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[image]https://media.artix.com/encyc/df/tags/DA.png[/image]An Icy Wind

Location: Dragonsgrasp (Books 1 and 2) -> Down -> Right -> Enter door with beer sign above -> Inspector Doyle -> Quests -> An Icy Wind -> Quest!
Level/Quest/Items required: Dragon Amulet
Release Date: June 25th, 2010

Objective: The elemental plane of Ice is calling out. The Great Frost Dragon is dying.
Objective completed: Vilmor is gone, but luckily spared your life.

Experience rewarded: 0
Gold rewarded: 0


Captain Lestrad



*Outside the Dragonsgrasp Prison at evening, two guards stand watch.*

Captain: Report, soldier.
Badoosh: ...
Captain: Solider! Report, I say.
Badoosh: zZZZzzzzzz
Captain: Note to self: Reassign Badoosh to cleaning the dragon stables.

*Outside the Dragonsgrasp Inn, you join Inspector Doyle, Captain Lestrad, and Channiru.*

Captain Lestrad: <Character>, welcome.
<Character>: Hello Captain Les-
Channiru: Did you feel that?
<Character>: What?

*After an icy wind passes, scene shifts to Vilmor's cell; it appears Vilmor is preparing something, their eyes aglow.*

Doyle: The elemental plane of ice... the dragon...
Channiru: Is dying.
Channiru: The plane of frost is crying out....

*Dragonsgrasp shakes.*

<Character>: What... was that...

*Dragonsgrasp shakes again, more violently this time.*

Captain Lestrad: Vilmor.
Channiru: <Character>. To the jail. Now!

*You and Channiru reach the prison to find the two guards on the ground, unconscious, and the prison's gate destroyed; Vilmor has escaped.*

Channiru: It cannot be.

*With a massive blast, Dragonsgrasp shakes once more.*

Doyle: What was that?!
Captain Lestrad: No! Vilmor must not escape!
Captain Lestrad: All the dragons are in flight!
Doyle: We have to get them to stabilize the city first...
<Character>: I'll go after Vilmor.
<Character>: <Dragon>!

*Vilmor can be seen jumping from Dragonsgrasp, landing on an Ice Dragon's back and flying away.*

  • Summon Dragon! - equips DragonRider.
  • Run Away - returns to Dragonsgrasp (Books 1 and 2).

    *You will play a timed mini-game as your dragon in which you must use your mouse cursor to avoid shards of ice and other debris. Clicking will cause your dragon to expel a fiery breath, destroying the obstacles in its path, and increasing your score by approximately 1,000 (all obstacles generate a random number of points in this range regardless of size). Crashing into obstacles will remove 5% max HP from your dragon per hit, but will not remove points from your score. You don't actually need to score any points to progress; once time is up, you will be met with a 'Victory!' message. However, if you are hit enough times to reach 1HP, you will be met with a 'You Failed!' message, and can try again.*

  • Capture Vilmor! - continues quest.

    *You catch up to Vilmor and the Ice Dragon, however the Ice Dragon blasts you with an icy breath, causing you and your dragon to fall out of the sky.*

    <Character>: Oh no! AAAAAHHHH!

    Some time later...

    <Character>: Hrnf... where am I?
    <Character>: V-Vilmor?

    *After fading in and out of consciousness, and your brief sighting of Vilmor in person, you awaken to find Inspector Doyle, Channiru, and Captain Lestrad standing over you.*

    Doyle: <Character>. <Character>! Wake up!
    <Character>: Owww, my head.
    Captain Lestrad: Vilmor is gone. Doyle, you fool...
    Captain Lestrad: Your whole job was to investigate that villain.
    Captain Lestrad: How could you not know that Vilmor was capable of such power? <Character> nearly lost her/his head!
    Doyle: But s/he is still very much alive.
    Captain Lestrad: Through sheer luck.
    Doyle: I don't think it was luck.
    Captain Lestrad: Bah. Why now? Where could Vilmor be going?
    Channiru: To find the dragon.
    <Character>: Is it... is it starting to snow?

    *Elsewhere, the Great Ice Dragon, Cryozen, is being burned alive by Dragonmaster Frostscythe.*

    Frostscythe: I am quickly losing patience.
    ???: The dragon still resists?
    Frostscythe: As long as Vilmor still lives, they share a bond.
    Frostscythe: Break it.
    Circe: Consider it done.

  • Complete Quest

  • Equips player's saved class.

    Other information
  • Dialogue, "No! Vilmor must not escape!", is actually spoken by Channiru, but is erroneously given Captain Lestrad's name tag.

    Next Up: The Blue Mile

    Thanks to
  • Jay for entry rewrite, other information, and corrections.
  • Peachii for next up link and information.
  • Silven Xoven for link.
  • Niki for corrections.

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