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Just came back to the game. Looking for a bit of help

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4/18/2020 15:57:15   

Hey guys , almost a week ago , i came back to the game after a number of years of not playing. I was level 106 , i just hit 135 yesterday. I'm not one to grind a lot and i dunno how serious i'll be about the game when the quarantine ends , but since i have plenty of free time atm , i'm trying to get my character as high as possible.

Sold my house for 80-90k tokens , got another one , and used the rest of the tokens to power level and get equipment.
I've read a couple of guides , and tried to upgrade what i could upgrade , but the information avaible seems to be either outdated or isn''t always clear , especially for adventurers. Most of the stuff i can find assumes level 150 gear , and i dont know if the level 135 will always be the best option avaible to f2p players compared to the guardian stuff.

I'm playing a "beastwarrior" build i guess , tho i mostly use my pets as either personal buffers or enemy debuffers rather then for damage.

Other then that , i dunno what to say ....like...i think i still have 6 rare golden gift boxes and around 15 or so common. Any advice on what i should go for ?

PS: any good class for adventurers as well ? I remember them being restricted for non guardians. Which ones are limited , which ones aren't , and is there any point in doing them other then flavour ?

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AQ  Post #: 1
4/18/2020 22:29:04   

I'm the guy who helped you on Reddit. Good to see you here on the forums as well as the official Discord server ;)

You should somehow get a Light weapon into your active 8.
You should use AQxe instead of Kaze Shamrock Sensu since you don't have LUK.
You should get some guests to make your CHA more useful.
You might want to look into the compressions shields on the wiki so you don't have to use the Sackelberry shield.
AQ  Post #: 2
4/19/2020 2:55:06   
Primate Murder

Welcome back!

The classes are, unfortunately, completely outdated. There's no real reason to train any of them.


As a general rule, you want to cover all elements with your weapon slots. There are several compression options, including Carnagebringer, Warmaster's Reaver, Time-Twisted Eye of Carnax, Cerberus' Fury, Ultra Omni Knight Blade, Carnifex Blade or Spear, Grenwog Lance and Star Sabre (probably coming back next month).

Zabura's Hammer or Morningstar Cross have great synergy with Bloodzerkers, but as you lack the Essence Orb, Lumenomancer Bloodblade may be the best light weapon for you.

Pike Pike deals +25% damage and uses Cha in place of Luck for stats, making it really great fro beastwarriors.

Kusanagi Sword autohits, which gives somenice utility to your autohit skills.

Armors and Shields

Taladosian robes have the strongest energy skill in the game - and it even works with CIT!

I would suggest replacing War-Torn Heirloom with Cerberus Ward (fire/dark), so that you can fit in the Fujin shield with its Dex drive.

As you're not a mage, the Kindred shield with a chargable qc sp regen would be a better choice than Celtic Wheel.


As mentioned by joac, Cha builds would benefit greatly from guest summoning spells, as they get 60%melee extra damage for ~22% melee cost.

The best fire guest is compressed via a misc, so you can use this slot for Purple Rain.

Valencia provides a little bonus to your LS rate. Now, bormally that would be useless for 0 Luck builds, but if you make Pike Pike your water weapon, you can use Cha for your Lucky Strikes!

Skeeter is an hp-costing guest, which allows you to conserve your sp for skills.

Nezujimbo has a Freezing attack, which pairs nicely with Frost Effigy and your Torontosaurus.

The best earth guest would be Doomquake Minions, but it costs tokens. Barring that, Twilly (heal toggle) and Mittens (paralysis chance) are reasonable alternatives.

Energy... doesn't really have anything exceptional that's not rare or tokens. I would suggest using Essence of Caranage, which both boosts the damage of your melee and ranged attacks and has a chance to do Backlash damage!

Mogsterio and Grimlord both have an hp cost, but they also deal 2x damage of a standard guest!


Underwyrmling is the only pet in the game that can harm monster's sp.

Mutant Egg from last week's release inflicts paralysis, which has great synergy with both the Aspis shield and Frostgale's Remorse misc. I would suggest using it for water, wind and energy elements.

Frost Effigy both freezes the monster and grants Freeze potency, which has great synergy with Nezujimbo.

Lepre-Chan and Fu Dog are still great for their respective elements.

Model 294 inflicts EleVuln, which synerguzes nicely with both Ultimon skill and Grimlord guest.


ZardAde pretty much covers all your elemental resists, Shadowfeeder gives you celerityand Minotaur's Pride boosts all melee damage. The other miscs can be replaced with the following:

Grakma Warhorn summons a fire guest that can inflict EleVuln.

Goggernaut Helm gives +10 bth to every attack on the field, which is bad for your blocking, but good forskills and pet/guest attacks.

