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Last hopes of an old player

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10/25/2019 23:06:38   

Hi all
My first DF character will complete 12 years in the next November 3th

I've seen such amazing things in this game, cried for some friends dying, smile at many events, and laugh at many stupid jokes that makes DF magical

I've learned english just by playing Dragon Fable. I used to carry a English-Portuguese dictionary So I could understand the story-line and to translate the game word by word

I've bought my DA after 8 years playing, when I finally got old enough to have my own credit card

This game means so much for me and I'm happy to see the community and it's developers are so dedicated to keep the game great.

But I'm freaking sad now. The game is going through a way that is getting impossible for me.

You see, I'm not a hardcore player. I a VERY CASUAL player, as have a job to keep and classes to attend to. I do not have time nor guts to fight the boss battles the game is putting in front of me right now. It is just too much for me to take, and it blocks my progression in the game story, which is all I wanna see.

I know, you might be thinking, I'm crying out here, in the forums, for the first time in 12 years, just because the game is getting a true PAIN for me. I know many of you like it this way, I'm not asking for the developers change their ways... Just please make the game possible for someone who just wanna defeat a casual boss battle and read the endings. Dunno, maybe adding a "GG EASY" button at the side of the Hardcore button.

I bet I'm not the only one who does not have the guts to take the challenges. Fine, you don't have to, right? WRONG. Now the quest bosses are challenge-worth enemies as well. And every week you might be stuck in a different line or quest, which makes your willingness to play the game go down.

Sorry for this sad, self-centered and pitiful complaint. I know Dragon Fable has changed for good. It sure looks better than never. I just wanna be capable of playing the game that built my childhood with the same enthusiasm I had when I was a kid. And don't tell me that "the difficult has grown alongst you". Of course it has, but leave that to real life. I already have a daily boss to face, and I can't stun it XD

If this thread reaches someone, anyone, or not, I wanna emphasize how grateful I am for all this years of DF and MQ. All the work of the developers, all new characters, all new weapons, everything fits DF universe in such a way that it has created my favorite "Lore" ever.

Thank you all

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10/26/2019 0:05:48   
Alpha Centipede

Hey there, it's been a rough ride yeah. I'm not really good at expressing myself, so I'll just get to the point of what I want to say here.

The reason why most people (especially casual players like you and I) play games is to blow off some steam, relax, or have fun.
The last one is important. We play games to have fun. If it is causing us stress to the point where we no longer enjoy it, then take a break. No one is forcing you to keep playing.

I do agree that some story bosses can be really really difficult (Heart of Cryohem in the Song of the Ateala War being a prime example), but they're not going anywhere. Even seasonal events like Mogloween or Frostval come back every year, with the full gamut of quests right from the beginning. If you can't clear it now, it doesn't mean you wouldn't be able to clear it the next time you tackle it.

Again, and I feel the need to reiterate this, since it applies to not just DragonFable. If a game ceases to be a game, then take a break. No one is forcing you. The story is not going anywhere, and I'm sure you can find other avenues to relax in the meantime.

Oh, for the record, I'm a university student who has barely enough time and energy to play more than once a month (sometimes once every 2 months), so I guess I could be counted as a super casual player as well.


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10/26/2019 1:25:40   
DragonFable Boxcat

Hey there, thanks for the feedback!

I totally understand that some of these more challenging fights are a bit too challenging.
My aim was to gradually introduce more mechanics but, I've failed a bit at that, with too many too powerful mechanics at once for these boss fights.
I think I've failed to create bosses that were both fun but also easy enough to just beat without being too punishing.

It's good for me to hear this kind of feedback, and I want to thank you for not only playing for so long and supporting the game, but also putting this out there. Some players, as you note, may not agree with your point of view, and I understand that too.

I've been pushing harder mechanics too hard on story & holiday events, and that is pretty evident. I'll definitely start toning back down, and I want to try to reach a middle ground. That compromise can be a bit difficult to reach due to the amount of power and mechanical prowess that can be used in game, but for such things, it's clearly better to err on the side of being too easy than too hard.

