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Quality of life

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5/26/2023 1:59:16   
Bannished Rogue

There's not enough room for all the statuses that one might buff one's self or be afflicted with or conversely the opponent.

For example, using something like the newly updated Nekomancer Deadly Empress Doll (misc) and/or Dark invader (armor) and using the skills and affects, it'll look like this:
However, not only have I actually inflicted 7 total Spiritual seeds, I've also inflicted
slow effect (both BtH defense and accuracy loss)
elemental vulnerability to all elements (not just energy and fire)
status weakness
But you of course can't see any of those because of the limited space.

There should be more rows of the symbols we see with their corresponding effects. Additionally having similar like effects on the same row for organizational purposes. When you hover your mouse over the corresponding row, it will twll you all of those applicable effects of that row and replace the character scroll so long as its over that row (mind you in the below photos, I kinda just threw them in there quick, so there might be some inconsistencies):

The first row being permanent effects https://imgur.com/MfNoUZJ.png

Second being less than permanent effects or effects based on saves https://imgur.com/S6kBD3C.png

Third row being less than permanent negative effects https://imgur.com/btv19GT.png

Fourth row being time based positive effects https://imgur.com/jTF6k8W.png

Last bottom row would be negative time based effects https://imgur.com/ZvZCu5F.png

Shifted into Suggestions, where this belongs. Images removed. They're too big. Some of us are still making do with 500mb data per month. ~ Ward

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 1
9/17/2023 4:39:11   
Bannished Rogue

There simply isn't enough to do as an end game player who's practically gotten all the gear they will ever use outside of the weekly release, which still might not provide gear:
at all (stat updates, quest script updates, etc.)
gear that you'll get (donation contests, etc.)
gear that you don't already have (back to school, etc.)
gear that fits your build
gear that fits your character aesthetic

In an effort to increase overall play-time instead of players hopping on maybe once a week-month, playing through event if at all exists, and logging off, all within the timeframe of about 10-20mins. Without making the length/duration of events contrived, Staff should focus on producing some more quality temporary items that replace no drop and updating/revamping the current ones that exist for viability (should at least scale to player level).
There should be 3 tiers of temporary items each being significantly stronger than the previous to make efforts provide a sense of worth and accomplishment:
Tier 1- Available from instantly accessible locations like war room chests (level scale)
Tier 2- Stronger than a typical item and generally useful overall. Must be quested for
Tier 3- (Example: Dragonblade) Extremely powerful but full power only gained under certain conditions or against certain enemies. Must be quested for and quest is of considerable difficulty.
bonus- lucretia's potions should get a slight buff if ingredients are quested for vs. Bought under the premise of the ingredients being more "fresh", thus providing better effects

This solves multiple issues:
Players will have something to enjoy playing the game longer without just fighting random monsters in battleon aimelessly.
players that enjoy playing with stronger, nigh game breaking equipment can scratch that itch if they are willing to work for it, but equipment is temporary and will have to be reachieved upon logging in everytime (this is no different than people cheesing the book of burns tome)
players struggling to get Tier 3 temporary item(s) can extend playtime to first acquire 1 or multiple Tier 2 temporary item(s). (This isn't any different than when players play the side scrolling shooting enemies mini game to increase BtH.
ideas that couldn't be implemented due to a lack of balance in comparison to normal items, have viability for implementation.

As a start, the current no drop sets (Ultraguardian and Awe) should be able to get stronger temporary variants if their quests are recompleted considering how much those sets under preform compared to almost any other item.
Then class originating artifacts like the dragonblade in the dragonslayer class. It doesn't make sense that only that single class has some legendary artifact. For instance, ninja class should be able to quest to get Shadow Elizabeth's Katana that comes in melee (katana), Ranged (odachi), and magic (tanto) forms.

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 2
9/17/2023 4:43:58   
Bannished Rogue

Since subraces get an extra no-drop with a full array of class skills, pure humans should get a buffed regular no drop to compensate for the lack of an entire extra armor.
This solves:
there is currently no legitimate incentive to not have a subrace
lack of role play viability not having a subrace
current no drop (ultraguardian and Awe) under preforming compared to almost any other item especially other pay to win armors.

