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Burning Solstice Finale: The Answer

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10/9/2019 5:26:35   

The Answer

Location: Yulgars Inn » Go to lounge » Sage Uldor » Burning Solstice » The Answer

«You can skip this cutscene at any time to proceed straight to the war.»

«The red sun rises over the volcano where War's second altar was destroyed. A wave of fire washes down from it onto the rock, shaking the scene and causing veins of red energy to line the exterior before it erupts.»
«Inside, similar crimson and fiery lines cover the inner walls as magma surges over the shattered altar. Its pieces float back into place, causing a surge of reclaimed power through which the new War enters. Throughout the scene, your name and head are swapped to War.»

War: The end is here.
War: Defeat is not enough. A lesson must be learned.


Burning Solstice
The Answer

The pretender moves against Medrovia. His mind warps and buckles under a pressure it cannot handle. But the Burning Solstice has marked a true successor, and War is reclaimed. End this pretense.

  • To Battle!
    • Fight as War! - A myriad of changes occur to your character, which are:
      • Your name becomes War.
      • Your face becomes War's.
      • Your Race becomes Lorean Deity.
      • Your Class becomes Rider.
      • Your Clan becomes Pantheon of Lore.
      • All of your stats become as high as the Vstat of your current level. (See War Undeniable's entry for the exact values)
      • You get 25 Health and Mana potions.
      • All of your inventory items are temporarily removed and substituted by:

    • Fight as Alex (Your #1 fan who has the same stats, equipment and hair that you do.) - Your name is changed to Alex.
    • Go Back
        «Regardless if you're fighting as Alex or War:»
        How many waves would you like to fight before returning to camp to rest?
      • One
      • Two
      • Three
      • Five
      • ENDLESS
        «If you select any other than ENDLESS: You will now fight «» wave(s) before returning to camp!»
        «If you select ENDLESS: You will now fight waves endlessly until you flee from battle!»
  • Secret Mission
  • Explore Camp
  • Back to Town

  • Chest: Dragonslayer Twilly will now fight at your side! He will disappear when you log out. (Guardian Only)
  • Bubbling Purple liquid Cauldron - You down a glass and are fully healed! Tastes like success. (The flavor varies with each click)
  • Potion bag - Refills potions if you have less than 4 on hand (Guardian Only).
  • Twilly - Initiates the following dialogue:
      Twilly: *sniff* It's just not the same without... Huh? Oh! Sorry! Twillies has to be strong for all you heroes!
      Twilly: If you need healing, I can help you.
      • Heal me please. - Fully Heals You.
          Twilly: There you goes! All healed up!
        • Thank you!
      • Let me handle this! - Closes dialogue
  • Lucretia - Initiates the following dialogue:
      Lucretia: Soldier! Over here! Don't head into battle without enough potions!
    • Thanks!
      Lucretia: This battle is horrifying. Every time we think we're done with War, things get worse. So you had better watch each other's backs!
    • o7
      Lucretia: Before you head back out there, though-- Is... it true? Is «You»... really dead?
    • um
      Lucretia: I... Sorry. Here are the standard potions. If you need something specialized, you'll have to come with me to my shop when I resupply.
      • Go! - Goes to Lucretia's Apothecary
      • Stay - Closes dialogue

    «Once War Meter reaches 25%»

    «Reavers charge from the right along a Medrovian hill when a wave of fire from the left sends them flying. War enters.»

    War: Enough. No more warriors will be defiled and denied rest or death.
    War: Carnage.

    «Carnage appears from a pillar of fire. His crackling lines and eyes have turned gold, his hair has grown longer, and he's smiling without baring teeth.»

