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RE: Monster Bugs - read the topic rules BEFORE posting.

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2/11/2018 10:22:20   

Quest at Smugglefest with Yugler

Battling lv 145 Braken, but the xp is 498 and gold is 271
Post #: 1501
2/11/2018 10:36:31   
Rafiq von den Vielen

^Not a bug. Some of the monsters in the old Snugglefest are scaled to your level. This Braken is one of them.
Post #: 1502
2/19/2018 0:14:55   
Master Guardian

In the newest Snugglefest quest it seems there are problems with some ninjas loading. I am essentially stuck on the loading screen with the monster loading indefinitely
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 1503
3/29/2018 12:01:47   
Rafiq von den Vielen

so I've been doing some RA and ran into a pack of 4 lvl 42 Iron Golems.

This pack is literally immortal. I "killed" them (reduced 3 golems to 0 HP, and the fourth one kept being brought to 1 HP) but instead of a victory screen and rewards, the last Iron Golem will keep attacking infinitely until it dies. No matter how many times you bring it to 1 HP, it'll stay alive and like, not die. Instead it'll pummel you until YOU die.

Firefox 48.0.2, latest flash player. I was using Airenal's Lance + Lord of the Skies + Golden Paragon Protector (to collect souls for it).
Post #: 1504
4/1/2018 18:57:29   

Today when testing out a few of my freeze status weapons I ran into a battle where a pack of 3 firezards became invulnerable to damage. I think purple rain is to blame but I'm not entirely sure so here is how the battle played out

1. Purple rain was cast at the start of the fight 2. Attacked with C.O.Me.T until the special stuck it's elevuln status 3. Used Swordcicle skill and killed 2 out of 3 zards 4. Cast purple rain again to restore the monsters hp fully and the next turn is where they stopped taking damage. The damage numbers would show on the screen like usual but not register on their hp-bar. I tried switching out every possible kind of gear and elements + dealing tons of damage but it did nothing. An interesting (and perhaps important?) detail is that one of the dead zards came back to life and attacked at the start of their every turn, only to drop dead again at the end of it.

So multiple targets + purple rain perhaps spells trouble?

edit: Duplicated the sort of fight and the exact same thing happened.

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Post #: 1505
8/4/2018 23:01:31   

Encountered Tibbles the Merry Elf just now in the Void random battle, August 4th at 11pm EST.

He told me to report it as a bug, so here I am lol

EDIT: He actually pops up every time I click the Battle button in the Void, 10 times in a row now (wanted to be sure it wasn't a fluke).

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AQ  Post #: 1506
8/6/2018 16:50:10   
Zee Flametail

I also see Tibbles on the standard battle monsters quest in town.
AQ  Post #: 1507
8/15/2018 0:31:42   

Mighty shadow roc does not respect autohit - it'll dodge autohits with its ability

Ahh, old code written before autohit. Fixed, clear you cache. Thanks! ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 1508
9/13/2018 14:01:46   

Jacques' chi shield is supposed to activate on wind, energy, or light element damage (his weaknesses) but the chi shield redirects all damage as if copied from a sea squirt/fiend.
Post #: 1509
9/17/2018 3:19:32   

Shadow Dragon (at least the level 85 version) doesn't seem to be treated as a dragon...


Sorry for the bother! >.<

That's intentional. It's a blob of elemental shadow that just looks like a dragon. ~IMR

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AQ  Post #: 1510
9/22/2018 6:13:35   

The Sphinxes (the bosses at least) from the Osiris Quest don't count for the Legends of Lore Sphinx Day Quest! >.<

Thanks in advance! ^^)/

Edit: I wasn't able to find any other up to date Sphinx to test this out, but I'm currently theorizing that the Legends of Lore quest is not working with the new sphinxes.

I was able to make it properly working by fighting the outdated Sphinx on the Spellcraft quest.

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AQ  Post #: 1511
11/12/2018 14:34:46   

When you're fighting multiple moonrays and their mana bar is full. All but one explodes like they should and the last one uses the normal death animation but the fight goes on with an invisible moonray until you attack it. Not sure if this is a glitch too but attacking it with anything but darkness after all that causes their mana to go down for some reason instead of taking damage.
Post #: 1512
1/27/2019 3:25:06   

It might be because of the Void Dragon Queen as a challenge boss but a level 90 void dragon vyrm killed me after i missed one of my attacks and i took around 3300 points of damage.
Post #: 1513
2/1/2019 0:15:32   
Legendary Ash

Observed in the War of the Fangs Resurrection, Death Knight says it is damaged in the explosion, but the health did not receive a deduction by that number, nothing happened.
AQ  Post #: 1514
4/5/2019 12:49:23   
Lord Markov

Would also like to confirm that Death Knight no longer damages itself during its explosion attack, effectively giving it free damage.
AQ  Post #: 1515
4/9/2019 18:44:38   

Monsters seem to be doing very little damage. People on Discord have reported that they're only doing ~25% of normal, and this seems to be in line with what I'm getting right now. I just fought a Lvl 137 Gargoyle in an armor with 95% Energy resistance and no shield, and Gargoyle still struggled to do more than double digits with each hit.
AQ  Post #: 1516
9/1/2019 22:55:16   

Shinyaro Form's Fragile skill heals (to a larger health than it had before the skill was used) War-torn Dragon after it wears off. The skills works normally for other monsters I've tried on.
Post #: 1517
9/9/2019 20:09:46   
Blue Revenge

While playing the new quest where you go through the void, I fought the monster Present. I killed him with a Burn status and got the blue scroll of doom (maybe has something to do with the fact that he's supposed to negate all but 1 damage on YOUR turn, but it doesn't factor in his own turn). I was able to click the blue scroll and everything was fixed. Just wanted to make someone aware!
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 1518
9/23/2019 11:11:28   

Wind Wasp Swarm. If the mob loses one of the wasps during his turn (dues to backlash), the game breaks.
AQ  Post #: 1519
11/19/2019 3:33:16   

In some quests, I'm fighting a monster that seems like it's disgustingly too powerful for me to be facing, and it's hindering my ability to continue. I made a ticket/email response about it once before in the Umazen War questline a few months back, and now doing the whole Devourer Saga, The Rise Of Omega.

