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SapphireCatalyst2021's Suggestions

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5/26/2021 5:14:34   

Of course its not for every armor. Staff could go back and find a few older stuff and update them, and leave much alone. This is something that could roll out on some new items. And, Of course it would not just be free add-ons. Maybe a mastercraft could pay for some, but on others you could decrease MRM, element defense, offense, etc to "pay for" a built-in status.

Let's face it, the game is growing and growing and ideas might become more and more difficult to come by. I already see it some, but since there is a "standard" for what say, a FO armor is allowed to be...allowed to do...we will end up with multiple armors that are the same as others. Just the animation, number of hits, etc is the deciding factor in many cases. Maybe one has a built in skill and one doesnt, but isnt that skill also "paid for" somehow?

So who would like to see a FO fire armor that has say, burn potence 20 built in?

What about a FO water armor that reduces resistances slightly, but has a magic damage reducing ability similar to mana trap's .45% magic damage reduction.? (but at a smaller amount obviously? You could do the same for ranged, and melee!

What about a FD earth armor with the same status as Fu-dog? What about an armor that gives an elemental vuln to an element but pays for it by reduced overall damage.

What about a FD armor with further reduced offense, but gets a say...a hefty burn damage increaser built in? What about a nuetral armor with bleed damage increaser status that if used right, could actually start to look more like FO if they used a lot of bleed stuff!

Now can we start to make armors with more flavors? Cater to more playstyles?

With the mid Offense and mid defense essentially unused, and gone, (should stay that way), it's time to implement something to create variety, fun, and intrigue!

Rorshach: just gonna go out and say it here that we are seeing effects for each new item in the game, as effects are what differentiates one from the other, giving variety. I have not seen another game that has the database full of unique ideas and stuff as AQ has.

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6/3/2021 4:26:42   

Misc- BIRTHDAY HAT - Today is your special day, or at least you're in a great mood as though today should be your birthday!

Effect- While equipped, your weapon's special rate doubles, and also gains +25% damage on weapon specials.
(Obviously 0, 100% procs uneffected on rate)
However, 100% proc gains +20% damage. (All Wands/Bows) (And add the whole 4/3 for magic blah blah stuff)

Since the game is always essentially maximizing every last detail, weapons with specials are usually never favored anymore. I havn't done the math, but I'm attempting to make weapons with specials better than 0 proc even if u have a 0 proc with the best damage boosting misc in the game...and have the weapon with the special make the special surpass (slightly) 0 proc weapons but only while using this specific misc

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6/3/2021 4:42:40   

Misc- NOSFERATU'S GEM - Do you prefer to take someone's spirit, their vigor, or their life?

Toggleable Misc- HP Mode- You Siphon HP based on the damage dealt. Same formula as Star Sabres in GGB, half for spells
MP Mode- You Siphon MP based on the damage dealt. Same formula as Star Sabres in GGB, half for spells
SP Mode- You Siphon SP based on the damage dealt. Same formula as Star Sabres in GGB, half for spells

The misc stacks with any other weapons, spells, etc that do the same.

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6/3/2021 5:10:18   


2- Hits
Element: First hit is Darkness, Second hit is Harm
Trigger: Versus Werewolves, the Darkness hit element seeks, and the Harm hit gets +35% damage
BTH- First Darkness Hit is standard spell BTH, second harm hit is auto-hit and takes proper auto-hit penalty.
MP Cost: Same spell standards..ie 653 @ Lvl 150
Damage: -40% of standard spell damage
Number of hits-2
If the monster is not bleeding, the following occurs:
Hit-1 Damage is 70% of total damage of the spell (70% of the -40%)
Hit 2- Damage is the other 30%, but this damages the monster's SP, and Siphons the entire damage amount into an SP heal

If the monster is bleeding, the spell becomes overcharged of sorts by..

