

Neutral element misc
Mp upkeep; increased to pay for non-elemental effects.

Stats: Max boost to Int, Luck and bth.

Modifies the last 5 skills of the Werewolf subrace armor:

- Level 6: Howl at the Moon. Active.
...And hear it howl back.
Heals mp worth 75% of a standard healing spell, using Int for stats, then inflicts And I Must Scream (renamed EleVuln; +100% damage from all elements) for one round. Monster can resist (MainStat/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +14 bonus. Costs sp of a standard skill.

- Level 7: The Moonlit Hunt. Passive.
Weave the light of the moon into your spells, gaining a surge of energy each time they draw blood.
Whenever you cast a spell, heal sp equal to 14% damage dealt.

- Level 8: Moon Madness. Toggle.
Few have chosen to delve deep into the moon's secrets and fewer still managed to escape with their sanity intact.
Sp-costing Int drive that inflicts the player with Berserk (-15 bth lean).

- Level 9: Lunar Luminescence. Active.
The light of the moon is soft, it neither burns nor blinds. It is the light of guidance, shining upon the path and revealing all the things that people wanted to hide in the dark of the night.
Inflicts The Truth Unveiled (renamed DefLoss; -20 MRM to all elements) for 3 rounds. Monster can resist (MainStat/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus. Quickcast, 1/turn, costs 55% melee mp.

- Level 10: Moonspeaker. Toggle.
Draw upon the fragment of the moon hidden inside the Adept's medallion. The moon's light will allow you to see the inherent frailty of the world around you - at least until your body rejects the eldritch power flowing through it.
Each time you cast a spell, monster is inflicted with Fragile (-75 End) for 1 round. It can resist (MainStat/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with -15 penalty. To pay for the effect, you become paralyzed for a single round 3 turns later.

MC: +20 Fear potence.

Appearance: A darksteel medallion with a silver engraving of the crescent moon.
Description: As the moon wanes and the night grows black, a wordless call echoes throughout the gloom...
Will you honor the ancient oath?

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AQ DF  Post #: 246
7/4/2020 8:15:22   
Primate Murder

Tactician's Choice
Qc buff spell.

Effect: Quickcast, 1/turn. Monster is inflicted with Overwhelmed* (33% chance of inaction, -15 bth, +50% damage and +15 MRM) for 2 rounds. It can resist (MainStat/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus. This is treated as a Fear effect.

MC: Click ouside the circle during the first two seconds of casting time to Disengage** instead of overwhelming the monster. Disengaging gives you (not pet or guest) Celerity for one round, and On the Move status (-8.5 bth, loose 23% melee sp) for 3 rounds. Monster can prevent your disengagement (Dex/Luck vs Dex/Luck) with +0 bonus.

*(MonsterName) is pushed on the defensive, overwhelmed and unable to attack how they wanted!
**You're not sticking around to let (MonsterName) dictate the pace of the battle!

Has no cost.

Appearance: A scroll unrolls, showing a map, where your icon is surrounded by red x's. Two seconds later, a pair of swords clash above your icon, and the scroll fades. To use the alternate spell, click outside the circle of x's; in that case the scroll fades without the swords icon.
Description: You're surrounded and outnumbered. You have seconds to make you decision. Do you get some distance, then re-engage on your own terms? Or do you rush your foes and put them on the defensive?
AQ DF  Post #: 247
7/6/2020 12:35:11   
Primate Murder


Ranged darkness crossbow
100-proc, 1 hit at +10 bth lean
Special: 20% chance to make a save (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck; +0 bonus) on each attack. On success, the proc deals 305% melee. On fail, it deals no damage and you become Shadow-Claimed* (renamed control) until the start of next round.

Effect: At the end of your turn, inflict the monster with Corrupted** (darkness power 2 Burn, +20/1.4% outgoing damage, -20 bth lean) for two rounds. Monster can resist (Dex/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus to save. Gains -20 save penalty if the toggle is active.

MC: Click*** the weapon to toggle its effect. Pay 30% melee sp per turn to make the monster take -9 MRM and -9 bth.

*The shadows rise, attempting to subsume you!
**The weapon's sinister power spreads a corrupting conflagration to (MonsterName)'s body!
***Release the Darkness inside the Doomseeker, protecting yourself from the monster's eyes and leaving it unable to either pinpoint your position or see where you're shooting!

Appearance: A crossbow of darkened wood. On special, summons five shadows to attack the monster. On failed special, the player themselves look like a shadow. The toggle releases a cloud of darkness.
Description: The Calamity has torn apart friends and families, leaving countless people missing. Out of honor, obligation or greed, many traveled to the Far West seeking survivors, but most never came back - and those that did were irrevocably changed, inside and out. This weapon belonged to one such adventurer, having grown dark and foreboding after the expedition. It feels alive (or at least not-dead) in your hands, seems to retain some of the Far West's Darkness and attempts to corrupt all living things. Are you sure it's wise to use it?
AQ DF  Post #: 248
7/7/2020 15:47:20   
Primate Murder

Wasteland Wanderer

FD fire armor with a wind secondary
Good MRM with a slight weakness to Ranged
1 hit attack at -3 bth lean.

Effect: Take +(15/1.4)% damage from monster attacks. At the beginning of the battle, the monster gains -210 Initiative penalty and power 5 weapon element Burn for 4 rounds. It can resist (MainStat/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus to save.

MC: Sudden Cold skill. Consumes 1 turn of Burn to inflict 1 turn of Sudden Cold* (-3*Power bth and +3.57*Power incoming damage). Quickcast, 1/turn, requires the monster to be Burned.

*The heat (MonsterName) suffered through makes the biting cold hit its body that much harder!

Appearance: A robed man atop a white horse, with a sand storm howling around them. Attack is a simple charge and slash.
Description: In equal parts explorers and bandits, the desert nomads of the western wastes have long since learned to use the local environment to their advantage.

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7/11/2020 1:36:40   
Primate Murder

A small tribute to DF's new questline.

Phobeist's Gift

Melee/magic darkness claw
+5 bth lean
10% special:
- Does damage of a standard skill, with an armor's elecomp bonus to damage. Afterwards, you equip a temporary darkness-locked Feargeist armor.*
- Click on the weapon during the first two seconds of the special to disrupt the transformation. This costs 25% melee mp (75% in magic mode), does 50% skill damage and inflicts the monster with Terrified (50% chance of inaction, *.5 outgoing damage). Monster can shake off the effect at the beginning of each turn (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with -20 penalty to save. This is treated as a Fear effect.

Effect: 30% chance of inflicting the monster with Fear** (100% chance of inaction) for one round. Monster can resist (Cha/Luck vs Cha/Luck) with +0 bonus to save, and if it saves the player is the one who becomes Afraid.***

MC: Gain +10 Status Potence if the monster is Afraid.

*You draw too far upon the weapon's power and become... a feargeist!
**(MonsterName) is confronted by their worst fear!
***You're confronted by your worst fears!

Appearance: A black claw, with purple fangs and blue eyes. 1st special turns you into a Feargeist. 2nd special shoots four purple wisps at the target.
Description: You have nothing to fear but fear itself.

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