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Character Advice for Recently Returned Level 150 Mage

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7/23/2019 0:54:36   

Character Link : http://aq.battleon.com/build30/charview.asp?temp=952491
Level & Status : 150
Build : Offensive Mage
Armor of Awe/UltraGuardian Element (If Applicable): Wind, which was recommended in the Mage guide at one point. I'm not married to Wind nor to the version of Armor of Awe that I have.
Custom Weapon: Staff

  • Element: Earth
  • Accuracy Lean: Don't remember
  • Special Rate: 0%

Level(s) of Items with Multiple Versions : In use inventory items are almost all max level I believe. There are a couple items here and there that haven't made it to max level yet but I'll take care of those.
Alignment (Good/Evil or Chaos/Unity) : I think that I'm still neutral but I'm not really seeing any indicators on the compass. I don't remember doing any quests that indicated I'd be making a choice.

Notes : I've played AQ off and on since 2004. I just hit 150 a couple weeks ago but most of my gear is based off the Mage guide on these forums which is a couple years out of date. I currently play a very straightforward game that doesn't really use any skills. I just use spells and weapons. I'm looking to update my play style though.

I'm currently Neko but that's only because I was going to max out each of the subraces for something to do not because I used them at all. It looks like Vampire is best for offensive mages?

The Drakonnan's Red Vengeance that I'm using was actually acquired during the Great Fire War way back in the day and it looks like it's been updated along the way. It does 12-47 Magic damage with 21% BtH. It does have a 2 hit special though I'm not sure about the specifics.

I'm sentimental about items in my inventory so don't worry about recommending stuff to sell. I'll just farm the gold to make my purchases and buy more slots as necessary.

It appears that I have 35 Golden Giftboxes. I'm willing to use what I have but I don't plan to purchase any more. I'm a little fuzzy on how they work but I plan to do some research on the forums. It would be helpful to order the items in the Golden Giftboxes by priority.

I'm fairly happy with where my stats stand at the moment. If I were to shift anything I'd probably move the endurance points to Luck. I don't really care to get too deep into the world of pets. At the moment I mostly use Fairy Godmother while occasionally using something else to add a little extra damage while farming. It looks like Poelala might be a good addition?

Goals : I'd like to get recommendations based on the current meta and am willing to learn about skills and subraces and such. I ran into the link to common strategies so I'm happy to read that and other posts like it to learn how to use the new equipment.

Z-Tokens (If Applicable): I'm not really interested in Z-token items at this point in time. The tokens that I have will go towards extra inventory slots and such.

Thanks in advance for your advice!
AQ  Post #: 1
7/23/2019 2:23:31   
Primate Murder

Congrats on reaching the top!

Vampire is, indeed, the top subrace for offensive mages. With an Int toggle, a cheap Beast Form and a quickcust stun, it's incredibly compatible with meta.

Speaking of meta, here's a link to Commonly Used Strategies, in case it wasn't the one you saw. The current meta focuses on stun-locking the monster, then crushing them with powerful elelocked skills (as well as stacking buffs and debuffs during the Purple Rain loop).

Poelala pet and guest are your first priorities for UR GGBs, then Voidsplinter Tether or Sunderer for a harm damage weapon. If you still have a UR remaining after all that, Lumenomancer Bloodmage, Terra or Blazing Bloodzerker are all top choices.


Energy is the best no-drop element, as we lack exceptional weapons/shields for the element. I also see your awe weapon special is unaligned. I would suggest PWD - as a general rule, it's the best choice for offensive builds.

Bloodzerker's Blazing Edge (from Rare GGBs) is the best there is for fire, dealing +25% damage at a negligible hp cost. If you lack a Rare GGB, a Magestaff has great synergy with D-Burst.

Kindred Sword can be charged to autohit without any loss of damage.

The best wind weapons are either seasonal or premium, so the best I can suggest is a Magestaff (deals increased damage with your wind spells if your class is mage or wizard) or the Fujin Athame (increased spell accuracy).