Consuming the bleed, creating an overcharged version. The strength of the overcharge depends on strength of the bleed consumed. This fills you with great strength and power!
This results in the same spell cost, but increases the damage on both hits by up to 30% max (Scaling formula for the bleed consume can be done by someone else

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6/3/2021 5:27:00   

Misc- NEKOMANCER"S MAGIC PENDENT - Some Neko magic imbued into this tiny pendent can wreak havoc on your foes!

MP Upkeep (idk how they balance this, but yeah MP upkeep)

While equipped, can click to toggle between burn and bleed mode.

Works with spells only (for flavor, it's in the name) At the end of the spell casted, it attempts a burn or a bleed (aligned with whatever you have toggled on) on the monster.
Subsequent casts stack the burn/bleed. Burns are of the element of the spell. Multi element spells, burns are of whatever the first hit that landed.

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6/18/2021 16:54:40   


Staff-0% Special / Rod- (wand) 100%


Comes in all elemental variants

Standard Staff

-Takes -15% damage on attacks; -5 BTH Lean.

The staff uses your Mana to increase it's attacks.
Clicking the weapon causes a menu to pop up. 5 Options This to: (Option stays until new selection,or you go to 0 MP)

1. Minor Charge-25%
2. Increased Charge-50%
3. Major Charge-75%
4. Extreme Charge-100%
5. Hold Your Charge (stops the effect, weapon returns to normal)

This represents the amount of *current* MP used to increase the damage per hit.

If you have 500 MP during that turn, the selection of each % means
1. 25%-125 MP spent
2. 50%-250 MP spent
3. 75%-375 MP Spent
4. 100%-500 MP Spent

If you have max MP @ 250 Int (2632 MP)
1. 25%-658 MP Spent
2. 50% 1316 MP Spent
3. 75%-1974 MP Spent
4. 100% All 2632 MP Spent

Effect 1- For every 10MP spent, damage in increased by +10% (additive), rounded down to nearest 10. This means you can nuke at full MP for 263.2% with your weapon, leaving you with no MP. This is 260% max.

Effect 2- If you have 0 MP, the weapon takes -40% damage, bth is normal. (So you'll wanna heal your MP)

Effect 3- If you go to 0 MP by using the 100% option, your next turn (if there is one) is skipped because you have to go into a "cool down" mode for a turn to recover.

Edit-added effect 3

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7/14/2021 21:03:52   

Three Beastmaster Misc ideas:

Idea 1:

Walk the Beast Leash:

Effect- Your pets and guests go first, and then your turn goes second.

The value of this might be in a couple areas: First, status effects that are successful from the pets/guests could potentially alter your decision on your turn. If you KNOW they paralyzed a monster, or freeze, etc then THAT turn you could change your plan. This also gives you TWO turns against a status'd monster. For example, frost effigy freezes the monster first, so you switch to a fire weapon. But because it's for a "monster turn", you now get two turns against a frozen monster. The value is placed in taking advantage of status effects from the pet/guest. Second, you can change your weapon or misc once it's your turn. This means using pet/guest boosting misc on their turn, and switching on yours.

Upkeep: Both MP AND SP (hefty amounts) since this can be a very powerful misc.

Misc #2:

Old idea, but not restricted to be within a class armor, but

Double Trouble:

Can have two pets out at once.

Upkeep: Same as Guest upkeep, but misc allows for a choice of MP or SP upkeep.

Also keep in mind, to maximize damage you'll need more than 1 pet of same element in active inventory, or maybe you decided to have 8 pets and 4 elements.

Last Misc:

Double Vision:

You equip a pet, then equip the misc. Clicking the misc brings out a clone of your existing pet, effectively giving you two of the same pet. I thought maybe it would double pet damage, but I figured one drawback could be slower turns by forcing the second pet's turn to go too. I bet this slows FPS but zI know balance decisions wouldnt be made based on that, even though it IS still a drawback.

Upkeep: Same as a guest, can toggle for MP or SP upkeep.

