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The Traitor

Location: The Sandsea (Books 1 and 2) -> Sek-Duat XV -> Quests -> The Traitor
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of The Sandwitch
Release Date: March 7th, 2008

Objective: Sek Duat XV has sent you to meet with a member of the rebellion who has decided to turn traitor. You have to stop the turncoat if you can.
Objective completed: Kasuf vanishes into the desert, looking defeated and full of regret. That was a close call, but the rebellion is safe, thanks to you. Why did Sek-Duat send you instead of Zhoom? What does he have up his sleeve?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(7) Sandstorm
(1) Anubis Knight - Boss


Anubis Burial Mask


After meeting Kasuf:
<Character>: Kasuf?! YOU are the traitor!?!
Kasuf: <Character>!?! This is ALL WRONG! I told Sek-Duat I would only meet with ZHOOM!
<Character>: What is going on here? Start explaining! If you've sold me out...
Kasuf: No! I... I was going to tell Sek-Duat that Zhoom was working for the rebels. You are safe... and so is my daughter.
<Character>: Sha'Rae? What are you talking about?
Kasuf: I found out what Sek-Duat is doing with the rebels. The spell that he stole from the yaga spellbook calls for a strong magical power source...
Kasuf: That power source is the Orb of Light. The spell also calls for 'the life forces of 100 people who call you an enemy'.
<Character>: Once Sek-Duat XV has rounded up 100 rebels, he plans on exchanging their lives to resurrect Sek-Duat The First!
Kasuf: The rebels will be undead husks, empty bodies... zombie servants. I... I couldn't risk that happening to my daughter.
Kasuf: I had to make this deal. I'm sorry.
<Character>: So you're going to trade the names and the locations of the other rebels to keep your own daughter safe?
<Character>: What about fighting for your people? Sha'Rae knows the risks and she's willing to risk her life for her people to be free!
Kasuf: You don't understand what it means to have a child! I HAD NO CHOICE.
<Character>: You ALWAYS have a choice! You know Sek-Duat XV, and you know that he will hunt down your daughter, no matter what.
<Character>: You're a fool if you think this deal will save her. You nearly doomed the entire rebellion.
Kasuf: You're right. Of course, you're right! I knew he couldn't be trusted. That's why I lied and told him that Zhoom was secretly working with the rebels.
Kasuf: I thought that if I could make Sek-Duat get rid of Zhoom then the others might stand a chance. Only...
<Character>: What? What is it?
Kasuf: ... Zhoom is VERY strong. I couldn't be sure Sek-Duat would be able to finish him so I set a trap.
Kasuf: This temple is protected by an ancient evil called the Anubis Knight, and we're standing in the middle of his home.
Kasuf: I was trying to lure Zhoom to his doom before I turned myself in... but I got you instead.
<Character>: WHAT? You decided to wait until NOW to tell me this?
Kasuf: Well, I was kinda surprised to see you, and I wanted to explain before you... It... slipped my mind.
<Character>: GREAT, now I'm doomed. Thanks. You're a lot of fun to hang out with. Has anyone ever told you that?
<Character>: Maybe we can sneak out of here before...

The Anubis Knight appears behind Kasuf...

<Character>: ... before that happens.
Kasuf: It's right behind me, isn't it?
<Character>: Yep. You know, I should just throw you at him as a distraction.
Kasuf: But you WON'T... right?
<Character>: ...
Kasuf: RIGHT?!

After defeating the Anubis Knight:
Kasuf: Thank you for saving my life again <Character>.
<Character>: I should start charging for this. Maybe Zhoom has the right idea.
Kasuf: What are you going to to about me?
<Character>: I can't risk handing you over to Sek-Duat XV. If you were willing to rat your own people out, you would easily turn on me.
<Character>: You're good at hiding, so go hide... And this time, STAY hidden. Once this is all over, Sha'Rae will have a lot of questions for you.
Kasuf: Please, she doesn't have to know.
<Character>: ... That her father is a traitor and a fool? I think she does. You made a mistake, and now you will have to live with it.
<Character>: Just be grateful that things turned out this way. They could have been far worse. Now get out of here and make sure that I do not see you again.

  • Complete Quest!

    Next Up: Zhowdown!

    Thanks to
    -- Brilliancy for dialogue formatting.
    -- Jay for banner.
    -- Peachii for corrections.
    -- Stephen Nix for corrections and coloring.

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