Bell Shell heals hp based on damage dealt. The heal is less than that of CoRS, but it also doesn't reduce your damage, making it the better overall choice for offensive builds.

Frostgale's Remorse gives a boost to your ice/wind damage and grants paralysis potency, which synergizes with Mutant Egg pets and Mittens guest.

Murderator Gauntlet grants Str, Cha and gives you a chance to control the monster.

Morningstar Helm gives immunity to paralysis. If you want something a little more sp-efficient, Blood Ruby and Liquid Courage give resistances to paralysis and fear respsectively.

Hope the info's useful and don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions!
AQ DF  Post #: 3
4/19/2020 6:26:32   

I'd also like to add that you should only get "Call" guests for a beastwarrior since they use SP as upkeep. For example, Doomquake Minions is a "Summon" guest, so it costs MP while Nezujimbo is a "Call" guest and costs SP. I really wouldn't recommend getting Doomquake Minions even if you have the tokens for it because of this.

Celtic Wheel does have the advantage over Kindred's Devotion of allowing the casting of a single spell for those without Int. That's usually used for Moonwalker's Grace to get a bth boost.
Post #: 4
4/19/2020 6:34:47   

the thing about light wepon is that is already have 2 options :

- king's song from my house which seems by far the easiest option , because it ocupies the no drop wepon , and at my level it's a 15-45 damage with 17 bth , and a chance to daze. Seems relatively decent
- Solar flair staff - is a compression magic/melee and fire/light , with a very very useful summon of an angel that heals a bit over 100 hp per round , which in combination with fairy godmother .....is around 200 hp healed per round.

Other then that , thx guys

edit : is the pyke pyke good enough to replace the quenching bloodzerker sword in my inventory ? because sure...lucky strikes seem nice , but that wepon will do more damage (especially in combo with quenchin bloodzerker armor) then normal either way

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AQ  Post #: 5
4/19/2020 7:43:22   

Seeing as you're an Adventurer, King's Song might just be a decent choice for you. You just have to remember taking it with you every time you log in.

I'd keep Quenching Bloodzerker's Sword. You may want to get the Pike Pike to try it out.
AQ  Post #: 6
4/19/2020 9:22:11   
Primate Murder

- Quenching Bloodzerker deals +15% damage, another 10% as no-proc bonus, and another 10% only in Quenching Bloodzerker.

- Pike Pike deals +25% damage, has a 10% proc for double damage and another 10% proc (Lucky Strikes) for about 80% more damage.

As you see, Pike Pike has potential to do more damage, but it's pretty random. Bloodzerker sword has a more consistent damage boost and (while in Bloodzerker armor) is only a little bit weaker.
AQ DF  Post #: 7
4/19/2020 9:44:58   

so ...keeping all that in mind , do you think that the extra costs are justified , considering i do have bloodzerker armor?

Also any thoughts on cryomancer bloodblade vs horo show vanquisher ? At the moment the horo show is my only source of harm damage , but at the same time , it's also a very random wepon compared to cryomancer. I do have to say that since i've came back (almost a week now) , i've encountered only 1 enemy that required harm to kill (terror zard i believe) , so the question is : how much i need harm damage in my main inventory ?

Oh , and do you think about king's song ? I tend to use that one for light damage , and recently got a fire bloodzerker sword for fire , and placed my solar flair staff in inventory. I used to keep it (the staff) as a compresion wepon mostly for the summon , but at your recomandation , i got summon twilly , which is very similar to the angel summon of the staff , and heals for a similar amount , while also having the option of attacking as well.

That means that with king['s song , i can cover all elements without compressing any in a wepon.

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AQ  Post #: 8
4/19/2020 10:14:24   

If you don't mind going to your house and get King's Song each time you log in, I think it's a good choice. Its Dazing effect is resisted with CHA, meaning that not many monsters are going to have a high chance of resisting it.
AQ  Post #: 9
4/19/2020 10:17:57   

that;s kinda what i thought honestly. And it allows easier inventory management. What about the horo show vanquiser vs cryomancer ? Thoughts ?
AQ  Post #: 10
4/19/2020 12:21:15   

Harm weapons aren't strictly necessary in general play as you yourself have noted. It is convenient to have one in one's active inventory since most nukes in the game depend on the armor's element rather than the weapon's, but that's up to personal preference. As an Adventurer, you are limited in your ability to easily generate SP, so that makes nuking less relevant. It's really your choice between greater flexibility and greater damage. It's totally possible to add a harm weapon back into your active inventory only when doing quests where you know that may be necessary. If you're already going to get King's Song every time you log in, this would be a pretty small addition to your login habits.
Post #: 11
4/19/2020 12:46:30   

yea , actually all sp regen options i found tend to be guardian items.

