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The Trouble with Trobbles

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6/1/2007 15:31:50   
Lost Star

The Trouble with Trobbles

Location: Yulgar/Han's Shop -> Talk to Hans

Hans: I, ummm...sort of like Aria. And, I was thinking... Can you help me? I want to give her a special gift. Can you go to Greenguard Forest and find a trobble for me??

Trobble quest!

Takes you to Greenguard.

You: Now to find that trobble for Hans... I only hope it doesn't give me too much "trobble". *groan*
    Earth Mobs (Refer to Monster List below)
    Full Heal after each battle
Stat Roll!
Are you lucky enough to find one little trobble in this huge forest??

Difficulty: 50
Stat used: Luck


You fight another monster from the monster pool above, get a full heal, and then go back to the roll. Repeated until you pass the roll.

Trobble appears

You: WoW! This must be my lucky day!

Level 29 and Below: Trobble (10)
Level 30+: Trobble (60, Scaled)

Full heal

You: Okay, now I have you, little guy! You're coming with me back to town...

*Trobble gets bigger*

You: !!!!!!!!
You: um--OKay. Let's go to the Inn right now, before you get hungry...

The Inn

Hans: !!!!!!!
You: Yeah, I know. That's exactly what I said.
Hans: Is it supposed to be that big?
You: No.
Hans: What did you do to it?
You: I didn't do anything. It just grew bigger!
Hans: We have to find a way to make it smaller. Aria will never want a trobble this big!
You: Why not?
Hans: I just don't think she will...
You: Well, do you have any ideas about how to make it smaller?
Hans: Hmmmm... oh yeah! WARLIC! He's a powerful wizard. He can make it smaller! I'm sure of it!
You: Alright, I'll go ask Warlic.

Warlic's Shop

Warlic: Hello, <insert character name>. What is it that you need?

*Giant trobble comes up*

You: We have a trobble problem...
Warlic: Interesting. It seems to be under some sort of spell or charm.
You: Can you make it smaller for me?
Warlic: Of course I can! But I need you to gather the items needed to make it possible.
You: Terrific! What are they?
Warlic: You must find Fulgam Mushrooms from Farthwark Wood. They are unique to the area.
Warlic: I will show you a picture of the mushroom. Memorize it, and then go find one!
You: Okay! I'm ready-- Show me the picture!

Picture of mushroom is shown

Warlic: Good luck on your search!

*You arrive at a wooded area*

You: Okay, now to find that mushroom!

Fight: 2 Monster Battles from group listed above

You come to a field where you can choose from three different clickable mushrooms to take. Clicking on them will lead to another battle with an earth monster, with another full heal after. You are then taken to a different field with different mushrooms in it, including one with spots on it. Clicking on the spotted one will take you back to Warlic's Shop.

Warlic: Ahh... let's have a look at what you found!

The mushroom is compared to the picture of the Fulgam Mushroom.

Warlic: That seems to be the wrong type of mushroom. Close, though. Keep looking!

You are taken to another mushroom field. Clicking on a mushroom will again cause a battle with an earth monster, with yet another full heal. You then appear in an addition mushroom field, again with a spotted mushroom. Click on it, and you are again taken to Warlic.

Warlic: Ahh... let's have a look at what you found!

The mushroom is compared to the picture again.

Warlic: You found the right mushroom! Now, let's see if this will work...
You: What do you mean 'if'??
Warlic: Ehem... Magic is not an exact science. Now, allow me to do my work.

*The trobble grows even larger*

Warlic: Hence... the meaning of 'if'. Sorry.
You: .........

Back to the Inn

Hans: Hi again! Say, where'd the trobble go?
You: It got away.
Hans: We NEED that trobble. What are you going to do?
You: You really want the trobble that badly?
Hans: More than anything! Really I do!
You: You must really like Aria...
Hans: Well, uh... you know... hehe... Yes. Alot.
You: Okay, I'll find that trobble again. But what am I supposed to do to make it smaller??
Hans: You mean Warlic couldn't do it?
You: No. He made it bigger actually. So that was a good idea.
??? (Twilly): Heyas! I think I know how to fix it!
Twilly: I'm pretty sure I know a spell that can make it smaller! But we need to track it down first!
You: Thanks Twilly! Let's start looking in Greenguard first, since that's where I found him to begin with!


You fight one earth monster, with a full heal to follow. After the battle, you come upon Twig.

You: Have you seen an unusually large trobble around here?
Twig: Nopes, no big twobbles! Sowwy.
You: Hmm... back to Farthwark Wood then.


Farthwark Wood

You fight yet another earth monster, and recieve another full heal at the end of the battle. Once the battle is over, you meet Robina.