Arctic Athame provides a damage boost to your ice spells, if you're planning to use them. Otherwise, Paragon Ice Blade gives you compression to fit in Sila's Staff.

Terra Bloodzerker Blade in Rare GGBs is an earth clone of the Blazing sword. If you lack a Rare, Mutant King Club compresses an elelocked earth armor with a skill.

Presuming you lack an extra UR for Lumenomancer and tokens for WKZ, Morningstar Cross makes for a suitable light nuke. You can click on it for 2x damage skill - and that stacks with Vamp's beast Form or Bloodzerker!

If you didn't get Paragon for darkness, you can either get a basic weapon like Ken Boseki or Blackbones for a multiplicative boost to the damage of your D-Burst. Eventually you'll want to replace this with one of the Voidsplinter weapons.


Your Vamp no-drop covers both darkness and wind elements, so you don't need armors for them.

The meta emphasises armors with powerful elelocked skills, so old standard armors like Taladosian, Horo Show and Moglord Tortress are top of the line.

If possible, get Blazing Bloodzerker. It deals +20% damage on all weapon attacks for a negligible cost and has a toggle to fire skill-level damage that synergizes with the Morningstar Cross' skill. Unfortunately, it's a UR. In its absense, you have the choice between Headless Horseman (Rare GGB; cheap fire skill) or just keeping your Overlord armor.

Terra Bloodzerker (UR GGB) is hands down the best armor for earth, but a tertiary priority to Poes and Voidsplinter. Cthonian Count (vampire elemental variant) is a suitable alternative for earth.

The best light armors are either token or UR GGB, so I suggest just using Blue Blood (vamp elemental variant).

For utility, you have the choice between Ultimon's (for shadow enemies), Generalist's Robes (farming) or Whispering Raiment (initiative bonus).

Kindred is worth noting separately. It's not an exceptional armor for casual questing, but it can be charged beforehand to unleash a 6x damage skill that follows the element of your weapon and can be boosted by CIT. This makes it very good for cheesing bosses, so I suggest keeping it in your storage.


UG Shield is generally superior to Awe.

Cerbverus Ward toggles between fire/dark, providing compression to fit in CIT.

Celtic remains the best option for offensive mages.

Fujin shield has a Dex drive for extra accuracy.

Horo Show and either Chimeran or Morningstar still work fine for their respective elements.

Scarab Shell has a toggle to lower monster MRM - which increases the accuracy of all your attacks and spells.


Summon Poelala is one of your primary priorities if you find a UR GGB. The guest doesn't deal any damage, but it increases the power of all your magical attacks and spells.

Purple Rain is a staple of the meta.

Moonwalker's Grace has good synergy, keep it.

Until you get Voidsplinter, Archmage Research remains your sole source of harm damage.

Destruction Burst, of course, is still the best f2p damage spell.

If you want a wind nuke, Borrow is a pseudo-burst spell. it deals the same +50% damage, but heals the monster over the next 5 turns - so only use it if you're confident in killing the monster quickly or as a finishing move.

Since you can just use Beast Form + Earth weapon for high damage, you don't need a standard spell. Instead, I suggest getting Sizzler 'Splosion from the Geocastellum Intro quest. It's an autohit earth spell that deals less damage than regular spells, but can come in rather useful against those high MRM wind monsters.


Honestly, you don't need anything except Poelala, which is your first UR GGB priority.

The only other useful pet I can think of is the Kindred pet, which can be toggled between damage and gathering Kindred charges. Even at 0 Cha, it provides enough charges for your sword to autohit every turn!


I've noticed that you don't have Essence Orb, which is a travestry. Its qc conversion of hp into sp allows you to spam skills, stuns or any other sp-costing effects basically every turn!

Rejuvenating Necklace helps keep your mp up for another spell or two.

Meta players don't really use resist miscs anymore - battles don't last long enough for them to make a difference. At most, I suggest using Cyclops' Eye to cover all resistances.