So once again, thanks for the feedback and support, and I hope I've addressed your concerns!
AQ MQ  Post #: 3
10/26/2019 1:40:30   
Lord Alsvinich

Homie, What class do you use? I found Death Knight was usually tough enough to beat any regular quest, otherwise the Atealan classes are always enough for me. as for the challenges, I to lack the time to complete you are not alone in that. I still appreciate them though and I am sure I will get around to them someday.
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10/26/2019 4:08:53   

Im guessing it has something to do with Theano, Bandit??? and Swole Verly?
AQW  Post #: 5
10/26/2019 6:28:12   

I have been playing DF since beta testing. The story lines and artwork have been getting better and better - but I have to agree that the battles now all seem geared to the hardcore players and nearly impossible for the everyday players. I couldn't even get my main character through the first quest of this years Mogloween. I know the developers are reacting to the vocal minority who are posting on the forums constantly - bragging about how easily they defeat x villan or complaining about how the quest was way too easy. That is why the "hard mode" was added to the game. But the silent majority of regular players is starting to get frustrated with the difficulty as evidenced by this thread. Many of us do not have tons of $$ to spend on the latest and greatest armor; nor the time to repeat the quests with this build or that build to be able to just get through the quest. We just want to be able to enjoy the game - following the interesting story lines.
AQ DF  Post #: 6
10/26/2019 7:18:23   

Not quite sure how to preface this post but I find myself disagreeing with you on several points, OP. I do not think that this release's boss was excessively difficult (of course considering that not all players have the same tools and capabilities at their disposal), but I feel it would be silly to argue over this one particular instance rather than offering my thoughts on a related trend that's been affecting DragonFable as a whole as of late.

As far as difficulty in games in general is concerned, I do greatly enjoy it when gameplay is challenging, especially in strategy-oriented turn-based games like DragonFable. In fact, that's one of the biggest reasons I enjoy DF so much - the increased presence of intentionally challenging fights over the past few years combined with the sheer amount of gameplay mechanics 13 years of content have to offer make many new challenge fights feel like open-ended puzzles. I love this; it's not only fun in and of itself, it encourages communication with other like-minded players. Every time there's an inn release, you can ask five different people how they solved the new challenge fight and you'll get five completely different yet completely viable answers. All of the content the game has to offer results in countless combinations of variables players can utilize; this combined with the presence of a challenge-based endgame is one of DragonFable's strongest suits. I and other likeminded players therefore generally don't like it when the difficulty of something that's intended to be a boss is lowered substantially or perhaps low to begin with. I find myself agreeing with several people I've spoken to - it feels wasteful or ungrateful when Verlyrus prepares a fun and unique boss fight with its own special mechanics (Heart of Cryohem is another really good example) only to be met with complaints and jabs from people who would prefer more functionally identical punching bags to actual gameplay. The most extreme opinion I've seen would be that good game design is being created and then sacrificed in order to appease a lowest common denominator.
But that's not fair to the other side. Not everyone plays video games for the same reason - DragonFable's incredible narrative is of course its main draw and there are of course people who just want to enjoy a story without having to deal with too much gameplay. Normally you'd tell someone to just pick their games based on what they like, whether it be Dark Souls or Nekopara, but for a continuously growing and changing game like DragonFable that isn't always going to be the case. Someone may have picked up the game 10 years ago and enjoyed how shallow the gameplay was then - still playing it today, it isn't the same thing they decided to invest in and it's understandable (even if I don't agree with it) that they'd be unhappy.

The initial solution to this dichotomy was brilliant and worked - relegate content geared towards the first group of players to an endgame challenge arena with regular updates while also reducing the number of Doom Amulet (which also got similar complaints from a similar crowd) level bosses within the main game. It seems to me that over the past few months, though, content present in both camps seems to attempt to bridge the gap between casual and hardcore players. In other words, we've been getting main game bosses with some level of minor complexity or unique design (Assassin Golem, Theano, and today's boss are examples) while also getting Inn releases that seem to be more geared towards casual players in terms of both flavor/premise and difficulty (Corrupted Seven if that wasn't obvious, especially Envy and Greed). I've noticed that this has gotten complaints from both camps, though one is MUCH more vocal than the other (which isn't unreasonable; being incapable of progressing the story is obviously going to be more frustrating than a challenge boss being way too easy), despite the fact that it's very clearly an attempt to ease more casual players into content that's more rewarding in terms of gameplay.
I generally haven't been a fan of this trend, for more reasons than one - I don't get as much challenging Inn content as I'd like (though of course this is a very biased and self-serving opinion that isn't objective or a statement on how things should or should not be) and it upsets me to see all of this developer effort behind boss design being cast before a segment of the playerbase that has repeatedly made it clear it does not want or appreciate it. I'm really not attempting to be rude or condescending towards any segment of the playerbase, but as a fan of DragonFable and of video games in general it saddens me to see people complaining or even insulting the developers instead of changing their strategy or asking others for help when presented with something difficult.