I keep fighting a Night Horror that is level 112, while I'm 99, seems normal,b ut it has 10,000 health, and hits for (with my 54% Darkness) 180-600 per turn. Maybe my build is wrong or something, but there is simply no way for me with my offensive build to beat this thing before ti kills me through potions. I ended up stacking Darkness defense, but I don't do enough damage and it wittles me down while I hardly get close to beating it. I have to rely on Blade Of Awe , multiple Dragon procs or a Death proc in order to move foward. Is this intentional? I've hit my head against this mob 6 times, only beating it ONCE cause of Death proc on Blade Of Awe, only to have it thrown at me AGAIN in the same quest part, this time I have no where NEAR enough potions after using them all trying to beat this thing the first time.

Maybe my build is horribly wrong https://guardian.battleon.com/game/flash/charview?temp=11194272 Please someone tell me if it is. Otherwise I don't see how I'm supposed to continue the story if this one quest is throwing 2 10,000 health mobs at me without a potion refresh while it does 180-600 damage to me a turn, through 54% Darkness resistance. Sure if I block or dodge enough, I'll beat it, but progression in this old story quest shouldn't be reliant on RNG like that. Either this is how the quest is supposed to be, put a borderline boss level monster at me TWICE, that make the actual bosses at the end of the quest lines a joke, and I guess I'm not built enough, or there's a problem with the system doing it.

As I said, the Umazen War quest line a few months back was doing this, spawning the SAME high level mob at me at the SAME EXACT PART of the quest line every single time, 8 times in a row, and there was no hope of beating it and continuing it, so I gave up.

I'm saying this feels out of place, because I've done content in this game as it comes out, new stories and what not, current content. I simply do not have this kind of struggle....ever. Nothing a few potions and some armor changes mid fight can't push me through, a fight that's "Oh man, that's difficult, but I got this, I'm close", but this is just another level of difficulty, that I can only relate to ONE other experience that the fight seems so overtuned in this specific part for some reason, that something is bugged, when I can do almost the entire Devourer Saga perfectly fine, mild challenge to some good fights that pushed me, to just being ROLLED over like this out of the blue, making previous "boss" fights in the quests a complete joke. Then having to fight this thing TWICE in the same quest.

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Started in 2005, still going strong.
AQ  Post #: 1520
11/19/2019 4:00:56   
Primate Murder

I'm not sure this should go into Bugs section, but I'll try to answer what I can.

First of all, I may be mistaken, but I don't see a darkness shield in your inventory, 54% is only armor's DarkRes. You're expected to have both armor and shield of the appropriate element according to game standards. Without one, you're taking almost 1.75x damage of what you should.

I also don't see a light weapon or light spell/skill to deal damage against the monster's highest resist, which may be a part of the problem. A werewolf armor with 2x damage Beast Form may also be quite useful.

Furthermore, if you know what element monsters you'll be facing, you can grab an elemental resist misc. For a fairly small sp cost, you nearly half the damage you take.

Finally, if you're having problems with survivabilty, you may try playing an FD build, which takes *0.8 damage, and deals *1 damage with 100-proc weapons and pets/guests.

< Message edited by Primate Murder -- 11/19/2019 4:56:36 >
AQ DF  Post #: 1521
11/19/2019 4:56:16   

I do'nt know what FD is, keep seeing it though. And What do you mean I still take 1.5x Darkness damage if I don't have a darkness shield? I have 54% Darkness , shouldn't I be taking almost half damage of what it'd normally do to me? I do have a Light weapon, it's the Chiropteraxe.
AQ  Post #: 1522
11/19/2019 5:00:14   
Primate Murder

In reverse order:

My bad about the axe, I forgot it had a light variant.

The player is expected to have armor+shield resistance to monster element, around 30% at your level. It doesn't matter a whole lot at lower levels, but somewhere after 75-90 tier, you need to have an armor and shield for every element.

There are different armor leans, most common ones being Neutral (deal and take *1 damage), Fully-Offensive (FO, deal and take *1.25 damage) and Fully-Defensive (FD; deal and take *0.8 damage, can deal *1 by using 100-proc weapons).

< Message edited by Primate Murder -- 11/19/2019 5:02:34 >
AQ DF  Post #: 1523
11/19/2019 5:17:03   

Right, forgot about the armor leans. I'm not sure if a Darkness shield would have mattered in that scenario anyway, I would run out of pots and that Night Horror would still have 2-3k health left. It truly doesn't feel like an enemy that should be spawning in that quest, it's very out of place, feels like a boss mob much more than the actual bosses. I'm surprised they have the normal mobs be leveled scaled , but not the story bosses like Nightbane.


Started in 2005, still going strong.
AQ  Post #: 1524
1/31/2020 22:53:27   

I'm making this post in regards to the monster "Legion", red seahorse-looking creatures, fire-based, and multiplies as you thought you beat them. The problem is that at a certain point of their multiplication, like 4x or 5x of the same monster, its weakness to Ice and Water instead HEALS them. Pets with said elements still do damage. So far I only know Water and Ice to heal them. Then when I beat them with some other weapon that's not Ice or Water, at win screen, the mob's HP bar shows a negative value. Must be a coding issue somewhere. It was when I was battling at the Morningstar Set node.

Good luck!
Post #: 1525
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