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Temporary Weapon Guide: Version I.I

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6/19/2014 2:21:28   
Heroes of the Scape

Weapon Guide

By: Heroes of the Scape

This is a remake of Temporary Weapon guide by Koree and Mystical Warrior


Notes : TW#000
What is a Temporary Weapon? : TW#001
You and Your No-Drops: A Match Made Permanent?: TW#002
List of Temporary Weapons (Alphabetically): TW#003
The "Useful" Weapons: TW#004
Updates: TW#005
Special Thanks: TW#006

For better browsing of the guide use Ctrl+F then enter the code of the section you want to go to



  • If there are new or missed temporary weapons please post them with links to the entries.
  • If there are typos please post them along with a quote of the section where the typo is.
  • At this time a large amount of weapons are missing their ‘pedia entries so I will link them when they become available.
  • Temp weapons that can only be used in specific situations will not be included. Ex: I will not be including any of the Knight Class Armaments since the only way you can use them is if you are in the Knight Armors so they have no use in other situations.

    What are Temporary Weapons?


    Temporary Weapons are weapons that you get when adventuring either you get them from monsters or quests. These weapons can be obtain without paying any cost of gold. Temporary Weapons replaces your non-drop weapons. Usually temporary weapons are stronger than normal ones that can be bought with gold that is why they are only temporary so you cannot keep a strong weapon until you logout or gets replaced by another temporary weapon.

    Here's a small quote:

    Temporary items are usually far too powerful to keep, hence they are temporary. Many quests do allow you to obtain permanent weaponry, but many existing temporary weapons are too powerful to merely let you keep afterward.

    You and Your No-Drops: A Match Made Permanent?


    You cannot get rid of your No-Drop weapons permanently. While every No-Drop option is able to be taken on a permanent basis, you can also get any of them on a Temporary basis. Note that once you have purchased the Awe!!! upgrade you can no longer access the non-Awe!!!/Ultra!!! versions of those weapons.

    The No-Drop weapons are:
  • Long Sword
  • Short Sword
  • Wooden Staff
  • Spear

  • Guardian Blade
  • Guardian Dagger
  • Guardian Staff
  • Guardian Spear

    When you have found all the pieces of Blade of Awe, you unlock the Awe weapons. Alternately, after you have received your Awe weapon you can go to the Golden Gift Boxes and you will have a chance to open the Awe!!! upgrade shop. This will upgrade your Awe/Ultra weapon to an Awe!!!/Ultra!!!.:
  • Blade of Awe/ Awe!!!
  • Dagger of Awe/ Awe!!!
  • Staff of Awe/ Awe!!!
  • Spear of Awe/ Awe!!!

    Recently the UltraGuardian/Ultra!!!Guardian Scythes were released. Unlike the Awe/Awe!!! Weapons they do not follow the Element of your No-Drop. Like the Basic Guardian weapons it randomly chooses one of the 8 standard Elements. If you have your No-Drops aligned to an Element it will not use that Element. It will instead have two chances of using the opposite Element. (Ex: If aligned to fire, you will never have the Scythe use Fire as its Element):
  • Powerful UltraGuardian Scythe/Ultra!!!
  • Arcane UltraGuardian Scythe/Ultra!!!
  • Swift UltraGuardian Scythe/Ultra!!!

    List of Temporary Weapons




    Rare = R
    Guardian = G
    Permanent = P (The weapon also has a Permanent Version)
    Permanent Rare = PR (The weapon also has a Permamnent Version but it is now Rare)

    Acclaimed Blade
    Arzock's Chocolate Bar R
    Auger of Brontus P

    Bananarang R
    Blade of Awe G P
    Blade of Granemor
    Blade of Peace R
    BlingShot R PR
    Bludrut Blade PR
    Bone Smasher Mace
    BURP Slayer R
    Burrito of DOOM R

    Carnax Blade G
    Cinco de Mayo R
    Comfy Pillow R
    Corpse Cannon R
    Crux of the Matter
    Crystal Blade, the R

    Dagger of Awe G
    Dark Angel Spear
    Dark Blade of Awe G
    Dark Dagger of Awe G
    Dark Spear of Awe G
    Dark Staff of Awe G
    Dead Leg
    Death Shard
    Defender Orb G
    Derenian Conqueror
    Discount VegiSplatic G P
    Distinguished Blade
    Divergence of Fate's Path
    Draconic Blade G R
    Dragon Blade G PR
    Dragon Bow G
    Dragon Partisan G
    Dragon Scepter G
    Dragon Staff G
    Drakel Tube
    Dream Golden Axe
    Dream Mjollnir
    Dream ReignBringer
    Dwagon Blade GR

