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ArchMagus Orodalf -> Reanimated (1/28/2011 19:19:33)


Location: Willowshire -> 3 Right -> Down -> Enter tent -> Guardian Fortuna -> The Earth Orb / Quests! -> Reanimated -> Quest
Requirements: Completion of Race to the Key Orb
Release Date: January 28th, 2011

Objective: En and Tropy's power grow with each defeat... how will you get away from the reanimates?
Objective completed: Fae's eyes widen in Awe....

Experience rewarded: Scaled
Gold rewarded: Scaled

You'll need to battle them 5 times:
(1) En, (1) Tropy - Boss

Trey Surehunter

Beastly Helm
Wild Helm
Feral Helm
Savage Helm
Earthly Helm

Guardian Fortuna: Who knows what the full power of the Earth Orb might unlock?

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    En: Deeeaaaaaaath.
    Tropy: Decaaaaaay.
    En & Tropy: Deeeessssstruuuction.
    Tropy: Giiiive uuuuuuussss the girrrrl.
    Trey: Not a chance.
    Valencia: You're not going to get near her.
    <Character>: Get Fae to safety.
    Fae: Wait, no, what's going on?
    Trey: C'mon kid, let's get outta here.

    *Trey and Fae leave the scene*

    Tropy: Sssssiilllly <Class>.
    En: Evvvvverythiiiinnng diessss.... Youuu wiillll faaaiillllll.
    Tropy: Aaasss tiiiime goooooeessss ooonnn ouuurrr pooweeeerrr grrrooooowssssss....
    Valencia: ...
    <Character>: ...

    *Valencia throws a dagger at them and kills them both*

    <Character>: Nice shot.
    Valencia: Thanks!
    <Character>: So.. where did Trey and Fae go?
    Valencia: I... I don't know. Daddy must have taken her someplace where they'd be safe though.
    <Character>: I didn't think that the fight would be that easy...

    *En's and Tropy's bodies glow in red*

    Valencia: I... I don't think we're done.

    *En and Tropy get back to life*

    En: Ouuuurrrr poweeeerrr groooooowsssss.
    Tropy: Ahahahahahahaaaaaa.
    <Character>: Reanimates.... Why'd it have to be reanimates....

    Fight En and Tropy 5 times. After each battle they reanimate, stronger than before. There's no heal between the battles.

    En: Enooooughhhhh....
    Tropy: Thhheeee ooothhhherrrr haaassss theeee giiirrrllllll.... Yooooouuurrr skiiillllssss haaaveeee deeecliiiiiineeeed....
    Valencia: They get more powerful with each battle.
    <Character>: They're using some kind of magic to destroy our skills....
    Valencia: I have one thing left up my sleeve. We need to get away. Now.

    *Valencia uses her Smoke Screen ability to teleport from there with the character*

    Tropy: Thheyyyyyyy willllllll noooooottttt geettttt faaaarrrr....
    En: Wwwweeee willllllll cccruuuushhhhhh thhhhhemmmm.....!

    *Scene shifts to some other place in the forest*

    <Character>: Good thinking... but it won't be long before they've picked up our trail again.
    Valencia: We need to catch up with Daddy and Fae. Everything that those two touch decays...
    Valencia: We're going to need the complete Earth Orb to stop them!

    *Scene shifts to Trey and Fae*

    Fae: Trey... where are-- a--
    Fae: AAATCHOOO!!

    *Fae transforms into a bird*

    Fae: Atchoo!

    *Fae transforms back to her normal self*

    Fae: *sigh*
    Trey: Where is it?
    Fae: Where is what? I... I don't understand....
    Trey: I know you have it. Your shapeshifting gives it away.
    Fae: I don't know why it happens... it just does when I sneeze!
    Trey: Tell me where it is!

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    Next Up: En Tropy

    Thanks to
    -- Leon ShadowHart for typo correction.
    -- Slayer Zach for corrections.
    -- Voodoo Master for corrections.

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