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Changes you'd like to see happen to EpicDuel in 2019

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1/12/2019 19:19:13   

It is as the title says.

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1/13/2019 15:34:26   

These might all require Titan, but

1. Find a solution for people with way too many arcade tokens. See here for suggestions. Gifts expire in about 20-50 days from now, depending on when they were received, so this is URGENT.

2. Add more depth to the skill score system. We should have a way of equipping and unequipping cores without them being replaced. Locked cores either need to be balanced to become viable since almost all of them aren't a the moment, or have the option to be unequipped from the weapon.

3. Add higher rewards for the war system. A major overhaul of the system would probably be too ambitious right now but this would be a good start. Also, War Commanders are really useless right now after the bomb drop rate was increased and more tiers were added to the super bomb achievement, so that could use an overhaul too. I would suggest making it so it has a chance to drop supers, in the same ratio as they normally drop.

Also, it would be awesome if there was a third toggle on the flag to show a list of all past flag holders and the date range. It would be a nice piece of EpicDuel history.

4. Do something about the Underdog system for Legendary players because it is not working (see here and here) or change the Legendary point system perhaps as suggested in this recent post.

5. Legendary shops at 100 and 200.

6. I still don't like the fact that Varium is such a large component of rarity score. It doesn't make sense. I think it should be removed or have the credit value of upgrading a weapon count as well.

7. Make it possible to buy more than one copy of limited rare items. Duplicates don't count for rarity anymore, so I don't see any reason why we shouldn't be able to.

8. Achievements for bank slots. I know the rating system is already controversial due to pay to win achievements, but this is only fair to those who purchased bank slots before the inventory slot cap was increased.

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Epic  Post #: 2
1/14/2019 9:24:17   

@NDB Achievements aren't really pay to win, they're pay for cosmetic bragging rights (Stars) which is exactly the kind of thing Varium should offer. Keep PVP integrity while adding immediately noticeable differences to those with Varium.

I'd like to see the higher-demand weapons become varium only, and items with locked cores able to be destroyed and converted into an equippable version of their skill core. This would require cores to not destroy themselves when they are unequipped (which is a ridiculous system in the first place, and actively discourages build diversity).


The thing I'd like to see the most though, is for skill trees to be completely replaced with the core system. Pick tech mage and you get access to cores that belong to the "Mage" family, as well as cores exclusive to "Tech Mage". You equip them to your skill tree. New skills would be added on a regular interval, and old skills rotated out over time. Just like a card game.

This is a path that would have needed to be identified years ago though.

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AQ DF Epic  Post #: 3
1/14/2019 17:45:35   

Things I would like to see

1) The removal of this recycled war system and going back to the way wars originally were.

Why) because those war were not only more fun to play in, but people unlike now actually looked forward to playing them. The very fact that wars didn't come every often and there was far more effort put into making them was what got many players (myself included) motivated to playing them. Not to mention those wars were far more balanced in fairness then the current system is now.

2) influence placed back in battles as well as the ability to gain influence for your war cheevo's doing so.

I can't stress this one enough. The removal of influence from battles and making influence solely a war drop thing not only made War hero, and world Domination 2 of the cheevo's that represented hard work way to win, but it also destroy a lot of the competitive spirit factions had in the past. you could work all day trying to get war hero.world domination however if someone with enough money decides to stock up on super items and spam them the last minute all your hard work can be for nothing. Putting influence back in battles can not only bring back said competitive spirit factions have, but for an entire week (or in the case of when gifting comes a month+) World domination could go back to the way it was somewhat meaning it can be earned through a faction's hard work playing the game. I miss this feeling and I am willing to bet many others feel the same.

It could also make it so we could earn influence and power up whatever cheevo we have whenever we want. For example if I am in the wasteland and lets say I won a juggernaut battle I could get 15 influence towards said cheevo just like it used to be before it was removed. The same could be said of 1 vs 1 where I get 5 influence, and 10 for 2 vs 2 respectively.

3) A one turn warm up to whiteout.

As it stands now one of the only reasons i can see why not to make the placement of skills random is because it would overpower this core. I said warm up came into play then the random placement of skills can be put back into play and this in turn would cripple the one thing i hate more than the lost of influence in battles botting.
Epic  Post #: 4
1/15/2019 22:56:46   
SouL Prisoner

Quality of life updates

1. Option to lock items(favorite it... whatever.. just like PGO). So unless you manually unlock again, you cannot sell that item.

