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Queen of the Jungle

Location: That A'Way! -> Valencia -> Quests -> Bacon Origin -> Queen of the Jungle
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Don't have a Kow
Release Date: April 17th, 2009

Objective: The Furies who live in the jungle are a peaceable species. Really! Unless you are looking to trade with their Queen.
Objective completed: That was a really nice belt she had. You should see about having a similar one made for you before handing this one over to Zeuster.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(9) Jungle Fury
(1) Leeta - Boss

Alekta & Megana
Jungle Fury

Winds of Fury
Bamboo Band
Feathered Sash
Rings of the Eryines

Valencia: Hello, <Character>! It sounds like Zeuster has another task for you since you handled yourself so well with the chicalves. Lucky you!
Valencia: He says in his latest letter that one of his favorite attendants has pleased him with her devotion, and he would like to give her a gift in thanks.
Valencia: But he wants it to be a very special present, not just any old trinket.
Valencia: He's heard of a magical belt worn by the Queen of the Jungle Furies, and he has his little hybrid heart set on giving it to her.
Valencia: Which is where you come in. You'll need to journey into the jungle and retrieve the belt, by any means necessary.
Valencia: Oh, and he says he's heard Queen Leeta likes presents, so giving her some gifts might help her part with her belt. Good luck!

  • Quest
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    Found Tribute!
  • Make sure you bring this bag of gold with you to the Queen of the Furies.
  • Make sure you bring this Jungle Crystal with you to the Queen of the Furies.
  • Make sure you bring this Ungilded Lily with you to the Queen of the Furies.

  • <Character>: You're the Queen of the Furies?! But you're human!
    Leeta: As a young girl, I grew very angry at being denied the training my older brothers were receiving in arms and combat.
    Leeta: I used to watch them and practice in secret. When my parents found out, they were furious and forbid me to continue.
    Leeta: In a rage, I ran away and into the jungle. I quickly got lost and could not find my way home. This tribe of Jungle Furies found me.
    Leeta: I showed them how to better defend themselves by flinging their feathers at attackers, and so they adopted me and elected me Queen.
    <Character>: So you're the one who taught them how to do that! Gee, thanks a lot.
    Leeta: Why have you come here? We welcome peaceful visitors, but they are so rare.
    <Character>: Your Furyness, I am here to beg a favor. Zeuster, the proud and lofty Lord of the Chickencows, is very interested in acquiring your belt.
    Leeta: It is a very nice belt! It was given to me at my coronation.
    <Character>: To that end, I come bearing gifts worthy of one so ferocious and powerful as you are widely know to be.
    Leeta: Gifts? Hmm. My sisters do like sparkly things.

  • Give Tribute
    You have given Queen Leeta all your tribute!

    Leeta: Your gifts are nice... sort of. But they're just things you picked up in the jungle.
    Leeta: I have a whole clearing full of these flowers and crystals right over there. Hardly proper tribute for a Queen.
    <Character>: So you're... not going to give me the belt?
    Leeta: Nope.
    <Character>: Pretty please? I even gave you the bag of gold I found!
    Leeta: No.
    <Character>: But I really need that belt. Here, you can have mine instead. It's a good trade!
    Leeta: Not a chance.
    <Character>: *sigh* Ok. I made a generous offer, but I really need that belt!

  • Battle

    Zorbak: Mehehehehe
    Zorbak: *cough*
    Zorbak: banana peel
    Zorbak: Pssst!
    Zorbak: You know why Zeuster really wants that belt, right?
    Jungle Fury: What did you say?!
    Zorbak: Shhh!
    Zorbak: You didn't hear it from me, but Zeuster wants to be the King of the Furies!
    Jungle Fury: We won't stand for that!
    Zorbak: Hssst!
    Zorbak: I bet he's going to make one of his bird-cow attendants Queen! Are you willing to stand for that?!
    Zorbak: Look! There <Character> is now, just finishing attacking your Queen!
    All 3 Jungle Furies: *Furious roar* Get the <Class>!
    Zorbak: Mehehehe
    Zorbak: It's been too long since I've had a bit of fun like that!

    Two jungle furies approach you

    Alekta: You've killed our queen!
    <Character>: Oh, she's not dead, just unconscious! It's happened to me many times.
    <Character>: Just lay her by a healing pad and she'll be fine in a few minutes.
    Megana: You will pay for this! You'll never leave our lands alive, let alone conscious!

    Defeat jungle furies until you reach the exit of the jungle

    Thanks to
    -- ArchMagus Orodalf for link and corrections.
    -- Peachii for corrections.

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