    Carnage: Aaah... So clear. No more holes seared into my mind.
    Carnage: So you’re the new master? Much better than the last few...
    War: I have no use for vassals. I offer you my power and ask only that you fight with honor.
    Carnage: Before that, let me ask something now that I can think straight: What of my son?
    War: All fighters know the name Blackhawke. An entire generation of warriors looks up to him as a mentor.
    Carnage: Hahaha! Excellent.
    War: He has likely joined the fray already. Do you wish to meet him before joining me?
    Carnage: ...No, actually. It’s a dangerous mess out here, and we’re both terrible at sentimental reunions.
    Carnage: I’d rather he saw me laying into the enemy, and make him as proud as he makes me.
    Carnage: So, what are the orders... boss?
    War: Defeat the Reavers. Free them from the power stolen from you, then lend them our strength so that they can survive.
    Carnage: Understood. Anything else?
    War: Once those who can’t fight anymore are safe, lead the counterattack to join me. They must see the pretender fall.
    Carnage: Yeah, that kid needs to be taught a lesson. For an old friend of my son’s to fall so low... We’ll let him have it and get to the bottom of this.
    War: Today we reclaim the name of War, and give the mantle a renewed purpose.
    War: We do not merely rampage or conquer.
    War: We redefine war itself as standing together, tall and strong, against all threats.

    «War raises his hand.»

    War: Now charge! Set the usurper's thralls free!
    Carnage: Now those are orders I can follow proudly. Let's go!

    «Once War Meter reaches 50%»

    «Four corrupt enemies enter the screen from the right. War swoops down in front of them, sending two flying. The other two charge, but their attacks do nothing. War raises a hand and grasps at air, incinerating them.»

    War: A waste. I only grow stronger with every beat of the chaos of battle.

    «Scene changes momentously to the War-Torn Dragon barreling through a line of Dragonslayers, then it changes back to War.»

    War: Every beat... Every fall, friend or foe...

    «Standing on a large rock overlooking the battlefield, Galanoth, Cyrus, Gaspar and Sheila observe War from a distance.»

    Galanoth: ...Is that thing what it looks like?
    Gaspar: There can be no doubt. That... is War.
    Cyrus: A complete manifestation should not be possible so soon after being destroyed, and with no altars...
    Gaspar: For the being we knew. For War itself, that is another matter entirely.
    Cyrus: Of course. The prophecies do observe succession.
    Sheila: Not to have to point out the obvious while you try to find a precedent for it, gentlemen, but this War looks completely different, and is fighting on our side.
    Sheila: There’s no question that this is someone else entirely. And they at least appear to be an ally.
    Galanoth: If this is meant to be a world ender, though, how long can we trust them to stay an ally?
    Gaspar: Good question, Dragonslayer. Let’s hope we find the answer before it finds us.

    «Once War Meter reaches 75%»

    «Human, elven and orcish civilians flee into a forest, chased by a War Dragon. A crack opens along the floor underneath the dragon and explodes, defeating it before it can enter the woods. War enters from behind where the dragon was.»

    War: Sending siege forces into the woods. This army carries no pretense of righteous intent anymore.
    War: But the overextension speeds our progress.
    War: Panic.

    «A red portal briefly appears, and Panic steps out of it.»

    Panic: A new master... Yet you call. Not demand. You clear my mind, you don't compel it.
    War: There is no need for chains. You can reclaim your name and face now.

    «Panic’s mask breaks and disappears, revealing Brontus.»

    War: Gulak Dimargi, old friend.
    Brontus: Gulak Dimargi, hero...
    Brontus: But I think the time for mourning is long past. I lived well, and I relish the chance to fight by your side one more time.
    War: Well said. There is much to do.
    Brontus: Taking on the mad warrior, eh?
    Brontus: Point me at the enemy and I’ll help stop him.
    War: The War Dragons are your target. Let them face the hopes they once held, the dreams to counter the destructive ambitions the power feeds. Feed their resolve to resist.
    War: Take down any who embraced the power by their own free will. Cyrus can sort them out.
    War: When the enemy loses the advantage the dragons provide, lead the defenders on a flanking counterattack.
    Brontus: Having them learn just how well they can really do instead of just up and saving them with divine power? I like it.
    War: They must have a role in this. For Hope to live on, all great threats must see mortal heroes rise to the occasion.

    «Once War Meter reaches 100%»

    «Regardless of choice of fighting as Alex or War, you always fight as War.»
      4 BATTLES
      Full Heal every second battle
    «At the site of the prior War's defeat, Zhilo the Warmaster is knelt by the monolith of a partially rebuilt version of the original altar. He carries his weapon at his back and points a hand at the partial altar, which has small surges of red lightning.»