Hi staff, I know you're busy. Any chance the Land Shark Pet in the GGB common shop and the Land Tiger Shark currently in the LTS be changed to bleed toggles? This would go along with shark sabre's bleed effect theme and actually give the players more bleed options. If not, it's cool

Merged suggestion from Pets/Guests Info Subs, please do not post there regarding suggestions as you have your own thread. Please keep all suggestions/wishes in your own created thread, thanks. -Digital X

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7/27/2021 12:31:49   

Quick Cast Spell

Imbue Charisma

Cost: 392 MP and 261 SP

1 Turn

~In addition to the normal stats bonuses from Strength and Intelligence to your attacks and Spells, you now add your trained Charisma on top. If something has 1000% stats, you get 1000% from Str/Int, and 1000% more from Charisma for that turn. This includes your weapon attacks or your spells for that turn. If your weapon or spell already takes charisma for stats, then your stat damage doubles.

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8/8/2021 10:01:05   


ART- Guest is larger than the pet, but the general art is kind of similar to Essence of Carnage, but more faded and transparent and more smoky/ghostly in appearance, with a generic head/face.

Both have toggles: Both toggles have same animation, but toggle 1 has a Blueish spark. Toggle 2 has a greenish spark.

Toggle 1: The guest and Pet do no damage to the monster. It just converts SP into MP like the Pixel Ether.

Toggle 2: Same as above, but it converts MP into SP.

Toggle 1: SP to MP

Guest: 147 SP to heal 177 MP. CHAR/25% chance to heal 285 MP.
Pet: 98 SP to heal 118 MP. CHAR/25% chance to heal 191 MP.

Toggle 2: MP to SP

Guest: 265 MP to heal 147 SP. CHAR/25% chance to heal 237 SP.
Pet: 177 MP to heal 98 SP. CHAR/25% chance to heal 158 SP.

The numbers are designed such that if you have both out, if you have one on toggle 1 and the other on toggle 2, you're just wasting MP.
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8/31/2021 16:40:45   

A set of pets that consume the status they inflict for greater damage/

Multiple varieties

All toggle,

You can do fear, burn, blind, daze, bleed, etc etc etc on one toggle like normal pets.

The other toggle, instead of 5% more damage on damage mode, they do -10% on regular damage mode, but if there is a status inflicted, they consume the status for a big daage increase for that round.

Burn Pet- Toggle inflict burn, toggle consume burn

Blind pet- Toggle inflict blind, toggle consume blind

Bleed Pet- Toggle inflict bleed, toggle consume bleed

etc you get it...
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9/10/2021 15:36:21   


Darkness Spell
653 MP

4 hits. +5 BTH Lean

Effect 1- Same as Safiria's Kneeboard. Replaces Luck for BTH, and lucky strikes with Charisma.

Effect 2-> Pay's 35% damage, for every landed hit, you get a 1 turn +25 boost to Charisma. Four landed hits becomes +4 turns of 100 Charisma. 3 landed hit becomes 3 turns of 75 Charisma, etc. Successive turns does the same as shieldcakes/quick cast stacks, and averages the Charisma amount, and adds the turns together.

Animation- Hauntingly Ghosted Safiria clone lashes out from the Player in a fast animation towards the monster. Halfway there, tranforms into a bat swarm that swirls the monster 4 times.

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9/17/2021 12:17:10   

Arcane Radiant Cutlass of Harm

Arcane Cutlass clone, but

Harm damage

Spell boost is smaller due to being to all spells, but the best "all elements" spell booster to date by far.
Post #: 12
9/20/2021 18:32:24   

Sorry, I'm a little confused. Is your arcane cutlass of harm boosting all spells, or just harm spells?

All spells would probably take a *0.65 omnielemental penalty (+18.28125% damage) to the potency of the effect. The latter would be *0.9 for always useful (+25.3125% damage to harm).
AQ  Post #: 13
9/21/2021 0:09:09   

All spells. It does harm weapon damage if you attack.