Goggernaut Helm is a cheap accuracy booster that doesn't /2 for spells.

Keep Amulet of Drakonnan for the Int.

Bell Shell heals a little hp based on the damage you deal. The heal is less than that of CoRS, but Bell Shell doesn't reduce your damage, making it better for FO builds.

Morningstar Helm gives immunity to paralysis. If you want something a little more sp-efficient, Blood Ruby and Liquid Courage give resistances to paralysis and fear respsectively.

If you have a spare Rare GGB, Taladosian Pendant provides an additional +10 to your chances of inflicting Mesmerize.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
AQ DF  Post #: 2
7/23/2019 10:34:11   

Thanks for all the advice! Iím excited to dig in and start buying gear and shifting things around! Iíll definitely post if I run into any questions.
AQ  Post #: 3
7/23/2019 13:08:34   

Currently the most straightforward, and the build chosen by most players when it comes to a Mage build is the Fully Offensive build. The hallmarks of the Fully Offensive Mage are: 1. The use of double Poelalas (Pet and Guest) 2. The maxing of Dexterity, Intellect, and Luck to 250 3. The use of the Vampire subrace, especially the Beast Form transformation (unlocked at Level 10) and the Mesmerize skill that can stun the enemy (unlike the Werewolf's SNarl, Mesmerize is a guaranteed stun) 4. The use of elemental armor skills, which, in my opinion, have rendered the vast majority of MP damage dealing spells a bit irrelevant 5. The use of magic weapons as your only category of weapons, because Poelalas boost Magic weapon damage to a large amount

In other words, we could say that the current definition of a Fully Offensive Mage is almost like a warrior that uses magic attacks. This could be the closest thing we see to a "Battlemage."

For armors, definitely pick up what I call the Unholy Trinity of Pre-Lean Elemental Nukes: White Knight Z for Light, Horo-Show Void Vigilante for Ice, and Taladosian Robes for Energy. They're the most powerful armor skills for their respective elements barring Kindred Strike at 200 charges. White Knight Z costs Z-Tokens, so if you're willing to get Z-Tokens it is an extremely worthy if not mandatory investment. Horo-Show and Taladosian are completely F2P.

The Bloodzerker armors are the best for Fire and Earth. They give a passive 20% buff to your weapon damage, and their trigger skill gives you the nukes for these two elements by massively boosting your weapon damage that can be buffed even further by using Chief's IronThorn, MISC items, and Arcane Amplification. It's an active trigger skill that costs a not-too-big amount of SP per turn (deducted every time you click "Attack"). Both cost an UR GGB, so if you're not willing to get UltraRare GGBs I'm afraid your best alternative would be Headless Horseman or Overlord for Fire and Cthonian Count (Earth+Ice Vampire variant).

As Primate Murder mentioned, it's worth noting the Morningstar Occult Cross (you have to buy the Magic version, the Cross comes in ranged and magic variants) has great synergy with your Vampire's Beast Form and the two Bloodzerker armors if you're able to get them. Pairing the weapon with one of the Bloodzerker armors gives you a fire or earth nuke that's even more powerful than attacking with the Berzerker swords. In fact, Terra Bloodzerker+MS Occult Cross and Blazing Bloodzerker+MS Occult Cross give you the strongest elecomp nukes for the fire and earth elements to date. Unfortunately, the downside to this is that using Bloodzerker in conjunction with the Cross can be costly on SP, as it takes 294 SP for the Level 150 version of the Cross to perform the x2 damage attack, and that is added to the SP cost of the elemental trigger of the Bloodzerker armors which is about 200 SP in their Level 150 versions. Still, with the effective management of SP using Essence Orb, Purple Rain, and stun-lock miscs like Shadowfeeder Pendant / Love Potion, you can use this combo to deal very high amounts of damage that includes being able to kill normal monsters in 1 turn. Vampire's Beast Form also synergizes well with the Morningstar Occult Cross and it gives you a light nuke, but if you can get White Knight Z then use White Knight Z as its skill has higher elecomp and thus more powerful.

