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Riffus Maximus -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (3/23/2011 0:46:10)

Ladies and gentlemen,

The Paxian Battle Contest will continue this weekend. You mentionned a week ago that you wanted to participate. Seeing we are odd-numbered, we will put you against Aerodu if they want to compete.

Now I need to know if you still want to be part of this contest. If no one answers on the Battle contest thread, only Glacius and Dynami will fight in the final round for the title of Champion.

Balu -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (3/25/2011 6:10:40)

I`ll participate since I `ll have this weekend open for anything. If there are any other geotians out there don`t be shy and attack the wind clan in this little, very friendly competition we have going in Paxia, or defend a bit ye old clan of earth.

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (3/26/2011 4:15:19)

I will help whenever I have time, I have a few spare hours this weekend. I will focus on defence for now.

neo_manni -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (4/7/2011 22:28:20)

ditto^ what oliver bell said, I have been trying to get some kills lately but I am gonna be honest. right now I have a build which I find time so once I get a water wind and light non BM pet of my level range and then change my build from what it is and probably become an annihalator mage. 70 END isn't soo bad right? MAN! I am soo use to being a beast mage and try my best to adjust when that happens.

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (4/24/2011 6:31:07)

I think my build is also going to be getting changed soon, after getting shadow cloak, I am thinking about putting more points into strength, dexterity and intellegence while leaving the other stats at what they are for now.

neo_manni -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (5/30/2011 22:43:16)

well I have changed my build now but not the annihalator mage one I decided to stay with a beast mage but changed my dex from 150 to 0, 150 END to 80 END and maxed INT/CHA/LUCK I find this build less time consuming. but once I get the 3 non-BM pets I want I will probably change from what I am to possibly 200 DEX/INT/LUCK and make my END 0 and my CHA 80 I wanna keep my cordem just incase. I guess I will see when the time comes.

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/2/2011 4:07:45)

Sounds like you have a good plan, I still haven't started yet. Shadow cloak is proving elusive, or at least the gold necessary to get it.

neo_manni -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/3/2011 0:24:37)

I don't know what it is about my current main it seems to come naturally for me to go through hordes of enemies than it does for my original main.

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (6/11/2011 14:25:37)

Wish it was the same for me, I need to get through hordes of enemies yet it can get boring.

neo_manni -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (7/12/2011 10:44:14)

well just now for my original main cause I just got the dragon blade yesterday I have already reached my exp cap I wonder if I were to farm for gold there now if I would get points for my alliance?? if it does I will probably farm for my gold some place else.

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (9/22/2011 3:46:34)

Sorry I haven't been around over the past week or two, I am moving house today and I have had a lot to do. I don't know how long it will take to set up the internet where I am going to so I probably won't be active for another few days, or possibly weeks.

EDIT: Internet connection is working so I am back.

SIGMUND -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/9/2011 14:35:55)

We need to win the Paxia Rush War so a few Lucians will join the fight to save Geoto.

For Paxia we stand united!

Geoto 41%

Glacius 40 %

Who will get to 50% first?

theosenia -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/9/2011 17:05:40)

I had some fun with fire monsters because I found your clans far too tough,after a point (at least for me! [8D] )

Now I'm back n I'll try to have some more rounds.Good luck to ALL of US!!! [:D]

SIGMUND -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/10/2011 3:19:16)

The defense is slow but sure.

Geoto 45%
Glacius 44%

On a lighter note the Paxia Day Feast is still provided at Olympus Lux.
Everyone is welcome to drop in and have a rest from the War
Several Geoto Clan foods are provided, along with some more esoteric provisions culled from the Network.

Or, sip some cooling Lucianade or have a Lucianilla icecream.

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/10/2011 5:09:56)

Thanks for your assistance SIGMUND and theosenia, and to any other Lucian's who have been helping. Thanks for the offer about the Paxia Day Feast but I think I will spend all my free time on the war, that is currently the highest priority. Battle on Geotians and Lucians.

SIGMUND -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/11/2011 15:18:28)

I think we won. This morning I saw Geoto 51% Glacius 50%.

Most of the Warmongers who were fighting for Igneus will now move to the next Clan on the list.
Now inevitably Glacius will overtake Geoto.

So if you need a break from the war the Paxia Day Feast continues until midnight PST tonight.

Plans are underway to extend Paxia Day next year to also celebrate the end of the Paxia Rush War. [:D]

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/13/2011 2:47:38)

The plans to extend Paxia Day next year sound good but I coudn't attend this year, clan defence comes first.

SIGMUND -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/17/2011 16:51:25)

It is okay Oliver you can always visit next year.

I always drop into the Paxia Day Event even if there is a real AQ event happening.

It only takes 30 seconds to visit any of the the forums where Paxia Day is mentioned, to say hello. [:D]

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (11/6/2011 16:14:19)

Well I will try to attend next year.

neo_manni -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/23/2012 23:00:14)

ALRIGHT! now that I am at the highest the gold cap goto I think I will from now on defend the clan and be happy with the gold I can gain from it and keep moving forward cause I still need alot of my equipment to L150...

P.S. WHAT HAPPENED! I only wanted to help out my alliance but I keep getting blue scroll of doom but when I went to fight the L150 essence dragon it works fine.

DigDog -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/23/2012 23:55:04)

I sometimes get blue scrolls of doom when defending my clan, too. I have no idea what's up with that. I usually just confirm them and move on to the next monster.

neo_manni -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/24/2012 0:53:54)

why would I get sent to battleon but not be able to return its super weird??

Oliver Bell -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/24/2012 6:00:02)

Strange indeed, I haven't encountered any blue scrolls of doom recently.

DigDog -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/24/2012 14:57:40)

That's really weird, I mean I get a blue scroll now and then but when I click on okay it continues as if I've beaten the enemy, not send me back to Battleon.

Erason -> RE: =Geoto= Cross-Clan Communications (10/28/2012 11:35:07)

Heh. Hello Chaps. So how's Geoto (and all the other clans) doing nowadays?

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