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theosenia -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/3/2010 13:59:49)

Hey,DIGGY! I was BORN at the 'age of flowers' you're describing!...Can't see anything wrong with it... [8D] [:D]

DigDog -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/3/2010 19:27:45)

While there is nothing wrong with that per se, it severely hinders the Paxia activity as you can clearly see.

gameon1 -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/14/2010 3:56:25)

Doesn't anybody find it odd that dynami can rise whit 3000 defense forces. While other clans only are slipping away further in the negative numbers, while dynami has even less members than let's take for an example geoto?

DigDog -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/14/2010 4:01:23)

Very odd.

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/16/2010 11:08:28)

They must have some very active members not on the forums. Just so you all know, I won't be around until Monday as I am going on holiday, but once I get back I will be sure to get everything up to date.

theosenia -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/16/2010 17:09:37)

Not odd at all! By now,personally I got used to it. [:D]

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (8/25/2010 11:58:24)

Wow, these forums are getting more and more inactive, looks like I better drum up some activity now I am back.

Balu -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (8/25/2010 14:17:13)

Glad to see you around these parts Clan Head!

SIGMUND -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (8/31/2010 18:44:47)

Hey I've just seen one of your Arroc's in the Lucian Defense Zone, are you guys attacking us? [;)]

Balu -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/1/2010 18:20:32)

The staff made new versions of the Arroc, and if you don`t have good equipment, it packs a punch! My secondary known that...

Random thought: *It is NOT cool that the defense zones use monsters from RA!*

SIGMUND -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/2/2010 8:26:15)

I agree that we should not be using the RA for the monster pool in the Paxia Defense.

As the Network is supposed to be responsible for the problems on Paxia I think we really should be fighting the Network Aliens when defending our Clans.

This would also remove the problems of balancing the farmability of each clan.
Because all Clans would be fighting the same Network monsters. [8|]

DigDog -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/2/2010 8:48:42)

While I agree that the RA pool is a bad choice for the Paxia war, I cannot agree with the rest of your post. It's not the network that attacks the clans, it's clanmembers from other clans.

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/14/2010 12:07:15)

Maybe they should design clan member monsters like with the first clan wars.

DigDog -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/14/2010 12:29:55)

Monsters specificly for Paxia? That would mean they actually cared about Paxia. Maybe we'd even get updates more than once a year?

brianspenceni -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/14/2010 21:27:03)

Surely we don't get updates as frequently as that. I'm trying to rally Glacius at the moment, but appppppppppaaaaaaaaattttttthhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyy!

DigDog -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/14/2010 22:11:45)

You can't rally people if there's nothing to rally them with. Why should they bother?

brianspenceni -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/15/2010 3:58:52)

Shame them into it; offer army ranks??? I've started a war thread of my daily Paxia victory count (almost 800 wins in four days, but still c.-25k) so hopefully, just by being visible, I'm hopeful other active clan members may be inspired to participate. If so, they're likely to post about it.

Balu -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/15/2010 9:22:50)

We started an operation thread a month or two ago around here. It died. Most people don`t really enjoy fighting in an endless, somewhat pointless war. I mean is great if you are close to or in the positives; you feel like fighting. But if you are deep in the negatives and if you also get suddenly attacked, badly, you loose all the enthusiasm.
And the stench of death and barrenness which covers Paxia doesn`t help either. No update or new content in such a long time...
But if you find yourself there, alone, defending (like me),don`t get discouraged brianspenceni, keep up the good fight and look foreward to a brighter future for Paxia and the clans.

brianspenceni -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/17/2010 18:04:00)

Indeed. Glacius has gone up by about 2k wins this last week!

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/18/2010 3:38:40)

Well this thread seems to be getting pretty active, by the way anyone know why my avatar shows a cross and not the Geoto mace?

theosenia -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/18/2010 7:19:11)

Most avies r broken...mine,too. [:(]

Balu -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/18/2010 7:29:03)

The servers went down a couple of weeks ago IIRC. It was a hardware malfunction and I don`t think they can restore everything as it was. So your best bet is to replace your avvy with whatever you like.

theosenia -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/18/2010 16:31:41)

I like...the one I HAD!!! [8D]
Also I looove the banners you've made.If the guys don't use it all,I might ask to have it as an alternative sig(?) [:)]

brianspenceni -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/19/2010 16:37:59)

Hardware malfunction? That's news to me...I thought they were playing with the colours and design of the log-on screen!

Balu -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/19/2010 17:27:20)

Thanks theo. And I might be working on something else also. [;)]

@brianspenceni Yep, something went wrong there. They announced it on the main forum page too. I think they said that a fair amount of avatars, banners, smiles and other pics are lost. And it seems that this hit the pedia also. There are a ton on entries without pics now. Hopefully there won`t be any accidents like that again.

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