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8/17/2006 11:58:44   


Location: Grams' Pet Shop, Xan Bossfight, Going East, Falconreach (Books 1 and 2) -> Ash -> Quests -> Wanderland, Princess-napped, Pet Insurrection, Mission: Improbable, The Flying Fortress

Quests given
Critter Cave (Books 1 and 2)

Hot Headed
Taming Snailmail
Cat Up A Tree
Stump Hunting
Dementon's Treat
The Grinder's Paw

Lost Pets

Shops owned
Grams Pet Shop

Grams Pets
Mogloween Pet
DC Mogloween Pet
Chocolate Bunny (Shop)
Armored Chickcalf Pet
Golden Chickcalf
Drellie (Shop)

Grams' Pet Shop

Grams: Thank goodness you are here. Can you watch the shop while I go look for my Granddaughter?

  • Missing Granddaughter?
    <Character>: You want me to watch the pet shop?
    Grams: Just for a bit deary. I reckon my granddaughter got herself in a heap of trouble chasing critters into The Crittercave.
    Grams: Will you help me?
  • Rumors
    Grams: After business picks up in the shop here, I am going to start giving Pet Taming lessons.

  • Shop - opens Grams Pet Shop.

  • Look Around - allows player to interact with various pets/objects in the shop.

    After completion of Critter Cave (Books 1 and 2):
    Grams: Hello there deary! I am just unpacking, we should open in a few days and I might have some work for ya!
    Grams: Yuppers, Aria is my granddaughter. That gal gets into more trouble with critters than a Gorillaphant in a glass factory!

    Grams: Thank you for saving my Granddaughter! Aria is in the back if you want to visit. Say, would you like to earn a few new pets?

  • Pet Quests
    Grams: Help me tame a few pets and I will stable them here for you. Pick'em up and take them out with you anytime you'd like!
    • Quest / Redo Quest - allows access to the following quests:

      • Goldfishing
        Journey deep into a water cave to find this elusive Goldfish!

      • Hot Headed
        Retrieve a flame sprite from the depths of a fiery volcano!

      • Taming Snailmail
        Catch him if you can... this snail is blazing his way through the forest.

      • Cat Up A Tree
        Pathstalkers are pure predators... somehow you will have to trap one in a tree.

      • Stump Hunting
        Deep in the forest of Doomwood, you must find a young uncorrupted sapling.

      • Dementon's Treat
        In order to catch this crazed creature you might have to be a bit insane yourself.

      • The Grinder's Paw
        The greatest challenge of Pet Tamers in training! Beware, the Pit Grinder is nearly impossible to tame!

    • Get Pet! - allows access to the following temporary pets:

    Upon selecting a locked pet:
    Grams: You need to complete the other quests before you are ready for this one, deary.

    Upon selecting an unlocked, untamed pet:
    Grams: If you can tame this pet I will stable it for you so you can pick it up whenever you like!

    Upon selecting a tamed pet:
    Grams: Oooh, would you like to take your <Pet> with you?

  • Quest
    Grams: <Character>! I need your help! Several pets have gone missing and I think they're lost in the woods!
    Grams: Please, you have to go out there and find them!
    Grams: If you can manage to find all five of the missing pets, then I'll sell you one to take home with you and keep safe.
  • Pet upgrades
    Grams: If you'd like to upgrade your Mogloween pets, I found a new way to do it using Elemental Essences!
  • Visit Aria - takes you to a different area of the shop.

  • Rumors
    Grams: My granddaughter Aria and I just moved into town. I'm teaching her everything that I know about pet trainin'.
    Grams: She's got the gift, alright...more than I ever did. It won't be long until she's teachin' me.
    Grams: We moved here 'cause there are new monsters and animals being discovered every day in this area. It's a trainer's paradise!
    Grams: She's a good girl, and smart too but sometimes I worry about her. She ain't afraid of anythin', and that gets her into trouble.
    Grams: Could you keep an eye on her <Character>? It would make me feel a lot better knowin' that she had someone watching her out there.
    Grams: I know that adventurin' can be exciting and sometimes dangerous. A hero can use a good pet that they can depend on.
    Grams: I'm the best pet trainer that you'll find 'round these parts. Well....i'm the ONLY pet trainer here but I'm still darn good.
    Grams: We've got everything from friendly to hard workin' pigs to normally dangerous monsters like the Grinder here.
    Grams: Either way, if it's a pet that I trained, then it's a pet that you can count on in a fight!