Just my thoughts on this little debate that's been going on for a few months now. Though I have my own personal stake and may be guilty of overanalysis I tried my best to be even-handed and objective.

As far as the boss for this week's release goes, he doesn't have any immobility resistance and like all heal-reliant enemies is easily countered by burst damage. The perfect class to solve him with would be the bursty and stun-heavy Evolved PumpkinLord, which is available from the same seasonal storybook as this new boss and has all 14 skills usable by non-DA players.
DF  Post #: 7
10/26/2019 21:31:42   
The Jop

It's good to see another player who's been following the weekly releases for so long! This game still means a lot to me even after all these years. I will agree that the amount of challenges recently have been a little excessive, but I usually skip these if it's clear after a few tries that I can't beat them. Having to work full time like you has drastically cut down on my free time so I'm okay with not participating in every release, but there are a lot of loyal DF players that enjoy the challenge. If you are having any issues with story bosses though, I would recommend some of the more powerful classes like Soulweaver or Necromancer. With a DA you will have access to all of the skills and things should be a lot easier.

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AQ DF MQ AQW Epic  Post #: 8
10/28/2019 5:27:33   

Dragonfable has gone over 12 years of pretty much all gameplay content being shallow to the point of no enemy mechanics existing other than them dealing a negligible damage range to the hero per turn and examples of otherwise being few and far between and usually underwhelming. Verly tried to introduce a perfectly balanced boss that was incredibly reasonable and beatable. Swole verly in its unnerfed state was perfectly reasonable. It had a set rotation, its heals were predictable and weakened with each usage so the option of using any defensive class to stall easily until the heals reached neglible amounts was there, he also had 0 immobility resist so the option of using baby dragon, class skills and various other acccessible options to chain stun him for a long time and burst him down easily was there as well. I made a point of doing the fight with non dc classes and unoptimal equipment, it was perfectly easy and reasonable while still making the player consider "what should I do about this fight."
Even without thinking about tactics you can still win any fight easily by the usage of food or guests, there's absolutely no excuse at any level for a player not being able to beat something.

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10/28/2019 7:49:32   

I am one of those lazy players who uses dragon fable like a visual novel because I love the story but I don't really care about combat. I'm happy that verely is trying to improve the combat for people who enjoy it but I and many others don't and that's okay. dragon fable has a diverse range of players who play it for different reasons and the devs do their best to make it accessible to everyone but someone has opened up that they're struggling and asked for help.

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AQ DF MQ  Post #: 10
10/28/2019 11:16:57   

Gryffin Warrior of DF & RP

Please remain courteous and respectful of your fellow forum members, especially those who's opinions and experiences differ from yours. Verly has stated that feedback on the current balance between challenging bosses and story-line bosses is useful - putting each other down is not. I have edited several posts to remove inflammatory language - any further violators will be issued warnings.

Please take this time to reflect on what you've liked about DF's changes over the years, what you've disliked, and offer constructive feedback to the staff and your fellow players!
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 11
10/28/2019 13:23:18   

This is a topic that has crossed my mind a few times. DragonFable has been going on for many years and it has attracted a wide range of players for multiple reasons. On one hand, DragonFable can be a very casual experience. Going through the vast majority of older quest lines should pose little problem. On the other hand, there are some factors of the game that makes it pretty complicated. Sometimes abruptly so. This is the case with some of the newer quests and bosses in the story as was already mentioned with Bandit???, Verlyrus and the like.

Now personally, I do not mind the increased difficult. I fully welcome DragonFable introducing tougher quests, more intricate boss battles, making stats a more strategic factor, or redesigning the gameplay to limit some of the player's more subtly overpowered abilities (swapping stat items on a guest's turn, for example.) That being said, I do not favor the more extreme challenges of the game. I find many of the Inn battles to be a nuisance to fight through. But that's okay. I don't always like these, some people love them, it is a part of the game segmented for a specific group of players. Similarly, I fully understand why some people don't like the increasing difficulty that story line quests have been leaning towards.