2. Items in bank needs to have desc details just like when they're in your inventory.

3. Option to sell multiple items at once.

4. Spin 10/(?) or more tokens at once.

- Buy war resource with tokens ...?

5. Misc. items should not count towards your inventory. PLZZZ. STOP changing that.

6. Include code redeemed items in the buyback shop.

- Co-founder feature. Been asking for years.

Probably will add more.


7. Faction re-name.

8. Change faction alignment.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 5
1/16/2019 0:15:05   

Return of Passives.
Post #: 6
1/16/2019 0:45:41   
SouL Prisoner

^Would love that. Game would feel refreshing as well. New builds to try out.... But Dev's are being quite lazy about that... idk

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 7
1/16/2019 2:47:26   
Mr. Black OP

Came here to say that but melina beat me to it.
Other than that: better chat features (more text, less sensitive profanity filter), return of battle tokens, cores being sent to your inventory instead of to nothingness when you swap them, skill trees being broader allowing for both some of the skills we have now that replaced passives and passives to coexist, the return of diamond blades just for a day so I can see how crazy it really was, maybe some sort of referral program to encourage players to get friends to play.
Epic  Post #: 8
1/16/2019 4:06:47   
SouL Prisoner

Another highly requested feature. Daily login rewards or "Ballyhoo... whatever that is.

Even AQ3D has it, lol


Need/Add incentive to play on legion side.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
1/18/2019 13:27:23   

first of all hello everyone! iwasnt going to write this post but i changed my mind and i want to talk to you about changes what i'd like too see happen to epic duel in 2019. before omega and at the starting of omega everything and everyone was very good and balanced, but when passive cores were removed everything was changed.players, who were playing in old time, started getting out from epic duel and the reason was and is that passive cores were removed. this is the only thing which is why players got out from there.i talk with other players who were playing in old times and everyone of them talk me the one thing that they got out from there because passive cores were removed and game became very unbalanced. and i know that developers wanted and also want to become epic duel more good but what is the result, you all see. now only max 200 players are online in epic but in old times when i was getting in, epic and exile rooms were full and used to open doom room, sometimes legion room. present cores, builds, and so on need some changes but if u want to players return back to epic duel and epic duel be become such as was in old time it will be good, if u return old passive cores like deadly aim, blood lust and others. i will appreciate if u do this and be sure that many players will return back if they understand that old passive cores have returned. this is the one change which i'd like to see happens to epic duel in 2019. good luck everyone!

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1/19/2019 9:07:16   
SouL Prisoner

Making wars fair again or... just fair...

Basically if your side loses, but you managed to accumulate enough(15-20k?) influence, you can claim the bonus prize as well. This way even if your side loses, you can still earn the bonus prize.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 11
1/20/2019 9:45:30   

@ Soul Prisoner

and how is that fair? it is basically saying I can just get 20K influence and stop there and I will get the item no matter what. This undermines the work of the winning side and basically makes winning the war pointless on the reward level.
Epic  Post #: 12
1/20/2019 14:00:47   

What I want to see is the devs become more in-touch with the game this year. Meaning, more developer-community interactions to see what could be implemented weekly to make the game livelier.

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1/20/2019 18:03:18   

^I've seen people post suggestions on forums and a lot of them seem to get put in game, especially if it's simple enough to do. So, I'm pretty confident that NW dedicates some time to read the forums. And I get why he doesn't respond unless it's regarding some important bug.
Epic  Post #: 14
1/20/2019 20:14:20   

I'm well aware of that. He is the only developer that spends a lot of time into putting some features into ED. It would be great if the rest of the developers decide to focus on ED as well as he has in the past couple of months. Not a lot can happen with just him.
Post #: 15
1/21/2019 10:50:35   

The rest are assigned to AQ3D. They can't just decide to work on ED unless AE assigns them to work on ED. (And yes, Titan helps with ED every now and then when something more complicated needs to be implemented. Probably because he is the most familiar with the ED code)
Epic  Post #: 16
1/21/2019 11:23:26   

I'm well aware of that. Nightwraith is also assigned to work on AQ3D but still manages to do work for ED on his free time here and there. I'm just asking the same for other developers to put time into the game as well on some of their free time as Nightwraith is doing. Titan does put in work but that's because Nightwraith is asking it of him or, as you said, it's complicated for Nightwraith to do it himself. (I'm not trying speaking on behalf of either Nightwraith or Titan by saying that if that's what you think I'm doing.)

