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RE: Monster Bugs - read the topic rules BEFORE posting.

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9/26/2020 4:44:19   

The void battle button which is currently hardlocked to Mr. Frostvalverse appears to always blue scroll of death on victory.
Post #: 1526
10/11/2020 1:27:47   

I've encountered a bug with the new Necromancer boss from the Advanced Paladin quest. After one of his minions had successfully been destroyed, I brought the other down to 1 HP and triggered the Necromancer's "Distract him or destroy it" prompt.

I then brought the remaining minion down to 0 HP. When the Necromancer's turn started, the minion performed the death animation, and the Necromancer pulled a Sans, deciding to never take his turn or let me take mine.
AQ  Post #: 1527
11/4/2020 22:54:15   

Don't know if this is a bug or working as intended:

The ??? creature that has to be defeated to progress into the dragon of time quest line seems to be able to paralyze the player character multiple times in a row despite the paralysis turns remaining being at 0.

I have personally found this creature frustrating and my previous g0 to solution was to fight it as early as possible and burn it down with ally assists & spells ASAP but if you take a more relaxed play style or your character is not a mage that simply does not work.

So I decided to do some quick tests:

Fresh log in & go directly to the fight = Still end up getting stun locked more often then not
Play for a bit then go to the fight = Still end up getting stun locked more often then not
low level Annihilator warrior character ally assist spam = Maybe knock off 50% of health then get defeated
Same character as before but no ally assists = Maybe knock off 25% of health then get defeated

Frustrating but whatever ... better gear, better stats and some better real luck could fix that right ?
... One more test to see if its not psychological and they may in fact be a bug then:

Same character as before but no ally assists & watch the status window = Defeated but noticed character was still paralyzed with 0 turns remaining multiple times for typically three or more turns at a time.

If the ??? creature can paralyze on every turn then I guess its as expected if not might want to have a look at it.
Post #: 1528
12/10/2020 0:28:00   

Sorry I'm new to posting here so I'm not sure if posting pics are okay. I was trying to do the Fujin MC set quest to upgrade my shield to 120. While fighting the Wind Wasp Swarm, it ended up killing itself off of Angra Linorm's backlash effect. Now the battle is softlocked because of it. I feel like this is a bug with the creature because I've had Angra Linorm kill other monsters for me before just fine.

Post #: 1529
1/10/2021 10:06:18   

Bug with Dragonlorn Forlorn Wake quest Lurking Doombinder fight:
It's burn is overwhelming. You get killed by it instantly, no matter what you do. After you die, you restart from the checkpoint. Also, you can't really flee from the battle, as it just loads you to the checkpoint before the fight even if you choose to flee, instead of sending you back to town.
Post #: 1530
1/14/2021 6:55:55   

The Supreme Fireshifter's SP bar does not glow. I died because of this because I didn't change armors.
Post #: 1531
5/29/2021 8:47:08   
Mr. Roguish

Is death knight's kamaze attack supposed to be a guanteed hit?

It has preformed the move multiple times and has hit me everytime without fail with that attack recently despite simultaneously:
Being inflicted with Berserk (status) totalling -25.3 BtH
Being inflicted with Blind (status) totalling -33.1 BtH

Myself having:
68/66/64 MRM (base) + 78.74 MRM (defense boost status)
205 DEX (base) + 87 DEX (Moonwalker's Grace spell)
45 LUK

< Message edited by Mr. Roguish -- 5/29/2021 8:48:27 >
Post #: 1532
7/13/2021 20:53:45   

(a few weeks ago, but since i didn't notice on bug reports/here or in discord i am mentioning now that i remembered) Not sure if it happens with higher characters since i haven't seen it yet with mine. When you play against that Light Warrior that rewards you with light melee blade, temporary or permanent. Your SP lowers playing and the SP to escape increases a lot more than it should. You receive SP for your turn and notice that the SP to escape increased as well to more SP than you have, and it doesn't matter how many turns you play it never catches up.

< Message edited by silverhook1003 -- 7/13/2021 20:54:33 >
Post #: 1533
7/16/2022 13:46:59   

Darksteel Guard: You get a Blue Scroll of DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM whenever it is defeated. It's happened like 3 types on different accounts.
AQ AQW  Post #: 1534
4/29/2023 9:23:01   
Keno Chao

Fought 2 FrogZard's in the Ku Ku Chessmaster Quest which were level 80 but only had 210 HP. Image
AQ  Post #: 1535
12/6/2023 16:46:53   
Grace Xisthrith

Godscourge Destroyer (boss of Insurmountable, Last Ride part 3) currently inflicts ~10x disease based off damage dealt. At level 30, this can look like an entire HP bar's worth of disease. At max level, it can easily go above 4k even in proper resistances
AQ  Post #: 1536
1/20/2024 19:01:33   

This may have long been reported forever ago, but

This only occurs vs pack monsters, and it's versus all pack monsters. All heals (any resource) based on damage..this includes poison siphons, other siphons, pet or guest attacks that heal based on damage... if the hit is the kill shot to one of the pack monsters, no matter if its one of the first ones or the final one..the heal will not occur on the shot that drop one of the pack monsters to 0.