As it stands , i'm using shadowfeeder + fairy goodmother''s mana regen , because i have like 130-140 default mana...so without mana regen i can't keep that item going for long. The horo show shield also gives some sp on miss , but that means you have to use said shield and it's not always something you want to do.

Other then that , i dunno what other sp option i have. Kindred shield seems nice , but it overlaps in elemenet with sedna , which i kinda like for giving me some mana to cast the dex spell as well (sadly , it doesn''t give me enugh for the 135 level version , so i'm stuck with the 115 one , but of well. It's still a bunch of free dex). I guess i could use both.....but i'd need to use even more compressed shields for other elements , and if i go for the fujin shield as well , and i want to keep the chieftain's iron thorn in inventory as well.....well , yoou can see how that's going to be an issue

Are there any other options for SP for adventurers that i'm missing ?

edit : going to my house is not that big of a deal. As an adventurer , i have to go there pretty often to charge my pots , since for some dumb reason ,, the game doesn''t let adventurers recharge pots during quests. Like there wasn't a big enough advantage for guardians without this gimmick honestly....it's why i value healer pets so much...because on longer quests , they provide more .....staying power

edit2 : As for pets , what about my nerf bat ? Should i replace it ? He doess a lot of damage with his 3 attack combo and also buffs himself both in terms of bth and attack , and can also nerf the defenses of the enemy from time to time. I got the water/fire mutant eggs and honestly.....they don't seem to have better dps then the nefbat does for it to warrant me getting them as a wind pet as well.

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AQ  Post #: 12
4/19/2020 15:43:35   
Legendary Ash

Shadowfeeder Pendant has a equip mana cost like Sp miscs, modern miscs refunds the upkeep cost when the player unequips it, so after attempting Celerity unequipping it should remove the need for Fairy to regenerate your mana, the point of no return of the Pendant in converting mana to Sp is when kept equipped after the player makes a turn costing action.

Pike Pike is 1.25boost*(.5+.48125Str+.100625Cha)*(.9*.80625*1.25OffensiveLean+.1*.85*2special)/1.1 = 132.41%
^paired with Bloodzerker Armor 1.45boost*(.5+.48125Str+.100625Cha)*(.9*.80625*1.25OffensiveLean+.1*.85*2special)/1.1 = 153.59%
Bloodzerker's Blade if not paired with Bloodzerker Armor is 1.25*.80625*1.15*1.08*(.5+.48125Str)/1.1 = 111.66%
^paired with Bloodzerker Armor is 1.25*.80625*1.2^2*1.08*(.5+.48125Str)/1.1 = 139.81%

Prioritize buying Bloodzerker Armor first and Blade second to produce a higher damage output.

Nerfpets are good in that their -Defense doesn't account for enemy resistance, however the fact that its balance assumptions assumes a min 0 max 5 average 2.5 turns of the buff attack occurring after a min of 5 rounds of stacking the effect to its cap to be the equivalent of a 1 turn -Defense worth cap value applied every turn makes it sub-optimal when paired with Offensive lean since it modifies the 10 turn battle standard by /1.25, which results in 8 turns and therefore it lowers the probability that the pet will get to its full power.

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AQ  Post #: 13
4/19/2020 15:59:56   

the point isn't that i need the mana.... since i'm a warrior. I keep using it in combination with the fairy to increase my sp generation per round.....since you know....i kinda have to start from 0 sp because i lack stuff like essence orb
AQ  Post #: 14
4/19/2020 20:25:07   

I also recently got back to the game as well and I just noticed some people have 250 stats... Can someone explain how that is possible?

Edit: Nevermind! Just checked that the cap for all stats have been raised. Thanks!

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AQ  Post #: 15
4/20/2020 0:51:03   

There are a few rare items that help with SP regeneration, though only Z-finity Gauntlet: Soul comes close to Essence Orb in terms of sheer ease of use. It's a shame you just missed out on Infinita Staff, which was one of the best weapon-based forms of SP regeneration. The only thing that comes close that I can think of is Hunger from the UR GGB, which toggles between regenerating HP, MP, and SP based on damage dealt, provided you still have a spare UR GGB. It will, unfortunately, take the place of Agony's Embrace.
Post #: 16
4/20/2020 2:00:17   

just curious....if i were to buy portals , and let's say ...i had tokens for one alone , which one should i get ? As i understand , the portals give you access to past events (and rewards)

edit : i just randomly discovered that sole regens SP per round. This is kinda annoying tho considering there are other great water shields.
edit 2 : pike pike also seems to boost the damage of my enemies. In longer fights or vs bosses , if this effects occurs a couple of times , i think that could really screw me up
edit 3 : with bloodzerker armor , it looks like the bloodzerker sword does more damage then pike pike with bloodzerker armor , assuming no crits occur (can you even crit while using bloodzerker;s skill anyway ?. Never happened to me during my testing fights), but the damage difference is not that relevant otherwise.

