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Face Your Destiny

Location: Warlic's Zone -> Nythera -> Quests -> Rise of the DragonMage -> Face Your Destiny
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Seeking Advice
Release Date: July 16th, 2010

Objective: Nythera learns about her destiny and gains something she'd lost a long, long time ago!
Objective completed: The DragonMage begins to rise!

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(5) Void Elemental
(4) Void Spawn
(1) Decadere Guard - Boss

Decadere Dragon

Voidsplinter Shards (I, II, III)
Voidsplinter Tether (I, II, III)
Voidsplinter Crystal (I, II, III)

Nythera: I know what I have to do now. I have to go and talk to the Creatioux. Maybe Elucidas will be able to help me, since Warlic can't!

  • Quest!
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    * Loads Elemental Nythera *

    Elucidas: It is good that you are back, child. We worried.
    Nythera: I... I'm sorry I ran off. Everyone has kept my magic from me, and it feels like a part of myself is missing.
    Nythera: Warlic says that if I want my magic back, I need to work with you. So I will.
    Nythera: I will TRY to be better.
    Warlic: I have faith that you'll achieve things greater than you can currently imagine.
    Warlic: So long as you work WITH the Creatioux, and not against them.
    Elucidas: I am gladdened by your words, young one. And you make a fair point.
    Elucidas: You can't become what you are destined to be if you are kept completely restricted from your magic.
    Elucidas: So we will begins slowly lifting the restrictions that bind you, allowing you time to grow into your new powers.
    Elucidas: The dragon blood inside you yearns to be used. Embrace it now!
    Nythera: I- Thank you! I can feel... I feel different. More. More like myself! Still not whole, but... better.
    Nythera: Almost complete.
    Elucidas: It is important, though, for you to know what you face in working with us. I should explain about the Decadere.
    Nythera: Ugh, those jumped-up, pompous, delusional, hideous-
    Elucidas: They are Void dragons as WE, the Creatioux, are Void dragons.
    Elucidas: They are our brethren and they are not. They reside inside the Void, and it has twisted them.
    Elucidas: Touching the Void, as the Creatioux do, and as you will, does not warp a creature.
    Elucidas: It is only after continually being immersed in the energies of the Void that one becomes as they are.
    Elucidas: And, twisted by the Void, they have aligned themselves with one of its negative aspects: Entropy.
    Elucidas: We, the Creatioux, have attuned ourselves to that of Creation. We give life, we nurture and nourish.
    Elucidas: That is what it means to be Creatioux. And the Decadere hate us for it.
    Elucidas: But you... when you were born, it was foretold that you would be the Saviour of our race.
    Elucidas: We are not sure how that will be possible, as the Decadere will only want to use you and twist you for their own corrupted ends.
    Elucidas: But somehow you will save us. We shall have to wait and see how that comes about.
    Nythera: I AM, after all, part Dragon. Paired with the ingenuity of my Human ancestors, I'm sure I'll think of something. Just you watch!
    Elucidas: Your enthusiasm is reassuring. We do not doubt you will succeed.
    Elucidas: It is only the manner which your success will take that we do not comprehend.
    Nythera: I think... I think I'd like to go off and think a bit. About what I must do, and my new powers.
    Nythera: And maybe I'll come up with a way to help your race.

    Nythera: Hmph.
    Nythera: So. I have a destiny. A GREAT destiny.
    Nythera: I'm not surprised.
    Nythera: I always knew I would be famous! Someone as superior as I am can't NOT be!
    Nythera: But... how to go about-
    Nythera: AAAHHHH!
    Nythera: Oof.
    Nythera: Someone will pay dearly for this.

    Decadere: Aah, the dragon-child has returned to us! This is most beneficial to our plans.
    Decadere: Tell me, little pet. Did you think you would find your way back here so unexpectedly?
    Nythera: Hmmph. I needed to see you anyways. Now is as good a time as any other.
    Decadere: Oh-hoh! The dragon-kitten has teeth!
    Decadere: It will be much fun taming you to a leash, little one. And once your spirit is broken, we will remake you in our image.
    Decadere: You will be ours, and it will be glorious!
    Nythera: You're not doing ANYthing to me, you wrinkled piece of Void-rot!

  • Battle!

    The dialogue continues, whether you win or lose the battle:
    Decadere Dragon: Do you not see how foolish it is to stand against us, dragon-child?


  • Complete Quest

    Thanks to Leon ShadowHart for coloring and corrections.

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