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King Desoato -> Descent (4/23/2010 17:39:13)


Location: The Locker -> Aquella -> Quests -> Descent
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Nightmare
Release Date: April 23rd, 2010

Objective: Can you resist the call of Kathool?
Objective completed: Kathool A'Choo waits.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes (see note below)

(4) Evil You

Evil You


Dark Adept Helm
Adept Helm
Tainted Adept Helm
Warped Adept Helm
Defiled Adept Helm

Dark Tendrils
Corrupted Tendrils

Aquella: Some... something is wrong... the voices... they're everywhere...

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    <Character>: What?
    <Character>: No, I'll do it on my own time... I need to find the locker and use the key.
    <Character>: No, I said. You cannot have her...
    Caran: <Character> always seemed a bit off, right sis?
    Diawe: This is like deja vu all over again...
    Caran: Stop quoting the Yogi.
    Diawe: What? He was a wise man.

    Miranda: I don't understand...
    Miranda: ...
    Miranda: Yes. I... No. I can't!

    Coraline: P- Please... No more...
    <Character>: No... NO, I won't do what you ask!
    <Character>: Stop the voices...
    <Character>: Take the girl.
    <Character>: NO!

    *Battle yourself.*

    Diawe: It's all the sleepers, isn't it?
    Caran: Score for the unresting Death Knights?
    Diawe: Poor <Character>, I actually thought they had a chance...

    <Character>: Why... why do you want her?
    <Character>: She's a child.
    <Character>: Do not question. There is no point to fighting.
    <Character>: He wants the child, she is the last, the one in sync with the aegis...
    <Character>: Aegis... the Orb?! Because she touched it? No...
    <Character>: NO!
    <Character>: I will protect her!

    *Battle yourself a second time.*

    <Character>: I have to fight it. Fight Him. There has to be something...
    <Character>: Anything... that can stop it.
    <Character>: You cannot stop it. Kathool rises.
    <Character>: All that you know is done.

    *Battle yourself a third time.*

    Caran: It might be time to head for dry land, sister.
    Diawe: Hmmph, I liked it here.
    Caran: Everything mortal is going the way Davey did.
    Diawe: Maybe there was something to what happened with the Captain then...
    Diawe: It can't be a coincidence that it's happening all over again.
    Caran: It's not something we can fight, we're the only sane ones left.
    Diawe: If we're the only sane ones... then why are we leaving rather then getting ready to fight?
    Caran: It's not a perfect world, sis.
    Caran: If the world was perfect, it wouldn't be.
    Diawe: ...
    Diawe: The Yogi again...

    <Character>: Get. Out. Of. My. Head.
    <Character>: There is no escape.
    <Character>: There has to be! I won't give in!

    *Battle yourself one last time.*

    <Character>: Come on, Aquella.
    <Character>: Let's go.

    They thought they could resist.

  • Complete Quest!

  • Note: While the battles do not give any reward, you still earn a small amount of Exp and Gold afterwards. Once you win all four battles, the quest rewards you with 280 Exp and 140 Gold.

    Next Up: The Bottom

  • Complete this quest to unlock Water You Doing? badge.

    Thanks to
    -- DragonBlade for the quest rewrite.
    -- Hogo for None reward.
    -- Highlord Sendai for a link.
    -- SalvationXI for coloring.

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