Honestly , i think im going with the bloodzerker sword. No downside at the very least

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AQ  Post #: 17
4/20/2020 8:47:00   

You may want to consider the Kindred shield as your Water shield. You can spend charges to regain SP (or MP). You can only use it every 20 turns, though, since it requires 40 charges and you only gain 2 each turn. If you use other parts of the set, you gain a bit more.

Your Bloodzerker weapons also make you lose HP by having a HP cost. I don't know how it compares to Pike Pike, though.


can you even crit while using bloodzerker;s skill anyway ?.

Yes, the attack works just like a normal attack. If you can hit LUKy strikes on a normal attack, you can using Bloodzerker skill too.
AQ  Post #: 18
4/20/2020 9:04:29   
Primate Murder

The pet and the armor can help you gather charges a lot faster.
AQ DF  Post #: 19
4/20/2020 12:09:52   

ah ...i didn't noticed that the rest of the equipment increases the charges. With shield and pet , you get to generate the 40 charges in just 2 turns , which is around 300 sp. Its by far the easiest way i've found right now.

Thx guys , you have all been very very helpful to me.

I still dunno what to do with my shields , beyween celtic that allows me to cast a spell , kindred with sp regen , CIT , eventually fujin.......i really dunno what to have in inventory , and where to get compression for all other elements.

As it stands i have

CIT - utility
Kindred/Celtic - water- i'd really love to keep both because kindred allows for a lot of sp regen , while celtic allows me to cast moonwalker grace. If possible , i'd want to replace it with a misc item that gives 45-50 int at the very least.
Fujin - wind - don't have it yet , but i intend to get it next.
Paladin guard - light/dark ( i know that there are good light/x or dark/x compresions , but there are a lot of monsters that tend to attack with both light and dark , so i really like this combination)
Golem - earth. I also have Shield of the sands which is an earth/wind compresion as well , but assuming i get fujin , its going to become obsolete for me..
Aspis - electricity
horo show - ice
shield of agony - fire.

I need a compresion for earth/electricity/ice/fire. And honestly....i'd preffer if it weren't electricity or earth since those have very good standalone passives. But , i guess i'd deal with it in a pinch.

< Message edited by andrey -- 4/20/2020 12:12:09 >
AQ  Post #: 20
4/20/2020 12:23:42   
Primate Murder

So fire and ice? Fur of Igneus gives a reasonably good resistance to both, and it even has an on-block effect.
AQ DF  Post #: 21
4/20/2020 12:39:30   

that is perfect. thank you a lot my friend. I was just randomly browsing among the shields. It's actually annoying that there is no compresion/dual list rather then aligning all of them by elements and levels

edit : okay...beating carandor is straight up impossible. I was trying to do the challange for the misc item , but he nukes the crap out of me from full hp. Having 20 fire resistance doesnt matter either. Seems i need either to outspeed him (and even at that point , i don''t think i can kill it in a single round) , or tank him. Both solutions would require me having either high luck or high endurance....and i have neither. Anyone has any strat for him ?

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AQ  Post #: 22
4/21/2020 16:50:03   

I generally don't like to double post , but an simple edit would've passed unnoticed. I want to ask , how exactly saving throws work in the game

For example , my fu dog gives me "Intimidating mien" + 20 , and the description says that the opponents take a penalty when saving against statuses which imobilise or reduce defence. Well , that's good and nice. Pretty clear.

Then....i also have "paralyze potence" -20 from Umazen aspis , which also says that the opponents take a penalty to any saves against paralyze....which also sound pretty clear....but kinda in opposition to the other one.

So...my question is....how exactly does this work ? Do both add an penalty to saving throws for my enemy , or one of them actually helps the enemy ? Because this is not exactly clear to me. Sorry if i'm being dumb

< Message edited by andrey -- 4/21/2020 16:52:46 >
AQ  Post #: 23
4/21/2020 17:40:04   

Those 2 examples you have there are actually just bad communication/whatever in the game. Those two things mean exactly the same. They make it harder for the monster to resist.
AQ  Post #: 24
4/25/2020 2:28:40   

is it just me , or the lycan armors are actually stupid powerful ?

Im legitimatly thinking of changing quite a number of elemental armors into elemental werewolves actually. For example , i legitimatly find white howler as a better armor then horo show , even if you lose the big burst horo can do with it's skill.....How good are they really ?

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