If you think of it this way, there are 3 tiers to this game's difficulty: The simplistic early quests, the moderately difficult Verlyrus quests, and the max difficulty Inn challenges. The key is to find a way to allow everyone to enjoy the game in one of these tiers without making some weird conglomerate of difficulty drops and spikes throughout a single quest. This reminds me of the hard mode revamp that was mentioned a while back. Have we gotten any news about this recently? The latest information I can find about it on the design notes was back in 2018. I think that as DragonFable continues to develop and evolve, having a good Hard Mode toggle will be a great way to set a difficulty level suitable for all players. By default, quests should be designed around an easy mode that anyone can complete without too much trouble, even if they go in with no strategy and a weaker class. This is perfect for people like hpnerdghmk who would have less time to play but an interest on seeing how the story progresses. Hard mode could do away with the ridiculous HP and Damage scaling, replace it with the "STR, DEX, and INT stats will gain extra effects, and enemies will gain special skills, abilities and stat boosts based on their race, element, and more" that was mentioned, and then we have a suitable but not tedious increase in difficult that could bring these easily designed quests up to a level of challenge that requires more strategy to complete. As a bonus, this toggle would make the quests of the early years more interesting as well which would be fantastic for playing the game through with a fresh character. Meanwhile, the Inn gets a monthly update so the most challenge driven players have something to look forward to.

So, in a nutshell, here is to hoping that the Hard Mode Revamp comes soon. And on a final note, I think that the trend of giving bosses a normal mode and an Extreme! battle mode is great, but could also be better utilized to improve the balance of the game. Maybe this can also be redesigned as a "Hardmode Revamp- Lite" before the actual Hardmode Revamp releases. I would encourage the developers to experiment with this a bit. In future quests, see about having the Extreme! mode unlock these more powerful and complicated skill rotations for bosses like Verlyrus while the normal battle option keeps the boss at an easy and straight forward level.
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10/30/2019 10:58:14   

As a 10-year-old fan myself, I can relate. I remember when every quest could be completed without thinking your stats, equipment etc. Only after starting to play this game again 2 years ago (having ~4-5 years of break in between) I started training my potions and watching more closely my stats, my equipment and resistance, as I had no reason to do so before.

And for me, that wasn't a problem. Having to learn how gameplay works in a game is never a bad thing. If you know how basic mechanics works, that doesn't make you a hardcore player. It just feels that these complains come after someone can't defeat a story boss in first try and immediately quits and tells how hard it is.

I'm glad DF is finally having something different in it's fights. The inn challenges are great and while I have Epoch, DmK, SoW etc. that gives me a clear advantage, I usually do try to finish those fights using regular classes (Technomancer, DK, Paladin, Ranger) and most of them aren't impossible.

So while I find myself too disagreeing with you on many points, a solution for this could be more usage of normal/extreme boss fights for story quests, where Extreme has those great new things that Verly comes up, instead of just more health and deals more damage like it usually has. That way, I see that most of us are happy.
DF  Post #: 13
10/31/2019 1:44:17   

I feel like a lot of people arguing in favour of more and harder challenges are missing how being a casual player effects game play. A casual player is not going to be near the level cap or have all the best equipment, or even necessarily good equipment for their level.

If the strategy for winning a fight is, for instance, "have fire resist gear," would anyone know off the top of their head what that gear is or where in game it's likely to be found? And it wasn't until recently that finding out the resists on equipment was even visible in game without equipping it and seeing how resistance changed in the character information screen. If it weren't for guides put together by dedicated players would anybody be able to find that information without hours on the forums?

Would a casual player have the time to dedicate to farming for better fire resist gear or will they rage quite in disgust?

Would a casual player try to beat a quest in every class until they find the one that works? Does a casual player even have all the non DC classes fully trained?


I'm glad DF is finally having something different in it's fights. The inn challenges are great and while I have Epoch, DmK, SoW etc. that gives me a clear advantage, I usually do try to finish those fights using regular classes (Technomancer, DK, Paladin, Ranger) and most of them aren't impossible.

Can you do it using only non-DA gear at level 50? (Or whatever level a casual player is likely to be at. I have no clue what that would be because I'm not a casual player.) Can you do it in every base class?

And really, "not impossible" doesn't mean fun. If the game becomes an exercise in frustration for the casual player, how long before there are no more casual players?

And thanks, Verlyus, for recognizing that things may have been getting out of hand lately.

