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ArchMagus Orodalf -> Battle For the Eastern Hills! (8/7/2009 20:54:54)

Battle For the Eastern Hills!

Other name: Eastern Hills

Location: Yulgar's Weapon Shop / Battleon Inn -> "Yulgar" / Yulgar -> Fire War -> Eastern Hills -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Ashenvale
Release Date: August 7th, 2009

Objective: What is that lightning? Fight with other heroes to discover the source! (Guests will have the same class training as you.)
Objective completed: The student has surpassed the teacher... and brought a brood of plasma dragons along for the ride! And what's happened to the missing heros?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(3) Enslaved Plasma Dragon
(2) Fire Golem
(5) Fire Ray
(1) Magman



  • Dain Lorilann, Elgert, or Mennace joins you as Guest A.
  • Dain Lorilann, Elgert, or Mennace joins you as Guest B.

    Yulgar: Aria!
    Yulgar: I told you to stay home, in Falconreach.
    Aria: But..
    Yulgar: It's too dangerous for you here.
    Aria: But...!
    Yulgar: No buts. You are going back on the first caravan headed home.
    Aria: ARGH!
    Aria: I just...
    Aria: I just wanted to help out.
    Yulgar: I know. You have a good heart, but I am worried about you. We are under constant attack here.
    Aria: Okay, I'll go back to Grams.
    Aria: She's probably already trying to remember where she put the gorrilaphant feed. *mumblemumble* senile.. *mumble*
    Yulgar: Aria... we've talked about this...
    Aria: I know, I know, respect my elders.
    <Character>: Right now the armies of fire monsters are attacking too heavily to get you safely out.. You might be here a while anyway.
    Aria (thinking): (Woohoo!!!!!! Thanks for the assist, <Character>!!!)
    <Character>: Many of the townspeople from Ashenvale are going to resettle here for now. They have nowhere else to go.
    <Character>: They'll need weapons Yulgar, to help protect this new town.
    Yulgar: Yes, and as long as I have strength in my arms I will make them.
    Reens: We should go..
    Reens: Looks like they're ready to start.
    <Character>: Thanks, Reens.
    Artix: Greetings, friends.
    Artix: Today we must mourn for those we have lost in battle.
    Artix: Demento, a great hero, gave his life to warn us of the danger that Drakonnan now threatens us with.
    Artix: In the coming days, the danger will grow.
    Artix: More may give their lives in the fight for good but, in order for this world to be safe, we must Battle On!
    <Character>: So, what should we call this new town anyways?

    *After a moment's pause, Yulgar answers.*

    Yulgar: Battleon.
    Mennace: Battleon?
    Artix: Yes. That is fitting.
    <Character>: What... was that?

    *On a nearby cliff, Drakonnan stands ominously, and lightning begins to strike sporadically.*

    Xan: Konnan!
    Xan: What is the meaning of this? You should be working with me on taking down the Blue Mage.
    Xan: Yet, not only did you kill that spy, Demento, you've stayed east for weeks!
    Xan: How dare you disobey me...
    Drakonnan: Hmph.

    *Without even turning to look at him, Drakonnan sends Xan flying backwards with a fiery blast.*

    Drakonnan: No.
    Xan: You ungrateful...

    *Drakonnan sends another fiery blast towards Xan.*

    Drakonnan: You would deny me my revenge, to chase down your Blue Mage.
    Drakonnan: I will NOT BE DENIED.
    Xan: You dare threaten me, apprentice?
    Xan: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I, who held the Pyronomicon?
    Xan: I, who controls my own legions of fire monsters?
    Xan: It looks like all the volcanic gases have gone to your head, HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    *Xan prepares to attack Drakonnan, but he reveals the Fire Orb to Xan, using it to absorb the power from Xan's impending attack.*

    Xan: NO! The Fire Orb! How... how did you get it?
    Drakonnan: The student has surpassed the teacher.
    Drakonnan: The Orb found it's way to it's true master, me. I will use it's full power to raise an army greater than you could ever control, Xan.
    Drakonnan: Look, even now my minions work to protect my next group of recruits.
    Drakonnan: I have already enslaved the nearby broods of fire dragons... soon the plasma dragons will bow to my will as well!
    Xan: You fool. Do you really think <Character> and the "heros" at that camp won't notice this?
    Drakonnan: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
    Drakonnan: I'M COUNTING ON IT!

    *You fight your way through various elementals of fire and energy dragons, losing your allies along the way, in an attempt to discover the source of the lightning.*

    Yulgar: What is all the lightning from, <Character>?
    <Character>: Add plasma dragons to list of monsters working for Drakonnan now.
    Yulgar: Plasma Dragons?!
    <Character>: Yep. Have you seen Dain Lorilann, Mennace, or Elgert?
    <Character>: They were with me in the chasm, but I lost sight of them in all the fighting.
    Yulgar: No <Character>...
    Yulgar: They're not the only ones missing either...

  • The End

    Thanks to AztecArcher, Niki, Peachii, and Voodoo Master for corrections.

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