    Earth Blade of Awe G
    Earth Dagger of Awe G
    Earth Spear of Awe G
    Earth Staff of Awe G
    Ebil Hacker Hacker
    Ebil Staff
    Egg Beater R
    Elizabeth's Katana
    Eminent Blade
    Energy Blade of Awe G
    Energy Dagger of Awe G
    Energy Spear of Awe G
    Energy Staff of Awe G
    Executioner of Depression
    Executioner of Despair
    Executioner of Doldrums
    Executioner of Futility
    Executioner of Lethargy

    Fabled Blade
    Fangmaw Axe
    Fansarin's Machete P
    Fire Blade of Awe G
    Fire Dagger of Awe G
    Fire Spear of Awe G
    Fire Staff of Awe G
    Fork in Life's True Path
    Fork of Symbolic Allegory
    Fresh Sock R
    Frogzard Sword
    Frozen Claymore G PR

    Galrick's Blade
    Gauntlet of The'Galin
    Great Forest Axe
    Guardian Blade G
    Guardian Dagger G
    Guardian Spear G
    Guardian Staff G
    Guardian VegiSplatic GP
    Gumball Launcher PR

    Hacker's Axe
    Hollow's Weather Remote RP
    Homework Cannon RP

    Ice Blade of Awe G
    Ice Dagger of Awe G
    Ice Spear of Awe G
    Ice Staff of Awe G
    IceRazor P

    Julienne VegiSplaticP


    Lavistria's Bow P
    Legendary Blade R PR
    Lesser Nightmare Blade
    Light Blade of Awe G
    Light Dagger of Awe G
    Light Spear of Awe G
    Light Staff of Awe G
    Literal Horns of the Dilemma
    Long Sword
    Logan's Claw
    Lunar Avenger P
    Lunar Punisher P
    Lunar Scourge P
    Lunar Vigilante

    Magic Bone Smasher Mace
    Magic Candy Axe
    Magic Sharp Axe
    Magical Mountain Crusher Hammer
    Magical Twig of Carnage G
    Melee Candy Axe
    Melee Sharp Axe
    Moglin Sword R
    Mountain Crusher Hammer
    Mummy's Leg R
    Mystic Derenian Conqueror

    Nerfage Gun PR
    Nerfage Staff PR
    Nerfage Sword PR
    Nightmare Blade
    NightSever PR

    Old AxeR
    Overcharged BFG GPR

    Paintball Gun GP
    Preserved Leg PR
    Pumpkin Carver
    Pumpkin Chucker
    Pumpkin Smasher
    Pumpkin Staff


    Razor's Edge of Brilliance
    Razor's Edge of Clarity
    Razor's Edge of Lucidity
    Razor's Edge of Purity
    Razor's Edge of Radiance
    Renowned Blade
    Ring of Malinius G
    Rose BouquetR
    Rotten Bananarang
    Rusty Cleaver

    Sackful of Sacks
    Salvation Blade P
    Salvation Bow P
    Salvation Scepter P
    Sextant Staff
    Shadow Mistress' Katana
    Shadowoksen P
    Short Sword
    Six-Ton Gun
    Spear of Awe G P
    Squire's Sword
    Staff of Astradex G PR
    Staff of Awe G P

    Tacky Tie R
    Tarnished Caliburn
    The BFG R
    The Crystal Blade R
    Titled Blade
    Tongue of Stragath P
    Trench Axe
    Tusk Spear

    Undead Leg R

    Vanilla Ice Katana R
    VegiSplatic G P
    VegiSplatic Dicer GP
    VegiSplatic Slicer G P
    Volcano Mace

    Water Blade of Awe G
    Water Dagger of Awe G
    Water Lord Tear
    Water Spear of Awe G
    Water Staff of Awe G
    Wind Blade of Awe G
    Wind Dagger of Awe G
    Wind Spear of Awe G
    Wind Staff of Awe G
    Wooden Staff
    Wrapped Leg R



    Zhilo's Axe PR
    Zombie Nightmare Blade

    The "Useful" Weapons


    What should I use and why? I already like my non-drop (Longsword/Wooden Staff/Dagger/Guardian Blade etc.)

