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The'Galin aka The Devourer aka The`Galin aka Galian

Race: God (formerly human)
Affiliation: Himself; Uncreation

  • The Devourer Saga
    **(1) The Manifestation
    **(2) The Final Battle!

  • Other Quests/Events
    **(1) The Hall of Memories: Tangled Web of Fate
    **(2) An Undiscovered Universe
    **(3) AQ's 10th Anniversary: Act 5 - The Devourer
    **(4) Absol-ution III
    **(5) Absol-ution IV

    Bio: Born on the continent of Inilar many millenia ago, The`Galin is the son of Galian and was leading an orphanage. Because his wife Lauren is a manifestation of Lorithia, Lorithia resurrected The`Galin when he died. She made him the god of uncreation, to uncreate every corrupt people and species.

    The`Galin once sent his network forces to the surface of Lore to judge if they are worthy of salvation. During this time, he possessed the body of Ryuusei Cartwright (left, middle). However, Beleqwaya, Warlic, Kalanyr, and Tralin activated the prime elemental orbs, along with the Creation Orb, and summoned Lauren, who is Hope. Her appearance was proof of Lore's collective unity, which convinced The`Galin to leave Lore alone for now. However, The`Galin might come back to Lore one day...

    The`Galin operates an orphanage for the lost, forgotten and downtrodden in Etherspace. There, he assumes a human form (extreme right) instead.

    Function: War boss.

    Moon Form
    Out-of-host Omega Form

    Write-up from Frozen Fire. Corrections from rougemaster99, UZ the Ebil and Nex del Vida. Update from SLC. Image thanks in part to ArchMagus Orodalf. Moon and Out-of-host Omega forms thanks to Heroes of the Scape.

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