(For the record, this is coming from someone who doesn't mind some challenge but thinks the Inn challenges are excessive, especially for the frequency with which they are released.)
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 14
10/31/2019 5:35:13   

@Arithonne i am just gonna comment on the Second part of your statement, cause story fights are story fights, dont need to be that complex. No, a non-da at lv 50 IS NOT SUPPOSE TO DO INN of TIME CHALLENGES. The statement you quoted was talking about the Inn of Time, which is meant for end-game players (lv 80-90), with end-game gear. Also i completely disagree that the frequency inn challenges are released is too much, its suppose to keep end game players that want a challenge busy and not feel bored with the game.

In addition, they also have the function of giving Dove more time to work on other things. These challenges will be difficult, even with end game gear, cause you are suppose to actually learn their mechanics, builds, and create strategies to counter the enemies in the Inn of Time. Of course Inn challenges will feel like they are "impossible" to a casual end-game player, cause they most likely dont do the things is stated previously, to complete the challenges. Also i know for a fact that all Inn of Time Challenges can be completed with the classes already in the game (Not Dmk or Calendar Classes). However, its totally fine that a casual end-game player dont want to do the Inn of Time, its just about what aspects of the game you enjoy.

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10/31/2019 22:59:51   


Sorry, I guess I was a little unclear. My statement on beating fights at level 50 with only regular classes/base classes and sub-optimal gear was meant to apply to story line quests only. I picked out a quote that I felt was summarizing the general theme of the posts by players who enjoy the more extreme challenges, arguing in favour of more challenge in story line quests, and pointing out what I felt was the problem with that.

I am well aware that Inn challenges are meant to be end game content for the subset of the player base that is at or very near the level cap and enjoy that sort of challenge.

Part of why I think the frequency with which Inn challenges are released is because they are only possible to complete by what (I assume) is a small fraction of the player base, and they make up roughly 20 - 25% of all the releases. (Yes, part of the reason is because I don't find them fun. I am primarily a story line player.)

I'd also argue that Inn challenges should also always be possible by regular classes. If there ever comes a time where a particular challenge can only be consistently beat by players with a specific DC item or set of DC items, then I'd say the "challenge" has gone too far.
AQ DF MQ AQW  Post #: 16
11/1/2019 6:16:56   

@Arithonne yeah i wouldn't worry about that, so far all Inn Challenges are beatable with the classes currently in the game, and i think Verly knows that they should be beatable with them too. Even the two most difficult challenges, (Ancient duo and Ex Unravler) are beatable with gear in the game. Additionally, i dont think any challenge will be designed around just a few specific items, it will primarily be around knowing the enemies move rotation and making the right build combined with a class that counters that rotation the best.

< Message edited by Vikken101 -- 11/1/2019 6:18:05 >
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11/1/2019 13:40:03   

@Arithonne then I don't understand why you quoted me when I talked only about inn fights and how they are not impossible using regular classes while you talked about story boss fights. Can you clarify can I do what using non-DA gear at level 50?

While I praised inn fights for having something different, and that I'm glad DF has someting new in them, I didn't mean every story boss should be like that and every boss fight should be at best "not impossible". Yes, I do enjoy challenges, but I don't require that every fight should be one. What I meant with my post was that I don't want DF go back to what it was in old days, that almost every boss is a reskin of an old foe that just has more health and damage. Which is why I said


"a solution for this could be more usage of normal/extreme boss fights for story quests, where Extreme has those great new things that Verly comes up, instead of just more health and deals more damage like it usually has. That way, I see that most of us are happy."

And to be honest, I can't think a single Inn fight challenge that can only be beaten by DC items. Yes, those do make them easier, but all of the hard fights I've defeated by using quest drops, for example Weird Duo, didn't have a single DC-item. And I cannot think a single DC item that gives stats/resistance, what other free item cannot give.
DF  Post #: 18
11/1/2019 16:35:54   

It appears that we have another case of dumbing down the game, for ''casual'' reasons. I play DF pretty much since day 1, with some hiatuses here and there, but I've literally never complained about anything in it. And I love DF the way it's designed - to find and work out strategies to defeating certain enemies. If you can't adapt to that, then you just might have play something else that is more casual-friendly. The game is evolving, not devolving; it's do or die. In case you're thinking of DF as a regular RPG, then you should remember what you are actually playing. (for the past 12 years).

The hardest quest boss fight was that of OC Manaphages, until of course some people complained and they got nerfed. By this I mean no offense, however, it seems that many gaming companies have lately been going through the process of dumbing down games, just to milk the cows more. I just hope this doesn't happen to DF, because I would be incredibly disappointed.

