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PaperClip OF DOOM -> He's (a) Lyin' (1/24/2009 6:58:16)

He's (a) Lyin'

Location: That A'Way! -> Valencia -> Quests -> Bacon Origin -> He's (a) Lyin', click on Somean Lion Figurine
Requirements: Completion of Bringing Home the Bacon
Release Date: January 23rd, 2009

Objective: How could anyone be mean enough that they'd want to make chickencows cry?!
Objective completed: That didn't seem SO mean, but perhaps Zeuster's attendats are really, really sensitive.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(4) Pancival
(4) ShockDrake
(5) Shockwisp
(3) UniCougar
(1) Somean Lion - Boss

Somean Lion

Lion's Fang Torc
Lion's Pelt Cape (I-IV)

Greater Galvanized Dagger
Lesser Galvanized Dagger

Greater Galvanized Staff
Lesser Galvanized Staff

Greater Galvanized Blade
Lesser Galvanized Blade

Glowing Platinum Pumpkin
Sparkly Egg
Striped Egg

Valencia: So... a chickencow god? You do come across the strangest people. And animals. Anyway, his messenger left this letter for you.
Valencia: *reads* If you truly believe yourself worthy to know more about our secrets, then you'll need to start proving yourself.
Valencia: *reads* You can start by taking care of a rather annoying individual I find myself too busy to deal with.
Valencia: *reads* The vileness of his slander is making my attendants weep. Oh, and I advise you to not believe a word of what he says. - Zeuster

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    <Character>: Excuse me, but I'm looking for a troublemaker who's been maligning a chickencow named Zeuster.
    <Character>: Have you heard any rumors of malicious gossip being spread about chickencow deities lately?
    ???: <Class>, you have lived too long alone if you would run errands for a creature such as Zeuster.
    <Character>: Oh. ...I guess I'm looking for you, then, aren't I?
    Somean Lion: He and his flock of foul, bird-brained attendants lounge around accepting tribute while his lackeys scurry like rodents...
    Somean Lion: trying vainly to hide the evidence of misdeeds and mistakes. Be you a mouse, or a man?
    <Character>: Last I checked, I was human. So I guess I'll take option B.
    Somean Lion: I am sure you have some sense, as I can see you are forthright and honest.
    Somean Lion: But surely that sense is muddled and confused if you are playing the part of Zeuster's fowl-minion.
    <Character>: Well, I really want to know more about element bacon, and Zeuster's promised to tell me. What's he done to you for you be so rude to him?
    <Character>: He seems like a good enough sort, though I keep expecting a chorus of trumpets to play when he appears.
    Somean Lion: Ah, Zeuster! Verily, he is a poxed, plume-plucked malcontent! His face is false, and must hide what his false heart and mind plot.
    <Character>: I'm afraid I don't quite follow you.
    Somean Lion: You should be wary of what slips past his lips.
    <Character>: He has lips?
    Somean Lion: Perhaps my assessment of your possessing sense was overly hasty.
    <Character>: Hey! I am full of sense. Sensitive, even. Has anyone ever told you that you're nothing but a big, lying bully? I see why Zeuster is so irritated.
    Somean Lion: My intelligence is not so lacking that I cannot see through the lies hidden in a puffed-up coxcomb's honey-tongued prattle.
    Somean Lion: Begone! You infect my eyes with your presence.
    <Character>: I'm afraid I can't do that. You see, I pledged to prove myself and prove myself I will.
    Somean Lion: Then you surely are as beef-witted a hedge-pig as your poisonous patron.
    Somean Lion: A poor, mindless <Class> sneaking home to display the fruits of puny efforts in the hope of a crumb of praise!
    <Character>: That's it! When I'm through with you there won't be enough scraps of hide left to make a cape!

    Battle Somean Lion

    <Character>: Hmmm...
    <Character>: Y'know, I think there IS enough to make a cape, after all.

  • Complete Quest

  • There are healing mushrooms surrounded by three rocks with ruins on them in the middle of the quest.
  • This entire chain is based on the Labors of Hercules, and this is the 1st - The Nemean Lion.


    While doing Cure in Thyme from Mogloween Chapter 7 you can find Cat Item (Cat's Whiskers) as a temporary item. Up.

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  • Shadow Phoenix.
  • tsunamisword.
  • Niki for corrections.

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