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Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/29/2012 4:10:45)

Long time no see Erason, things have gotten much quieter since you left. We have a small game in the Paxia boards keeping us slightly active and a few posts here and there.

theosenia -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/29/2012 5:06:47)

Am I glad to see you!


Welcome back and stop by at the Lucians too if you have the time.

Hello all! [:D]

Glad to see one more old player re-joining.

Balu -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/29/2012 6:48:06)

Hey Erason! Where have you been? :P The Earth clan is going well. Pretty quiet as always but good. Nice to see you around here!

neo_manni -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/30/2012 23:26:06)

hey welcome back bro where have you been hiding?? just when I was starting to use my gold cap to cap my wins for defending geoto.

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/31/2012 6:37:51)

I think this thread has just become the most active thread in Paxia outside of the Paxia ultimate conquest. Seems lots of people, including me, are very glad to see an old friend return.

neo_manni -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (2/18/2013 14:11:51)

ah man oliver you had to jinx it didn't you. so who was it that helped me last night I think I saw like 50 wins, which were not mine to. what a good start to the weeks lets keep it up!! we could have +1000 in a few days.

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (2/28/2013 4:48:58)

Sounds good neo_manni, lets show everyone Geoto has plenty of pride and power left.

neo_manni -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (2/28/2013 9:28:39)

I was thinking of what was said in the conquest thread and was wondering if I should write a story to encourage some people to be inspired and fight for geoto again, I know I want to see geoto in the 10s of thousands, but that is just my drive. I wanna see if I can inspire some geoto members again like I did originally. was that me or was that wolfworshipper's involvement with those awesome signatures, right?

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (5/6/2013 4:30:38)

Anything you can do to motivate activity would be most welcome.

SIGMUND -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/3/2013 7:44:01)

Time to renew our unofficial Alliance with Geoto.

We will be there to Fight with you against the Truphma.

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/4/2013 7:49:34)

We will gladly welcome whatever help Lucian can spare. Though we should hold off on the alliance talk for now.

tommy2468 -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/9/2013 11:30:49)

Hello from Glacius! [:D] I need a little help from the Geotians for my War Story :L

My question is basically: Does the Geotian Tower have a specific name? (like the Nocturu have the Castillo Vida Negra)

(Also if anyone is interested in becoming part of the war story I would be much obliged because there are no earthen warriors (or wizards!) to fight for Geoto in it so far)

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/9/2013 16:56:39)

Nice to have visitors again, better clean out the tower's guest rooms after they have been unused for so long. As for your questions, no the tower does not have a specific name, at least not on the forums. If you want I will join your war story, no way Geoto can be left unrepresented.

hict98 -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/9/2013 17:25:03)

Hey fellow Paxians. I just wanted you guys to know that I need another member from Geoto other than you Oliver. You were already in my story.

tommy2468 -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/9/2013 17:40:11)

Thanks for the Oliver Bell!

Nightie -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/9/2013 22:24:39)

I'd be willing, Hict

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/11/2013 14:43:24)

I look forward to reading both your stories, anymore questions on Geoto feel free to ask.

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