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At the Gate

Location: Ravenloss (Books 1 and 2) -> Tomix -> Quests -> At the Gate
Level/Quest/Items required: Completion of Altar Hill
Release Date: January 21st, 2011

Objective: The ChaosWeavers are scattering after the death of their Queen, and they want to run right over YOU!
Objective completed: Oh hey, Aspar. Your plotz are showing.

Scaled Yes/No: Yes

(5) Chaos Weaver Guard


Zephyr Spirit Wings (I, II, III)
Roktoru Shell (Alpha, Beta, Omega)
Rotazoru Wings (I, II, III)
Rotazoru Helm (I, II, III)

Tomix: <Character>! We've found every Key but one! Lets get the Void Key into the Gate and then we'll go hunt for that last Key we still need.
<Character>: Sounds like a plan to me! Just one thing, Tomix...
<Character>: About Aspar... have you noticed-
Tomix: That he is my best friend? Yes. He is so good to me, so helpful! I can't think what would happen to me without him.
Tomix: Enough talking. We need to find the Bolt Key! Let's go!
<Character>: Let's Go! Let's Go! L-E-T-S-G-O! clap clap
Tomix: ......

*Invites Riadne and Tomix*

<Character>: What? I felt the moment needed a good cheer! NOW let's go!

???: Hsssss! It ees djyou three!

Chaosweaver: Vee WILL get by. Vee MUST!
Chaosweaver: Vee haf no where else to go. So vee vill go through DJYOU!

*Plays puzzles*

Riadne: *cough* They must be... scattering after... the death of... *cough* their Queen.

Riadne: They are *gasp* ...trying to get into the Gate! *cough* Mustn't... let them... Tomix!
Tomix: RIADNE!
<Character>: RIADNE!
Tomix: Riadne, my I- ...Riadne! You are still unwell!
Tomix: Talk to me!
<Character>: What happened to you while you were a prisoner? What did they DO to you?
Riadne: *cough* Their poison... it is slow-acting. I can feel... the effects beginning to take hold.
Riadne: But... don't *cough* ...worry! I am an Arachnomancer... we have inherant powers *cough* resist poison.
Riadne: I just need... to rest. And my body... will fight... it off... by *cough* itself!

*Aspar appears*

Aspar: Hello, my friend.
Tomix: Oh, ASPAR! It is so good to see you! Look at Riadne!
Aspar: Yes, about the Arachnomancer...
Tomix: Can you help her? Please?
Aspar: Has she told you yet where the last Key is? We- YOU must have the Bolt Key!
Aspar: You must question her!
Aspar: Look at me, little Arachnomancer! If you want to help your friend, you must speak!
Tomix: Aspar, she is too weak. LOOK at her!
Riadne: *cough*
Riadne: Greed... *cough* ...

Greedling: *SQUEAK!!!*
Greedling: helphelphelp!

Greedling: Nice <Class>! Good <Class>! Greedling's friend <Class>!
Greedling: Pls oh pls oh pls!
<Character>: Oh, poor little Greedling! What's happened to you? Who did this to you?
Greedling: Can't find Master! Looked ALL over! Look around and around and around!
Greedling: Didn't find Master!
Greedling: Only found spider-things! BAD spider-things!
Greedling: owowow BAD spider-things HURT Greedling!
Greedling: *whimper* !!

*Greed appears and unlocks the Bolt Key*

Greedling: Mastermastermaster!!!
Greedling: Waitwaitwait for ME!
Greedling: Take Greedling WITH you! MASTER!

*Greedling flew into the Equilibrium Gate*

Tomix: I MUST go through that Gate! But Riadne! How can I leave her?
<Character>: THAT LITTLE- it TRICKED us! And I thought it was so innocent.
Tomix: <Character>, I need your help too much to have you stay with her...
Aspar: Tomix, my friend. Are you forgetting I am here?
Aspar: Leave the girl with me. No harm will come to her.
Tomix: Thank you, my friend! It is always you that I can count on!
<Character>: Yes, Aspar. ...Thank you. It is... good... of you to help this way. Watch her well, she is our friend.
Tomix: There is no time to lose, <Character>! But I think... we might take a moment to send a message to the AboveGround.
Tomix: If Riadne is right... and ChaosWeaver society has fallen apart after the death of their Queen... they will be after us.
Tomix: And, I suspect, after Greed. We will have to fight our way through unknown territory WHILE hunting for Greed. The task won't be easy.
Tomix: The fate of Lore rests on us, <Character>. On us and heroes like you. We've GOT to get to Greed!

  • Complete Quest

    Next Up: Making Plans

    Thanks to
    -- Caotica White for rewards information.
    -- Frostburn for a correction.

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