If I have a poison siphon on and the monster has 100 HP left and the poison siphon hits for 100+, there will be no heal whatsoever. This works fine vs normal mobs, but not packs.

< Message edited by Sapphire -- 1/20/2024 19:02:30 >
Post #: 1537
4/4/2024 13:03:56   
The Wizard

I had a couple weird bugs today involving the Doomlight Sets.

1) Communicatn Zard - Due to its healing on attack healing combined with the backlash, I had it show the death animation and die while still being at 20 hp. I assume what happened was backlash on its last attack killed it but then its healing from the attack triggered and gave it health which caused the death animation since the health hit 0 at one point.

2) Legion - This was really weird in that the enemy basically went into an infinite attack loop (I had it trigger at least 50 attacks in a row) which when combined with the backlash should have killed it, but it kept attacking until I died even though its health was at around -1100 which means it should have been dead already.
AQ  Post #: 1538
5/4/2024 13:07:22   
Jakau Ryuu

Currently training a lowbie, just hit the level 60 mark yesterday, and wanted to spend part of today upgrading their MC gear a tier. Problem is, the quest mobs they're running into today are labeled as level 45/60 (depending on quest), but their stats (and damage) reflect those of significantly higher-level mobs, often their level 150 iterations.

{example 1}; {example 2}; {example 3}

Also happens with at least a few other quests (just checked Troll-o-Vision only to immediately encounter a "level 60" Battle Troll with 4700 HP and standard level 150 Melee mob attributes). Doesn't seem to happen with the "Battle Monsters" option or similar, nor quests with set-ish encounter levels (checked via Vamprook Spyre).

Don't have any other characters in the same level range, but I'm seeing similar results with a level 123 character (only difference is, that character's Battle Troll has 6.6k HP), as well as a level 85 character (seeing 5.5k HP), both on a different account from the level 60 character.

< Message edited by Jakau Ryuu -- 5/5/2024 16:59:20 >
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 1539
5/5/2024 13:13:53   
Grace Xisthrith

To add on to this bug, I've used a level 75 and a level 12 to verify it works at more level ranges. It seems to work on any relatively modern quest that has monsters that are coded at base 150 and scale. I used Grenwog quests and war between shadows quests to test it
AQ  Post #: 1540
5/23/2024 16:57:55   
Jakau Ryuu

Some of the "worker" mobs you face when trying to activate estate buildings seem to scale very, uh... aggressively, these days. Take the renamed Kabroz you deal with when trying to activate the Trading Hut, for example, since he's probably the biggest offender: his overtuned stats seem to result in a ridiculous initiative mod, because my level 123 character with 150 LUK and 250 STR (rest in CHA), wearing the H-Series armor, consistently fails to win initiative, at which point Not-Kabroz deals several times that character's max HP with his opening attack. Giving up on trying to win initiative and instead switching to level-appropriate Dark-resist gear still results in taking well over that character's max HP, also in one single spell, and of course switching everything over to STR + END + LUK and coming in with appropriate Dark-resist still melts over half the character's health bar. He has the MP for five casts at that same level of damage, and a hefty amount of HP backing all that up (this character is seeing well over 7k), high enough base INT that he almost always lands every single hit and and enough CHA to consistently shrug off certain normally-cheesy strats like Control spam (if you can somehow survive long enough to try), and if memory serves his non-spell attack replenishes a significant sum of MP as well if you can somehow survive all of that... not that I've seen that recently to confirm. ^^;

The renamed Bishop Finch you face when activating basic Mana Collectors also packs a wallop, but not to quite the same degree... the Void damage still does quite a number, but only to a degree it's difficult to out-burst him rather than impossible to do so.

I know it's only a couple buildings in an old part of the game that not many players/characters are encountering fresh these days, and it's the rest of the "Worker" mobs are mostly pretty weak, but those two in particular are uh... quite something to deal with.
AQ DF AQW  Post #: 1541
6/6/2024 4:48:03   
Rafiq von den Vielen

I broke the "Legion" old challenge/void mob.

On a 250 STR/END/LUK build, wearing Hexbound armor + Cerberus Ward + Ice BoA!!! + Zardade + Dunamis pet/guest.

So Legion is supposed to get more attacks the more of them are spawned up to a maximum of 8. Sometimes this straight up doesn't happen and it behaves like a normal pack mob, only getting two attacks despite having more than 4 critters summoned.
From my observation this happens every time the first or second hit of Legion triggers the small backlash/counterattack type effect that I get from running STR.
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