You: Have you seen an unusually large trobble around here?
Robina: I've seen footprints, but I haven't seen the trobble.
You: Where do the tracks lead?
Robina: I'd need to follow them all the way, but I'd bet he's heading toward Lolosia!
  • Go!
      2 BATTLES
      Water Mobs (Refer to monster list below)
      Full Heal after each battle
    You encounter Captain Rhubarb.

    You: Captain! Robina has tracked an extremely large trobble to this area. It ran away, and I need to get it back!
    Captain Rhubarb: Runaway trobble??
    You: Yes indeed! I've been looking for a while now.
    Captain Rhubarb: Do ye happen to be referrin' to THIS trobble?

    *Big trobble appears*

    You: Whoohooo! That's the one! Thank you for finding him, Captain!
    Captain Rhubarb: I really like the fuzzy guy. I thought he could be my pet.
    You: Oh-- sorry. He is a pet for Aria.
    Captain Rhubarb: I understand, matey. I hope he enjoys living in Battleon. Just make sure to keep yer eyes on 'im. Trobbles can be hard to deal with in the wrong hands.

    To Battleon

    The Inn

    Hans: You found him!!
    You: Yes I did! With a little help from some friends.
    Twilly: Now it's time to shrink this big guy down! Spell-casting time!!!!!!!

    *Light comes from Twilly and the big trobble disappears, replaced by many 22 normal sized trobbles*

    Hans: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh....nooooo0.......
    Twilly: Oopsies.
    Hans: There-- so many--
    You: Well, they're SMALLER now.
    Hans: What are we going to DO with all of these?!
    Twilly: I have a good idea!!
    You: Not another idea like THIS one, I hope.
    Twilly: Let's just give them to someone who really really loves trobbles!
    You: Who on Lore would want this many trobbles?? Maybe Aria would take them all in?
    Hans: Sure, she likes them, but-- this many trobbles is INSANE. She could never handle them all! And they can't stay HERE!
    You: Hey! I know someone who might want to take some of them! Captain Rhubarb! He saw the trobble in Lolosia and wanted to keep it!
    You: Hans, stay here and watch these trobbles while I talk to the Captain!
    Hans: *gulp* O--okay?

    The Beach

    Captain Rhubarb: Could you give me a hand here, matey? I seem to have a Braken infestation!
    You: No problem, Captain!

    Boss Fight:
    Level 29 and Below: Braken
    Level 30+: Braken (Scaled)

    Full Heal

    Captain Rhubarb: Thank ye!

    *Trobble comes up to Captain Rhubarb*

    Captain Rhubarb: And who might THIS be??
    You: Oh, this is one of the trobbles. He must have followed me all the way from Battleon!
    Captain Rhubarb: ONE of 'em? I thought ye only had one!
    You: Well, now we have 23 of them. This has been what you might call a 'misadventure'.
    You: So, since we have so many now, we need someone to help take care of them.
    Captain Rhubarb: I'll tell ye what-- If ye make this little laddy a part of the pack, I will take care of as many as ye want!
    You: Thanks a lot! That just makes me want to say-- yaarrrrgg!
    Captain Rhubarb: Hehe... AAARRRR... Now, let's head to Battleon and collect me trobbles!


    You and Captain Rhubarb arrive to the Inn

    Hans: Alright, that's 22 trobbles! Are you sure you can take care of them all, Mr. Rhubarb?
    Captain Rhubarb: That's CAPTAIN Rhubarb, laddy. Aye, they would make a fine crew for one of me ships.
    Hans:: Um... CREW?
    Captain Rhubarb: Yaarrr..... crew. Little Floyd will be me second mate. Thank ye again-- it's back to sea fer me and me new crew!


    Captain Rhubarb leaves with all but one of the trobbles

    Hans: Well, I think all that's left to do is give Aria her trobble!
    Hans: Can you do me one last favor, and, uh, deliver the trobble to Aria for me?
    You: Hans, are you serious? If you really really like Aria, don't you think it would be best if you actually GAVE her a gift in person??
    Hans: Well, you could tell her it was a gift from me, right? And she'd know I like her?
    Twig: Floppity blobbit!! Fish and ice cweam ahoy!
    You: ............ Okay. Hans, you need to be BRAVE. You need to show Aria that you, and YOU ALONE, can go over to her pet shop and give her a trobble!
    Hans: I-- I don't know-- What if I get too nervous?!?
    You: Being nervous is an endearing quality. Just show her you have the guts to go on over there! You can do it!
    Hans: hehehe.....heh....
    Twig: My ear itches.... Can someone get me a down of Wucky Charms?


    Hans goes over to Aria's shop.