    Zhilo the Warmaster: I’m doing everything they did. The same rites, even MORE power... Why won’t it work?!

    «War enters.»

    War: How can you claim a mantle that is no longer vacant?

    «Zhilo stands, immediately raising his axe and glowing with a red aura.»

    Zhilo the Warmaster: Intruder, you had better leave quickly, before you- ...Wait, I feel it.
    Zhilo the Warmaster: You are why I can’t properly manifest. So you really have come back for me... War.
    War: Yes.
    Zhilo the Warmaster: I knew it. All this time... Whenever they made me doubt, said I was going too far... But no, I was right after all.
    War: Is that what you believe?
    Zhilo the Warmaster: What I KNOW. I thought it was because I stole from you, but then I learned how one becomes War. Of course you’d come after me. I was next in line.
    Zhilo the Warmaster: I did the right thing. I survived. I PREVAILED. I took away everything you sent after me.
    Zhilo the Warmaster: Now I’m ready for you. No more scheming. No more turning us on each other. No more having to hurt my own friends.
    War: You gave up on reason long ago, Zhilo. But after this, you will have to understand that I am NOT my predecessor.
    Zhilo the Warmaster: Nonsense. And since I’ve been taking so much of your power that you can’t come close to your old atrocities...
    Zhilo the Warmaster: You can deal with what I prepared for fiends like you.

    «The War-Torn Dragon enters.»

    Zhilo the Warmaster: Knock this monster around until I finish. He should disappear when I’m done.«After the battle, the stat roller from the past War-Torn Dragon fight appears. This time it's static, blank and stuck at number 999. War raises a hand, and then destroys it with fire.»

    Zhilo the Warmaster: That thing should have more of your power than you could possibly scrape together after being destroyed twice. HOW are you still alive?!
    War: I told you that you would have to understand. I have fallen many times, Zhilo, but you only ever destroyed me once.
    Zhilo the Warmaster: ...
    Zhilo the Warmaster: «You»?
    War: Once. I... I am War now.
    Zhilo the Warmaster: No, it can’t be. «You» was a hero. A REAL hero, not... When Panic corrupted [him/her], I... I left [him/her] behind. I chased after Panic.
    Zhilo the Warmaster: Is that when you took over «You», you fiend? Used a powerful hero’s body to stay alive? You only give me more reasons to get rid of you.
    War: You may try.

    «Zhilo jumps up and mounts the War-Torn Dragon.»«After the battle, the War-Torn Dragon disappears, and Zhilo is left barely standing while War has moved closer.»

    Zhilo the Warmaster: ...You’re... not actually going to kill me. So I... I was...

    «Zhilo moves one of his hands to his face.»

    War: Do you understand now?
    Zhilo the Warmaster: ...I don’t want to. Please, let me just...

    «After a moment, Zhilo drops his axe and covers his face with both hands.»

    Zhilo the Warmaster: ...No. I understand.
    Zhilo the Warmaster: Gods help me, I think I always did. Since before you came, since...
    Zhilo the Warmaster: Since you tore Carnage’s mind out of mine.
    Zhilo the Warmaster: But it was so hard to stop, because if I went back to doubting for a moment, then...
    Zhilo the Warmaster: I was... I was so wrong...

    «War raises an open hand as Zhilo trembles, tears splashing from his face»

    War: Let go, Zhilo. Of everything.

    «Pillars of crimson energy surround Zhilo, who is transformed back into his normal form, with a persisting stubble.»

    Zhilo the Axemaster: How long have I been this mistaken, putting everyone in danger... Was I this wrong from the start?
    Zhilo the Axemaster: What do I even do now?! How am I supposed to make up for this? How do I face my friends?!
    War: You will first face justice. Then you may make it your calling to find those answers. To atone.
    Zhilo the Axemaster: And you? I killed you, you tried to talk to me and I... I killed you. Now you’re... this.
    War: I... have a different calling to answer.

    «Galanoth enters.»

    Galanoth: I’ll take it from here... «You», isn’t it. I should have known.
    Galanoth: It’s only right that I bring him in. I’m the one who failed to see the signs in my own friend.
    War: Thank you. I must go now.
    Galanoth: Not to end the world, I hope. I’m still not done packing to move back out of Medrovia with all this fighting. I’d like to at least make it home and have a bath.
    Galanoth: ...And I’d like to still get to call you a friend.
    War: Nothing so... final. It seems I am being called.

