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Mission: Improbable

Location: Falconreach -> Aria -> Finale, Grams' Pet Shop / Aria's Pet Shop (All Versions) -> Click old straw hat behind barrel -> Mission: Improbable
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Pet Insurrection
Release Date: May 28th, 2010

Objective: If you let a little old lady beat you, we will disavow any knowledge of that victory. Good luck.
Objective Completed: The Falconreach spy is no more... but many more questions remain!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Cuddles, (1) Snuggles - Boss
(1) Grams (2), (1) Goldfish, (1) Cinder - Boss



Black Spy Hat (All Versions)
White Spy Hat (All Versions)


*Grams is still kneeling beside the immobilized pets, her eyes now glowing with Doom.*

<Character>: Uh... Grams? Grams...?
Grams: These poor pets. I spent a lot of time training them, <Character>. A lot of time to get them to do what I want.
Grams: Now you've gone and messed them all up.
<Character>: I... I'm sorry, but they were attacking...
Grams: I know.
<Character>: ...and the whole... wait, what? You knew?
Grams: It took quite a bit of time too, to get them to rebel. It's been my little side project for years. And you had to go ruin it.
<Character>: Grams... I don't understand...

*Grams attacks you.*

Grams: Of course not, dear, you're not meant to.
<Character>: Ugh... owww.... Grams... why?
Grams: Just following orders. This confrontation is coming a little earlier then planned...
Grams: But I'm sure Sepulchure will reward me for getting you out of the picture so soon.
<Character>: Sepulchure?! You're working for him? Grams... how could you?
Grams: I like to be on the winning side.
<Character>: I... I thought you were good.
Grams: Oh, I am good, very good. Would you like to see what I'm good at, <Character>?
Grams: Meet Cuddles and Snuggles.
<Character>: ...
Grams: A basic Pridelord and Pit Grinder, but they're my prize pupils...

*The grey and red Pridelord and Pit Grinder stand beside Grams, ready for battle.*

Grams: Now, my babies...
Grams: ...Have fun.

*You battle Cuddles and Snuggles; after you defeat them, Grams appears outraged.*

Grams: My babies! You'll pay for that, <Character>.
<Character>: The longer we keep talking the less sympathy I'm feeling for any of your minions... or for you.
Grams: After all we've been through, <Character>? Aww, my poor old heart is breaking, dear.
<Character>: Consider yourself fired as Falconreach's Pet Trainer, you... you no good, spy!
Grams: Oh, I don't think you can fire me, dear.

*Grams' body is overcome by Doom.*

Grams: And it's very unfortunate that you're about to have a terrible accident too.

*You battle Grams, Goldfish, and Cinder; the latter two respawn if defeated while Grams is still standing; after the battle, Grams has more words of warning for you.*

Grams: Sepulchure isn't done with you yet, <Character>...
<Character>: No, I doubt it, but we're done with you.
Grams: Do you really think I wouldn't have an escape plan?

*Two wyverns fly down, grab Grams by her shoulders, and fly away with her; in Sepulchure's Flying Fortress, Grams now kneels before Sepulchure.*

Grams: I'm sorry, my lord, but <Character> discovered me too soon.
Sepulchure: Do you think me a fool, woman?
Grams: I... no. No, my Lord.
Sepulchure: You played your hand without my permission.
Grams: I... I'm sorry, my Lord. I was trying to please you. I was trying to prepare an army....
Sepulchure: You disappoint me. I have spies installed in every major town in Lore and you dare to place it all in jeopardy.
Grams: I... I can do better! I swear! I haven't been able to detect any Orb in town...
Grams: Please, give me more time!
Sepulchure: Hahahaha...
Sepulchure: What major elemental orb is unaccounted for? Can you tell me that?
Grams: I... I don't know...
Sepulchure: Fire and Water are in my grasp. Light, Wind, Darkness, Ice, Energy are all accounted for and being watched.
Sepulchure: The Stone Orb is in play... but it cannot be in Falconreach...
Sepulchure: ...And the Nature Orb, hahaha, some foolish girl in the woods has it, and it will be mine soon enough.
Grams: Then Falconreach....
Sepulchure: There are no elements left, fool.
Sepulchure: As long as <Character> continues to fail to realize the potential of the Orbs and leave them scattered s/he will be nothing more then an annoyance.
Sepulchure: <Character> still stumbles around blindly without seeking out most of the Orbs.
Sepulchure: The Orb s/he did seek, he/she was foolish enough to leave in the hands of a mercenary. No, I think my need for you has long passed, Which means...
Sepulchure: That your employment must be... terminated.
Grams: No please! Replace my illusion! I... I can go and keep an eye on <Character>!
Sepulchure: I've already had to replace your illusion once, Sabrina.

*Sepulchure touches Grams, and she changes back into her real form; Sabrina.*

Sepulchure: You have failed me for the last time and for that, I'll be sending you back into the Darkness Realm... in the most painful way possible.

*Sepuchure turns into his shadow form.*


*Elsewhere in Sepulchure's Flying Fortress...*

Gravelynn: WAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
Grams: There, there, dear. It's alright.

Meanwhile, the REAL Grams has been in a secret room of the fortress.

*Grams sits, chained to a rocking chair, with Gravelynn, Sepulchure's daughter, on her knee.*

Grams: You remind me so much of my granddaughter... come now, let's get back to our lessons.
Gravelynn: Weee!
Grams: Now remember, dear, you can always find pets and companions that will fight for you in the most unusual locations...

*Scene shifts to show a spider, beetle, and wasp beside Grams' chair.*

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    Other information
  • Completion of this quest unlocks I Spy badge.

    Thanks to
  • Voodoo Master for dialogue rewrite, coloring, and corrections.
  • Dwelling Dragonlord, Jay, Peachii, Silver Xoven, Slayer Zach, and Stephen Nix for corrections.

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