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10/1/2021 19:32:34   

Misc Item

Hypnotizing Locket

+50 Charisma +50 Luck when equipped @ L150

Clicking the locket casts a Harm Spell
Half Mp Cost, Half damage for the level, -10% damage on top of the "always useful" aspect of Harm
Charisma for stats

Effect- Scrambles the Monster's Main element. This changes the monster's main attack element. It doesn't change defensive elements. So a fire monster will have it's fire attack scrambled (He is hypnotized) to a random different element. This changes it's symbol to the new element.

Post #: 15
10/2/2021 5:41:10   

Your locket is an interesting item, but I just wanted to confirm that its ability is to change your foe's base attacking element? Like an imbue?

Other than that, cool idea. Not sure it should only be worth 6.1875% melee (137.5/2*0.9*0.1. The 137.5 comes from your half mp cost, which would be worth 125/2%, plus the 75% melee of your regular attack). However, given this effect is without precedence, it would be difficult to quantify.
AQ  Post #: 16
10/2/2021 20:34:14   

I am not the greatest on the balancing aspect, so I guess I do try and throw numbers out from thin air..but more of an attempt at recognizing the "pay for" aspect is necessary. Most of the ideas I have thrown out are that way, but the basic premise of the idea IMO is the most important aspect.

But yeah this just changes their symbol, and thus their attack element. This comes in handy not only if decide not to carry an armor specific to a defensive element, but also it unlocks some effects where "X monsters are immune to this effect" that some older items have.

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10/2/2021 20:56:53   

Beastmaster Lean

1. Melee and Ranged weapons decrease by 33% damage to make them equal to magic
2. All weapons get damage stats converted to charisma, including ranged.
3. Melee weapons/spells/skills get BTH from Charisma/Strength/Luck
4. Ranged Weapons/spells/skills get BTH from Charisma/Dexterity/Luck
5. Magic Weapons/spells/skills get BTH from Charisma/Intelligence/Luck
6. Charisma weapons,skills, and spells while using beastmaster lean, get +15% damage boost (almost all of these already get a decreased damage, this is to offset this) and 100% bth from charisma.
7. All spells and skills casted from miscs, shields, etc get converted to charisma stat and bth system.
8. The armor is just like Spellcaster lean on offense and defense... 0.8 Offense and 1.25 Defense
9. Pets and Guests Get EleComp the same as Spellcaster's Lean to it's Main defensive element. So, a Beastmaster Lean armor that has it's best element to Earth, gets the 1.832 elecomp added to all earth based pets and guest attacks, and 1.44 to 2 other "off elements" based on current ele comp balance standards.

The beastmaster lean's armor system is balanced versus Sol Neko because Sol Neko gets access to all the abilities when this does not, and it's balanced versus other current traditionally used armors (FD) because those armors are fully defensive and may have other things to be used, like Bard of War, and they will outperform this with weapon attacks if they're a warrior variant. Also, traditional FD variants can choose to use 100 proc Ranged for better damage when this Lean would have reduced damage from this.

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10/3/2021 4:47:56   

I recognise that you aren't familiar with balance standards, so I won't go into too many details. With that said, Beastmaster lean would be incredibly overpowered. Justifying it by saying that Sol Neko gets access to all these abilities is a moot point because:
i). You're suggesting the lean here, rather than the armour itself
ii). Sol Neko itself is not balanced according to typical standards. Class and Subrace armours follow their own rules.

Going through each of the abilities:
1). Magic does 75% melee, Melee/Ranged does 100%, so for them it would be a reduction of 25%. This wouldn't be a good idea because you're encouraging the use of Mage with Beastmaster over other builds. Magic damage isn't reduced
2-5, 7). This would be worth at least a mastercraft on its own (akin to the Hybrid Stats function of certain items).
6). Firstly, they don't all get a damage decrease (unless we're counting point 1, in which case this would make Mages even more powerful comparatively). Secondly, you'd still have to cost it anyway. That would be worth at least 15*0.75% melee.
8). This would be worth a fifth of the amount that's given for Spellcaster lean.