For Wind, your Vampire armor covers Wind. However, if you're looking for a very strong wind nuke and are willing to spend, pick up Airenal's Lance which gives you the Lord of the Skies armor that has the strongest wind nuke in the game (SP costing). It does take up a weapon slot. For Darkness, your Vampire armor + a light weapon (including MS Occult Cross) will be enough for you to take on pretty much all Darkness monsters. However, if you're looking for an efficient but powerful (with applied buffs) Darkness nuke that does not cost SP or MP but only a small amount of HP, get Angel of Souls. Beware, the quest is long as you first have to die and collect 100 hourglasses for Death (click on the hourglass), but it's the best F2P Darkness armor in the game that's not a subrace. For your Water armor, if you don't mind the extremely ugly appearance, get WHEEL. Its skill is not MP based so it can be boosted by Chief's IronThorn. If not, your best alternative would be Hydromancer Bloodmage (which, again, costs an UR GGB). My suggestion is that once a water version of the Bloodzerker, or another FO water armor that has a skill which is boostable by CiT is released, switch to that. Of course, if you have Moglord Tortress, there is no reason you should be using another water armor as Moglord's skill is the #1 water nuke in the game.

I disagree with using Lumenomancer Bloodmage over White Knight Z and using Cryomancer Bloodmage over Horo-Show Void Vigilante as the latter options have more powerful skills. For weapons, currently I'd recommend setting your no-drop element to either Wind or Energy unless you have rares for those elements. Kindred's not effective or efficient as a regular questing armor, so perhaps use Angel of Souls or a Vampire variant in place of Kindred for regular questing to make up for any element where you don't have a nuke or a cheap, efficient spammable skill (Angel of Souls). You could even use Whispering Raiment for its Initiative boost against monsters with high Luck, or Wizard Robes (Generalist Robes) if you want to cast spells.

Your weapon inventory should look something like this:
-Staff of Awe (upgrade to Staff of Awe!!!! through Golden Giftboxes if you can)
-Terra Bloodzerker's Sword (Earth, rare GGB)
-Bloodzerker's Blazing Sword (Fire, rare GGB)
-Ultra Omni Knight Blade (Water / Ice compression, use Hydromancer and / or Cryomancer Bloodblades if you have them) or the Kindred set sword or Cthulass or the Celtic set weapon
-Agony's Embrace (Darkness, UltraRare GGB), if not, I'm afraid your only option is Paragon Ice Blade and that means you'll have to be without a water weapon, but Water / Ice in my opinion is less of a loss to be missing one of these elements than it is to be missing one of the other elements
-Zealot's Wrath / Lumenomancer Bloodblade for Light, if not, Morningstar Occult Cross+Vampire's Beast Form or Elahi Crook of Osiris (from the Osiris set quest)
-The Fujin set dagger for Wind (Kazemai Athame) or Lord of the Skies as your main source of wind damage (through Airenal's Lance), the Fujin set dagger is OK but not ideal, if a FO magic weapon for Wind is released in the future, you should probably switch to that
-The last slot can either be used for a spellboosting weapon like Sila's Staff / Tsunami Pen (if you choose Hydromancer Bloodmage) / Arctic Athame (if you choose Cryomancer Bloodmage over HSVV) or for your water / ice weapon if you've got the Bloodblades

*A weapon worth noting is Void Spear of War from Rare GGBs. It's currently one of the few sources of Void weapon damage in the game and has a Magic form that can activated by pressing on the weapon. Pick it up if you can. Before that, use Archmage Research in one of your spell slots. Void Spear of War can be substituted in place of one of your weapons when you're going to fight monsters with very high resistances to the 8 main elements.