    Aria: Why, hello Hans! What brings you to my shop today?
    Hans: I, um... I wanted to say Hi, and-- uhh---
    Aria: You know, it would be nice to see you more often. You work just across from here and we only see each other once a week at most!
    Hans: Well, hehe... We're both so busy. Adventurers are always in need of new stuff, after all... uhh...
    Aria: Is something wrong? You seem-- nervous.
    Hans: Hahaha, yeah... um...
    Aria: Are you-- HIDING something behind your back?
    Hans: Noooooo.... why would I--
    Hans: Oh, my back's turned toward you. You can see it. Hehe...
    Hans: It's a trobble here you go it's for you I gotta go now see you later I like you bye!
    Aria: Awwww.... so cute!
    Aria: Oh hey, <insert character name>, I didn't see you there. Did you have something to do with this?
    You: Well-- no, no. Hans went through a lot of trouble getting that trobble. He's a special trobble.
    Aria: Yes he is--
    Trobble: cheep cheep!!
    Aria: LOL! Oh my! It's a she, not a he! Sorry!
    Trobble: cheepity
    Aria: Anyway, <insert character name>, I have a magical trobble duplicator in the back of my shop.
    Aria: I can put my new little friend inside and in a few seconds make you a special trobble of your choice! Whaddaya say?


    You can now buy the
    Car Trobble (5/25/55/75/90)
    Legal Trobble (5/25/55/75/90)
    Triple Trobble (5/25/55/75/90)
    Trobble-San (5/25/55/75/90)
    Big Trobble (5/25/55/75/90)

    Note: You can only buy ONE Trobble per quest.

    Aria: Thank you for helping Hans! I never thought he'd be brave enough to do what he did!!
  • Bye!

  • Replay (Does the quest again)
  • Return to Town (Takes you back to Battleon)

    Entry thanks to bballman23. Corrections from SLC and Hello011010.
    Monster Lists
    The battles use the RA formula with the following monster list.

    Forest encounters
    Huge Rat (0)
    Frogzard (0)
    Giant Spider (1)
    Seed Spitter (2)
    Am-Bush (3)
    O'Teeny (5)
    Baby Earth Dragon (6)
    Wolverine (8)
    Stone Golem (9)
    Owl (10)
    Sneak (15)
    Whomp (15)
    ToadZard (15)
    Chomper (19)
    Young Minotaur (20)
    Forest Demon (20)
    O'Beany (22)
    Wolverine (25)
    Owl (28)
    Deery (32)
    Earth Dragon (39)
    Minotaur (40)
    O'Meany (40)
    BURP (40)
    Gizzard (45)
    Slattwob (45)
    O'Greeny (50)
    Sneak (50)
    Deathwood (50)
    Wolverine (55)
    Minotaur Prime (60)
    Chimera (60)
    Deery (62)
    Frogzard Defender (63)
    Behemoth (65)
    Woodland Pack (65)
    O'Beany (67)
    Earth Dragon (71)
    Drakel Captain (75)
    Elfephant (75)
    Sneak (75)
    Wolverine (75)
    Killer Buzzer (76)
    Brownie (78)
    Owl (78)
    O'Greeny (80)
    Deery (82)
    O'Meany (85)
    Hydra (85)
    Woodland Pack (85)
    Sneak (90)
    Teeny BURP (90)
    Earth Dragon (91)
    Thunder Troll (92)

    Water encounters
    Blecch (1)
    Vagaran (2)
    TadZard (3)
    Flyrtle (5)
    Young Water Dragon (10)
    Sea Squirt (10)
    WhaleZard (15)
    Emerald Slime (20)
    Seadog (22)
    Blecch (28)
    Sea Squirt (30)
    Sea Squirt (50)
    Gargel (52)
    Water Dragon (55)
    Sea Titan (64)
    Sea Squirt (70)
    Giant Piranha (75)
    Aquus (83)
    Sea Squirt (90)

    Earth Mobs
    Level 14 and Below
    Baby Earth Dragon
    Huge Rat
    Seed Spitter
    Stone Golem

    Level 15-39
    Forest Demon
    Young Minotaur

    Level 40-59
    Baby Earth Dragon

    Level 60-79
    Earth Dragon
    Frogzard Defender
    Minotaur Prime
    Woodland Pack

    Level 80+
    Deery (85)
    Earth Dragon
    Sneak (90)
    Thunder Troll
    Teeny BURP
    Woodland Pack (85)

    Water Mobs
    Level 19 and Below
    Sea Squirt

    Level 20-39
    Emerald Slime
    Sea Squirt
    Young Water Dragon

    Level 40-75
    Sea Squirt
    Sea Ttian
    Water Dragon

    Level 76-84
    Giant Piranha
    Sea Squirt
    Sea Ttian
    Water Dragon (55)

    Level 85+
    Captain Frolgar's Braken
    Giant Piranha
    Sea Squirt
    Sea Ttian
    Water Dragon

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