    If you want to replace your no-drop with a weapon that isn't attuned to earth, you may wish to find the best Permanent earth weapon available for you. Here is High-level Earth weapon comparison.

    Encyclopedia entry: Darklaw
    Location: Nightbane's Fortress, The Devourer Saga: The Beginning of The End, NightBane Part III

    A good weapon used mostly for its trigger against vamps, werewolves, and dracopyres...this weapon can be useful if you are farming in Nightbane's Fortress which contains monster that the weapon will trigger

    Fangmaw Axe
    Encyclopedia entry: Fangmaw Axe
    Location: Adder's Forge

    Overall a decent Fire weapon that scales to your level -5. Good if you are in between Fire weapons but otherwise there are plenty of highly viable Fire weapons to get.

    Legendary Blade Series
    Encyclopedia entry: Legendary Blade
    Location: Defeat Legendary Warrior or other Warrior in series

    A fair and decent light weapon to use...although it may be hard to obtain since you have to find and defeat Legendary Warrior or Mythical Warrior. (Hint: The Pally vs Necro war should have some). There are many Permanent Light weapons that demolish this series so I would recommend against using this.

    Dragon Blade/Partisan/Scepter/Bow
    Encyclopedia entry: Dragon Blade.
    Location: Dragon Blade: Battle Monsters Button for players below lvl 50; also available in the quest "Search for the Dragon Blade".

    Now this is a favorite among Guardians especially when there is a Dragon War occurring or they just farm dragon type enemies...the weapon scales depending on the level of the player...but when it triggers it deals one heck of a damage against dragons.

    (Lesser) Nightmare Blade
    Encyclopedia entry: Lesser Nightmare Blade, Nightmare Blade
    Location: Defeat Nightmare Queen.

    An interesting weapon for mages...the Lesser version can be a decent weapon and the Higher version can compare to Mastercrafts in power...although obtaining these weapons might be a bit difficult since battling the Nightmare Queen isn’t a walk in the park.

    Logan's Claw
    Encyclopedia entry: Logan's Claw
    Location: Power Shard: Logan's Claw (Superpower Madness!)

    Now this is also a decent earth weapon especially for adventurers that is annoyed by the special of Great Forest Axe or Galrick's Blade...being a non-special weapon Warriors can get the most out of this since its melee

    Encyclopedia entry: Websplurter
    Location: Power Shard: Varnak (Superpower Madness!)

    Now here is another weapon that can be useful to all players lacking a good wind weapon...although it is a 100% proc weapon the entangle ability of it makes it worthwhile to use

    Mark of Hope Series
    Encyclopedia Entries: Mark of Hope
    Location: The Final Battle; Devourer Saga Items Shop

    If you are looking for compression this is a viable option at early levels. It maxes out at lvl 100 so it is not for use at higher levels. Still, if you can afford to invest the SP into summoning the weapon forth it will help with compression for a few crucial levels.

    Drakel Tube
    Encyclopedia entry Drakel Tube
    Location: Defeat Drakel Air Raider

    A very powerful (and one of the few) Endgame Fire 100% proc weapons. Try to pick this up if you are a 100% proc Ranger as there are few, if any, Endgame Fire bows. It might just be a bit difficult to find an Air Raider with the proper level for you but it is well worth it.

    Tarnished Caliburn
    Encyclopedia entry Tarnished Caliburn (AKA; The Cricket Bat)
    Location: Bizarre Flecks III! Dhows's True Form Revealed (Battleon » Travel Map » Bizarre Flecks » 9: True Form [Click on Treasure Chest])

    A personal favorite of mine. This ornate ancient blade may have lost part of its power over time, but it is still a force to be reckoned. Sadly, it is a Melee weapon so it is useless to mages that may be out there. It is also Guardian Only so any Adventurers out there will have to look somewhere else. When Triggered it scales to your level and when Untriggered; your level -5. It will follow the Element of your No-Drops (Earth if you are set to Neutral). When at full power it rivals the Dragon Blade as the most powerful weapon in the game. However, it is much less situational as the trigger list covers many more possibilities.


    Version: I (06/10/2014) Made the Guide
    Version: I.I (07/18/2014) Added info to The "Useful" Weapons

    Special Thanks

    To The Game for approving me to remake the guide and giving the code
    To Koree and Mystical Warrior for the outline of the whole guide

    Looks good! :D ~James

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