Theoretically, it's possible that one could balance a lean like this. However, it's also a really great example of the proverb "just because you can, doesn't mean you should". Aside from potential problems about the unequal treatment of builds, this setup is too all-encompassing for its own good. The fundamental problem though is that a lot of beastmasters play defensively. The 0.8/1.25 split of Spellcaster lean is great for Mages because they're designed to nuke inefficiently. This same setup on a beastmaster forces them to play more offensively, which many absolutely aren't designed for.

Regarding the element changing effect: I take it that means you're changing the monster's base attacking element? Does this apply to monsters with multiple elements and how does that work? The element icon you see is just a display depending on the element your foe's attack has been categorised as.
AQ  Post #: 19
10/3/2021 19:09:18   

Beastmaster Lean- Open to suggestions. If several of the items listed are overpowered, scrap it and see what else, if anything, can be done to make it something staff could at least test. I only placed the decrease on melee/ranged at 33% because hybrid increased it 33%, but the idea was to make it equal.

At the end of the day, Beastmaster gear in general lacks so bad, and the better stuff is almost always seasonal, guardian, GGB, or z token. There are so many items designed to increase non BM damage to the point of nuke spells/skills/attacks, but nothing hardly for BM and the only set of items for a BM is Sol Neko and you have little options. Even though Necromancer is a beast-Mage kind of, I still feel like is 90% Mage and 10% Beast and most players may very well use the guests and pets and then switch to Neko TBH.

Maybe get rid of a few things and some of these ideas may have to be a MC for specific armors, and could be implemented if they'd make several over time.

Locket-> I think you could either handle the multi elemental thing one of three ways.
1. All attacks get changed to the new randomized base element, no longer allowing for multi-element attack.
2. Most monsters with more than 1 element tend to have a main, and then maybe an off element nuke. Maybe it only changes the main attack that's normally associated with the symbol, and they'd keep their off-elemental nuke.
3. Multi elemental monsters get tagged as immune to this effect by default, which I wouldn't be against.
#2 might be more difficult to implement, but who knows.

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10/8/2021 16:21:04   

Mogloween Special in LTS

Spider Egg Silk Staff

Darkness Magic Weapon, no bth lean

-20 damage, Charisma stats

Effect 1- Clone of Independence Daygur/Ancient Mother's Staff

Special Rate-10%; 4 hits

Effect on special- -50% damage on special; With each hit landed, the monster is darkness element poisoned. Each hit stacks with previous, and the poison sets up an SP heal system like Arms of Carnax weapon's Carnax summons armor's "Psionic link". Each landed hit = the number of turns. This is paid for by half special damage.

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10/30/2021 13:21:34   

Beastmaster Scholar Armors- FD Armors

2 Variants

Resistances- 40% to Opposing. So darkness/light, energy/water, fire/ice, and wind/earth. This is 1 variant, so 8 total armors. Each variant gets 4 armors.

Each armor gets 2 skills, each with it's own Menu->Toggles

Both Variants-> Skill/Toggle 1-> For an SP Upkeep cost, +25% damage to all pets and guests

Second skill/Toggle Menu
Opens a set of things similar to shieldcake, with 7 options and 1 "back" button.
Each of these take on -50% damage for pets/guests when toggled on. This results in 0% damage with all 7 on.
Damage reduction based on number of toggles turned on
7. 0%

Armor Version 1:


These toggles allow the following status inflictions for 1 round per pet/guest attack. These attempt to inflict at the end of the guest and pet turn, so not based on hits.
1. Burn (element of pet/guest)
3. Choke
4. Buffeted
5. Paralyzed
6. DefLoss+ BTH Increase
7. Changes pet/guest damage to hit SP like Underwyrmling

Armor Version 2:


These toggles allow the following status inflictions for infinite rounds, pending saving throw from the monster, per pet/guest attack. These attempt to inflict at the end of the guest and pet turn, so not based on hits.