Also x-guardians should get an even further (miniscule boost) upon reaching max level as there is no need for the extra exp anymore. Or possibly a main stat drive based on armor type.


Pay-to-win- Deft Ultra!!!Guardian Leathers (unaligned):
MRM = 48/52/48
Elemental modifier (all elements) = 62%

Free-to-play- Leathers Armor!!! (unaligned):
MRM = 50/50/50
Elemental modifier (all elements) = 62%

Shouldn't even just the guardian armor be better than the starting armor, let alone the buffed up ultraguardian armor??? Like the only benefit is a possible 3 hit attack instead of 1, and an unnoticeable damage increase if you dodge an attack with arguably worse defense that's sub-par for something that's has a central to its mechanics?

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 3
9/17/2023 4:54:21   
Bannished Rogue

Z token items are severely lacking. Outside of purchasing a house if you don't already have one, there isn't much worth that z token items bring that make purchasing any of them worth it.

Shops from rare and previously perma-rare quests should be put inside Valencia and are only accessible by spending approximately 1000 z-tokens per shop each time that shop is desired to be accessed. This solves:
encourages more z token package purchases
There is a whole thread of players wishing to one day trade rare items to each other.
brings back rare items without the need to reinstate entire old quests.
brings back appeal and excitement for z token use

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 4
9/17/2023 5:05:27   
Bannished Rogue

Staff implementing an item from the suggestion section of the forums is a long forgotten concept. Morale is low, players feel disenfranchised and unheard. Staff should make the genuine and honest attempt to implement at least 1 item from a suggestion thread per year and have it as a predictable yearly event.

Having more player suggested items is something I'm very keen to do, sadly it's a balancing act with existing projects and enough time. The suggestion boards are not forgotten and do get read frequently. We've just recently had the donation contest sets themed after player suggestions. ~Anim

If that's the case, then that's good, however what I'm suggesting is this being a reoccurring event and preferably not one toed to a donation event where the items that were used as a foundation are possible to not be acquired by those whom invented said ideas/suggestions..
Also direct feedback would be appreciated. If in your browsing of the suggestions thread as you mentioned, you all come across an idea that you like at least like, it goes a long way to leave a quick message like you did to the effect of: "We like this idea and might consider implementing it, however due to time contraints with existing projects and limited time overall, we cannot provide any time table for if or when this might happen. However know that we appreciate your continued support to help safeguard the wellbeing of the game." ~Bann

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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 5
9/25/2023 23:53:49   
Bannished Rogue

Quality of life for me- Twisted Rogue version Infernal Champion armor. Trades poison potency, celerity, and healing from posion for more MRM.

FO Fire armour. Main resist is Fire, secondary is Darkness, weaknesses are Ice/Light, neutral for the other 4 elements. MC pays for 3 skills/toggles that function as follows.

Insight: Toggle on to lose 20% Melee in damage from any weapon/special/spell attacks attempted vs foes with any Poison status on them, you then replenish SP worth (20 x (Hits/Attempts) x 1.075 / 0.85)% Melee at end of turn when attacking Poisoned foes. So Melee/Ranged weapons deal -20% damage, Magic weapons deal -(20 / 0.75 = 26.66...)% damage, and spells/skills deal -10% damage. The healing value is listed below in the HekIns Regen section.

Grasp: Activates a CHA drive effect and simultaneously causes your pet/guest attacks to attempt a 2-turn (12.5 EleComp x Hits / Attempts)% Melee Fire Poiosn to your foe. If you do not currently have a guest out, then the Poison damage is doubled, but you pay the same cost. The CHA value and SP cost are listed under the HekGra section below, as is the cost for the Poison effect (50% Melee per turn for the Poison).

Command: Charges 40%, 60%, or 100% Melee in SP per turn to toggle between applying Celerity to your pet, guest, or both. These values are listed under the HekCom section below.

PLvl 150

BR%- 559
Stat- 1109.8
BtH- 19

Main- 39
Ally- 42
Ntrl*4- 81
Weak*2- 91

Melee- 55
Ranged- 55
Magic- 55

Regen- 99

CHA- 50
PoiSP- 196

PCelSP- 157
GCelSP- 235
PGCelSP- 392


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AQ DF AQW  Post #: 6
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