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RE: Primate Murder's Suggestion Thread

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5/23/2020 4:51:52   
Primate Murder

Infernal's Aura
An aura-type fire spell that combines the properties of Burn and Backlash.

Quickcast, you loose 25% melee mp each turn the effect is active. Cast again to dismiss the effect.

Effect: Until the end of the battle or until you run out of mp, you gain Infernal's Aura status. Each time the monster hits you, it makes a save (Int/Luck vs End/Luck) with +0 bonus. On fail, it's inflicted with 4-turn Infernal's Wrath (burn-type effect) that deals fire damage equal to 5.25% damage dealt by the hit.

Appearance: A reddish haze around the player.
Description: With Warlic's help, you've managed to imitate the natural defences of the infernals without the usual setback of setting yourself on fire!
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5/23/2020 8:51:43   
Primate Murder

Mana Purifier

Harm spell, costs 4/3 mp of a standard one.

Does 12 hits at -10 bth lean, dealing 90% damage of a standard spell (as harm penalty). Afterwards, you're inflicted with the following two status effects for 4 turns:

- Lack of Focus. All your weapon attacks, specials and spells loose 8 bth.

- Intensity. You gain bonus Int worth 20% melee. (around 55 Int at lvl 150)

MC: You have 8% chance of gaining Regain Mana status.

Appearance: A glowing sphere coalescing in front of you that lashes out with blast of raw mana.
Description: A training spell for budding archmages, filtering out all elemental influences and leaving behind only raw magical energy.
AQ DF  Post #: 227
5/23/2020 9:25:23   
Primate Murder

Warlic's Prototype Orb

Energy magic 'wand'
No special, so *1.1 damage
2 hits at +3 bth lean.

Effect: All your weapon and spell attacks inflict the monster with Mana-Wrecked (power 0.7 Void Burn) for one round. At the beginning of its turn, the monster makes a save (Int/Luck vs Int/Luck) at +0 bonus. If it succeeds, it consumes the status to gain Elemental Resonance (+10% outgoing damage) for one round.*

MC: Click on the Orb to inflict the monster with Thrice Bound. Cannot be used if the monster is already Bound. While the status is active:

- The monster looses accuracy (-12 bth), defenses (-12 MRM) and takes increased energy damage (+14%).

- You're inflicted with Mana Burn (Power:3, damages mp).

- Monster makes a save (Int/Luck vs Int/Luck) with +0 bonus to shake off the effect at the beginning of every turn. If it successfully saves** or you run out of mp,*** the status is removed, dealing harm damage to both player and monster.

*(MonsterName) converts unaligned mana to (MonsterElement), empowering its attack!
**(MonsterName) destabilizes the spell matrix!
***You lack the mp necessary to keep the matrix stabilized!

Appearance: Warlic's Orb, nothing unusual.
Description: After his old orb was broken, Warlic had to make himself a new one. It took him a few tries until he was fully satisfied with the result but even the failures of an archmage hold power.

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AQ DF  Post #: 228
5/30/2020 5:42:59   
Primate Murder

Ethereal Pact
A Cha-based light SPell with a compressed armor.

Effect: Both you* (Cha/Luck vs VStat) and the monster** (VStat vs Cha/Luck) make a save with +0 bonus. The one that fails (or both if both fail)*** is inflicted with Fragile (-50 End) for one round.

Attack: 7 hits of light at +10 bth lean, deals 1.5x damage of a standard light spell and gains elecomp bonus to damage. Uses Cha in place of Int for stats.

Effect (MC): Afterwards you gain and equip a temporary Ethereal Bloodhunter armor. It has FO lean and all its weapon attacks are locked to light, with elecomp bonus to damage. It also has the following 3 status effects:

- Light Empowerment (+20% damage), with usual modifiers for spells and magical weapons.

- Price of the Pact, loosing 10% melee sp at the end of every turn.

- Paid in Blood, loosing (67 * Hits/Misses)% melee hp each time you miss with a hit.****

Cost: Sp cost of a standard spell + 100% melee hp.

*You are unable to withstand the majesty of the ethereal entity!
**(MonsterName) is unable to withstand the majesty of the ethereal entity!
***Both you and the monster are unable to withstand the majesty of the ethereal entity!
****You failed to provide enough blood - and so the entity takes some of yours!

Appearance: The screen grows dark and several glowing yellow eyes open up (fragile infliction). Then the screen returns to normal, except the player is floating and surrounded by bright light which unleashes 7 ethereal blades against the monster. Afterwards, the glow fades, revealing the player in Ethereal Bloodhunter armor.
Description: Ancient magical entities slumber deep within the Ethereal Realm. During your travels, you stumbled upon one of them and managed to forge a bargain, allowing you to draw upon a portion of their power for a sacrifice of blood and spirit.
AQ DF  Post #: 229
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