1. Bleed
2. Dazzled
3. Panic
4. Entangled
5. Asleep
6. The Cold
7. Plants an SP Spiritual Seed, that inflicts 3 turns later. If you continue using this, after turn 3, every turn after it will do this.

Version 1 will have higher status potency, as the monster makes a save and they all only last 1 turn.
Version 2 will have lower status potency, and the monster will have easier saves, but these may stack since they're indefinite pending saving throw each turn.

The idea is like a hybrid of Scholar and Beastmaster

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11/9/2021 13:01:17   

Initiative 105 (same +50% damage, However, with THIS armor, it STAYS until your first attack. If you use the charge system, it won't go away)

Armor lean is dual modes.

Mode 1-
If you do not attack, it is full defensive and has high blocking. There is a toggled skill (skill 1) that will inflict panic at -20% damage. The skill is free upkeep, but is paid for by worse defense in armor lean mode 2.
In mode 1, while not attacking, you use up a charge system similar to Kindred, except this charge system builds Luck stat +25 luck per charge/turn and maxes at 500. (10 turns;Assuming you already had 250 via training)
In mode 1, you build lucky strike rate (default is 10%) by 4% per turn to a max of 50% (10 turns) This rate increase will stack with other forms of critical (arms of dragonguard, Lust, dragon head shield, weapons that have increased lucky strikes, etc etc)

These only increase lucky strike rate and the applied extra luck can only be used if using a RANGED weapon.

Mode 2- This is when you attack. You will have another SP skill you can use, locked to range, ele comp, and takes a damage penalty to inflict poison and bleed.
If you use the skill, or just "attack", the new lucky strike rate and luck stat boost is applied. This results in massive damage. Your armor lean changes from FD with high blocking, to Full Offense with low low low blocking the instant you attack. Your damage taken is increased from 1.25X to 1.5X to pay for the free panic. You are forced to stay in this armor and lean for 3 rounds and then you can begin charging again, and then it goes back to the FD mode.

This is an attempt at a system to "surprise attack" where Luck plays a huge role if the attack is successfully being done surprisingly. It's kind of like implementing "backstab" in a way.

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11/17/2021 21:41:02   


Art- Looks basically like a miniature version of what you would see in a mirror maze, with edged and sided mirrors, but small enough to be wielded like a shield

Standard blocking, magic heavy flavor

-26 to Energy

Effect- Click to toggle. Small SP upkeep for the following effects:

Effect- Anytime you are hit, and you lose a turn due to any turn inflicting status, the shield blasts an auto-hit effect prior to the monster's next turn that does no damage, but inflicts a 50% choke for 1 round.
So if you are paralyzed, or any fear/daze/control/etc in which you lose the roll, and therefore don't get a turn, the shield inflicts this on the monster.

Effect- If the attack is blocked during the monster's turn (only on turns that cause you to miss your turn), the effect is transferred over in a "richochet" . So if you get paralyzed while the shield is "activated" with the SP upkeep, it throws an auto-hit 50% choke reducing monsters damage by half, and if that monster's attack misses, the paralyze then auto-hits back onto the monster. Things with durations such as fear/daze, etc, whatever is on you, deflects onto the monster automatically *if* the monster's attack misses during your missed turn.
Post #: 24
11/30/2021 10:17:02   


No stat boost, no elemental defensive help. 28 HP Upkeep

Click the misc to open several options, somewhat similar to shieldcake menus:

Can only have 1 option working at a time, but here's the options. All these occur upon a blocked hit

1. SP Regen Mode- 40 SP regen per blocked hit
2. DefLoss Mode- -2 Defloss per blocked hit. (Stays for duration of battle)
3. Damage Mode-Titan's Fall-like, except damage element = to monster attack element. Ele-Comped.
4. MP Regen Mode- 80 MP regen per blocked hit

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