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Scakk -> Paralyzed (New) (7/7/2010 22:29:22)


Paralyzed, «»round(s):
Cannot move. Unable to act.

Paralyzed Pet, «»rounds(s)
Pet cannot move and is unable to act.

Paralyzed Guest, «»rounds(s)
Guest cannot move and is unable to act.

As described.

If you (the Player) are paralysed and you do not act for a turn, then during that turn all Pet and Guest attacks deal 0% Stats damage.

Certain monsters have the effect of being immune to paralysis. This will be noted in the monster's description.

****(Monster) ***(Player/Pet/Guest)

Resist Paralysis

Resist Paralysis +«»
Provides a bonus to any saves against paralysis.

As described.


Scakk -> RE: Paralyzed - Monster / Player (7/7/2010 22:30:28)

Things that Paralyze Monsters:

  • Asgardian Magic Weapons ( Clarity of Voltage, Wisdom of Thunderbolts, Sagacity of Lightning, Mimishamarr)
  • Asgoldian Magic Weapons ( Clarity of Voltage, Wisdom of Thunderbolts, Sagacity of Lightning, Mimisgoldr)
  • Blade of Agony's Blood
  • Blade of Janus
  • Chimeran Spears (with the full Set equipped) ( Noxious Z, Noxious, Baneful, Venomous, Poisonous, Toxic, Virulent)
  • Custom Weapons ( Sword, Spear, Staff)
  • Deathbringer
  • Eternity Spear
  • Fruitcake Spear
  • Fruitcake Staff
  • Fruitcake Sword
  • Giant's Cotton Swab
  • Giant's Toothpick
  • Katar of Shock
  • Mother's Day Bouquet
  • Mystic Rx for Destruction
  • Rx for Destruction
  • Space Guns ( Normal, Cosmic, CoZmic)
  • Spines ( Cold Steel, Electro-Spines, Winter Edge, Static Charge, Brittle Marrow, Neuro Shock, Frozen Time, Synapse Jolt, Absolute Zero Z, Absolute Zero)
  • Star Journey Laser
  • Voltaic Battleaxe
  • Wolfhammer
  • Zale Broadswords and Zale Broadsword Z

  • Asgardian Steeds ( Volt Rider, Thunderbolt Cavalry, Lightning Chevalier Z, Lightning Chevalier, Svadilfari's Oath)
  • Chronomancer and Chronomancer Z
  • Deft UltraGuardian Leathers
  • Earth Dragon Forms ( Young Earth Dragon, Earth Dragon, Elder Earth Dragon, Ancient Earth Dragon)
  • Energy Dragon Forms ( Young Dragon, Dragon, Elder Dragon, Ancient Dragon)
  • Loco Costume, Loco Costume G, Loco Costume Z
  • Shadow of Doubt, Shadow of Doubt G, Shadow of Doubt Z
  • ShadowSlayer class armors ( ShadowSlayer, NightHunter)
  • Shinobi Shozoku armor (Viper's Bite)
  • Spirit Protector

  • Cryo Chrono Shield

  • Candy Cane Cataclysm
  • Dark Statues ( Normal, Wizard's, Melore's)
  • Fruitcake Fury
  • Nekonomicon, Nekonomicon Z, Guardian's Nekonomicon
  • Thunder Wave

  • Azamay Golems ( Sandstone, Basalt, Basalt Z, Granite Guardian, Marble)
  • Bun-Bowmen ( «Normal», Z, Guardian)
  • Controlled Platopulses ( Guardian, Regular, Z)
  • Floating Pie
  • FruitcakeZard
  • Hammer Turret, Hammer Turret Z, and Hammer Turret G
  • Mighty Morphin' Golem Strangers ( «Normal», Zeo, Turbo, Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time, Wild)
  • Neko Waifer
  • Neko Waifu
  • Zorbo

  • Angel
  • Mittens

  • Binding Seals ( I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII)
  • Charm of Adoration series

    Azamay Golems thanks to Well. Asgardian Steed, Star Journey Laser and Bun-Bowman thanks to Daimyo Daimyo. Hammer Turret thanks to sol1tud3.

    Things that grant Resistance to Paralysis:

  • Gnomish Glory
  • Liberty Scythe

  • Grounded Flora Shield
  • Heart Shields - ( Squire's, Hero's, Champion's, Knight's, Gentleman's, Cavalier's, Gallant's)
  • Paxian Defender

    Things that Paralyze Players:

  • Afur Samurat
  • Akriloth the Fire Dragon (War Boss Version)
  • Controlled Platopulses ( Guardian, Regular, Z)
  • Guerro Tempus
  • Jaraka-Nuth
  • Love Minion
  • Mummicane
  • Oikea Hetki
  • Platopulse (Small/Large)
  • Shii
  • Shii - Legendary Assassin
  • Sirens
  • The Scrapyard
  • Typhoon Wyvern
  • Typhoon Wyvern Rider
  • Uncle Wyvern
  • Thunder Stalker

    Things that Paralyze Guests:

  • Akriloth the Fire Dragon (War Boss Version)
  • Czard
  • Jaraka-Nuth
  • Platopulse monsters
  • Controlled Platopulses ( Guardian, Regular, Z)

    Things that Paralyze Pets:

  • Akriloth the Fire Dragon (War Boss Version)
  • Czard
  • Jaraka-Nuth
  • Platopulse (Small/Large)

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