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wolfman_naruto -> Ice Dragon Scale (All Versions) (8/1/2008 19:52:40)

Ice Dragon Scale
It goes up to thousands of pounds!
(No DA Required)

Location: Dragonbane Vein, The Hatchling Hunt, Snow Rescue!, Un-BEAR-Able Cold, Gary (Quest), Not So Great Escape, The Killguin Arena, Long In The Tooth, Bear Facts, The Snow Fields, Draggin' in Dragesvard
Price: N/A
Sellback: 25 Gold

Level: 1
Max Stacksize: 50

Use 1 to unlock DragonSlayer

Use X to increase rolled number by 10(X) in Tipping the Scales

Rarity: 1
Item Type: Resource

Thanks to
  • latedog, slaya55, The 13th, and SalvationXI for location links.
  • EinsteinX and Kool Guy for max stacksize information.
  • The Defiled and Peachii for information.
  • Andy8, NikisArmy, PhantomBlitz, and Stephen Nix for corrections.

  • Jay -> RE: Ice Dragon Scale (All Versions) (7/4/2011 7:07:01)

    Ice Dragon Scale
    A scale shed from Vilmor's dragon.
    (No DA Required)

    Location: The Blue Mile
    Price: N/A
    Sellback: N/A

    Level: 1

    Rarity: 1
    Item Type: Reagent

    Thanks to ILmaster13 for original entry.

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