  • Look Around - allows player to interact with various pets/objects in the shop.

  • Shop - opens Grams Pet Shop.

    Xan Bossfight

    Grams: Yeah, we had a few burns but Twilly was able to heal all of us that needed healin'.

    Grams: Yer darn tootin'!

    Going East

    Grams: Yulgar is packing up.

    Falconreach (Books 1 and 2)

    Grams: Aria went wandering to look for rare pets and I haven't heard from her in weeks!


    Grams: What happened though? Why are you all gathering?

    Pet Insurrection

    Grams: Yes, dear?
    Grams: Oh! Oh my... what happened?

    Grams: Oh, I'm sure they're just being spirited... did you really have to knock them all out?

    Grams: I'm sure you're mistaken, dear...

    Grams: Oh, just fine... dear.

    Mission: Improbable

    Grams: These poor pets. I spent a lot of time training them, <Character>. A lot of time to get them to do what I want.
    Grams: Now you've gone and messed them all up.

    Grams: I know.

    Grams: It took quite a bit of time too, to get them to rebel. It's been my little side project for years. And you had to go ruin it.

    Grams: Of course not, dear, you're not meant to.

    Grams: Just following orders. This confrontation is coming a little earlier then planned...
    Grams: But I'm sure Sepulchure will reward me for getting you out of the picture so soon.

    Grams: I like to be on the winning side.

    Grams: Oh, I am good, very good. Would you like to see what I'm good at, <Character>?
    Grams: Meet Cuddles and Snuggles.

    Grams: A basic Pridelord and Pit Grinder, but they're my prize pupils...
    Grams: Now, my babies...
    Grams: ...Have fun.

    Grams: AAAARGHHH!
    Grams: My babies! You'll pay for that, <Character>.

    Grams: After all we've been through, <Character>? Aww, my poor old heart is breaking, dear.

    Grams: Oh, I don't think you can fire me, dear.

    Grams: And it's very unfortunate that you're about to have a terrible accident too.

    Grams: Sepulchure isn't done with you yet, <Character>...

    Grams: Do you really think I wouldn't have an escape plan?

    Grams: I'm sorry, my lord, but <Character> discovered me too soon.

    Grams: I... no. No, my Lord.

    Grams: I... I'm sorry, my Lord. I was trying to please you. I was trying to prepare an army....

    Grams: I... I can do better! I swear! I haven't been able to detect any Orb in town...
    Grams: Please, give me more time!

    Grams: I... I don't know...

    Grams: Then Falconreach....

    Grams: No please! Replace my illusion! I... I can go and keep an eye on <Character>!

    Grams: There, there, dear. It's alright.

    Grams: You remind me so much of my granddaughter... come now, lets get back to our lessons.

    Grams: Now remember, dear, you can always find pets and companions that will fight for you in the most unusual locations...

    The Flying Fortress

    Grams: Ok, sweetness... It's time to go.

    Grams: Alright... now it is time to make our move. You know what to do!

    Grams: Heh! I'll just ol' Pointy-noggin is beside himself right now.

    Grams: Ok hun, let's hop on and right to Falconreach!

    Grams: !!!!

    April Fools 2008 Appearance

    Also See: Gramercy

    Thanks to
  • Jay for image, shop links, additional dialogue, and corrections.
  • Brilliancy for April Fools 2008 appearance image.
  • Stephen Nix for location link, additional dialogue, and correction.
  • Voodoo Master for additional dialogues and corrections.
  • ILmaster13 for location links.
  • Peachii for corrections.

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