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[image][/image]The Blue Mile

Location: Dragonsgrasp -> Inspector Doyle -> Quests -> The Blue Mile
Level/Quest/Items required: Dragon Amulet, Completion of An Icy Wind
Release Date: July 10th, 2010

Objective: A lone guard is hiding somewhere in the prison. Can you find him before the inmates do?
Objective completed: You rescued Reggie and managed to find some interesting clues about Vilmor too!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(1) Darkwolf Thug
(3) Desert Thug
(1) Jingles
(4) Renegade Ambusher
(3) Renegade Enforcer
(1) Renegade Hunter
(4) Renegade Scout

Guard Reggie

Detective's Cap (I, II, III)

Temporary Items - Note: found in certain monsters inside quest.
Blue Hair Ribbon
Broken Bar
Faded Drawing
Hair Brush
Hand Mirror
Ice Dragon Scale
Magic Powder

Inspector Doyle: Ah, <Character>. Recovered from your run-in with Vilmor?
Inspector Doyle: Channiru is having issues getting the prison back under control. A lone guard is also trapped inside.
Inspector Doyle: He has requested that you go in and deal with the prisoners and try to find Reggie.
Inspector Doyle: The prisoners will have started ransacking Vilmor's cell, <Character>.
Inspector Doyle: Make sure to check your temporary inventory as you go. You should be able to recover some clues.
Inspector Doyle: Oh.... and <Character>... watch out for Jingles....
  • Quest!
  • Done

    You now have to fight your way through the different prison sections until you find Guard Reggie.

    On your way you may find a locked up thief:
    Thief: Psst! Hey you!
    Thief: Let me go and I'll tell you what happened!

  • Let him go
    Thief: Thanks!
    Thief: Well, actually I have no idea what happened here.. but I'll give you some good info.
    Thief: There's a secret cave near Oaklore. You should check it out, I found a nifty dagger left behind by those two skeletons!
    Thief: Maybe you can find something too. Later!

  • I don't trust you
    Thief: I know you're thinking about it. C'mon, nobody will know...

    When you find Reggie:
    Guard Reggie: Did... Did Channiru send you?
    Guard Reggie: The explosion... it ripped through the whole prison... Luckily, the other guards were able to escape....
    Guard Reggie: Someone had to stay behind to make sure that all the outer doors remained secure... I've been hiding here since then.
    Guard Reggie: Thank you, <Character>. Thank you for coming for me.

  • Complete Quest
  • Keep fighting!

    Thanks to
    -- Stephen Nix for corrections.
    -- Leon ShadowHart for correction.

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