For the sake of an unnecessary argument erupting and going off-topic, I ask you not to respond to this but instead something that'll help the game if you have any.
Post #: 17
1/21/2019 12:48:47   

I very much doubt that he's doing all of this in his free time.

Sure, lets get back on the topic. I feel like there is this mentality "have to add more stuff", "new implementations", "give us more" (on the dev and player side). Right now ED is a long stretch of boring neverending wars, with 1 month of excitement, a couple of promos spread out evenly and a large quantity of unnecessary weapons (by making sure to put out a P and E versions, they limit themselves artistically, large majority of recent swords have been red/green for Physical and blue-ish for Energy). If ED is ever going to be anything better than what it is now, they need to take a long look into the core mechanics/features of the game. Consider what they wouldn't have thought about before, think outside the box. I'm no expert, I don't have much hope for ED, but Xendran has been posting suggestions/ideas with the right mentality for a long time, might be worth taking some of those into consideration.

If they keep doing what they have, they will retain all the whales, dolphins, smurfs and the very dedicated manatees. The player numbers will remain the same and/or slowly decrease with years, but they will never increase by any significant amount. I very much doubt the current numbers of players can support anything but a very tiny team of developers.
Epic  Post #: 18
1/21/2019 22:09:44   
  Battle Elf
has ten 1v1 wins

The suggestion and balance sections have actually been pretty actively monitored over the recent months. As 8x mentioned, just because there isn't a staff response doesn't mean the thread hasn't been read by team members.

NW switched gears from AQ3D in the past year and is the only developer currently assigned to EpicDuel. While Titan has been able to help implement some EpicDuel features, he is primarily an AQ3D dev.

The success of the Gifting event helps justify allocating more resources to ED development, (e.g Deuce and Bido coming to the art team), but I'm not aware of any plans to assign more in-house staff to EpicDuel.
AQW Epic  Post #: 19
1/22/2019 0:14:34   
SouL Prisoner

@Mother1 The winning side(Exile. Pretty much always) has only 5k influence to earn, while the losing side players has to work extra hard(times 4x) to earn the bonus reward. Seems pretty fair to me.

EDIT: EXILE VICTORY! Oh what a surprise! This is exactly why we need this ^

< Message edited by SouL Prisoner -- 1/23/2019 5:26:46 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 20
1/23/2019 14:46:36   

@ Soul Prisoner

Actually what is truly needed is this entire war system being scrapped and either

A) reverted back to what is was prior meaning it be either

1) Wars like the First frystland war or Infernal war where the system was balanced and a lot more engaging and fair


B) reverted to dreaded plains war 1.0 which was basically a daily war system where all the players influence from battles was added and the side with the most won the day wars.

Changing the current broken war system to make where the losers can get the item if they work 4 times harder doesn't solve the original problem and is just a poor band aid fix (like a lot of the balance updates that has been going on in this game) and cheapens actually winning since it become pointless if both sides no matter what can get the item.
Epic  Post #: 21
1/23/2019 22:35:03   
SouL Prisoner

^I'm all for that. But this is a quick fix i'm talking about. What you're suggesting would takes months to implement(hopefully) until then this seems like a nice fair fix for legion since they keep losing.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 22
1/26/2019 23:31:07   

How about HD Graphics 1080P for those who have gaming computers?

I was thinking if we want to bring back the old players that quit, I was thinking we could also allow Varium users to have a slight advantage in battle, not to the extremes that had existed before Omega, also extra stats for Varium players.

Post #: 23
1/27/2019 7:33:42   
SouL Prisoner

^Yaaa.. screen res. is the last thing wrong with this game, lol. Plus you can zoom-in like this http://prntscr.com/mcsovd You can probably do more, but 500% is what chrome allows.

And as for varium players with better advantage, been there done that.
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 24
1/29/2019 17:23:06   

I'm keen to hear an update on passives. Nightwraith got any plans yet or decided against it?
Epic  Post #: 25
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