    «The quest rewards open now. Once you close them, you are given a prompt to "Continue".»

    «In space, with Lore on the background, the Lady of Light, Lord of Darkness, Lorithia, and The’Galin all appear on a closeup shot.»

    Lord of Darkness: It is not often that we welcome a new power.
    Lady of Light: Rarer still one unanimously accepted
    Lorithia: Though in truth, my child, it is as the Loremaster once told you. You have long been a friend and colleague for us.
    Lorithia: Few, even those so worthy, can talk to a god while still treating them like a person. Such is as helpful as many of your deeds.
    War: My Lords... Is this... necessary?
    The'Galin: Is this perhaps too much? You hardly rate a humbler welcoming party, though I can certainly relate.
    War: No, I mean... everything. Do I have to be War?
    Lorithia: The Riders are not strictly and only endbringers, if that is your concern. While they are called upon to bring about the end when outright Uncreation is undeserved or dangerous...
    Lorithia: ...they also share a role in shaping the living worlds.
    The'Galin: When they serve their purpose, the Riders are the endless test of life’s infinite potential.
    The'Galin: They shepherd and strengthen life so that it may realize that very potential, the value that makes so many threats from beyond covet Lore.
    Lady of Light: You may have your reservations about the... finality of your role, but you have proven time and again that you are a capable guide for your kind.
    War: Something different worries me. I could never be comfortable with becoming something that grows stronger from the strife and suffering of those I care about.
    War: Even if I can use that strength for their sake, I fear what that could do to me. Who I could become.
    War: My predecessor was worthy once. Served the balance of life and the worlds.
    War: Am I better? Am I incorruptible? ... I don't want to find out the answer in the worst way.
    The'Galin: Believe me, I understand how you feel.
    Lorithia: As it is, the mantle of War is always inherited by the greatest warrior on Lore.
    Lorithia: And I would argue that having those doubts makes you even more qualified for the role.
    Lord of Darkness: But The’Galin and I suggested that you would nonetheless object. We are of course willing to respect your wishes.
    Lorithia: If you would indeed prefer to turn down the mantle.
    War: ...I would.
    Lorithia: Then you are free to reclaim your mortal life.

    «The scene zooms out, your name and face return to normal and then you enter the scene in your usual armor.»

    «You»: Thank you. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but... I was already not feeling like myself.
    «You»: Who will become War now?
    Lorithia: The mantle will remain vacant, but... safeguarded, to put it simply.
    The'Galin: However, until a successor is found, you may on occasion still feel effects from it. A residue.
    The'Galin: The power is rightfully yours, after all. And your will may at times ignite it.
    Lady of Light: Are you ready to return now, «You»?
    «You»: I am.
    The'Galin: Farewell, then. May we see each other in more amenable circumstances, when this war of uncreation ends.

    «Scene then fades to black.»

    Burning Solstice: The Answer

  • Mighty Warmaster's Reaver [L. 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150G]
  • Arcane Warmaster's Reaver [L. 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150G]

  • War's Legacy [L. 5, 15, 35, 55, 75, 95, 115, 135 | 150G]

  • War [L. 5; 10 War Wins]
  • War Reclaimed [L. 10; 50 War Wins]
  • War Avenged [L. 20; 150 War Wins]
  • War Undeniable [L. 35; 500 War Wins]
  • War Ascendant [L. 50; 1000 War Wins]

  • Vartai Warrior F [L. 50; 100000 Gold]
  • Vartai Warrior M [L. 50; 100000 Gold]

  • Play Again!
  • Re-Open Shop
  • Guardian Tower!
  • Leave

    Monster Pool

    Corrupt Dragonslayer
    Corrupt Vartai
    Darkness Dragon
    Earth Dragon
    Energy Dragon
    Fire Dragon
    Ice Dragon
    Light Dragon
    Vartai Reaver
    War Dragon
    War-Torn Slayer
    War-Torn Vartai
    Water Dragon
    Wind Dragon

    Write Up thanks to Cray. Monster Pool thanks to Legendary Ash.

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