Simply put, games shouldn't be catered to sheep. If you are trying to play something, it means you are committing to learn it. Not the other way 'round.
Your approach to the problem is wrong. Simply, wrong

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DF  Post #: 19
11/1/2019 16:59:38   
DragonFable Boxcat

There's no "catering" to any "side".

The Inn Challenges are difficult, and meant to be so. Lowering their difficulty is out of the question.
The Main Story can be tough at times, but it is meant to be playable by all players. Making them overwhelmingly hard is not something that I wish to do.

The Inn Challenges allow Dove to rest or work on side projects such as classes, etc, or prep for the coming month's releases, with a minimal workload for the week. Except for some occasions where he gets inspired and does a lot. That is why these releases are one per month. Doing huge story or revamp releases every single week would be overwhelming and unhealthy for our tiny team.

The challenges also allow me to go wild with mechanics and ideas that I can then tone down and transfer to story fights, to add more flavor to them. In some cases, I've not toned them down enough.

I personally prefer the Challenges adaptation instead of Extreme because they allow me to also provide separate rewards for defeating them.

There is a massive power difference between DA and non-DA players, as well as low level and high level players, but at its heart, the story of DragonFable should ideally be enjoyable by players of all skill levels. Obviously not all players will enjoy the challenges, just as not all players will enjoy the story fights, while others will just want to enjoy the story.

The monthly schedule thus allows us to make releases for all sorts of players while also maintaining a relatively healthy work balance.

< Message edited by Verlyrus -- 11/1/2019 17:00:33 >
AQ MQ  Post #: 20
11/1/2019 17:15:04   

@Verly Thats basically my thoughts as well on the matter =) Also it helped that i knew the Inn Challenges were suppose to help Dove with other releases.
Post #: 21
11/1/2019 18:33:21   

i was in a D&D group not too long ago where the DM decided to play a character in the game, he went on an optomised build that delt a lot of damage compared to the lvl and as a result was forced to make very powerfull encounters to prevent himself from killing the monsters in a single hit. the rest of us created characters based on the classes or backgrounds we wanted and were of average to above average power. what we ended up with was a broken game where he would do ~80% of the DPS by himself and we would almost always have a player fall unconcious or even die during a battle due to how powerfull the monsters were, it got to the point where he would simply tell us that the dead charas came back to life by *insert excuse here*.

now im not here to rant about my now former DM , instead this story was given to make a point-
a game is ment to be fun for all the people involved and just because the more powerfull members can handle a fight doesn't mean that average players can. to me this means that you should be able to kill story bosses even if you are using one of the base classes and equipments that arent the best for your lvl, this does not mean in any way that the fight should be easy but it should also not be at a difficulty where you gotta repeat it over and over again and pray to the dark lords of RNG for a well timed miss or a crit to help you win by sheer luck.

i think that a possible way to adress the problem of story bosses not being challenging enough to hard core players is to introduce a revamped version of the bosses as an inn challenge(just like it was done with caitiff, envy, jack, ETC) and give them more complex or even new mechanics. that way casual players could still advance in the story and not get stuck at a boss they can't defeat while end gamers could face whatever horrors dove and verly came up with a few weeks later when it is time for a new inn release.
DF  Post #: 22
11/1/2019 20:41:10   
DragonFable Boxcat

Regarding the D&D analogy, that said, in a good D&D story, there will likely be some fights that the group may not be immediately prepared for, or that gives them more trouble than expected.
So I think a few big challenges in a story are okay. Obviously it doesn't translate 1 to 1, but that's my reasoning behind having a handful of hard bosses in major story points. Then again, I understand that that may not be to everyone's flavor. The balance is tough, but hey, that's why it's my job to figure this out.
AQ MQ  Post #: 23
11/1/2019 20:49:17   

So the new release seems like a very good compromise. Good job Verly!
Post #: 24
11/1/2019 21:08:45   

^Given how easy and quite frankly underwhelming the newest challenge is, I disagree and feel like it's another case of content being geared towards more casual players. The boss is almost completely identical to its story version pre-nerf and breezing through a monster that was essentially transplanted from the story left me feeling very disappointed. While players who aren't near the level cap or don't have high-end equipment/classes may find it to be challenging I feel as if that's a role actual boss monsters in the story should play rather than monsters placed in an endgame challenge arena :/
DF  Post #: 25
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