Shields: Use a Compression shield to fit in CiT, the rest.... I'm not an expert so you should ask someone else. Most of the time you'll be relying on CiT as a damage booster but this does not mean elemental shields are useless. Your ice shield should be Pies, as it gives a CHA boost that increases Vampire's Mesmerize skill's chance of succeeding. This does not mean you should train CHA as you shouldn't. a FO mage with Peolalas does not need CHA because you won't use pets / guests to attack.

Spells: Purple Rain, Moonwalker's Grace, Destruction Burst, Arms of the Dragonguard (UR GGB, get it if you can because it gives pretty much guaranteed Lucky Strike chance for 2 turns), Arcane Amplification (costs Z-Tokens but get it if you can, INT boost by 102 at Level 150 for 3 turns), the rest should be filled with utility>damage spells which you should ask someone else what the best choices are. Mages these days rely far less on MP damage spells than in days past, as armors and weapons have taken over as the main sources of damage.

MISC Items: Shadowfeeder Pendant and Essence Orb are mandatory in this meta. The rest of your slots could be filled with miscs like Rejuvenating Necklace (heals MP based on damage done), Bell Shell (heals HP based on damage done), Cyclop's Eye, Blood Contract (costs Z-Tokens but it's a general damage booster for armor skills) / the Warlic misc from the UR GGBs (INT boost), the Osiris misc (INT and BTH boost, light resistance), use Love Potion if you have it as it gives an extra turn of stun, Legendary Shadow Crystal V1 (but only on Naga Day), and Taladosian Pendant (increases chances of Vampire's Mesmerize succeeding).

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7/23/2019 15:45:11   

I could use a little help with switching from Neko to Vampire. I can't seem to figure out where to go and I'm not finding much on the forums. Any advice? Thanks!
AQ  Post #: 5
7/23/2019 16:02:25   
Primate Murder

Do the Cure quest in Darkovia. It resets your subrace back to human.
AQ DF  Post #: 6
7/23/2019 16:08:17   

Thanks! I appreciate it!
AQ  Post #: 7
7/24/2019 21:58:04   

Two more questions for you very helpful people. Iíve seen Fireworks Buckler recommended at least once to another player as an end game compressions shield. Cerberus Ward was recommended to me. Is one better than the other? Would it be useful to have both?

The second questions is about the location of the quest where you can get the Cerberus Ward. Iíve looked around some and havenít found it yet. There doesnít seem to be an encyclopedia entry for the Search for Hollow quest that is listed as the location for the Cerberus Ward.

Thanks again!
AQ  Post #: 8
7/24/2019 22:00:31   

^ Using the forums search function for Cerberus Ward:

Map Sail East > Mt. Thrall > Hollow's Garage > What are you building in here? > What is your favorite thing to work on? > I can handle the Salvation Knight! > Part I: The Hunt for Hollow


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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 9
7/24/2019 22:02:06   
Legendary Ash

Currently available from LTS shop in Battleon is Lunar Eclipse shield to pair with Fireworks Buckler, its a -26 Darkness shield with a Blind skill, it can be useful for blocking if not using Cerberus Ward and Scarab Shell shield which has -24 to Light.
AQ  Post #: 10
7/24/2019 22:09:49   

Thanks for the help with the location of the quest.

Is there somewhere that I can find a search function guide or something? When I click search and type in Cerberus Ward I only get 3 results from the Character Advice forums which are from the last 7 days. If I tell it to search all topics it gives me no results with the message about Not being specific enough or there not being any results. This happens most of the time when I try to search stuff on these forums. Iíve tried limiting the search to fewer forums and topics. I must be missing something because I have very little luck when it comes to the search function.
AQ  Post #: 11
7/24/2019 22:46:57   

No guide it's just something you pick up, I use these settings and then direct it at the board you want to search in this case I used Info submission. The results, from there I checked the "quests" topic.

and yes never try to search everything, you are asking it to search over a million posts.

< Message edited by afterlifex -- 7/24/2019 22:48:57 >
AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 12
7/24/2019 23:51:28   

Thanks for the Search advice! Iím sure this will help a bunch!
AQ  Post #: 13
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