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Stephen Nix -> In the Mountains.... (12/18/2009 18:54:30)

In the Mountains....

Location: Frostval Storybook -> Chapter 4 -> Act 7
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of There's Something About Twilly...
Release Date: December 18th, 2009

Objective: Zadd continues to experiment on the Frostval moglins as you work your way through twisting mountain paths and snow!
Objective completed: You made it through the mountains! Now will you be able to save the moglins in time?

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(12) Frost Golem
(13) Ice Golem

Icemaster Yeti


Freezing Ring
Ivy Ring
Golden Ring
Aurora Circlet

Reindeer Nose Warmer

Zadd: The power of....
Zorbak: ....
Zorbak: BWAAAAHAhAHAhAhahahahaaaeeehehemehehehehhh...
Zorbak: Oh.. mehehe.. oh my poor ebil heart can't take it. Mehahaheheh..
Zadd: Hmph.. I'll show you.

*Scene changes to show Maya.*

Maya: And so, Zadd began working on ways to extract power from the snuggly moglins.

Zadd: Hmm.. yes this one looks like a good one to start with.
Twilly: Um.. me?
Zadd: So.. Do I just go in for the hug? Or.. like, how does this work?
Twilly: Um, well.. Twillies doesn't really think th--
Twilly: Okies, well I guess it's just a hug..
Zadd: Ok, here we go..

*Zadd hugs Twilly.*

Twilly: ...
Zadd: ...
Zorbak: What a touching moment.
Twilly: Can we try something else please?
Zadd: Good idea.

*Chilly is tied up and held within a vice that is hanging by a chain.*

Twilly: This isn't exactly what Twillies meant...
Zorbak: Meh.. THIS is your big plan?
Zadd: Shh, quiet. Now.. to extract the power of MOGLIN HUGS!! Ahahaahaaa!
Chilly: Um.. What's going on?

*Chilly gets squeezed by the vice and rainbows come out of Chilly's ears.*

Zadd: Hmm, we need something with more power..
Chilly: l-l-l-a-a-aaalwa--y-ys-won-n-n-dered-wh-a-a-a-at a mass-ss-ss-ssage would b-be li-i-ke.

*Scene changes back to Maya and Chilly.*

Chilly: I like massageses!
Maya: It wasn't going so well.. But Zadd was determined to make this work.

Chilly: Hiya Mr. Gorillaphant!
Gorillaphant: GRAAAARRRrrrrr!

*The Gorillaphant squeezes more rainbows out of Chilly.*

Chilly: Wow you are SUPER snuggly!
Zadd: Argh! Still not enough power! There must be a way.
Gorillaphant: Grar!

*Scene changes back to Maya and Chilly.*

Maya: Zadd tried and tried, but to no avail. It seemed impossible to properly extract power from the moglins.
Chilly: Mr Gorillaphant is my friend!

Zadd: Y'know.. I just try so hard..
Golem: ...
Zadd: It's probably because of my childhood. I always felt like I was more the villain type. But all my friends were heroes...
Golem: ...
Zadd: .. I just wish *sob* I wish I had been nurtured more. If only my parents had been villains as well...
Golem: ...
Zadd: You're right. You're always right. *sigh* You know me so well. Thanks friend.

*Scene changes back to Maya and Chilly.*

Maya: Finally, Zadd was on to something...

Zorbak: ...
Zadd: It's beautiful, isn't it?
Zorbak: Meh.
Zadd: Get back in your cage.

*Scene changes to a close-up of the Moglin Juicer #9.*

Zadd: Muahahahahaaa!
Zadd: Ok golem, release the moglin!
Golem: ...?
Zadd: You know what I mean.
Golem: ...

*Chilly is tied up and held by a chain between the Moglin Juicer #9.*

Zadd: Haahaha!
Chilly: ...!
Zadd: Ok, let's switch this thing on already.
Twilly: Oh noes, Twillies can't watch!
Zorbak: Meh.. Can it, football head. This is just starting to get good.

*The Moglin Juicer #9 squeezes Chilly and it reanimates a few frost golems.*

Zorbak: ...
Zorbak: !!!
Zadd: HAHAHA, my golems are complete! No one can stop me now, no one!

*Scene changes back to Maya and Chilly.*

Maya: Zadd's machine worked, and the energy was transferred to his golems.
Maya: The situation looked dire...
Chilly: And squishy.

Icemaster Yeti: The golems seem to be coming from up in the mountains.
Icemaster Yeti: It's going to be cold and dark up there...
Icemaster Yeti: and not easy to find our way around...
<Character>: Wait... you're a Yeti. Aren't you from the mountains?
Icemaster Yeti: Well... I... I grew up in the south actually.
Icemaster Yeti: My mother was part of the prominent Scarlett Tribe from the southern reaches of Tara.... cold weather actually makes me really grumpy.
Icemaster Yeti: I can never find gloves or a scarf in my size.
<Character>: Ah.
<Character>: Well, we'll push on. We have find our way through this maze of passages to save the moglins!

*You fight your way up the mountain; Frost Golems and Ice Golems move around the maps; after you get to the end...*

<Character>: ...
<Character>: So... I guess this is the spot.
Icemaster Yeti: Either that or this thing ate something that is REALLY not agreeing with him.

*Scene changes to show Zadd.*

Zadd: Alright, you blue fuzzball, it's your turn.
Zorbak: I'm warning you... I don't like to be hugged.
Twilly: Oof.. I feel squooshed..

*As Zadd walks towards him, Zorbak's eyes widen in fear.*

  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to
  • Ryuu for rewards.
  • Voodoo Master for NPC.
  • SalvationXI for information.
  • Dragonman for correction.

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